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Archaeologists will use space technology to decipher ancient texts

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Update – 21/04/2001 15:43

It took academics weeks and even months to decipher ancient writings
which were burned in the volcanic eruption that buried the city of Pompeii, assuming that the texts
They have not been completely blackened in such a way that they cannot be identified. Today, researchers use
In the technology of object illumination photography designed for NASA, to
To "clean" the writings from Pompeii - whose estimated age is 2,000 years -
and make reading the texts possible.

The ancient scrolls from Pompeii were found in a house that belonged to the father-in-law of
Julius Caesar. The house was buried in the eruption of the Vesuvius volcano that happened in 79
AD The lava managed to keep the papyri intact, but they were charred
From the heat to such an extent that when they were discovered in 1750 archaeologists believed that they were
lumps of coal and threw away many of them.

Dozens of other writings were lost when academics tried to separate Gushi
The carbonized writings, using chemicals that caused their disintegration
and attempts to get rid of it. In the end, about 1,700 scrolls were found and not
Deciphered and stored in the Naples Museum. Because the writings are blacked out,
The ink in which they were written could not be discerned.

The innovative technology of photographing illuminated objects was developed by
NASA in order to study minerals on the surface of stars. to decipher the
The writers take pictures of each papyrus, while changing filters underneath
Hi-tech digital camera lenses, which limit the light band. the thing
Allows for the gradual removal of the dark background from the papyri, until exposed
the text. The best results are achieved using infrared light,
which allows the reflection of the written text in the clearest way.

Archaeologists and academics say that with the help of this established system
on multispectrum, they will be able to decipher ancient writings from different cultures
that until now it was not possible to discover the northern secrets in them, and in fact
"Complete" a historical puzzle and solve unknown questions.

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