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"The future of civil satellites in Israel is clouded - the State of Israel has no space policy and we are going backwards

Ofer Doron, director of the Aerospace Industry's space plant, said these things at the international space conference of the Fisher Institute and the Ministry of Science

Ofer Doron, Ofer Doron, director of the aerospace industry's space plant. Photography: Chen Damari
Ofer Doron, director of the aerospace industry's space plant. Photography: Chen Damari

"The future of civil satellites in Israel is shrouded in fog - part of the reason for this is that the State of Israel does not have a national space policy. There is no government document and no policy. Abroad, the space agencies deal with the policy and contribution of space to the country and where the country will take its space domain. ", he said Ofer Doron, director of the aerospace industry's space plant, in his speech at the international space conference of the Fisher Institute and the Ministry of Science. Doron added that "the Israeli space program rests on the legs of education and academic research - there is activity but not at a sufficient level. The space agency should take care of developing technologies, satellites and competitiveness. In most of these issues there is no significant activity in the State of Israel and I can only envy the foreign space agencies around the world. A multi-year and significant budget is required. Mechanisms are needed that make it possible to utilize the budget, even if it is low. We are also unable to realize the small budget of the Israeli Space Agency. We need to leverage the great achievements of the military space programs for civilian applications and for the budgets to support dual use. Without a civilian permit mechanism, as is customary in the world, it simply won't work. It is impossible to make a civilian space without permits.

The increased budget of the Israel Space Agency is about 15 million dollars: similar to Mexico, Switzerland and South Africa. If we grow five times we will be like Pakistan. We are behind Iran, Spain and Argentina and two orders of magnitude behind the European space agencies. The Israeli government gives less to the field of space and shows that it is not an important field for it, both in the State of Israel and abroad. This is not an increase to astronomical amounts, but if the budget does not increase, there will be no civil space here and we will not get anywhere. We're going hard back. The bright spot is the field of space education in the State of Israel, where you can see achievements in the field. We work with the company's engineers in dozens of schools and see achievements in technological education among the younger generation. The industry as a whole is prepared and eager to strengthen the civil space. With relatively modest budgets it is possible to go far, in combination with a national space policy and a space agency that makes it possible to achieve achievements in the field."

Major General David Thompson, Deputy Commander of the US Air Force Space Command In his speech, he referred to the field of security in space: "The field of security in space is one of the most significant in which we deal today. Preserving the national security of the USA, its citizens and its interests is our top priority. The reality is that countries use space, for a variety of needs and unfortunately, also for needs that may harm us. We maintain our space capabilities as an important dimension in protecting our interests. Use of our capabilities in the field of space are integrated into our military activities. The global community knows how to cooperate in space, but at the same time we see the development of destructive forces that understand the advantages of using space and abuse them. As part of our plans in the field of space, we are able to take a variety of measures against those who would want to act against us, also in the field of space."

Lawrence Price, Deputy Director of the "Orion" program at Lockheed Martin: "We walk hand in hand with NASA in deep space exploration. The advantages inherent in space exploration are becoming clear to everyone. Space improves the economy and the quality of life on Earth. Today, a significant part of our activity deals with the development of spacecraft such as the Orion, which are intended for long journeys both in distance and in time, while preserving the lives of the astronauts who will fly in it for future missions."

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  1. When you say "don't know the difference between ST and QFT" it doesn't mean that you don't know what the acronyms are... it means that you write over and over and over again about something that is part of string theory when in fact it is field theory at all. Knowing what the initials mean can be taught even to a three-year-old child. From someone who defines himself as "knowledgeable" you would expect him to know not only how to cite the title of the theory according to its initials, but to understand at least basic things about what it says and how, and as a result - not to confuse two such different things.

    Even now, you'd rather write a stupid comment about us being divided Jews than simply admit your chain of lies, or at least be quiet and wait a bit. I wish I could say about you that "being right is more important to you" - unfortunately, it is quite clear that what is more important to you is not "being right" but "giving the impression of someone who is right". The difference between the two is huge - if you were interested in being right, you would study the things you are talking about (or alternatively, talk about things you understand). Because you are interested in appearing to be right, you allow yourself to invent new versions of reality to serve your purposes.

