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The Microsoft-FIRST Israel robotics competition is underway

This year, about 40 teams from all over the country registered for the competition, such as Dimona, Usafia, Haifa, Jerusalem, Katzrin and Tamara • This year's competition is part of the "Technology Cadets" project of President Shimon Peres

An example of one of the robots
An example of one of the robots
The Microsoft-FIRST Israel robotics competition started yesterday (6/1), and this year about 40 teams from all over the country registered for the competition, including teams from Tamara, Dimona, Usafia, Yerka, Haifa, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Katzrin and Nahariya. The opening event, which took place at the Air Force Base in Herzliya, was moderated by Liav Oz-Ari, a graduate of FIRST competitions who is currently studying at the Technion, and by his side one of the robots that participated in last year's competition.

In the photo - the robot built by the steampunk robotics group 1577 from Aviv Ra'anana High School.

The robotics competition, intended for students in grades 30-XNUMX, challenges the students to solve common problems involving the design of a control system. Each group assembles a robot from the parts it received, and the assembled robots participate in a series of competitions. In the judging stage, the work of the groups is evaluated according to criteria of excellence in the field of design, team spirit, professionalism, and the ability to overcome obstacles and conflicts in the construction process. Each group consists of about XNUMX students who play roles in a model similar to that of those holding positions in industry.

This year's competition, which is sponsored by Microsoft, is part of the "Technology Cadets" project, an initiative created by the country's president, Shimon Peres, and will be one of the main events of the 60th celebration of the State of Israel. Assaf Agmon, CEO of FIRST Israel, said that "We gladly accepted the decision to integrate this project as part of the country's 60th anniversary celebrations. This decision is further proof of the importance of the activity of the FIRST association in Israel in general, and the importance of the robotics project in particular."

Shi-Lee Spiegelman, Director of Marketing and PR of Microsoft's R&D Center in Israel, said that "the high-tech world is a wonderful space of entrepreneurship and creativity, where young people create significant changes that move the industry forward and affect the future of all of us. We welcome the initiative and are happy about the brave partnership in the project."

During the event, the representatives of Kiryat Motzkin High School presented their experiences from last year's competition, in which they won the "Rookies" award for 2007. They dedicated the end of their speech to the mention of the three kidnapped soldiers, who have not yet returned home.

FIRST organization - For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology is a non-profit organization operating in the USA, Canada, Brazil, the UK and Israel. The organization deals with instilling motivation and accessibility to technology and science studies among teenagers through robotics.

Information about the competition can be found on the competition website

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  1. This is the example of a robot that the STEAMPUNK 1577 group from "Aviv" high school in Ra'anana made!!! D:

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