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The Israeli education system: advantages and disadvantages of a teaching certificate

Familiarity with the Israeli education system is a condition for monitoring the advantages and disadvantages of a teaching certificate. What is happening in Israel compared to other countries in the world? Here is everything that is important to know about the future of our children

Advantages and disadvantages of the education system. Illustration from PIXABAY.COM
Advantages and disadvantages of the education system. Illustration from PIXABAY.COM

Policymakers in Israel and around the world have been troubled in recent years by the subject of the teacher's professional status. The starting premise is that the quality of the teachers and various characteristics of their work are a major factor in influencing the quality of the education system and its outputs, but there is no consensus on a single element that exclusively determines the quality of the work itself. As a result, changes are being made to the training system and, among other things, the advantages and disadvantages of a teaching certificate in Israel are being discussed.

Characteristics of the Israeli education system

Unlike other countries around the world, teaching training in Israel is done in two parallel tracks. The first track is the one where you study teaching at the academic colleges of education and at the end of which you receive a B.Ed degree. On the other hand, the second track is the one where Studying for a teaching certificate in the schools of education in universities or academic colleges of education.

In the two tracks above, the conditions for admission to the teaching profession are determined by the Ministry of Education and the Council for Higher Education. In addition, upon completion of the teaching studies, graduates are required to complete a one-year internship. The internship is a condition for obtaining a teaching license, which enables entry into a permanent teaching position in the public education system. This threshold condition is actually shared by the Israeli education system and other education systems around the world, and it exists in a large part of the OECD countries.

However, in France, teachers who have completed teaching studies at the master's level are required to pass government licensing exams, in the UK they have to go through an internship period during which they are tested according to professional and personal behavior, and in the United States each country has a different method for teacher certification and teacher licensing, but in most cases teachers are required to pass certification tests which, as mentioned do not exist in Israel.

The advantages and disadvantages of a teaching certificate

From all of the above it is possible to understand why the controversy surrounding the teaching certificate concerns such a long list of considerations, advantages and disadvantages. On the face of it, a teaching certificate should have an advantage in that it allows the education system to filter less and less qualified candidates, but the opponents claim that it is not always an indication of the teacher's quality and professional level.

Furthermore, the schools are obliged to employ only teachers with a teaching certificate, but this is not always the case either. There are schools that employ teachers of various standards even without a teaching certificate and certainly without a teaching license, which you only get at the end of the internship period and after submitting certain forms to the Ministry of Education.

The outstanding advantages of a teaching certificate are reflected in the way it helps the teachers themselves to get tenure and find work in the education system. The disadvantage is that the certificate itself does not set a high bar for the teachers and some of them do not invest in it the same resources that are invested in studying a bachelor's degree in education or a master's degree in any other profession.


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  1. I think the level of education in Israel would increase if there was greater flexibility
    with the requirement for a teaching certificate. In some areas of teaching, a teaching certificate is indeed important
    But in certain professional fields it is better, in my opinion, to increase the supply and the competition
    of experts in their field to be taught in the schools.

    Eli Isaac is a private computer science teacher

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