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Harvard President Claudine Gay resigned amid the anti-Semitic protests on campus

Gay and her colleagues from MIT and the University of Pennsylvania testified about a month ago before the Congressional Education Committee and gave hesitant answers to the question of whether they are aware that the demonstrations in which there is a demand for an intifada are a call for the elimination of the State of Israel and Jews everywhere. Since the beginning of the war against Hamas, Israeli and Jewish students have been afraid of vulnerability

Harvard President Claudine Gay at a congressional hearing on 5/12/23 about the universities' failure to address anti-Semitism. Screenshot
Harvard President Claudine Gay at a congressional hearing on 5/12/23 about the universities' failure to address anti-Semitism. Screenshot

Harvard President Claudine Gay announced her resignation about a month after testifying at a US congressional hearing that drew a backlash over the university's implied support for anti-Semitism and further criticism over the copying of her doctoral thesis. Gay is retiring after only six months in the job.

Interim university president Alan Gerber, 76, will serve as Harvard's interim president during the search for a permanent successor to Gaye, the university's board of directors -- its top governing body -- announced in an email Tuesday.

Jewish students felt threatened and heated discussions began about responsibility for these aggressive demonstrations. The presidents of these universities testified before the Congressional Education Committee on December 5, 2023 and were forced to answer criticism that they did not do enough to deal with anti-Semitism on campuses.

Gay was one of three top university presidents, along with Liz Magill of the University of Pennsylvania and Sally Kornblat of MIT, who testified at that hearing. As I recall, the members of Congress asked the same pointed questions following the lax responses to the massacre and allowing pro-Palestinian demonstrations in which calls for the elimination of the State of Israel were heard. Their argument was that the freedom of speech enshrined in the US Constitution overrides any other provision, and it would only be possible to treat the protesters if the events became practical injuries.

A Jewish student at MIT, Talia Chen, was quoted in the media and described the toxic anti-Semitic atmosphere at the university and accused the MIT administration, and especially the president of the university, Sally Kornblat (who has not yet announced her resignation despite the pressure), for failing to deal with the events. It still remains to be seen how these universities will act to maintain campuses as a place of free speech and ensure the safety of Jewish students.​​​​​​

In the aforementioned debate, Congresswoman Alice Stefanik asked Gay, Is she aware of the term "intifada" and that the use of this term, in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict, is a call for violent armed resistance against the State of Israel, including violence against civilians and genocide of Jews.

In response to Stefanik's question, Harvard President Claudine Gay said that using the term "intifada" in the context of the Israeli-Arab conflict is a call for violent armed resistance against the State of Israel, including violence against civilians and genocide of Jews. Gay replied that this kind of hate speech is evil in her personal eyes. She added that these words contradict Harvard's values ​​and said, "We are committed to freedom of expression, even of opinions that are offensive, insulting, hateful." For this, the three were criticized for giving a legal answer to a value question.

The first to retire was Liz McGill, president of the University of Pennsylvania (UPenn).  Already on the tenth of December. This after widespread criticism of her testimony before Congress regarding anti-Semitism on campus. Her resignation came days after donors threatened to withdraw $100 million worth of donations from the university if she did not resign​​​​

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  1. It is also a piece of propaganda - to call every weather event "climate change" and "climate crisis" and "we are all going to die in 8 years".

    Luckily I'm old enough to remember that back in the eighties we were threatened that the beach gates would be flooded by the year 2000, and since then the hysteria has only increased.

  2. When you call science based on neo-Marxist theory, there is no point in arguing. And you don't need much, it's enough to open a window and see that summer lasts 9 months and even when there is winter, most of the days are beautiful, fires and floods around the world.
    Vaccines prevent infection‚

