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The Technion uploaded courses in mathematics and physics to the Internet

The lectures, from the 70s until today, are intended for students and the general public


The Technion uploaded courses in mathematics and physics to the Internet, which until now were only accessible to students of the Technion.

Dr. Abigail Barzilai, head of the Center for the Advancement of Teaching at the Technion, said that in the next step, courses from other faculties will be uploaded to the YouTube website.

"All the lecturers we approached responded willingly," she said. "We have about 200 filmed courses. We started filming and recording the lectures at the Technion during the Yom Kippur War, and sent them to our students on the various fronts. It was an initiative of the president of the Technion at the time, Major General (Ret.) Amos Horev, who established the video center with the help of the Carso family."

Uploading the lectures to the Internet was possible thanks to the YouTube educational channel, which was established with the goal of making content from the academic world accessible to the general public.

Professor Shlomo Dado, whose lectures in physics were uploaded to the website, wrote: "This is an excellent initiative that utilizes technological innovations, such as the development of the Internet, as an important step in fulfilling the stated basic goals of the Technion since its foundation - to spread knowledge through teaching... and to serve the country's population by conducting a series of studies and lectures".

Among the lecturers whose lectures were uploaded to the website are Prof. David Zilg, Prof. Ron Aharoni and Prof. Mario Livio, who currently works as a senior astrophysicist at the Hubble Space Telescope's scientific institute, and whose lectures from the 70s have attracted a wide audience of students ever since.

Sample courses:

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  1. Well done for the initiative! will attract a wider audience to these interesting topics…

  2. It's time to make knowledge accessible.
    I really hope that the Technion will publish its entire database of recorded courses, and that the other universities will follow suit.

  3. A nice initiative, I hope that many more lectures (including current ones) will be uploaded to the Internet, Tel Aviv University has many recorded lectures from all faculties, accessible but only within the university.

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