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Iran plans to send a man into space

The target - the next decade, when by 2021 it seeks to become a space power * This despite the fact that the Sapphire launch at the beginning of the week failed according to Western sources

Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is testing a satellite that should be launched soon
Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is testing a satellite that should be launched soon

Iran's Aviation Industries Organization plans to launch the first astronaut into space in the next decade. The Iranian news agency Fars said that there is no exact date yet, but all the actions that Iran is taking are aimed at achieving the goal.

Reza Taghipour, the head of the organization was quoted in the announcement that Iran is seeking to launch the first Iranian astronaut into space "This is one of the country's top priorities for the next ten years" he said and added that "within the next few months we will be able to give the exact date of the mission."

As I recall, at the beginning of the week, Iran launched the The Saphir satellite launcher with a dummy satellite on it, but foreign sources reject the claim that the missile reached orbit, and say that the mission failed shortly after launch. Apparently the failure occurred during the ignition of the second stage of the missile, and Iran has admitted according to several reports that they are learning the lessons from the launch and will apply them in future launches.

In any case, Iran wants to advance in the space program and its ambitions are high - to become the strongest space power in the region by 2021, if the space program progresses as planned. He also claims that despite the news in the West that the space program was designed to enable the promotion of the ability to launch weapons, and said that Iran cooperated in promoting the space program with Russia and Italy, and this will continue." It does not seem that this answer will calm the elements in the West who are worried that Iran is planning a nuclear attack.

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  1. Itzik:
    This is an association that crossed my mind as well.
    At the time, there was a story about Saddam Hussein (whose veracity I never bothered to check) that he gave a new meaning to the expression "put someone on a missile" when he ordered that an officer who said something he didn't like be tied to a missile that was launched (this seems problematic from an aerodynamic point of view, but I don't think that the issue of aerodynamics interested in any of them at that moment)

  2. Michael, Jewish laughter and humor will save the world from holocaust!
    The artist, at least in my opinion, this "funny"...
    And it is true, and there are greater experts than me on this matter, the origin of the German people is, in part, what, the barbarian people.

    I wish you, the blessing of Einstein.. and the other good-hearted people in the fields of science.

  3. What is the problem ? If they tie Ahmadinejad to the head of the missile they launched last week, then success is XNUMX percent right now (they didn't say that he should be returned).

  4. Should, of course. And you should also use editing software that checks for spelling errors

  5. By the way, Hugin, it's nice of you to ask me not to attack in a response in which you hint at things that are hidden from my understanding (and I don't buy the demagoguery in the sentences)

  6. Hugin:
    It all depends on the question of what is called education and culture and in relation to what you look at it.
    With all due respect to education in subjects that are for some reason called humanistic (unfortunately I think mathematics is more humanistic than all) I am talking about scientific education.
    I repeat - compared to the Israelis, for example, the average German is ignorant of the country.
    This, by the way, is not just my personal feeling. You'd be surprised to hear that they think so too (or at least they did while I was there. A long time has passed since then and our education as well as our good name have deteriorated badly).
    I remember once I was sitting on the grass by the pool in my area and talking to some girlfriends.
    We would sit around a round table and at some point I showed them some magic that I knew.
    The company had a great time and a little after that one of the girls asked me where I was from.
    I said I'm from Israel and her response was "Ahhhh - Darum..." meaning "Ahh = because of that!..." when the meaning was that because I'm Israeli I know how to do magic.

    By the way - do you know that the number of start-up companies in Israel exceeds that of any European country (and maybe even all of them together?)

    So it's true - I'm talking about a certain period and it's possible that on other days everything was different, but I tend to believe that if there was a difference then it was actually in the opposite direction from what is necessary to validate your claim.

    I repeat.
    I never claimed that education is a complete vaccine - I only claim that it influences in the right direction.

