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A demon-haunted country: The State of Israel will become a country of a lower level than even the third world

This is what Prof. Dan Ben-David, head of the Taub Center, warned today, following a serious report published by the center today under the title "State of the State Report - Society, Economy and Policy 2011-2012". The education chapter from the research

The increase in the number of students between 2000-2010 by educational sector. From a report published by the Taub Institute, November 2012
Chart 17 Left side: The increase in the number of students between the years 2000-2010 by educational sector. From a report published by the Taub Institute, November 2012

Below is the section "Education and Demography" from Prof. Dan Ben David's article "The Startup State and the Threat from Beit", from the study "Report on the State of the State - Society, Economy and Policy 2011-2012” of the Taub Institute.

The pie chart divides children in Israel into the four main streams of education in the country. Slightly more than half of the elementary school students (52 percent) studied in the state and state-religious schools. The average achievements of these children in mathematics, science and reading are below the average achievements in each of the 25 relevant OECD countries (Ben-David, 2111c).

The education given to Arab-Israeli children - who are 28 percent of elementary school students - yields achievements that are below many third world countries.
21 percent of elementary school students in Israel belong to the ultra-orthodox education system. In this system, the core studies for boys do not continue beyond the XNUMXth grade, and what is learned until then is minimal at best; The vast majority of boys do not study science or English, and mathematics is taught at a level that does not approach that of children of similar ages in other Western countries. The situation for some girls is better to some extent, but it is far from reflecting the picture for all of them.

A look at the current trends in elementary schools in the last decade provides an indication of the demography in Israel, which stands behind these data (bar graph). Between the years 2000 and 2010 there was almost no change (0.3 percent) in the number of students enrolled in state schools. In the state-religious schools there was an increase of 11 percent. Enrollment in Arab schools increased by 37 percent. During that decade alone, the number of students in ultra-orthodox schools increased by 57 percent.

In light of the fact that already today about half of the children are Arab or ultra-Orthodox, and in light of their very low achievements in the core areas - which reach the level of the third world or below - the current demographic changes reflect a socio-economic development that will not be sustainable when these children grow up. How bad is the ultra-orthodox education system in preparing its children for work in the modern economy?

Chart 17 - Right side: Distribution of students by educational sector, 2010. Source: Taub Center
Chart 17 - Right side: Distribution of students by educational sector, 2010. Source: Taub Center

A look at some of the results in the labor market reveals quite a bit in this regard. As mentioned above, the process of economic growth requires a continuous process of improving productivity, and this is reflected in a constant increase in the demand for educated and skilled workers - and at the same time in a decreasing demand (in relative terms) for less educated and unskilled workers. As a result, while the employment rates of men aged 35-50 at all levels of education were over 90 percent in 1970, the lower the level of education, the sharper the decline in employment during the four decades that have passed since then (Ben-David, 2111a).

Chart 18 shows the groups at each end of the education spectrum since 1979: those with 1-0 years of schooling and those with an academic education. In both cases the chart distinguishes between non-Orthodox Jews and Arab-Israelis. Employment rates among Jews and Arabs with a college degree have been very similar over the past 33 years (the much greater volatility among Arabs is due to the small sample size of prime working-age Arab men who have a college education), hovering around 21 percent so low that their employment rates for each The years of schooling (since the number of years of schooling for the ultra-Orthodox is almost unimportant when it comes to the education needed to work in a modern and competitive economy) were very similar to those of the Israelis with the lowest education. These two trajectories - ultra-Orthodox men and uneducated men from other sectors - are particularly similar, and have been deteriorating consistently over the past 33 years (Chart 18). These are the employment opportunities that the ultra-Orthodox education system gives to her children.

Employment according to years of study among secular Jews, Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews. For the ultra-Orthodox there is no effect on the number of years of schooling - and their employment level is the same as that of secular Jews or Arabs with 0-4 years of schooling
Employment according to years of study among secular Jews, Arabs and ultra-Orthodox Jews. For the ultra-Orthodox there is no effect on the number of years of schooling - and their employment level is the same as that of secular Jews or Arabs with 0-4 years of schooling

The issue of the amount of education - that is, the number of years of study - and its quality is much broader than its importance in the ultra-orthodox context alone. Along with the fact that it has been repeatedly proven that the amount of education is strongly related to the economic results of the individual (as can be seen above) and of the state (see for example Mankio, Romer Weil, 1993, and Barrow, 1991), more and more evidence is accumulating for the critical importance of the quality of education in these two contexts.

