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Onions without tears

British researchers have developed a new onion that does not cause tears, burning in the nostrils and skin. The end of crying before dinner?

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If every time you think about onions your eyes start to water, if cutting the salad for dinner becomes a nightmare of sweat and tears, it may very well be that very soon everything will be behind you.

A group of British scientists has found a method to grow onions, which almost does not contain the substances that usually make our eyes water when cutting. The new onion is expected to appear on the shelves of supermarkets and vegetable shops throughout the country at the beginning of August.

Onions contain varying percentages of volatile acid, exposure to which causes tears and burning in the skin and nostrils. The scientists discovered that when the onion is grown in soil containing very low levels of sulfur salts, the percentage of acid decreases by about 50% or more. The research lasted about four years, during which the researchers were able to learn a lot about the growing process of the onion, and the various factors that affect its taste, its aroma, its color and its external shape. Now, with the completion of the research, the researchers have developed a method that will allow the commercial and inexpensive cultivation of the sweet onion, which has earned the shelf name "Supasweet".

The onion grown under these conditions is sweet, pale white in color and tastes like fruit. The scientists, from the Department of Biology at the University of Liverpool, believe that the new development will make the onion, one of the most popular vegetables in the world, even more popular. Its taste is so delicate, "that it can be eaten raw, without cooking, just like a sweet fruit", one of the leaders of the research, Dr. Mariel Jones. According to him, this is a very versatile vegetable, which will allow for a variety of uses and will open the door to many recipes that until now were impossible due to the spicy taste of the vegetable.

The onion will initially be sold in one of the largest supermarket chains in Great Britain, Tesco, at a price comparable to the price of sweet onions imported to Great Britain from Spain and other countries.

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