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January 27, 2023

In the 18th century, the process of turning monarchies into democracies began, but it still took many years for blacks and women to get basic rights
Bad surprise: Israeli research has found large amounts of mineral matter in the eastern Mediterranean whose formation process releases carbon dioxide into the atmosphere. What it means? That our ocean emits more greenhouse gases than we thought
The study partners Soroka Hospital, the MDA Blood Services, the National Public Health Laboratory and Ben Gurion University, funded by the Ministry of Environmental Protection * The connection to industry comes from the location of the subjects in relation to polluting industrial plants
Long and dense spikes formed by a sulfated polysaccharide substance found in red algae were discovered by a research group from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev to have biological activity against bacteria and fungi
Tabor Electronics is about to finish these days the development of a first server of its kind in the quantum world. Tabor products were used by IBM to build the largest quantum computers to date. The computer will reach milli degrees Clovetin
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