Nioshek and Vossman (2010) show the strong correlation between achievements in the core subjects - mathematics, science and reading - in 51 countries and between differences in economic growth rates in those countries during a period of 40 years (Chart 19). When applying their statistical findings to Israel, it becomes clear that if the levels of achievement in Israel in the basic fields were 51 points higher (the gap between the average achievement in the OECD and the level in Israel approximately), the growth rate of GDP per capita in Israel would have been higher by 0.44 points percent in 2010

The relationship between the level of education and the growth rate of each country. Source: Taub Center
The relationship between the level of education and the growth rate of each country. Source: Taub Center

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  1. I wanted to say one more thing
    If only we knew that the world sees us with adoring eyes...
    It is not possible for other countries to be more successful than Israel.
    The whole difference is that the discipline that exists in the Western world is different from the discipline that Israelis have. If we had the discipline to educate our child properly, as is done in Western countries, we would be able to stop any withdrawal.
    A parent should take his child and teach him that he should demand of himself. Education for excellence! Of all the virtues, whether by helping others, or personal investment in knowledge and achievements, as I wrote before.
    Such a deterioration was not expected if we are doing what we must do.

  2. The problem is that education in Israel is very poor among most types of the population, whether it is a religious or secular population.
    In addition to this, the education for our wonderful Jewish religion, for the beautiful tradition, the values ​​and the way of the land, are also poor among the secular population.
    I claim that a combination of higher education in science, history, awareness of what is happening in the world, on the one hand
    And a concept in the Jewish religion, in its laws and the way of the land on the other hand
    They are the solution to stopping the deterioration of education in Israel.
    You don't need big resources, you don't need a lot of money for this. But a will is needed. A parent's or educator's desire to bring into the world better children, by requiring them to behave towards others, the way you would behave yourself. to respect other people.
    Make an effort to learn new things, for example in science. Just sit and think and demand more from yourself.
    Because it is our right, as a Jewish people, to succeed, to be leaders.
    It sounds strange that Israelis would reach a third world state in terms of education, just because we forgot who we are.
    We need to go back to the days when an Israeli was the stereotype of a golden heart, who would always help when needed, and not the Israeli who pushes, to get first in line.

  3. just a man
    I absolutely agree with my father. Look, Yair Lapid's opening position is to recruit only in 5 years. They will probably reach a compromise - recruiting a negligible percentage of the ultra-Orthodox in decades...

    I say - immediate recruitment of all the ultra-Orthodox and at the same time the cancellation of all allowances for ultra-Orthodox yeshivots, and the shortening of the service and a high financial bonus for everyone who serves and everyone who has served.
    That is justice, and that is my opening position. It is definitely possible to reach a compromise that will be acceptable to both parties. This is how you negotiate...

  4. For nothing, you are repeating what Minister Eli Yishai said this morning in Gali Chehal. You need to understand that injustice, no matter how many years it lasts, must stop, and it is better to do it at once and not in agony.

  5. The state is almost 70 years old and you want to use the hocus pocus method to change the status quo, like a little child who grumbles
    for his father to buy him an electric scooter now,
    How do you want a change to be made by steam, you need electoral power and the fact that Aryeh Deri, following the strengthening of the secular/traditional bloc in the Knesset,
    He suddenly talks differently about the recruitment of Yeshiva members, but sitting and grumbling does not add power to influence, but only continues with gratuitous hatred and a rift among the people.

  6. I'm not interested in a first striker. As long as all the ultra-Orthodox do not enlist for three years like my son, I will not forgive them.
    Not willing to give up this point by a millimeter.
    Otherwise, I have no business being in the only country in the world that discriminates against me because I am Jewish

  7. , but he is the first pioneer who emerged within ultra-Orthodox society and calls for a change in the perception of this public.
    And in the interview with him and in the book he wrote, he testifies to a public that is captivated by its leaders and is also interested in change and equality
    Faced with the social burden, he therefore calls for a moderate Judaism, knowing that there are quite a few voices from the ultra-orthodox sector who are interested in change.
    You can read at:

  8. just a man
    Amsalem, to remind you, does not represent the ultra-orthodox public.

