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Preliminary interpretation - report of the commission of inquiry - Avi Blizovsky and Yefa Shir-Raz

As we predicted in our book - the report delves into NASA's corporate culture

Avi Blizovsky and Ypa Shir-raz

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As we described in our book "The Crash" which was published about three months ago - the report did not reveal anything new regarding the technical reasons that caused the disaster. These were fully known then.
The report reinforced the conclusion we reached from the expert testimony before the committee and conversations we had with engineers who worked at NASA and were fired - it turns out that the adjacent method was not invented in Israel. This is hard for the Americans to grasp, but it is clear that now they will have to return to NASA the lost budgets and the lost respect. It is not pleasant to ultimately lose the space race to Russia, and now there are in the race both the European Space Agency partner in the International Space Station and the Chinese who are competing as if we were back in the XNUMXs.
The shuttle is an aircraft designed in the sixties and built in the seventies. There is a place to split the space flights between such a semi-trailer and between smaller spacecraft, perhaps even disposable ones such as the Russian Soyuz. There is a place to privatize the space and allow private entities to launch, they will do it cheaper, more efficiently and they will not argue against them that they are wasting money meant for the poor.

This is a preliminary interpretation. During Wednesday, and even more - at the end of the week we will bring more updates and references on this website.

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