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A country haunted by demons XNUMX - the time of Ahmadinejad

The president of Iran is expected to have three difficult years, but he will overcome the attempt to overthrow him. This is what an astrologer claims who participated in the Mystic Time program on Channel 10. With such programs, how are we better than Iran?

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad examines an Iranian satellite that was supposed to be launched in 2008, but its launch failed
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad examines an Iranian satellite that was supposed to be launched in 2008, but its launch failed

Allegedly, a current affairs program, on Wednesday of last week at one o'clock in the afternoon on Channel 10 - the host of the program wrote about Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad against the background of pictures of Ahmadinejad speaking to an enthusiastic audience and explained that a few weeks ago he survived a collision and that now he intends to come to speak before international forums. We will pass to you expert A (Eyal Nahum), what is expected in the near future for Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's rule.

"I see that this is a difficult period for those born in October, said Nahum, a numerologist by profession, who analyzed the date of birth of the ruler of Iran. "I see on the map that he has two or three difficult years, but there will be no revolution, he will survive them." Carmela Nesher says, and no, she didn't look at the map of the deployment of forces or something like that, but at the map of the stars. In anger I went to write these lines and did not hear what she said about Ahmadinejad Hani Israeli Noi - calling.

A slight click on the remote clarified the issue - the program on channel 10 is called "Mystic Time". And the interesting question - in a situation like this, where we analyze major news events according to the stars, maybe we are not superior to Iran? After all, not only do they prefer people in the cities and the ignorant, but also here, and one must wonder about the advertisers, or maybe they think that whoever is stupid enough to watch such a program, even in the hot afternoon hours, is also a sucker who will buy anything. And I have a great idea, why have two positions of commentators on Arab affairs? Will you leave Carmela Nesher also for London and Kirschenbaum's program, and for the evening news that she will interpret?

An interesting detail - exactly at the same time on channel 2 - a program from the Knesset channel called the main game. The topic is the same topic - Iran, but the speaker was Dori Gold, former Israeli ambassador to the UN who told about the strange coalition between Israel and the Sunni Arab countries. If Channel 10 has a problem filling the lunch hours, let them continue the transmission from the Knesset channel as they did a few minutes earlier in a comprehensive interview by Nechama Doak with the Director General of the Ministry of Education Prof. Shimshon Shoshani about the beginning of the school year, you could have a program on the same topic (Iran) , without being ashamed.

It is not clear what Channel 10 wants to achieve in this strange program which turns out to be a daily program and in which the four experts in the studio gave advice to the people who called and who know nothing about them except a sentence or two (a mother whose son has sinusitis and on this occasion also wanted to find out if the tarot cards predict a trip to Australia for him, young who asked the astrologer if she would have a relationship and she drew her an astrological 'map' and other nonsense in tomato juice.

The question arises, where is the supervision of the second authority for television and radio? Are there no cheap programs to broadcast during these dead hours? Are all the cartoons from Israel? And where are all the thousands of episodes of the old telenovela series? Although this is not high culture, at least the viewers are not being misled and are not pretending to be a news release.

With plans like this, we don't have to wait for Iran to conquer us, it already has. post Scriptum. I wish we could reach the achievements of Iranian students in mathematics and physics, but with such mysticism it is probably already lost.

A country haunted by demons XNUMX - science is not a program as you requested - an answer regarding Avital

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  1. A stupid program that takes advantage of "stupid" (naive) people! Channel 10 gives a platform to charlatans! gall! The proud Iranian has only one thing to say... the spiritual world you speak of exists in institutions like Gaha if you know. Once upon a time, when someone would say he heard voices talking to him, they would send him to a "spiritual" institution. Today they are called callers and healers... think carefully before you are also hospitalized

  2. My friend, beyond the world of reason and logic there is also the world of the spirit.
    If you don't believe in spirituality then watch the programs of the Science and Technology Channel, go play chess in Iran and keep thinking that with the help of the next patent or achievements in the field of physics we will be better.
    Chomza so that you understand that the spirit always wins.
    And that you stay with the "smart" friends who are tied and stuck in the opinion that science is the next thing.
    A proud Iranian…

  3. Really a shame of a program, but a science section should not be turned into the publication of personal opinions. There is no contribution to this article. On the show itself I can tolerate the content but why are the people there so ugly???? Besides, the more simple people are, the less harm they do, so maybe programs that fool the public should be encouraged.