    This hatred is not gratuitous hatred. The ultra-Orthodox hate me, honest and true hatred. I don't like the one who is willing to sacrifice my children while he sits on his pink butt

  9. Miracles ,
    They are not worth less (see the rest of my comment)

    Eric –
    I quote from the article:
    "In interviews with the media and in his appearances in front of various audiences across the country, MK Amsalem often mentions that it is important that the ultra-Orthodox public also contribute its part to the defense of the state. Establishing an ultra-Orthodox settlement yeshiva is an opportunity for him to back up his words with concrete actions."

    So cheer up, if you do want change, why didn't you vote for a party that advocates change without igniting hatred among the people? If many secular people did the absurd thing and voted for a religious party that wants to make a change in the ultra-Orthodox environment, then it would have a lot of power to act, but sitting around complaining and crying all day doesn't help anything

  10. just a man
    In the link you provided, there is no mention of ultra-Orthodox Seder meetings because there is no such thing, ultra-Orthodox do not accept such a thing, this is your invention.. The link itself is all wishful thinking for this idea, you have a serious problem with reading comprehension...

  11. just a man
    That's not the issue. The issue is simple - is there a reason that my life and the lives of my children are worth less than the life of an Haredi who does not enlist?

    The answer is "yes" or "no". There is no room for 'yes, but...'

  12. Eric,
    I'm not hallucinating, I'm saying you're stuck in the past and the term ultra-Orthodox is just semantics
    And it is a fact that there is spillover towards the settlement meetings
    , see the article I sent you about the first Haredi Hesder yeshiva
    Aryeh Seter,
    The legal system in Israel is based on the Hebrew legal system, and in law school you learn about legal issues, so don't gossip in secret
    Not saying it's good to die for a religious belief, saying it's good for those people who believe that every person who dies is important to his family, regardless of the reason he died.

  13. just a man
    You say it's good to die for religious belief, but not good to die to protect the ones you love?
    Sounds sick to me...

  14. Just a person - you wrote "the legal system in Israel is based on the Gemara" and this is clearly not true. The legal system in Israel is based on laws enacted by the Knesset, both Ottoman law and English law - laws left over from the previous regimes. Nothing from the Gemara unless enacted in our Knesset on some issue that mentions the "Gemara".
    The link you gave "on the integration of Hebrew law in Israeli law" does not work.

  15. 'Just a man' are you delusional or delusional? Since when are there Haredi Seder yeshiva? In the link you brought it does not say that there is such a thing because there is no such animal..

  16. Nissim, you are probably stuck in the past, there are already ultra-Orthodox in seder yeshiva:

    You can read about the integration of Hebrew law into Israeli law in…/אבודה_סיוונ_הרונ-יהודה_מנחם_אלון_חדש.pdf
    There are a lot of insights and some of them have even been implemented

    Regarding Jews who died for the holiness of God there is no end throughout Jewish history, whether it is important or not
    Probably not to you, but to their families yes

  17. just a man
    You say "to die for the holiness of God" as if it is something positive.
    I am ready to die for the sanctity of the lives of those close to me. The ultra-Orthodox do not.
    Since when is the legal system in Israel based on the entire Gemara???? What are you talking about?

    You are committing an injustice when you mix Seder yeshiva with ultra-Orthodox. The first are great people. The latter do not….

  18. I'm sorry, but I ended my period of compromise after all the compromises so far ended in failure - in which the ultra-orthodox side got everything they wanted and all the achievements of the seculars disappeared. Any compromise leads to a Halacha state.

  19. Avi,
    Yair Lapid also understood that the power to win the sympathy of the public is to unite the entire nation, that's why he has Rabbi Shay Piron
    In the second place and even more in the 19th place if I'm not mistaken - go out and study.

  20. Miracles ,
    The ultra-Orthodox are ready to die for the sanctification of God, but the secular are not.
    What's more, there is the ultra-Orthodox Nahal and the Hesder Yeshiva, many of whose soldiers perished
    There are many dodgers who sign up for yeshivas and do not attend, those whose teachings and art are very few
    Those who are successful are the ones who study from morning to night and receive certification as judges to administer justice in Israeli society, the legal system in Israel is based on the Gemara, therefore we must have jurists who are knowledgeable in the laws of the Gemara,
    I agree with you that all evaders should be denounced regardless of religion, gender or nationality.
    rise and succeed

  21. SAFKAN
    I really liked your suggestions for employing the ultra-Orthodox 🙂

    I think it's long past time to "enter" the ultra-Orthodox to the end. I am not ready to accept that my three children can serve in the army, and I am in the reserves, when they learn from some book a slip of reality at my expense.

