11:11 pm - Friday July 10, 2020

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In the photo (from Science 10 May 2013 online: www.sciencemag.org): Light-matter interaction control by spin-optical metamaterials

Science Reveals: Technion Scientists Developed a New Class of Photonic Materials: Spin-Optical Metamaterial

Technion scientists developed a new class of photonic materials, named Spin-Optical Metamaterial, which is based on nano-antennas controlling radiative modes assisted through the spin of light. The discovery will enable the realization of new...
Prof. Dan Shechtman, 2011 Nobel Laurette in chemistry

Crystal Clear – All The way to the Nobel

Dan Shechtman discovered quasiperiodic crystals in April 1982, while he was a visiting scholar at the National Bureau of Standards in Maryland, USA. He was the first to observe the icosahedral phase in rapidly solidified aluminum transition...
nanowire illustration by Ernesto Joselvich, Weizmann Institute

Nanowires Get into the Groove

Growing up is not easy, especially for tiny nanowires: With no support or guidance, nanowires become unruly, making it difficult to harness their full potential as effective semiconductors. Prof. Ernesto Joselevich of the Weizmann Institute’s...
one of four Israeli sensors at Atlas experiment in Cern. Credit: Avi Blizovsky

Israel to become Associate Member State of CERN

Geneva 16 September 2011. CERN1 Director General Rolf Heuer and Israeli Ambassador and Permanent Representative of Israel to the United Nations Office and other International Organizations in Geneva, H.E. Mr. Aharon Leshno-Yaar today signed...
Dr. Guy Bartal. The Technion

From Security to Promise

During his studies at Hebrew University in Jerusalem, Dr. Guy Bartal, the “new face” in the Faculty of Electrical Engineering, worked nights guarding the Ministries of Housing, Policy and Science in east Jerusalem. In the middle of his...
Professor MIcael Gozin

Mucus: Fighting the War Against Pollutants

Are our bodies vulnerable to some pollutants whose lack of solubility in water, or “hydrophobicity,” has always been thought to protect us from them? New Tel Aviv University research has discovered that this is indeed the case. Studies...