  4. Regarding short-term prediction, linear extrapolation works well or the assumption that what happened today is roughly what will happen tomorrow works quite well. The problem begins in the long term where futurists claim to analyze reality and where it will progress. This is a completely silly pretense since the number of parameters to be characterized is enormous. Therefore, in my opinion, futurists can be trusted about as much as the last mystics, at least they make their forecast vague so that everyone can find something right in it. A scientist who does not understand that it is not possible to predict the future by scientific means is a liar in my opinion, unlike an astrologer who may still believe the nonsense he says.

    In this context, I happened to watch a football match, some kind of important final, and one of the commentators said something like "Well, this is a final match, both teams are groping right now, so there won't be any goals in the near future." The commentator just shut his mouth and fifteen minutes later, 3 goals were scored. Instead of getting up and walking out of the studio while apologizing, the commentator went on to say "Well, that was expected because...". This type of shifting interpretation is even more common in politics and in these cases it is apparently experts.

  5. sympathetic:
    There is still a difference because the consumers of futurism are fewer and less ignorant.
    It doesn't seem to me that there is anyone who makes decisions - private or political - based on the words of their future.
    Besides - planning is an action that we all do and for all of us this action involves assumptions and guesses about the future.
    It is difficult to draw the dividing line between informed futurism and prediction and one of the reasons for this is that it depends on the amount and reliability of the data that the "forecaster" is based on. It differs from person to person and it certainly seems reasonable to me to base person A's estimates on a month days from today and casually cancel person B's estimates even for tomorrow.

  6. In this context, it is interesting whether the mystics who appear in the program are more terrible than the futurists, whose "scientific" predictions appear in the mornings and claim to predict the future of the country, the world. In my opinion the prophecy was given to fools be they astrological or futurist. The only bright spot in favor of the futurists, who claim to predict the future scientifically, is that they refrain from doing so personally but instead talk about countries and cultures.

  7. Yair,
    It's not just a placebo. Following such programs, people pay tens of thousands of shekels for courses and "therapists" instantly become therapists themselves and charge more money, so this is a huge industry. If anything it is similar to the casino and the gambling industry that also sells dreams in spades.

  8. Year:
    The publications you are talking about do not talk about the extent of the damage.
    In general, they talk about point damage to various systems and on the assumption of excessive use.
    They are not combined with statistics of the actual number of consumers and their cumulative damage.
    And between us - if they did - you would know how to quantify the damage.
    I don't know how to quantify the damage of the alternatives even though I am familiar with cases of people who died from it.
    I don't think you know anyone who died from Coca Cola.
    Anyway - no one is trying to sell you Coca Cola as if it were a healthy thing, while the advertisers of the alternative treatments are doing exactly that!
    Even in advertisements there is the rule of truth in advertising, but the programs in question are nothing but false programs whose entire purpose is advertising!
    Mixing truth and lies about the medication? Where do you wink that from?! If you know even one case - organize a class action and earn a lot of money!

  9. Machel,
    It is true that I do not know how to quantify the damage of cola and other sugary drinks, but the claim of their great damage is based on many good publications, as well as sugar, and much more. And do you know how to quantify the damage of the "alternatives"?
    And I'm not in favor of this entertainment, but it seems to me that the article exaggerates their importance, and it also seems to me that institutional actions often cause much more damage than such things.
    And regarding your concluding question sentence, you can ask him about many things - agreed upon - such as the mixing of truth and lies in the medicine issues.