    For my part, let them pack their bags and fly out of my country.

    Understand - I am not in favor of equalizing the burden - I am in favor of them paying for the years that have passed until today. I am in favor of recruiting all the ultra-Orthodox and releasing a large part of the seculars - really, the army does not need so many people.

    The thought that their "culture" is worth more than my children's lives sickens me. They can serve 3 years in the army and eat the same food as the other soldiers.

    When the percentage of their graves in the deer cemeteries equals their percentage in the population - then maybe I will consider talking to them about "burden equality". Not a moment ago.

  22. Eli

    We also need to open a nursing course for the ultra-Orthodox to wipe their buttocks, the Israelis don't do this, that's why they bring Filipinas. Then we will stop importing Filipinas and force the ultra-Orthodox to do jobs that the rest of the Israelis refuse to do.

    Oh, yes, it is also possible to oblige ultra-Orthodox to attend a course for woodcutter and water-suckers. There is also a shortage of this.

    The incitement against the ultra-Orthodox on this site is so great that people offer humiliating solutions and it seems fine to everyone.

  23. In my opinion, the religious and ultra-Orthodox schools should be directed in the professional direction. Today we have a very large shortage in professions such as: carpenters, plumbers, builders, renovators, electricians, car mechanics, engineers, etc. I think this is a good opportunity to cover this segment of the labor market and at the same time the religious and ultra-Orthodox schools will not have to teach Torah studies either.
    This will lead both to filling the shortage of manpower in these areas and to increasing employment among the religious and ultra-Orthodox public in particular. And on the other hand, it will also make it easier for us to pay taxes when the labor force in the economy increases and the percentage of unemployed decreases.
    In general, I think that this is a process that should take place gradually and in a controlled manner, because the exit of too many workers to the labor market will harm them and the economy in general. The economy needs to prepare and create additional new jobs so that there is enough work for everyone and then also gradually lower their allowances.

    A contribution to the country. I think it is very important that Arabs and Haredim contribute to the state whether it is in military service or in national service, but this should also be done in a controlled, planned and gradual manner. From all kinds of problems of adaptation and readiness of the economy. (You have to take into account that people who do national service occupy jobs that others could work in because the salary in national service is low. I also think that the place of people in national service in associations and welfare associations can be very beneficial to the economy, increasing the efficiency of the associations and associations and their contribution to the welfare of society.

    In any case, I think that the ultra-Orthodox + religious schools should require the study of basic subjects, while the tests in these subjects must be from an external source and not an internal one (which can be easy). The continuation of studies in yeshiva will depend on success in the tests of the basic subjects.

  24. In preparing her children for work in the modern economy. no body knows what will be the daily work in just another ten years. the chinese and the man in india will be very important. but it is not clear how much work - real hand work - will be done out side east and middle asia. the education today in Israel state will allow the young man to move to the area that will be left to us. i see it in a positive way that israel dont push the american education to bnei brak anf shfraam.-here the sting

  25. The problem will only be solved by core studies, such as mathematics, physics, English, computer studies, etc., most of the doss are trapped in a cycle of poverty, they depend on the ayatollahs who take care of their allowances, they are unable to support themselves, the only suitable jobs for them is cleaning, there They have to face the Sudanese, core studies will allow them freedom of choice, Rabbi Amsalem pointed out the problem, that's why he denied Shas.

  26. There is a continuous distortion here in the country for years, which will eventually cause an economic collapse.
    Budgets that are stolen from the secular sector, and transferred to the ultra-orthodox sector, for the sake of increased birth rates, and failed education.
    will lead to the economic collapse of the secular sector, which can no longer exist with respect, and meet the expenses.

  27. Ofer
    It seems to me that your concept of democracy is fundamentally wrong. You are confusing democracy, republic and anarchy

    Democracy is a bad thing - in democracy the opinion of the majority is better than the rights of the individual, and we don't want to get there. Anarchy is also bad - everyone does what they want and can thereby damage values.

    The right compromise is a republic, like the United States of America today and like Israel should be, even though it is not there. In a republic, basic rights are defined, and a government is created whose job it is to protect these rights. A republic is not necessarily a democracy. And in a democracy, not everyone necessarily has the right to vote...

    And for that matter - the same "rights" of the ultra-orthodox that you defend, violate my most basic right - the right to life.

    As long as not everyone serves equally in the army, then not everyone gets the same rights.

