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A meteorite hit a girl in northern England

This is what the BBC website says

Avi Blizovsky

The girl, Shivan Cotton: "I saw him fall through the roof of the car"

The odds against a person being hit by a meteorite are a billion to one - but a Yorkshire girl was slightly injured by a rock that came through her roof.
Shovan Cotton, 14, entered the government car at her home in the town of North Harlton at ten thirty in the morning local time last Thursday, when a rock fell on her from the sky.
The girl said that the small stone was very hot.

The family plans to hand over the stone for testing by scientists at Durham University.
"The stone, which I saw fall when it was at the height of the roof of a building. It is an unusual stone as its surface is wrinkled and has small cracks like a stone originating from the heart."
"The stone also shone on one side and looked rusty. Apparently it contained iron.
"I've seen shooting stars before but none like this. Nothing like this has ever happened in North Harlton."
Shivan's father, 45 years old, said that he will take the stone for testing himself and that the tests will be done at his home, because it is a rare find and Shivan's property.
"We will place him in an armored glass box, and she will guard him for the rest of her life. After all, it's not every day someone gets hit by a meteorite. The chances of winning the lottery are higher."
Dr. Benny Pfizer of John Moores University in Liverpool says that the stone may have come from Mars. It is possible that it was scattered billions of years ago from the primary materials that made up the solar system." said in an interview with the Daily Mail.

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