  10. Year:
    Their arrogance has already killed many people.
    People waste their time and money on alternative treatments when they could be receiving beneficial treatment.
    The truth is that you have no idea about the extent of their damage and the comparison with Coca Cola (which I assume you don't know how to quantify its damage either) or anything else has no basis.
    The TV shows promoting these beliefs are simply lying to the viewers. Do you think the person you pay for information should be encouraged (or even allowed) to lie to you?

  11. R.H.
    Programs of this type are a type of telenovelas.
    Their claim to cure is a type of placebo, the most common type in medicine.
    Their damages are few, much less than, say, cola, sugar, and surgeries that are done because of the economic drive of the surgeons: a study was recently published that showed that when the economic motive is removed, the number of different types of surgeries drops to 50%.

  12. See for example the following site:

    They claim to fix and cure everything from cancer to hereditary diseases while correcting DNA mutations (!)
    And all by "energies".
    Also note that when it comes to money they are not as spiritual as they pretend to be and apparently there are enough people willing to pay thousands of shekels for these courses.
    If this is not a haunted country then what is?

  13. Yair, are you dumbstruck or do you really not understand?
    Does a telenovela or a football game pretend to be anything but entertainment?

  14. I don't understand the anger about this show, it's no different than any telenovela, or other entertainment shows or football games.

  15. Avi,
    Thanks. I've already thought of reading the stars and seeing if the stars will show me that because I'm a Sagittarius, arrows are constantly being shot at me? 😉 ;( 🙂
    It reminds me of my father. I remember we were at the second convention of science in communication at the National Academy of Sciences. Aaron Hauptman gave a good lecture on science and pseudo-science and killed astrology in his lecture. He talked about astrology and science's war on astrology. The lecture was good and entertaining. Can you ask Aaron for a repeat broadcast?... If he agrees of course.

  16. Gali, this was not a joke, but a *ringing of a bell to signal you also about other unnecessary or 'pseudo-brilliant' things and ideas that you brought up here and there. But your experiences, your ideas and your affairs, you must go through your own experiences and studies, they were written in your name.
    And now excuse me, I have to push.

  17. A possible psychological explanation for the preoccupation of some of the greatest scientists in neurology is their talent for finding connections. The great physicist Arthur Eddington also dealt with numerology in physical contexts, and if I'm not mistaken, Wolfgang Pauli, one of the greatest physicists, also dealt with the subject. The great scientists excel in developed imagination, their minds excel in finding connections between different sizes and sometimes they also err in unscientific fantasies. Among mathematicians Ramanujan was known to attribute his mathematical insights to the Indian goddess Namajiri who appeared to him in his dreams.

    As a side note, the main area where most physicists make mistakes in numerological fantasies is providing an explanation for the size of the physical constants

  18. To the commenter above me,
    I didn't get the joke so it must be very bad.
    It is necessary to distinguish between opposition to the phenomenon and questions about why it exists.
    You can oppose the phenomenon and at the same time you can ask why it exists, understand why people need to believe in secular religions, or pseudo-sciences?
    In the philosophy of science, these questions are dealt with when distinguishing between science and non-science.
    This does not mean that science is going to be taught in a pseudo-school. Not at all. Just the opposite! They are not going to teach fake science in any institution. Understanding the phenomenon, why it spreads and why it exists is something completely different than opposing the phenomenon. And this is actually what Oz Almog does as an academic researcher as well as others.
    Yoav Ben Dov is an interesting phenomenon, because it is not about money, but about something mental. He is drawn to magic as well as science. And I know another doctor who is also the same. So this is an interesting phenomenon. Because the two things contradict each other.

  19. To my father, why did you delete the comment? I wanted you to update about the supply spaceship

    How many times are you told not to drive the surfers crazy and not to insert things unrelated to the specific article. This is not a forum, this is a talkback.

  20. And I repeat and remind everyone who believes in this nonsense - including Yoav Ben Dov (the physicist - not the businessman who also believes in nonsense but for whom a million dollars may not have enough value).
    A million dollar prize awaits you in the Randy Fund
    All you have to do to win it is prove some supernatural ability!