  28. Ofer, you are really missing out and not reading the data
    There was a decrease in the birth rate of the ultra-Orthodox, instead of having 7 children (early 2000s), now it has decreased to 6 children on average.
    This is a decline in growth...they are still growing at a dizzying pace.

    An article in YNET spoke of a growth of 5.5 percent per year in the ultra-orthodox education system
    Compared to a 0.01 percent increase for seculars
    (This year)

    Look at the choices.
    Before that, Torah Judaism + Shas = 16 mandates
    Today is 18, an increase of 12 percent in 3 or so years.
    This means that in 4 years, together they will have at least 20 least.

    These 4 years are critical on an unbelievable level, I wish Yair Lapid much success that he may be able to give them such a big blow so that there will be a big change there.

    By the way, I'm 31 years old, most of my generation didn't get married. A few brought children, and if they did, then brought one child, a few 2-3 children.
    I assume that the growth of the seculars will stop..or we will move to negative growth or 0 percent.

  29. Six comments

    1. When Galileo claimed that the earth revolves around the sun and not the other way around, the church banned him and even brought him to court. 400 years have passed since then and the heliocentric concept long ago went bankrupt. Perseverance in scientific research took its toll and the insistence of the church did not help her.

    2. The problem of core studies must be solved in a drastic way without any consideration of political constraints. A school that is perceived as not teaching the core subjects will be closed, its teachers will be charged with crimes and imprisoned for extended periods. If necessary, they will be expelled from the country permanently.

    3. It is the state's duty to devote more money to the education system at the expense of the defense system. If the level of education does not rise, there will be no one sitting in the cockpit of the fighter planes and there will be no one to staff the computer units of all types
    In the army.

    4. In ancient Rome, there were educational frameworks for training engineers and they did not make the religious frameworks of that time as a shovel to dig into.

    5. Mobile phones are also widely used in ultra-orthodox communities, and these were developed by those who studied the core subjects. The same goes for the ultra-orthodox radio stations.

    6. It seems that all those from the ultra-Orthodox communities who do not allow the introduction of core subjects cannot and/or do not want to adapt to the modern lifestyle and the result is a mental fixation even if in the long run this will harm their children and grandchildren. In sociological terms this is religious fundamentalism. The horizon of vision of the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox community has ended, and will bring disaster to their future generations. Studying religious studies is yes, but that alone is not enough. It is more than likely that the future generations will be collecting alms and needing a constant infusion from the state treasury. How long?

  30. My father, get a suggestion to improve the site, to add a button to share the article on Facebook. I would like to share the article with friends and it can make it easier and also increase the popularity of the site.

  31. The word state was omitted
    It is understood that it is not the role of the state to finance people's bad choices, by giving allowances to healthy people on the one hand, and it is not the role of the state to force him to choose a study program or a profession on the other hand.

  32. The true liberal approach (some call it libertarian) recognizes the right of a person to do as he pleases as long as he does not harm another.
    Of course, it is not her job to finance people's bad choices, by giving allowances to healthy people on the one hand, and it is not her job to force him to choose a study program or profession on the other hand.
    When you propose a compulsory education system, according to your view, you are infringing on individual choices.

  33. This mainly reflects the convictions of the media and the editors of the polls, each of whom defends his centrist party such as Yair Lapid or Tzipi Livni.

  34. Spring.

    The ultra-orthodox are not criminals nor are they demons, despite the demonization you and the Or party do to them. You will receive your punishment at the ballot box in 3 weeks, I don't think you will receive more than 2000 votes at the ballot box. 4 years ago you received less than 1000 votes at the ballot box and this reflects the disdain of the Israeli voter for your extreme anti-religious view and that of the Or party.

  35. Am I the only one who sees the contradiction?
    The goal: achieving individual freedoms.
    The means: canceling the freedom of the individual to educate his children according to his faith, and forcing the rabbi's worldview on the minority.

  36. For your information, this report is the straw that broke the camel's back and made me run for the Knesset, and help the Or party, which is the only one that understands the depth of the problem. All the others, by act or omission, promote the state of Halacha.

