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A new book - From the Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge by Zofia and Dan Meler and Moshe Garnot

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Avi Blizovsky

Review of the book - in about a week. In the meantime, from the cover of the book:

The Bible is the cultural heritage of the Jewish people, a work that combines deep thoughts with sublime poetry, weaving together myths, traditions, laws, legends and oral stories. The Bible is the fruit of a cultural tradition that lasted over a thousand years, until it was signed at the end of the Second Temple. Countless layers of midrashim and commentaries were added and built on the Bible, starting with the Talmud and ending with the last books of the modern age, which were put together by the great thinkers and intellectuals of the Jewish people, and not just his.
In the modern era, after man has freed himself from the attachment that requires belief in God, the Creator of the world, difficulty often arises in freely referring to the Bible, due to the "divine" guspanka that has been stamped on it. The authors of the biblical documents, who claim to know the thoughts of God, his intentions and his commandments to humans, made these scriptures an authority in every area of ​​life,
and sealed off any chance for a true investigation of human existence. The highlight of the Bible is the Torah, sacred to their version, which was given to the Israelites through Moses from the very mouth of the hero. The human tendency Dana promotes is to be tempted to believe those who offer an anchor to the crazy ship of life - and what is more anchoring and reassuring than a God in heaven who watches over his creatures with justice and mercy. Since time immemorial man longs to believe that such an anchor does exist, and for the sake of this illusion he is ready to enslave himself to meaningless commands invented for him by human beings, the authors of the "Holy Scriptures". Studying the Torah passages in the Beit Midrash and the Synagogue has been over the generations one of the means to close gaps in the wall of faith that is frequently collapsing in the face of a reality that is in no way compatible with "religious harmony". The authors of the book, Dr. Zofia Meler, Prof. Dan Meler and Dr. Moshe Garnot, wish to look at those passages themselves
Free, critical, inquisitive and unbiased, whose spirit is freed from shackles
The religion, of those who refuse to continue justifying commands that have no justification, of
Those who refuse to look for logic in senseless laws. At the same time, every playful story in these scriptures, every moral law - receives a lot of attention and love in this book, because the Torah is, for better or for worse, a part of our past, a part of our culture, and who would ignore the goodness in it. The book "Fruits of the Tree of Knowledge / Parshas of the Week in the Time of Time" brings the Bible-loving reader together with reviews of the Parshas of the week, which are surprising in their honesty, boldness and lack of bias.

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Hatanakh - there is no evidence in the field

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