    Good luck later.

  2. QFT - Quantum field theory
    ST - String theory I didn't search on Google - I know.
    Ends the chain for me. We Jews excel as individuals, but as a kibbutz we reach points that frequently endanger our independence. It is more important for us to be more right, including me, than to find comparable factors.

  3. Yes, Yossi. I see how well versed you are in theoretical physics and string theory. So knowledgeable you don't know the difference between ST and QFT.

  4. Joseph,

    You are a delusional person without an iota of integrity. Time after time they prove you wrong, and what do you have to say? That "I ignored Professor Miriam"? So what? I at some point claimed that there are no Iranians talented in science? I just told you that you need to stop lying, and you're on your own. Already writing comment after comment after comment where you squirm like a snake, trying to gloss over the fact that you're just making things up in the hope that no one will check you out or understand enough to see that you're talking nonsense at best and flat-out lying at worst. The lie that Neema is the world's leading physicist didn't work for you, so you tried another lie in which his idea for a calculation method is the answer to all the open problems in physics. The lie that he is a product of the Iranian education system didn't work for you, so you completely nonchalantly pass the discussion to his father, as if we are supposed to ignore the fact that you simply lie in every response. The lie that Nima won the Fields Medal didn't work for you, so you ignored the fact that you invented the lie and suddenly it bothers you that I didn't refer to someone else who did win.

    Enough lying. Is it so hard to understand? You write your nonsense, "don't you mind if I lead as a senior" (as if you know anything about me and as if I ever needed your permission to do something), tell stupid "anecdotes" and just do everything to not have to tell the truth.

    If you really want to continue this pointless discussion, start by answering me a question. What part of my criticism - that in every response of yours there are lies, demagogic exaggerations, and an attempt to confuse readers by talking about things you yourself have no idea about - do you not understand? What did you fail to grasp in that everything I ever wrote to you was only variations on the following sentence: "Yossi, stop lying"?

  5. Last but not least, elbenzo, you persistently ignore Professor Miriam and that Nima's father was the head of the physics faculty at Sharif University in Tehran, which is on the list of the top 100-200 in terms of wealth, because this does not fit with the theory that Iran is not a country that supports science (even as an Islamic republic - actually somewhat similar to the situation in Israel) . The thing is that it has about 65 million citizens of which I think, I did not check 100%, about 40% are minorities, and minorities strive to excel. Even if a cut of 2.5 million goes to higher education, it still creates quality. I'd rather be on your side of the fence
    And I'm not on the side of the prevailing religion, I'm a traditionalist. I also don't care if you lead as a senior.
    In my opinion, after the chain of correspondences here, we internalize that even if according to most of us the truth lies in the middle, because they cannot decide, the truth of scientific transport is no longer at the beginning of the axes on the side of Israel, and the balance is changing historically. And if we all close our eyes, history will not move in the negative direction.

    Believe me - I read a series of articles that seem to me to be groundbreaking in order to keep up to date - and Muslim names appear in them a lot. Edward Witten, by the way, winner of the Fields Medal, is Jewish, as you said, he is an adult. If you read articles about science in Iran - you will not believe that it is so backward. Leading academic staff members who are Muslims publish another newspaper and another university potentially boycotting Israel. I will end with an anecdote. We sent an article for publication and it reached a chief editor who named something that sounded similar to Abu-Gihad. Although 3 reviewers liked the article, he rejected it. We sent the same article to another newspaper while omitting any connection to Israel. The article has been accepted.

  6. It turns out that several academics are among the writers of the blog in science. I am also studying for a doctorate and a scientist at my workplace.
    Fairly knowledgeable in theoretical physics and reads a lot of unpopular literature in string theory, perhaps not as much as you, and theoretical mathematics. If we wrangle those market forces as a result of which science goes backwards as a byproduct, they will watch and be satisfied.

  7. A question for the physicists. Is it correct to say that after the discovery of the existence of dark energy / acceleration of the expansion of the universe, the universe must be open / its shape is hyperbolic? So why continue to write, at the same time and even in the same publication, that the universe is flat or very close to it?