  37. The suicidal socialist encourages the poor to have children and then marvels that the rate of poor children is increasing.
    In recent years, the proportion of poor children has been on the decline precisely because of the reduction in allowances.
    When the person is expected to bear the consequences of his decisions and not dump them on the society/government, he makes more responsible decisions (-:

  38. Let's start with the index that is easy to check at birth for the ratio of Jews to Arabs:
    In 2000 approximately 30% of newborns were Arab in 2011 a little less than 24%
    Births per 1000 decreased from 35 to 25 compared to an increase among the Jews. Since there is a positive immigration balance of about 10000 Jews per year, this offsets the fact that Jews have about 20 births per 1000.
    A confirmation of this can be found in an article by the Taub Institute
    In the chapter on kindergartens (the effect from 2003-2004 is evident only in kindergartens because in the article there are data up to 2010)
    The relevant chapter
    The demography in the kindergartens as a trend heralding the general development
    Regarding the ultra-orthodox, it is more difficult to find data. We will base it on the same chapter in the Taub Institute article:
    Figure 7 shows that between 2000 and 2005 state education dropped from 43 to 37 percent, while in 2010 it remained at 37%, a similar trend in religious states. We are talking about children aged 3-5 years old whose change in 2003 begins to have an effect in 2006-2008, so in the article we see it in the 2010 data.
    In addition, in another place that I don't currently have the link for, you can see that the participation rate of ultra-Orthodox in the labor market is on the rise. In addition, in recent years many tracks have been opened for ultra-orthodox academics. A small change in allowances is a big change in society.
    If they also reduce the income guarantee, you will see an even bigger change.
    A bit long answer, I hope it is exhaustive.

  39. Ofer will do one thing and another, the ultra-Orthodox education has grown in the last decade by 57% while the state education only by 0.3%, they do not learn from ideology anything that can affect them in life - English ethics, etc. and therefore they were not tested either. Where exactly do you get this imaginary downward trend?

  40. Father, how do you come to the conclusion that things are deteriorating when it is clear that the populations that do not integrate (Arabs and Haredim) have been on a downward trend since 2003?
    Read carefully the data on kindergartens and see what awaits us in the next decade in high schools as well.
    In addition, data from another place shows an increasing trend of Haredim integration into the labor market. When they have to work, they will also make sure to learn what is needed for that.
    Be optimistic, when you make the right decisions you get positive results.

  41. Eric:

    The state of Israel. In this exam, we got first place in the world in trivia.

    Check all the data: 22 percent of the students in Israel were not tested while in the rest of the countries (except the United States and one or two other countries) less than 5 percent were not tested. The second in line of the middle class is the United States where 7 percent were not tested.

    I would not be surprised if the percentage of those not tested in Israel is even higher than 22 percent, it is possible that the 22 percent is the percentage of the classes that were tested, but in every class the weak students were asked not to take the exam.

    Maybe it's election propaganda.

  42. What is more interesting is the trend.
    Even if we all agree that the situation is shit, the question is what is the trend?

    Were we in a better or worse relative situation 10 years ago?
    Are we slowly progressing to the level of the first world or are we deteriorating in the direction of the third world?

  43. You forgot that we are not God;
    He gives and takes according to what is due
    And he alone decides the extent of judgment or mercy
    Everything is from God and everything is for the best. We will only respond knowing that the Almighty created the world and He is watching over. We will do what we can to fix it.
    Without clinging to a chair or any imaginary promises
    Everyone in their own field without cheating
    And God will help

  44. You need to know how to read the data plus knowledge about child benefits.
    In 2002-2003, the children's allowances were drastically changed.
    Miraculously, when you read the full article, you see that the percentage of Arabs of kindergarten age between 2005-2010 is on a downward trend.
    The increase in the percentage of the ultra-orthodox has almost stopped.
    Thanks to Silvan Shalom and Benjamin Netanyahu for the change. You don't need a foreign passport, just read the data carefully.

  45. At this rate, in a few years we will have a state of Haredim and Arabs, who will compete with each other for the level of stupidity.

    And all that's left to do is run away from here, as fast as possible.

    Because there is no way to change the situation, or turn the wheel back.

  46. The righteous Jew
    It's really not easy in the political reality to make a Moses and such - even if they manage to form a coalition without Shas - any such change will take years of slow implementation.

  47. The change regarding the ultra-Orthodox is very simple. Immediate cessation of funding for schools that do not teach the Ministry of Education program. A-H-T education system. with similar studies, more or less. It is possible to give some content to Arabs and religious people, but gently. Those who want faith and religious education - privately at their own expense and not at the expense of the state.
    Funding the ultra-Orthodox leads to the flourishing of the arson plague. The cessation of funding will prevent the continuation of the spread of blasphemy and reduce it considerably.