  21. jelly:
    There are some strange birds, but you can't connect Yoav Ben Dov with Newton.
    Newton was brought up at a time when science was in its infancy and believed in many of the superstitions of his day.
    As time passes - the phenomenon becomes a marginal phenomenon.
    Yoav Ben Dov is an exception among the exceptions and in my opinion he is simply rattling the kettle.
    I don't know if his motives are financial or mental, but the result seems particularly unhappy to me.

  22. Astrology is a pseudo-science and is not a science.
    But in the history of science there have been great scientists who dabbled in science as well as pseudo-science. I once wrote about it on my blog.
    Newton for example and this is known. Jack Parsons too. At the beginning of the twentieth century, the thirties, in Hollywood it was fashionable to do séances and it caught serious people there, including those who founded the JPL. Then they laughed at the name and called him:
    Jack Parsons laboratory
    Today there are also those. For example, a colleague of mine from Tel Aviv University. I don't know if he is still there, Dr. Yoav Ben Dov. For years he has been involved in New Age and Tarot and is an expert in quantum theory. He wrote a book about quantum theory and he was in France doing quantum research.
    This is how he is described in the opening of his lectures: writer and lecturer, graduate of physics (BA) and history and philosophy of science (MA) from Tel Aviv University, and then doctoral studies at the University of Paris. Has a certificate from the Faculty of Astrological Studies in London, and Tarot and Psychomagic studies under the guidance of Alexandre Jodorowsky in Paris. Researcher and teacher at the Cohen Institute for the History and Philosophy of Science and Ideas, Tel Aviv University. Previously scientific editor of the journal Galileo, among his books: "Quantum theory - reality and mystery", "Physics, theories and concepts", "Reading cards".
    And Yoav has been dealing with these things for years. How to explain it? There is no explanation. And if you look for good, you will find others like Yoav Ben Dov, who deal on the one hand with pure science and on the other with New Age or pseudo-science. There is supposed to be a contradiction between the two and they still deal with both.

  23. Haim, you are right, you are welcome to click on the link at the bottom of the article to the article "A country haunted by demons" and read the previous articles, many of which also deal with institutionalized religion.

  24. It has nothing to do with the truth of things, as soon as people can interpret them in a way that suits them, they will find their truths inside. A very interesting piece on the subject of Darren Brown, one can argue about the scientificity of the matter but for me it works out if other things about the way people live their lives.

    the truth is what you want to believe.

  25. To Omari, I suggest you read about Karl Popper's refutation criterion in which he distinguishes between science and pseudoscience. Astrology exactly meets the criterion of pseudoscience, precisely because it cannot be refuted.

  26. The article angers me because it is so right. We have become a stupid and ignorant society. When I was 7-8 years old, there were still the Open University broadcasts, which were really a terrible bore and I have no idea who watched them, but this type of program is in terms of deterioration! Because it is intended for housewives or people who have just returned from their work and studies and you can feed them more "connoisseur" things.

  27. In my opinion, it should be allowed to broadcast astrology programs and other kinds of nonsense, but publish a warning at the beginning of the program and throughout it that watching the program may cause irreversible brain damage, (as appears on cigarette boxes).

  28. age:
    When you base yourself on wrong data, you can reach any conclusion you want.
    You demonstrate this well.
    I am not interested in arguing with you because it has no content.

  29. Many of these ignoramuses were among the greatest scientists
    There is no connection between one another in acquiring an education.
    And that there are technical differences between them, it does not mean that they cannot be purchased at the same time.

  30. age:
    What you buy with superstitions is ignorance and not education.
    Mathematics is a tool for drawing conclusions and as long as you are disconnected from reality you don't have to encounter a contradiction that will arise from your naive beliefs, but as soon as you start to examine the world itself with rational tools (engage in science - for example physics) you will encounter a contradiction (which you claimed did not exist) quickly.
    This is, of course, if you internalized and understood the things. If you just learned by heart like a parrot you are not engaging in drawing conclusions anyway and a contradiction can only be accepted as a result of drawing conclusions.

