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Achievement for the Israeli national teams in the Science Olympiads: gold medal in physics, 7 silver medals in mathematics and physics and 2 bronze medals

Minister Bennett: "We will increase our efforts in promoting excellence in mathematics and science"

The physics team, with the medals, in Indonesia. Photo: Nitzan Artzi, courtesy of the Ministry of Education.
The physics team, with the medals, in Indonesia. Photo: Nitzan Artzi, courtesy of the Ministry of Education.

An achievement for the Israeli delegations that went to international Olympiads in the fields of science, mathematics and physics. The representatives of the teams took the first places, with a gold medal in physics, 3 silver medals in mathematics, 4 silver medals in physics, and two bronze medals in mathematics.

The Mathematics Olympiad was held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and was attended by representatives from 115 countries, a record number of participating countries. The Physics Olympiad was held in Indonesia, and representatives from 84 countries participated.

The members of the delegations are selected after screening and screening, from over 10,000 students who participate in a series of competitions held in Israel, and after exams and a wide array of screenings. Of these, approximately 30 students are selected for each team, and of these, six were selected for the mathematics team, and five for the physics team, to represent Israel.

The members of the delegations underwent intensive preparation for the international competitions, for many months. The mathematics team also underwent training at Tel Aviv University, in the exact sciences department, under the guidance and training of Mr. Lev Radziolovsky and a team of instructors who graduated from the Olympics from years past.

The program is held under the auspices of the Ministry of Education, Information Technology and Information Systems Administration. Education Minister Naftali Bennett congratulated the members of the teams and said: "This is a sign of honor for Israel. We will increase our efforts in promoting excellence in mathematics and science, which builds a strong future for Israel."

Director General of the Ministry of Education, Shmuel Abuav: "The education system promotes entrepreneurship and innovation, and it is our job to provide all the necessary tools so that Israel continues to lead groundbreaking scientific thinking. Scientific education is proving itself - we will continue to promote excellence in science, alongside fostering entrepreneurship and thinking outside the box."

The students report that they are excited about the international experience and the meeting with the best minds from among teenagers from all over the world. The event was unforgettable, professional and organized in an exemplary manner, warm and heartfelt, blurring any political obstacle and speaking in an international language, the language of science common to all.

The International Science Olympiads are the beginning of academic relationships that continue for years after the Olympics and later turn into joint research by scientists from all over the world, groundbreaking research in their field that contributes to humanity as a whole.

Achievements of the Israeli team in physics:

Yonatan Hadas from Ayalon Holon High School - gold medal

Yanai Bitman from Urban High School D. Tel Aviv - silver medal

Dana Zeidman from the future of science in Lod - silver medal

Gil Ronan from a high school near the University of Jerusalem - silver medal

Nitzan Shapira from the Western Valley - silver medal

Achievements of the Israeli team in mathematics:

Yoav Avidan from Ben Zvi High School in Kiryat Ono - won a silver medal

Liam Hanani from Meironi C. Modi'in - won a silver medal

Dor Matzer, Leo Beck School, Haifa - won a silver medal

Noam Tashma from Ironi D Tel Aviv - won a bronze medal

Boaz Goverman De Shalit High School in Rehovot - won a bronze medal

Aviel Bog surrounds the Pine Ginsburg in the Yavne

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