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The most masculine profession in the field of science - electrical engineering, the most feminine profession - life sciences

The academic school year opened today and as part of it, about 50 students in the field of sciences who receive a scholarship from the Sholich Leaders Fund will also begin studying. The new students join about 90 other students who each receive over NIS 14 million. The most requested field by the students - electrical engineering and computer science

Engineered. Illustration: shutterstock
Engineered. Illustration: shutterstock

The academic school year opened today and from data collected by the Shulich Leaders Scholarship Foundation, it appears that electrical engineering and computer science are the two most sought-after subjects among science students at most universities.

According to the data collected by the foundation, it also appears that electrical engineering is the most sought-after subject by male students, while life sciences, which include the fields of biology and medicine, rank first among female students. When Bar Ilan University is the only one of the five academic institutions where the scholarship is awarded where more women applied for the scholarship than men, this year there is also a significant gap of 83 women compared to 40 men.

The Shulich Leaders Scholarship Fund, which is the largest private scholarship fund operating in Israel today, grants each student an amount ranging from 90-120 thousand shekels. The scholarship is given to students with high academic achievements and without financial means, studying the fields of science, engineering, technology or mathematics, at one of the following institutions: Technion, Hebrew University, Ben Gurion University, Bar Ilan University and Tel Aviv University.

The foundation founded by Jewish-Canadian philanthropist Seymour Shulich aims to promote a new generation of Israeli leadership in the fields of technology, economy and society, based on the concept that the future of the State of Israel is closely related to the degree of investment in education in science and technology. This year the foundation increased the number of scholarship recipients and distributed no less than 50 scholarships instead of the 35 scholarships it distributed in previous years.

Shulich's scholars dedicate their time to contributing to the community and volunteer in various settings. Quite a few of the students even educate teenagers and children in schools from the social and geographical periphery of Israel. In addition to this, as part of the scholarship, the students take part in the enrichment program which aims to develop among them leadership skills, responsibility and social awareness, and also receive useful tools for entering the job market, from writing resumes to job interview simulations. The high amount of the scholarship allows students to dedicate themselves to success in their studies without having to deal with living expenses and livelihood difficulties.

Shulich, who is the head of the world's largest gold mining company and has already donated over $350 million of his personal wealth to causes in Israel and Canada, established a $100 million fund for the initiative that will provide many scholarships in the years to come. This is with the ultimate goal that those students will integrate into leading companies in the economy, public service and academia and will be able to contribute back to society.

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