  7. Michael, once again, sorry for pushing myself into "boy" conversations, did you get it by chance, or not by chance
    To read the book: "German Requiem"?? The book revolves around and discusses, throughout the emancipation period - throughout the 300 years, before the Holocaust... the feeling of, what do we call this? On loan: Milchod 22, in which we are, by virtue of being, who we are, accompanied us throughout the book, and in the Dumas issues... that we deal with
    Here, on the informed science website, I have a feeling, and correct me if I'm wrong, that the stay in Germany may have been a defect, or influenced, in one way or another.. something that is hidden for the moment..
    Or your understanding..something worth checking for its essence.
    Please answer me, without attack, please...
    I would also like to mention that Chaim Cohen Herman, according to his book, who was born in Berlin, and was also a rabbi before he became
    The jurist and judge of the Supreme Court at the time, was shocked to the core, how an "educated" people
    that he himself grew up on his knees, did what he did, and of course, that even from that moment he stopped "believing"
    "By God", to Herman-Cohen's credit, he will say that, despite this, something deeply valuable has been rooted
    In it..that the free, apparently..who follow his way..APS..missed..on the way..
    It is also possible that science is wonderful... the question is... what do its metastases do with it..

  8. What do you do before sending a person into space, sending a monkey Ahmedandji is the creature that looks the closest that matches visually and mentally

  9. Yehuda:
    I actually believe that education - and especially scientific education, creates an excellent foundation for a more sane approach to life.
    Scientific education requires man to accept the fact that he does not determine what is right and neither does God.
    Man must accept the fact that after all the one who ultimately determines the truth of things is the experiment and the latter derives its answers from its own involuntary set of laws.
    This acceptance of the facts obliges the person to be honest - on the one hand - and modesty - on the other hand, and it also immunizes him to some extent against brainwashing.
    The fact that the German people were dragged into World War II by their leadership is a fact, but there were many reasons for this, and in my opinion, education was a moderating factor, even if not enough.
    Since I also lived in Germany for two years, I can say that according to my experience, the German people are not educated at all and here comes, in my opinion, the most important point because this is also true for the Iranian people and it will remain true even if the Iranians build a nuclear bomb.
    It should be known that the large Iranian population has always managed to grow brilliant and educated people out of it.
    As I have already mentioned before - in most of the physics and mathematics Olympiads, the Iranians have so far won respectable places. The point is that these are individuals of virtue that the Iranians take care to find and cultivate and not in the general population.
    It is even possible that identifying the brightest in the group is intended to direct them to a path that isolates them from the rest of the people and reduces their influence, but that is already a conspiracy theory that I have never tested.

  10. To Ami Bachar

    When I read your comment, I can't forget that we were already in this movie. Have we forgotten the enlightened German people who brought out the best culture of their time? And the bewilderment with which people received the first news about the Holocaust. Well, really, the enlightened German people with all their writers, artists and enlightened culture are capable of that?
    Well, that's right!
    A fanatical rule over a civilized people can bring out a holocaust!
    So, please, let's not be naive and prepare for any evil that may come.

    And in this context, I am amazed at the West that all it has in mind is to confront Russia, precisely by joining the countries of Poland and Ukraine to NATO and placing missiles there. I do not understand what the Americans and the West are doing. And I believe that militant forces that miss the Cold War do this.
    They have no reason in the world to place missiles specifically in Poland, they could have placed them a few hundred kilometers away, in Germany. It would have been no less good. Ukraine, Poland, Hungary and the other Eastern European countries could have remained demobilized. It was a confidence-building step, for their benefit, for the benefit of Russia and for the benefit of the whole world.
    The problem is radical Islam, and in doing so, the West is pushing Russia to cooperate with the radical Islamic countries.
    The current condemnation of the Georgian actions that the US has not held responsible (!) is a step in the right direction, and if it is followed by the cancellation of the placement of the missiles in Poland, it is a step in the right direction that will unite forces against the real danger: - radical Islam.
    If this is not done, unfortunately, one of the main sufferers will be Israel.
    That's my opinion

