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Dear Arlette

Why are the women on the IWOMAN.CO.IL portal suspected by the site's operators of being fools, as this is revealed in the question and answer section for Itzetganinin

By Avi Blizovsky

My acquaintances will not suspect me of being a chauvinist, on the contrary, I even support the women's revolution, for some reason my letter was not understood that way.
and N.B. I also don't appreciate men who engage in or believe this nonsense.
Here is the letter and the strange answer of the website editor Michal Miron Shaked

When I browsed your site I Women I said to myself - here is a site that promises,
And more in an optimal dose, a mixture of content, community and other services, online shopping and all in all you promise to adjust to meet the needs of the internet surfer in the XNUMXs. In practice - it seems to be about the needs of the surfer in the dark ages -
Do the surfer's needs include the need to engage in mystical nonsense? Is this what you think about the intelligence of the readers? If someone could really guess the future by cards, dates of birth or just torn and burnt photos as your Arlette suggests, then he would have long ago been a millionaire, won the lottery or invested in the stock market.

I don't accept the answer that everything is allowed: this is a post answer
Irrelevant modernist. You can treat a woman with respect and the articles about Giuliani's wife, about the Indian girls who committed suicide, as well as the article about Merav Michaeli bring respect to the site, and it's a shame to spoil it.

Greetings: Avi Blizovsky
Editor of the "Hidan" website at I.O.L

The system answers:

dear father,
We are happy that you are surfing into our world and learning it. We are not surprised that you also rush to criticize him: how natural it is for a man to challenge our interests. How typical and condescending. Why bother at all and form a position and base it on, when you can simply read what is relevant to you and suits your needs. And enough. In short - your letter reveals a man who is not even a semi-modernist and on Post, there is nothing to talk about at all. But don't worry: additional visits to our sites may help you.

Michal Miron-Shaked

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