  8. Shmulik,

    At the Institute for Advanced Studies in Princeton there are four physicists who deal with high energies: Nima, Juan Maldesana, Ed Witten and Nate Zeiberg. Witten and Seiberg are a bit older and less active today, even though they both did incredible things in the last twenty years and were responsible for some things that are still called "scientific revolutions" in the fields of field theory and string theory. Maldesena is still young and is probably the most active physicist in the world today. It was also specifically what I meant when I said that the loose connection of amplitoherons to strings is a revolutionary idea that allows certain quantum systems to be connected to gravitational systems, and this is the so-called AdS/CFT that Maldensa discovered when he was barely out of his PhD.

    The question "who counts" has to be answered in context - for example, Witten is undoubtedly one of the most brilliant physicists of the last thirty years, but today he is a bit older and no longer publishes articles at the same rate as he did when he was 30, 40 or 50. So the answer depends on whether you look Forward or backward - who changed the world or who is the young person who will change the world (or is changing it now).

    Kraus and Carroll are both talented physicists, but their popularity in the general public is greater than their popularity in scientific settings (this is in contrast, for example, to Hawking - who many think is just a popular scientist even though he really changed the whole way we think about gravity and is considered one of the main pioneers in the study of quantum gravity ).

  9. albentezo,
    A somewhat gossipy question: who works in the office near Nima? And speaking of fertility, who are the theoretical physicists considered today? You previously mentioned Maldesina (and since then I had time to hear his lecture), I heard that Ed Wheaton is highly regarded...

    By the way, I get to hear a lot of Kraus and Sean Carroll on YouTube. Apart from being great "science popularizers" are they "regarded"? Did they make a significant contribution to theoretical physics?

  10. Joseph,

    I am indeed active in academia. Actually, I'm a physicist. In fact, I'm a physicist who deals with string theory and high energy physics, and I'm very familiar with Nima's work, as well as him personally. I understand - no offense, of course - much better than you what the meanings of the things he did in the past and is doing today (and no, amplitohedrons really do not solve anything related to the physics of black holes or all the nim-dropping you gave, see the expansion below). None of this changes what I told you months ago, what I told you yesterday, and what I'm telling you right now - if you have opinions regarding education, science, the State of Israel, etc. you can express them freely and without fear because this is a free forum. Please refrain from "embellishing" your views with things that are sometimes untrue and sometimes downright false (at least twice in the past I made it clear to you that Neema was educated and studied in Canada and the USA, therefore your attempt to present him as an "Iranian threat" is ridiculous). If your opinions are well-founded and intelligent, there is no need to invent things that never happened or distort reality to help them be accepted.

    By the way, just because you repeat it over and over again - Amplatiohedrons have nothing to do with strings. They have a connection, but it is very indirect. The amplitohedron is a method to simplify calculations in quantum field theory that traditionally would have been done perturbatively using Feynman diagrams. Field theory and string theory are *not* the same thing. The (indirect, as mentioned) connection is that under certain conditions it is possible to link a problem in field theory to a problem in string theory and then if you know how to solve one, you can "translate" the solution to the other. This, for example, is one of the most amazing and interesting achievements of the last twenty years, made by physicists much more respected and prolific than Nima (some of whom also happen to be sitting in the office next to him).

  11. elbenzo I have no quarrel with you and I have the feeling that you are active in academia, or educated.
    In my estimation, we agree on the important points. I agree that it is difficult to say about someone that he is great... because physics has become an interdisciplinary subject. For example, physics of composite systems.
    I appreciate that I am not wrong about Nima. It is said that regarding being one (!) of the leaders and one of those we hear about continuously from 2003 until today. We are approaching a point in mathematics and physics where, in my opinion, many unknowns will fall like a house of cards. Also phase transitions in condensed matter, also the Riemann hypothesis for prime numbers, also the ABC hypothesis, also the solution of Diophantine equations, also the physics of black holes, also string theory, also Godel's theorem, also automatic systems - everything will fall into the right place. Let's skip a moment - on the subject of Israel there is a parallel article by the professor from the University of Haifa. In my opinion, we both think that in the lecture "the equation of relativity backwards and forwards" in Kabbalah, we mean what is happening in Israel - this is the very wrong direction.
    Regarding Nima - he recently published an article on the amplihedron theory. The theory receives very positive feedback among string theory researchers. In ARXIV, the article is available for free reading and if you look at it, you will see that it is readable by non-experts in the field, but who have the ability to read such articles, like us probably - me and you, I guess and maybe I'm wrong. The article has implications in my speculative opinion, I agree - very deep. Beyond a tool that greatly simplifies the calculations of string theory, anyone who is less than a doctor on the subject is lost in them, and comes to a tone and clarifies so that a wider section understands. One of the meanings is that the present time has no special meaning but the spread of all probability amplitudes in space-time has. Reminds me of many things: Einstein's opinion, Hawking's regarding multiple worlds, the holographic reality in a black hole = general relativity combined with quantum theory - recently there was an article about the laws of surfaces in a black hole in science. There it was quoted that all times exist simultaneously in a black hole and we don't fully understand how. If the amplihedron is also accepted - and that is if - and if it is credited - and that is if, it can be said that a scientist who manages to prove 2 huge phenomena - will answer this category.

