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Corona vaccine through the skin

The "Nano Tech-Israel 2021" conference, which will be held between October 4-6 in the Nation Buildings in Jerusalem, will present developments to fight the corona virus, among other things a vaccine through the skin, which experiments have shown to be 5 times more effective than a muscle vaccine as is currently practiced, and an active system for virus-free air based on carbon nanomaterials

Airborne virus filtration system. Figure: Turtech nano fibers

About 2021 R&D technologists, academics, scientists and researchers from around the world are expected to participate in the "Nano Tech-Israel 1200" conference, who did not let Corona stop them and some of them will participate in the conference online.

Among the developments that will be presented at the conference and that provide an answer to the fight against the corona virus, you can find an Israeli solution to the global shortage of corona vaccines. The Israeli biomed company NanoPass has developed a unique platform for injecting vaccines through the skin, instead of an injection into the muscle, which will allow vaccinating 5 times more people from the same bottle (about 30 doses per bottle instead of 6 today). The unique technology developed by the company received FDA approval for intradermal injections and operates commercially in a variety of countries around the world.

The global demand today, in order to eradicate the epidemic, is about 11 billion doses of corona vaccine and another 6 billion annual booster doses. The big pharmaceutical companies are having trouble keeping up and many countries are suffering from a shortage of vaccines, as the World Health Organization reports. The development of the NanoPass company that will be presented at the conference will make it possible to save 80% of the vaccine dose and to vaccinate about 30 people from each bottle instead of only 6 today.

"Experiments we performed showed promising results of our approach in protein, DNA and live attenuated vaccines." says Dr. Yotam Levin CEO NanoPass And he adds, "We have also started developing another means that will greatly simplify and facilitate the insertion process while improving the usability and friendliness of the vaccinee, compared to a standard syringe and needle, the use of which is only possible with the help of a medical team."

In addition, an active system for virus-free air, based on carbon nanomaterials, which was developed by Turtech Nano Fibers (a subsidiary of Pelsen Sasa) in collaboration with the University of Cambridge in England, will be presented at the conference, for the capture and destruction of viruses, including the corona virus.

The nanomaterials were tested in experiments carried out in England and were found to be very effective in capturing and destroying viruses such as Corona. The nanometer material was designed in such a way that it will reduce the level of contamination in critical areas and volumes such as hospital rooms, ambulances, public transportation and more, with the aim of saving people or reducing the risk of the spread of viruses, especially in closed spaces

Dr. Shoki Yeshuron, the founder of the company, says that "the basic physical mechanism of destroying viruses can be used as an effective long-term protection system, which will allow a quick return to normal life with virus-free air."

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