    good evening
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  11. It turns out that the deep sleep I slept last night, until 12 noon, paid off when I woke up, for the articles,
    For my father's new page, and for seeing the comments.. congratulations.!
    A. For Yehuda, indeed, what is important is to remain optimistic.
    For all of us, also different kinds of save modes are done in turns..for all that is implied..ha..ha..
    B. To Ami Bakr, this is it, well done, those who know the history, even the really not far away of the nations, and who remember, that indeed the nuclear, human potential also lies in them, remember and cherish, that not
    Everything is "black", as it sometimes appears to us, in the narrow corner of a given moment.
    And Elijah, it turns out, also touches on the proportional point.

    Only, one thing, I have to remind myself, be wise and involve me in examining myself and others..he flag
    The well-known sentence from the sources, which says: "Spare the cruel, his end will be cruel to the merciful".
    of kindness, such as this, I cannot diagnose, which side, my place is on, and if at all it is necessary, after the balanced things that everyone total..for now.

  12. Larami Yushobiev,
    Iran is a very educated country and always has been. The public there is distinctly different from the majority of the public in the Middle East and the Iranians, who are not Arabs, are proud and distinguish themselves from the Arab public. Iran is one of the countries that had a very strong technological connection with Israel before the rise of the Ayatollahs. Our army trained there and we learned a lot from them. The problem is not the public but the leadership - almost like everywhere there is a government. Easier when the government is dictatorial, although not necessarily.

    Iran and Iranians have a lot to lose. This is not a country like Afghanistan or even Iraq. Both the culture and the human material, the awareness of education and the desire for progress - all these characterize the progressive Iranian public. Therefore, the Iranian problem is twofold because the Iranian public does not need atomic bombs and the last thing it wants is war. Certainly not with a distant and unimportant country for him like Israel.
    The problem is the dictatorial agenda of those in power. The extreme religious belief (in this case Islam, but the phenomenon repeats itself in all religions) causes a mystical fanaticism that puts leaders on their minds. It should also be remembered that there are many forces acting on Iran. The strongest force, perhaps, is the Arab world and the Islamic public around the world. These apparently require militant and fanatical statements against the "Great Satan" and the "Little Satan".

    From my superficial acquaintance with Iranian expatriates in Germany, during the time I lived there, I realized that among the cultures of the region, the Iranians are probably elite, intelligent people and yes - also peace-loving, like any person with their brains in their head. You don't have to be a great genius to understand that war is stupid.

    With the blessing of Shabbat Shalom,
    Ami Bachar

  13. Iran has over 10 million residents below the poverty line of $2 a day, who will continue to engage in nonsense, instead of providing food to their residents and the regime there is close to its end, with the recent increase in commodity prices
    By the way, at international conferences, the Iranian scientists are always very nice and have no problem with the fact that you are from Israel, in stark contrast to their leader

  14. I saw on TV an interview with an Israeli scientist who also presents an opposing position, in his opinion it is good that there is employment for the thousands of Iranian physicists and technicians in the atomic field and in the field of the ballistic missile industry because it develops a technological power in the region. And if we look beyond the political conflicts, it seems that the region is becoming more educated, this fact in itself moderates the majority of extreme views and the country has a lot to lose.

  15. To my father, I think the title should be changed instead
    "Iran requests..." to "Iran plans..." or something like that. for your consideration.
    And to the first three commenters, in their responses, they show an incomprehensible lack of faith in Iran's ability to do this. I believe, unfortunately, that the Iranians will achieve all their goals both in space and in the atom.

    The main thing is to be optimistic
    Good Day
    Sabdarmish Yehuda

  16. Before they send a man into space, before they send a monkey there - their president, with a one-way ticket...

  17. Before they manage to reach space with a rocket and after that they launch something that can be called a satellite and then maybe this statement will sound reasonable

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