  12. Joseph,

    Say, can't you read? I wrote to you that Neema is not a product of the Iranian education system but only a member of a family that emigrated from Iran, and that he is not a Fields Medal winner. What do you answer in response? Cites a quote from Wikipedia that says... that he is *not* a Fields Medal winner and that he is *not* Iranian but a Canadian born to immigrants from Iran.

    If you want to talk about core studies, the political mindset and the relationship to education, do so. I even have a feeling that we will agree on most issues. But I just can't understand your need to lie. Is the truth not good enough? Is it really necessary every few months to repeat and write a comment about Iranian scientists threatening us all? Again giving the same examples, at least one of which is disproven every time? Again lie and invent awards that were never given out or over glorify people's achievements to create a false representation of some threat?

    Why not simply state your opinions and leave out the lies, distortions, and delusional interpretations (like for example your opinion - which is clearly not that of someone who understands anything in the field - that Neema is the greatest physicist of our generation)?

  13. Maryam Mirzakhani (Persian: מרים מירזאקאני‎; born May 1977) is an Iranian[1] mathematician working in the United States. Since September 1, 2008, she has served as a professor of mathematics at Stanford University.[5][6][7]

    In 2014, Mirzakhani became both the first woman and the first Iranian honored with the Fields Medal, the most prestigious award in mathematics.[8][9][10][11][12][13] The award committee cited her work in understanding the symmetry of curved surfaces.
    A product of Iranian education.
    Her research is unequivocally the hottest topic in mathematics today. Teichmüller theory and Riemann surfaces.
    The research has applications in string theory, number theory and prime numbers, in solving equations with a very large number, in the Poincaré conjecture - that there are discrete singular points perhaps infinite but the surfaces themselves are regular, hence black holes.
    Science deceives everyone. Teichmüller was killed in 1944 with the German army in the city of Kiev. Only in the sixties did he emerge from obscurity. Today it is the hottest topic in mathematics, and there is a big storm around a Japanese mathematician who published 4 articles on inter-universal teichmuller theory - and the reports are very divided as to whether he is right.

  14. Nima Arkani-Hamed was a professor at Harvard University from 2002–2008, and is now at the Institute for Advanced Study.[7] Arkani-Hamed was selected for being a member of The Selection Committee for the 2015 Breakthrough Prize in Fundamental Physics.[8]

    In July 2012, he was an inaugural awardee of the Fundamental Physics Prize, the creation of physicist and internet entrepreneur, Yuri Milner.[9] He has previously won the Sackler Prize from Tel Aviv University in 2008, the Gribov Medal from the European Physical Society in 2003, and the INFN-Pisa Gamberini prize in 1997. He was awarded the Packard and Sloan Fellowship in 2000.[1]

    Arkani-Hamed's parents, Jafargholi "Jafar" Arkani-Hamed and Hamideh Alasti are both physicists from Iran.[3] His father, a native of Tabriz,[3] was chairman of the physics department at Sharif University of Technology in Tehran

  15. come on. After all, the settlements are more important. Governmental corruption is also more important. And without the ultra-Orthodox, there would be no government at all! So what is he talking about budgets.