  3. • Charged phrases like "climate crisis", "climate deniers" etc. are the product of my body for neo-Marxist propaganda, and not of a press that has a shred of pretensions to be reliable, and certainly not of a scientific vocabulary.
    • Who is "Lior", and how did he get involved in the discussion? If it is about Gad Yair, whose YouTube video I gave the link to - how did you come to the conclusion that he is from "right-wingers like Lior do not really want equality", what, did you ask the GPT chat about his CV? From what I have seen from his other videos, he is definitely not from the ranks of the right. This is jumping to somewhat rash conclusions, in my opinion.
    • And the rest of your discussion about the qualities of the right - psychologists would rub their hands with delight at the psychological phenomenon called "projection" - throwing your desires and fears at the opponent: after all, this is exactly what the universities are currently doing, both in the world and in Israel - but from the very left side extreme.
    • For example, it was not the right-wingers who appointed a plagiarist black woman, lacking outstanding academic qualifications, and lacking any management and leadership skills to the position of Harvard president. nor the corresponding institutions. Nor are it the right-wingers who prevent the "if you wish" autograph booths or even the waving of the Israeli flag in a variety of Israeli universities, even those that bear the Hebrew name or the first Hebrew city or even the name of Ben-Gurion in vain. On the other hand, flying the flag whose design was stolen from the flag of the Ba'ath party - and is marked as the flag of the supporters of the new Islamist terror - they have no problem with that.
    • No one asked you to accept the flat earthers into the physics department. They applied for admission precisely on the basis of research excellence. Again, these claims have a psychological implication. The faculties for STEM (natural sciences, mathematics and engineering) are the last ones that still relatively face the murky wave of "equity" that has washed over the universities. Free market economics has long since been taught in the economics departments, and the social sciences departments have long since become institutes for the disgraceful and unapologetic indoctrination of students, at completely exorbitant tuition fees.
    • It is important to note that not all "conspiracy theories" are incorrect. Wrapping everyone up in the followers of the flat earth is too easy a job. It's worth checking out conspiracies that have been proven to be true, such as Operation MKUltra (look it up, if that's what they did in the 50s, God knows what they've done since then), the claims that the virus is "in no way a lab product," that vaccines prevent infection, that the laptop of Hunter Biden is a Russian fake (what do you know? 50 FBI agents signed this claim - which proves how rotten and corrupt this organization is) and on and on.

  4. I asked CHATGPT to find on the science website (via Bing) insights into conspiracy theories masquerading as science and his answer was:

    The science website presents a question about the relationship between various conspiracy theories, such as theories related to Corona and vaccines, chemtrails, as well as conspiracy theories related to evolution and science in general. The question focuses on what this relationship indicates about the generic, stereotypical and one-dimensional way of thinking of people who support conspiracy theories.
    This is an important point that emphasizes how conspiracy theories can be diverse and sometimes even contradictory, but still share a skeptical or rebellious attitude towards accepted sources of information and scientific theories. Those who support these theories often criticize or ignore scientific information and findings, and instead tend to accept theories that fit their personal worldview, regardless of logic or solid evidence.

    Is there a connection between climate deniers and the spread of conspiracy theories?
    The connection between climate change deniers and the spread of conspiracy theories is part of a larger phenomenon of skepticism and skepticism toward science and government. Similar to other conspiracy theories, such as those related to Corona and vaccines, climate change deniers tend to rely on worldviews that ignore scientific evidence and are based on their private interpretation of data and information. They tend to interpret data according to the narrow context of their specific worldview, and reject any systemic or alternative explanation for the phenomena they refer to.​​​​

    In general, the conspiratorial way of thinking is supported by unrealistic assumptions and the exclusion of scientific evidence, while focusing on simplistic and sometimes paranoid explanations for a complex reality.

  5. There is no need for a balance between right and left, nor between a crazy left and the center where most people should be. As soon as any wing breaks away from the truth it should not be included in diversity. E=MC^2 whether the researcher is right-handed or left-handed. Should go for quality. You can't lower the quality to give non-racial, non-political variety or anything else. It hurts science. Diversity and inclusion are not a bad thing in themselves when the person fits the job and follows the factual truth and does not invent his own science (climate deniers for example cannot demand equality with those who adhere to the exact science of the climate) because there is only one truth. In the end, right-wingers like Lior don't really want equality, they want to dominate the right-wing agenda over the rest of the public. Even in the constitutional revolution it was written that she came in the name of equality and democracy while she tried to dominate an agenda contrary to democracy. That is why, for example, it is forbidden to appoint ecclesiastical judges or any other body that shoots an arrow and then marks a target around it. A judge should be a professional.

  6. She resigned because there was criticism of two instances of copying in her doctoral thesis (or "duplicated text without proper attribution" as they called it).

    Of course, if she had not let anti-Semitism run rampant, her articles would not have been carefully checked

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