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Terrorists are not bad people. They are just brainwashed

The phenomenon of the suicide terrorists is exactly the same phenomenon that applies to cult believers, blind faith and seeing reality in black and white, and a willingness to die for the cause of the sect."

Steve Hasan, edited by Avi Blizovsky

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When trying to understand the crazy events that happened
In New York, it seems worthwhile to understand the psychology of cults, said cult expert Stephen Hassan. "Members of terrorist organizations are actually members of cults that engage in destructive brainwashing. The use of influence techniques to create phantasmal people are exactly the same methods. There is a lot of similarity in the ways that can be used to program a person into a cult, the result of which is expressed in a suicide attack.
Many people who were in cults, including myself, can testify that they were ready to die for the cause, if necessary." How can humans cause killing and destruction, as happened to us on 11/XNUMX. Are they bad people?
This is a question that people ask themselves today in the most difficult days ever
For us in America. It would be a mistake to think of the perpetrators of the attack only as bad people." Hassan says. "It's the kind of simplistic thinking about things that might lead to that kind of behavior."
"Part of the cult's mentality is that people see things in terms of black and white. Everything fits in its place as good or bad. and 'us against them'. Cult members are brainwashed and indoctrinated into blind obedience to the charismatic figure at the top of their group's pyramid. They are in a kind of trance."
"This is basically mind control. The person who joins the cult receives a new identity (in the diagnostic manual of the American Psychiatric Association, this is referred to as Disassociative Disorder) Cult members who have received retroactive control over their minds change names and take on a new linguistic system; They have a different belief system than they had before, and they often change their clothing as well. Reality is redefined. For example, the members of the Gate of Heaven cult (who committed suicide when the comet Hale Bop approached the earth in 1997), did not realize that they were committing suicide. They thought it was just leaving the vehicles of their souls and moving to a spaceship that was waiting for them.
"Cult members believe that they are part of an elite group, that they were chosen by God for a special mission, that they will always be remembered as heroes due to their actions." "Suicide terrorists undergo massive indoctrination: they are put in a coffin and buried, they are told that they are already dead anyway. They have no choice but to continue as planned. They believe they are dead anyway, they are in a trance, and are sure of their redemption when they die, along with the victims of their actions.
Steve Hassan has been involved in educating the public about destructive brainwashing cults for over 20 years.

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