  16. Suppose you think I'm wrong. By the way, it is not in the first place, but only in the growth rate according to publications, etc. Israel is still significantly ahead in the world ranking. However, in the rate of growth, Iran is advancing fast and Israel is retreating according to some of the international raters. By the way, denying that the two scientists I mentioned are originally from Iran - seems to me to be a denial. Miriam is not Iranian? Iran is just a paraphrase designed to put a mirror before us. Say Pakistan instead. Do you think that managing science in Israel is like managing Coca-Cola?
    If so then I agree we have nothing to talk about. Check who is the Minister of Science and who is the chairman of the Science Committee in the Knesset, and who is the Director General of the Ministry of Science. In your opinion, should a person who heads the science committee support core studies, believe in the correctness of the scientific method, for example the theory of evolution, or the big bang model. If you think I'm not, raise your hands.
    Who is the previous chief scientist and who is the current one. what is his education Maybe managing science in Israel is net management.
    Do you think that the head of the Ministry of Culture should be someone who believes that art and loyalty are the same thing. If so I surrender. Because genius artists have been eccentric throughout history. Grothendieck - one of the giants of mathematics in the 20th century was eccentric. The entire study of geometric algebra, and dozens of studies today started from it.
    And we will continue to the Ministry of Education. Should there be someone in the Ministry of Education who believes that there are books that simply should not be read in the education system. Take, for example, Professor Hussam Hayek of the Technion. Did his continued employment depend on his political views. His article was the most cited in 2014 or 2015 on the topic of gold wiring for microscopic sensors, his research group has about 20 researchers, and he brings honor to the country. It is not certain that he is not mistakenly the leading scientist in Israel in his field and God forbid he is an Arab. Vanima Arkani-Hamed is a non-Arabic name in your opinion. Both his parents were professors in Iran. Then they immigrated to Canada. There is no scientific newspaper that has been opened that does not have leading Arab names in the articles.
    Doesn't it remind of other places in the world not necessarily in the present. I am traditional. In the same sector that opposes core studies, it is forbidden to call a confused teacher of the Rambam. The Rambam encouraged everything that had to do with science and was an outstanding doctor in his time. What kind of Jew will grow from one who does not study science, mathematics or physics, or English, and does not read any book except the Talmud. Maybe I'm wrong.

  17. Joseph,

    Aren't you tired of writing the same comment every time that you know is false? It has been made clear to you before (numerous times) that Nima Arkani Hamed is:

    1. *Not* the greatest theoretical physicist of our generation. With all due respect - and there is great respect - he really does not come close to the ankles of many other people who have worked in the last decades (including people who work today). By the way, even Hawking (who is a brilliant physicist by all accounts) is not one of the greats of our generation.

    2. *Not* a Fields Medal winner.

    3. *Not* Iranian. He is a Canadian born to parents who emigrated from Iran, and is in no way a product of the Iranian education system (as I recall he once told me that he had never visited Iran, but I'm not sure).

    If you have something to say, say it. You don't have to make up lies and scaremongering about Iranians as if you were a XNUMXth grade politician to say the things you want.

  18. Censorship of science and art leads very quickly and not slowly to a step backwards in science and technology. It cannot be concluded that I am completely left-wing. Even on the right there are those who oppose such things.

  19. When the minister of science, the chairman of the science committee are political businessmen and some of them are from ultra-orthodox parties (who do not believe in core studies, the theory of evolution, the theory of the big bang) and another chairman was the chairman of Malah - what's the wonder.
    By the way, whoever read the current Galileo, Iran is the first country in the world in science in 2015 and you can laugh at them until tomorrow. The greatest scientists work in the USA. With 34-year-old Professor Miriam, winner of the Fields Medal for research in super manifolds, and with Nima Arkani-Hamed from Princeton - considered the greatest theoretical physicist of our generation (yes. Hawking is still alive) with 2 discoveries for example that are accepted in conventional science and whose measurement will perhaps be possible (!) at the LHC: One - the possibility that the dimensions of the XYZ space are an illusion arising from different hierarchies of energy, and with the amplihedron, a geometrical-algebraic creation he invented that enables complex calculations in string theory, with relative ease.
    He has also won the Fields Medal in my opinion in the past. It is interesting to see a young man with a Middle Eastern face lecturing at Princeton and the audience is captivated.

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