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Rafael has completed the development of the "Derby" air-to-air missile

By Amnon Barzilai, the "Eretz"

The Weapons Development Authority (Rafal) has completed the development of a missile
Air Air for a medium range of about 60 km. The "Derby" missile, which was inserted
For operational use in the Air Force, will be unveiled at the La Bourge Air Salon
to be held next month in Paris. Financing the development of the missile in the 80s
The South African government participated. In exchange for the financial assistance, Rafael committed the crime
Knowledge to the South African government.

The "Derby" is a radar-guided missile, capable of operating day and night and at any time
kind of weather. The missile has two modes of operation, and this allows it to be launched
for various purposes, both in the short term and in the medium term. mode of operation
In the first, locking on the target after launch, especially suitable for ranges
medium, while the second-locking on the target before launching-enables performance
good in the short term.

One of the main advantages of the "Derby" is its light weight - only 118 kg
(compared to the 156 kg that the American Amram weighs). The derby is the air missile
The lightest air in the world for medium term. Rafael also developed the fourth generation
of short-range air-to-air missiles of up to 10 km, "Python." 4
Since the two missiles have almost the same weight, the Air Force can use
Same launcher for both missiles.

The Israeli Air Force was involved in all phases of the missile's development
System definition and high school surveys. The Air Force even carried out the launch test
of the missile. According to the Pentagon publications, the US provided dozens of missiles to the army
The Israeli air. The American missiles are purchased with aid funds
the American Defense Ministry, while the Air Force pays for "Derby" missiles
from his budget. The decision to invest in the purchase of missiles made in Israel indicates
their high quality. The price of Amraam missile includes close spare parts
for half a million dollars. It is not known what the price of "Derby" is.

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