  48. The unholy alliance between Shas and Likud may end in the next elections.
    A combination between the collapse of the Central Block and the rise of Deri Bashes could possibly bring it about.
    A more liberal coalition between the Likud, Yisrael Beytinu, and the National Ahiod/Hayudi Hayudi in addition to some centrist party like Yair Lapid and/or Tzipi Livni will weaken the death grip of the ultra-Orthodox parties on their public - at least I hope so.

  49. I hope that if I don't manage to escape in time a good country or good Israelis will allow me to continue my life in a modern country. We don't begin to slide but are already past the point of no return.

  50. "This must not be allowed..."

    "His leaders need to be bypassed..."

    "The solution is very simple..."

    How exactly do they do that?

    How can you pass a law in a democratic country if it doesn't have a majority?

    How can you force something on an older person that he is not ready for, even if you both agree that it is the right thing for him?

    Because if it's that simple, please start dieting and exercising for the majority of the population. There is no doubt that this is exactly what we need, and we also know exactly what needs to be done and how. So start fiddling.

    All the more so if people do not agree on what is the right thing for them.

  51. Dear friends, the separation of religion from the state is one step before the state of all its citizens.
    I am opposed to this, who belongs to God - to me, and who belongs to the Gentiles - there.
    I very much hope that our stupid people will sober up like I was sobered up and throw out the Likud and the Shas.
    Unfortunately, there are enough secular/traditionalists/believers who do not plan to have 700 children and/or study all day and live in poverty, and they still vote Shas.
    As for the Likud, Bibi is trying to intercept the social issue with the help of an iron dome, I hope the people will manage to escape.
    I personally have already started to increase my activity in an attempt to convince people to get off Bibi and Shas, I hope you too..
    Recommendation: Don't tell the guys what to vote for, the main thing is that they understand that neither Bibi nor Shas will help them get out of the crappy situation they are in, after that, they will find on their own who reflects them.

    My father, on what basis do you claim that the ultra-Orthodox public is led by its leaders even though it would prefer to be an active partner (army and/or labor) in the state?
    Do you also claim that the people of Gaza are ruled by force by Hamas even though they would prefer the light of the pacifist Buddha?

  52. Gentlemen, the solution is very simple. So simple - most of the advanced countries of the world have implemented it.
    What needs to be done is to separate religion from the state and thereby - to cut off the ultra-orthodox public from the hands of the government.
    Is it not possible to be good Jews and even ultra-Orthodox without being parasites? Look at the millions of Jews in the USA who both work and observe the mitzvot! And from our sources we can quote - "If there is no flour - there is no Torah".
    As soon as the ultra-Orthodox will have to go out to work and live off their income, they will economize their actions wisely and bring fewer children into the world, and this is how the problem will be solved.
    But with us, for some reason, the problem lies in our enlightened leaders, whose whole goal is to stick to the chair and not risk changing the system of government or separating religion from the state, lest the religious make a coalition with them.
    I am 60 years old, so somehow I will survive in a sane country (more or less) but my children will live in the land of the ayatollahs wearing the straemel and the kapota unless they get out of the country and it's a shame. Too bad…

  53. And the cart continues to march into the abyss.
    It is quite clear that Bibihu and the Likud will win the upcoming elections - partly due to ego fights in the center-left camp - between Tzipitipot Shali and Lapid.
    Which means the ultra-Orthodox will have 4 more years to enjoy the situation as it is today.
    It is sad that those who vote for Bibihu and Likud are usually those sections of the public that suffer the most from Likud's anti-social policies.
    with a moron…
    Whoever can escape from here - the ship sinks slowly but safely.

  54. my father.

    If you put two bills to a vote in the public or even in the Knesset: one calls for the criminal prosecution of rabbis who promote what you would call ignorance, and the other calls for the criminal prosecution of teachers who teach evolution. Who do you think will get more supporters?

    After all, we live within our people and this people wants to come (see the title of the article). You have every right to fight for your truth, and I believe that most of the site's readers are with you. But this is a democratic country where the coalition majority rules, even if in our opinion it is an extortionate language.


    "With the book.. the Jewish genius.."

    Laughter I laughed. Maybe in the history of antiquity. Today the Chinese eat us without rice - both in quantity and quality.

  55. They resist and continue to deceive their public, which is obliged first of all to obey them and only then to think for itself. Channel 10 even interviewed one of the ultra-Orthodox businessmen after the Knesset once again froze the "Orthodox education was saved" core studies law. Well no, he is not saved, he just causes poverty, what kind of salvation is this?

