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The level of education in Israel is close to the bottom of the developed world

Ahead of the new school year, the Shosh Institute publishes the report "Israel's Education System: Evaluation Sheet", which includes selected pages from the 2017 Shosh Guide by Prof. Dan Ben-David which will be published soon.

Illustration. Source: Ohio University Libraries.
Illustration. source: Ohio University Libraries.

The Root Guide, written by Prof. Dan Ben-David, focuses this year on education in Israel and its socio-economic impact. As before, Root Guide includes one diagram per page and a brief accompanying analysis. Towards the beginning of the new school year, the Root Institute for Economic and Social Research publishes selected pages from the guide that provide a kind of evaluation sheet for the education system in Israel. Among the main findings of the Root Institute:

Israel exempts 23% of its students from participating in the international tests, compared to less than 5% in other countries (p. 36), so even its weak results are biased upwards.

There has been a relative improvement in the level of education in Israel during the last two decades (pp. 38, 40), and yet,

  • Israel is near the bottom of the developed world (p. 39);
  • 41th grade students only answer about half of the math questions correctly (p. XNUMX);
  • The weakest students in Israel are the weakest in the developed world (p. 43);
  • The strongest students are in the bottom third of the developed world (p. 46).

A threat to democracy: There is a strong positive relationship between the proportion of students with skill and education levels that are too low to cope in a modern economy and the proportion of students who do not understand the real roots of their problems, or the applicability of populist solutions that some politicians propose (pp. 44-45).

The classes are very crowded - but there are enough teachers in Israel (p. 48). The number of teachers currently teaching in schools in Israel is sufficient to significantly reduce class sizes. The problem of overcrowding in classrooms is related to the way teachers are exploited in Israel.

Children in Israel study many more days and hours a year compared to other developed countries - but achieve lower results (pp. 49-50).

The teachers' monthly salary is low - but because they work much fewer hours, their hourly salary is much higher than the OECD average (pp. 51-52).

Public spending on primary education is similar to the OECD average, while public spending on post-primary education is relatively low (pp. 58-59).

Public spending on post-primary education First (Orthodox schools make up a large part of the institutions defined as private) is the highest in the OECD, while public spending on secondary education public It is the lowest in the OECD.

For the evaluation sheet of the education system in Israel (PDF)

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  1. my father
    I am not talking about articles but about knowledge of what is happening within the education system. The level in schools is falling. The level of teachers is decreasing, the level of exams is decreasing and so on.
    You are right that one of the reasons is the ultra-orthodox who are burying the state. Another reason is the teachers' organizations that have done and are doing irreparable damage. A third reason is that there is a minister of education in Israel at all. A fourth reason is the illogical power of parents versus teachers.
    There are many reasons…

  2. for miracles:
    There have always been complaints that there is an abysmal gap between high school and universities
    I actually read that there are more students who do 5 math units and the other achievements that Minister of Education Bennett is waving about with great pride.
    So I don't know if the articles about a drop in the level now more than before are real, or if it's just propaganda of the political opponents.
    Don't forget that the country has taken in new immigrants in large quantities, some of them from third world countries, there is a problem here of a million ultra-Orthodox people who are not ready to study science at all... and therefore I don't think there is a place to compare us to the OECD

  3. my father
    There is a terrible retreat at the level of schools in Israel, through the direct fault of the Ministry of Education. The universities in Israel are at a very high level and the price of higher studies in Israel is extremely low.
    The result is that those who are smart and survive high school get to higher education - and this is what established the high-tech industry in Israel (and there are other reasons, such as military service).

    You don't need to excuse it with "a young country" and "security situation" - the Ministry of Education is simply terrible. In the past there was better education and that is what built Israel. Today the situation is different and it is sad.

  4. Adam Red
    You are probably also old enough to already know the tashkorot that constantly feels the need to grumble and show how bad it is and how much worse it will get, especially when the government is right-wing, and the minister of education wears a knitted cap, and is really unpopular with the tshkorot...
    So if there is progress in Israel, they will compare us to Europe, while ignoring the facts that this is a young country made up of refugees and immigrants, some of them mostly from the third world, a country with a small budget and enormous security difficulties.
    We are compared to the "enlightened" European countries that robbed the money of the entire third world during centuries of colonialism, and about 75 years ago solved their internal problems by exterminating, dispossessing and robbing all the "problematic" citizens - the Jews, the Gypsies, the blacks, The reds, the browns, the retarded, the mentally ill...
    Now these countries sit and incubate the stolen golden eggs without security and economic problems, and teach and criticize the whole world about democracy, morality and proper economics... ("OECD" Alik).

  5. Not everything that is said in the studies is "it is seen and consecrated". There are mistakes in Shoresh's research as well.
    My generation, the 50 plus year olds studied in very crowded classes, with even 40 students in a class.
    And here is the wonder and wonder is the generation that founded the high-tech industry in Israel and marches it forward with genius.
    Specifically, focusing on the story of dense cults is barking up the wrong tree.

  6. To Danny
    Unfortunately, the whole world is becoming more religious, including many Palestinians.
    And even those who do not belong to any specific religion adopt all kinds of delusional teachings and new religions.
    Europe is conquered by Muslims, the United States is ruled by the emerging religious south.
    And all the social networks deal with superstitions, conspiracy theories, cults, and delusional gurus...

  7. to Shraga
    On the contrary.
    A large majority of the voters are what you call "or Kelusia Nebaret"
    This "repentant" crowd previously voted for the Labor Party, and after the peace accords, Vassalo lost faith in this party and switched to voting for Li Kud.
    And in addition, many intelligent and enlightened voters, simply more pragmatic... also switched to voting to the right. "watch out"
    Because from a political security point of view in the past the left presented a more pragmatic illusion than the right, while in the current political situation the right is more pragmatic than the left.