  31. The very existence of the state is based on religion (superstitions)
    Those religions that people fought to the death over conquered and won
    I want to see one man who is willing to die for science.
    There are no contradictions in the acquisition of education between mathematics, physics and superstitions
    A person can purchase all of them together.

  32. It's not that people really believe in the movement, not that it doesn't exist everywhere
    And the reason is because there is nothing to see

  33. jelly:
    I do not share your pessimism.
    That is - at least not on the principle level because on the practical level there are enough factors interested in the ignorance of mankind to torpedo any initiative for change.

    At the principle level - everything is a matter of education.
    Science certainly solves our problems, but whoever expected science to solve all problems in a moment - he had unreasonable expectations, and it can be said that when he met these expectations, he deviated from the scientific method, so it is not surprising that he was wrong.
    Whoever thinks that if science (which has solved many problems) has not solved a certain problem, then another method (which has not solved any problem to date) will solve it - is not thinking logically.
    The chances of people who have not studied philosophy of science to fall into this kind of illusion are much higher than the chances of people who have.
    Of course, the chances of people who, in addition to not having studied philosophy of science, also studied the grandmother's stories written in the Torah as if they were true (instead of learning about them as the mythology of an ancient people) to behave irrationally - are even greater.
    If we are wise enough to create an education system that provides every graduate with basic knowledge of the philosophy of science and the understanding of the fact that we have not yet been wise enough to invent any other way to explore reality - there is a chance.

    The new age phenomenon lives in symbiosis with postmodernism which denies the existence of truth (and paradoxically is based on the fact that the claim that there is no truth is a truth claim).
    This fact was already predicted by Jose Ortega y Gast and he described it in the articles he published before 1930 and in his book "The Revolt of the Masses" which came out a little later.
    Along with the decline of the academy, he also predicted phenomena such as World War II as a direct result of that extreme "Gothic democracy" according to which Einstein's words and Ahmadinejad's words have the same weight.
    The same postmodernism is nowadays behind the inability of many Europeans to differentiate between our claims and the claims of Hamas in our local conflict.

    In conclusion - I repeat and claim that an adequate education system can in principle solve the problem, but there is no assurance that we have the political power necessary to establish such a system that the religious establishment strongly opposes.

  34. I actually wrote astrology software and numerology software.
    I wanted to check how true it was, in a click I ran maps to people.
    Within one day, high-tech and technology people from my work asked me for maps (90% of the people didn't believe it and wouldn't check). And after I made maps for them, they asked for maps for their families. Then the families asked for maps for more people. People have called them back on the phone which is amazing. Strange isn't it?
    Anyway, we decided to do a little experiment that really tries to test the correctness of these teachings. I took 7 very different people (numerology maps are written in a general way so you can say that they can be adapted to anyone, so I took maps that are definitely different from each other in an extreme way). Let's say I took the entertaining person at work, compared to another serious person compared to another whose whole life is management and control... extremes. Shuffle the files, unnamed. And I let people match a map to a person.
    We were all shocked, 7 out of 7 match.
    So does anyone really check these teachings seriously? probably not. I mean scientifically and experimentally. I have seen experiments, which did not test the map, but wanted to show the generality of the map, so in fact in my experiment I eliminated the characteristic of generality that prevented both me and me from doubting. True, it's not an experiment that involved many people, it's a small experiment for myself. Those who want to perform the experiment or another experiment, I am ready to run maps with my programs.
    Regarding astrology, I built software that also performs statistics on astrology, but I didn't have time to put a lot of data into the software. I built a software that would allow me to reconstruct astrology, that is, take let's say a few hundred scientists, a few hundred intellectuals, etc... and find the commonality (star connections, zodiac signs, etc.).
    Of course I'm a lonely person, I didn't really have any help and I didn't get paid for it, so I left the research.
    I say, none of the teachings have been objectively tested.