  56. So you have to bypass his leaders.
    - The leaders of the public will not be able to object if we give things to the public right?

  57. There are two separate problems here.
    One problem that our state education system is less good than we want it to be and does not meet the standard of other first world countries.
    And a second problem is that we have a large percentage of the population that studies a lot - a lot, but little of what they learn is relevant to integration into a modern labor market.
    The first problem needs to be addressed by a significant reform of the education system.
    Competition between schools should be encouraged and they should be allowed to fight over the best teachers.
    Whether it is a Vatzer method or whether it is privatization at a higher level.
    The reality is that today the real goals of schools are to provide a living for teachers and provide a babysitting service for children and youth to parents - this is the problem you hear when teachers go on strike - they don't have enough money, it's hard for them to teach, and parents have nothing to do if the children - or the youth go out into the streets - no one Hardly anyone talks about the study material - it is of no interest to almost anyone in the media - because everyone knows that they don't learn too much in schools. - So if they hardly learn anything in schools - why not privatize them? That poor people will receive and that non-poor people will receive a tax discount, that good students will receive scholarships to good quality schools - and that good teachers will receive salaries that reflect their quality as teachers - and we will have the best education system in the world (in my opinion).

    In front of the ultra-Orthodox, it's a different story - I personally don't like the idea of ​​"enforcing" education on someone - we are not a totalitarian regime - we cannot teach anyone by force. to study relevant professions.

  58. With the book.. The Jewish Genius..
    The above data is scary. From Igra Rama to Bira Amikata. Education is flooded with make-believe projects, but the data speaks for itself. I'm not surprised, I see these things in the field.

  59. Two comments on the last paragraph:

    1. Dan Ben-David forgets to mention a critical component in all the studies of education economists - which itself shows that financial investment does not change students' grades. In fact, it is very difficult for countries to improve their students' scores, and for most of them the ranking is quite constant. Structural issues such as teacher incentives and private education are much more influential than pouring a lot of money into the education system and hoping for the best.

    2. Despite the enormous efforts of Niyushek and his friends, they have still not been able to show that the correlations they present between growth and student grades are indeed causal, and not just correlations. That is, it is likely that there is an omitted variable, "culture" or "institutions" or something like that, which causes both high student scores and growth.

  60. As you have seen, regardless of the ultra-Orthodox, those who do not study have only a 40% chance of finding a job, compared to 100% 40 years ago, with the ultra-Orthodox it also applies to those who study because their studies are worth nothing. It is impossible to let such a segment of the population continue to work on all of us with their eyes and deliberately learn things that will not allow them to work. Core studies should be enforced on them from the age of zero and any teacher or school principal who violates the instruction should be put in prison.
    As could be expected, the majority of the ultra-Orthodox who received a conscription order expressed a desire to enlist, and the same would have been possible if they had been given the opportunity to work. The fact that their rabbis mislead them and practice an invalid ideology does not obligate the state to give them, the rabbis should be separated from the public, and put Any rabbi who promotes ignorance is subject to criminal prosecution.
    Haredi ignorance is not a problem of the Haredim, it is a problem of all of us.

  61. Here is Ada
    The obvious conclusion then is 7 states for two peoples.
    Regarding the graph of education level and growth.
    It is not clear to me what is an adjusted growth of 40 years
    It is not clear to me how we have negative growth in these 40 years in which we grew from a country in diapers (economically) to what we are now - there was an economic crisis at the end of the last century - could it be related?
    Regarding non-Orthodox-
    We need to implement the Vatachir system in the education system.
    It won't necessarily be good for everyone - but it will slowly raise the quality because it will bring an element of free market and competition to the education system.

    The sad reality is that people - and this includes children - do not take seriously what is given to them for free -
    The academy that requires a lot of money (despite the significant subsidy) is taken much more seriously than schools that do nothing - if parents paid their best money to high schools - then maybe students would take their grades more seriously - and maybe it would be more worthwhile for an educated person to go and become a teacher in the education system.
    In relation to the ultra-Orthodox - we need to act to involve the ultra-Orthodox in the workforce - and encourage education systems to complete core materials after school - even if they have no practical use in a modern economy - the religious studies of ultra-orthedim are not something simple and therefore those who pass them well definitely have a chance to learn other things well as well . Increasing studies of core subjects is also important.

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