  8. to Shraga
    On the contrary.
    A large majority of voters are what you call an "ignorant population"
    This "burnt out" crowd previously voted for the Labor Party, and after the Oslo Peace Accords lost trust in this party and switched to voting for Likud.
    And in addition, many intelligent and enlightened voters, simply more pragmatic... also switched to voting to the right. "watch out"
    Because from a political security point of view in the past the left presented a more pragmatic illusion than the right, while in the current political situation the right is more pragmatic than the left.

  9. In the general system of thinking, a distorted thought has become naturalized that links education to imparting knowledge. The various education experts, in whose hands hundreds of thousands of children are entrusted, are busy day and night formulating curricula and ways of imparting knowledge.
    And indeed, if the goal that stands before the eyes of those "education" people is training the trainees for achievement and success in life, it is quite possible that knowledge is an important component on the way to success, although even when this is the only goal, imparting knowledge alone is not enough. A true look will reveal that true education means shaping the student's personality, instilling values, internalizing improved mental qualities and ways to deal with difficulties and challenges in life. A trainee who receives an education that focuses on knowledge rather than content, becomes a walking automaton, a kind of comprehensive encyclopedic computer. However, in everything related to the building of personality, morals and values, he remains immature, even after twelve years of study. A prominent example of this is the phenomenon of copying in tests. There was a time when the main purpose of education was to teach students how to be a good person. As much as society replaced its moral values ​​with the ability to succeed and achievements, honesty - was the first victim. Many universities conducted student polls, in which it was found that, overwhelmingly, almost half of the students at the best institutions believe that copying in tests is a legitimate act, as long as you are not caught. One of the education problems of the generation is that there is a desire for opinion and progress, for education and perfection, but behind all of this is also the pursuit of honor, to be in first place and to achieve a "career". Only those who are brought up to use the knowledge they have acquired as a lever to build their personality, to learn from everything morals, to understand what is good and what is bad and to act according to the wisdom they have acquired, as binding wisdom and not as theoretical knowledge only, is the one who will also be in their personal life like a tree planted on streams of water...
    The real test of a person is not whether he knows history, mathematics and geography - although this knowledge is also important - the real test of a person is whether he knows how to conquer anger, how to overcome lust, how not to become arrogant, when to be silent and when to react. The most important thing is what makes up one's personality as a person. This is the wisdom required for life on earth, it is also the wisdom that suits a person in any situation and at any time, when he lives by it. This is the way of Judaism that strives to build the whole person - as a goal, when all the rest are just tools to achieve it.

  10. Has the ultra-orthodox censorship reached a scientific site as well?
    While you are busy here philosophizing about how they once knew how to speak excellent Hebrew and today all the ultra-Orthodox idiots are busily busy increasing the budgets of their "private institutions" and reducing the budgets of the state education system and are degrading us according to the abyss of the third world. There will never be more budgets for teachers, for the quality of teachers or for the reduction of classes if the secular majority continues to finance from their taxes a growing minority of the public that does not pay taxes and whose whole goal is to rule a dictatorial Halacha state. The trend reflected in the report will only increase...

  11. Hebrew, that's not all. The phrase "life and death in the hand of the tongue" does not refer to the correct or incorrect use of language.

    I would very much like to understand what the misuse of teachers is.

  12. The bottom line indicates the trend and the goal as stated: "The public expenditure on private secondary education (Orthodox schools make up a large part of the institutions defined as private) is the highest in the OECD, while the public expenditure on public secondary education is the lowest in the OECD. "
    As implied, ultra-Orthodox and secular education both advance in opposite directions and exactly where the ultra-Orthodox steer them with great success towards the goal of a (halachic) ​​state like in the third world.
    As long as "private" institutions continue to exist where thousands of "abrachs" learn nothing about anything, don't go to the army, don't pay taxes and don't contribute anything to the state, there is no need for reports to explain to us what abyss we are walking like sheep to the slaughter...
    And this is why it is said that the work of the Palestinians (the righteous) is done by others...

  13. And a big thank you to Bibi and Likud for bringing us this far. There is a strong positive correlation between the ignorance and ignorance of the population and the tendency to vote for the right and Likud. Bibi and his friends on the right know this. For them, this is an electoral asset. Therefore, there is no chance that the situation will change for the better in the near future.

  14. Reminds me of one butcher who said
    "Ma'am, you have two kilos of steak."
    "Excuse me sir, they say two kilos of steak."
    "Ma'am, the two kilos and the second kilo too .. with us it's the same price."

  15. Asaf, you are right:
    And the students of today are the teachers of tomorrow.
    Male and female in numbers already filled.
    "There is a situation, like this, the pants are small on me, and the underwear is big on me, and there is material in the plural, for example: "irons, cars, plastics, and nylons"...
    And even on TV they are already talking about such errors.

  16. Many years ago a wise man stated that:
    "Life and death in the hand of the tongue"
    Last week there was a series in which they checked and found
    the laziness of students in English,
    They did not check the proficiency of the students and teachers in the Hebrew language,
    Neighbor :
    When a student is unable to count from one to three without errors,
    (counting "one two three")
    When teachers, elected officials, commentators and speakers do not know how to inflect a verb
    In the third person future (and they say "I will say"),
    When most speakers in the media do not distinguish between:
    Allowed for possible, quantity for number, equal = for worthwhile, etc.
    There is no doubt that students and teachers are ignorant. speakers and more
    intensifies, increases and grows,
    We used to be close to the Lions Head,
    Today we are approaching the "fox tail"
    All with the help of "what-is-his-name"...

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