    Regarding the author's declines, you see that you underestimate everything that doesn't fit the books you learned from. Which means, that you will not discover discoveries, because you are too closed. You come with an attitude that you know.
    when no one actually knows.
    Did they prove string theory? Why do scientists even discuss this? Philosophy, an imaginary invention, right?
    Why would they put science programs on string theory? Why call it science? Because they use scientific terms? It's not science.
    In the same way, it can be said that astrology is based on a power that has not yet been revealed to scientists.
    What about Newton? Was he a scientist? After all, he studied astrology, alchemy...he has writings on alchemy.
    Look for a program called NEWTON THE DARK HERETIC. He also wrote a book on mathematics that talks about the star system, he claimed that there is a force that flows from outside the solar system, into the sun, and the sun distributes this force back, and it is not gravity. what the hell is this?

    And yes I agree, people run to New Age from a psychological problem of uncertainty.
    On the other hand, if there is something in numerology or astrology, it means that they do not determine fate, but there are certain forces that affect our sphere. There are forces that people still do not know, that science has not yet explored.
    I am not for astrologers, numerologists, or scientists
    I am in favor of openness

  35. Astrology is part of the New Age phenomenon. Last year I was at the second spirituality conference at the University of Haifa and I heard a great lecture by Prof. Oz Almog who analyzed the New Age phenomenon.
    I wrote down what Prof. Almog said and brought the main points of his lecture on my blog:
    Go to the section: "Gali listens to Prof. Oz Almog's lecture about Fast Food of the Spirit".
    Oz Almog wrote the book "Farewell from Shroulik". As far as I know, Oz Almog studied the New Age phenomenon.
    The audience at the conference really didn't like what Almog said about the New Age. He called it a paste-food of the spirit. And he talked about secular religion. Very interesting to talk to him about the subject.
    The New Age phenomenon is sociologically interesting, because it spreads in the world and then the sociologists come and look for the reasons. If an astrologer is brought to a TV show, she probably fulfills some deep need among the people. Then there is room to ask: what is this need and especially what does it come to fulfill? He came to fill some emptiness in people and forget their problems. But in particular, he came to fill the disappointment that people have with science, and especially with the fact that medicine has not been able to provide answers to diseases and anti-aging. So people flee to the New Age.
    And that is why the New Age is so common today. Can real science and research solve the problem? It seems not. Because science cannot solve people's problems: people are still in financial debt, they still get divorced, they cheat, they have unrequited loves, they have no money, they are still afraid of all kinds of things and medicine and technology do not solve all these problems for them. And so they flee to the New Age and they will continue to flee to the New Age.

  36. It really matters! When you put less junk into people's heads, there's more chance there will be less idiots around...

  37. Unlike the first two commenters who apparently do not understand what they are talking about, and the meanings, I completely agree with my father here, it is a shame and a shame that such programs are broadcast to the general public on television and radio, such programs only expand the circle of ignorance and burnout in the country and make more and more people think that this is actually reliable information . The problem is also that such stupid phenomena and beliefs eventually seep all the way up, I don't even want to think about the day when a prime minister or defense minister will choose whether to go to war or a military operation, or whether to implement some kind of economic plan - based on a consultation with an astrologer or a communicator , it would simply be a disaster for the country.

    These despicable phenomena must be eradicated while they are still in their infancy, we must not lose this battle.

  38. When there is a law against stupidity, maybe the situation will change.
    So that you can read Prof. Hawking's last story. How man invented God and why it is impossible to see the future even one second ahead.

  39. Dropout student, your claims are reminiscent of the creationists' formulation, in the name of freedom of expression, people should be allowed to publish lies. I'm not talking about a philosophy where there is no real truth and you can claim everything in the name of pluralism as long as you don't incite harm to others. To claim that it is permissible to educate on numerology as equivalent to science is shameful..

    On the other hand, I'm not arguing that it should be banned, if you want to believe it, to be perfumed... but to encourage it? The next step will be to offer to finance astrology courses as a recognized high school diploma? It's a slippery slope.

  40. Maybe enough already? Whoever believes in mysticism and magic, let him be perfumed. Those who enjoy watching "cheap reality shows" (as you say), shame on him. Pluralism is not dead!

    Do you know a country where you don't see "cheap reality shows"? If you know such a country, you are welcome to immigrate.

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