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March 13, 2022

Opinion: The cessation of investment in nuclear energy after the Chernobyl disaster increased the dependence of European countries on fossil fuels from hostile and semi-hostile countries, such as Russia - which allowed Russia to invade Ukraine without hindrance, stopping the
Neuroscientists have reexamined hundreds of conflicting experiments on the relationship between brain activity and conscious experience. In the world of science today there are four leading and conflicting theories that deal with the study of awareness and the relationship to brain activity. In the researchers' study
A group of Israeli geologists has been investigating the deep layers of the Dead Sea for the last decade, with the aim of uncovering the climatic history of the area and producing local and global climatic forecasts. The conclusions of the studies may illuminate the
We all use the "wisdom of the crowd", but the crowd, what to do, is made up of lots of individuals who behave differently
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