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A series of embarrassing glitches caused the test launch of Ares-1 to be postponed for today

The first test flight of the Ares-1X missile, which was planned for yesterday, Tuesday, was postponed due to a series of malfunctions that included severe weather, a stuck cover of the missile, a cargo ship that entered the dangerous area in the Atlantic Ocean near the launch pad, and static electricity

The Ares-1 missile ahead of the expected launch today
The Ares-1 missile ahead of the expected launch today

The first test flight of the Ares-1X missile that was planned for yesterday, Tuesday, was postponed due to a series of malfunctions that included severe weather, a stuck cover of the missile, a cargo ship that penetrated the dangerous and sterile area during launches in the nearby Atlantic Ocean, and again weather. "We had several opportunities but we couldn't get there," said launch manager Ed Manio to the crew.

The rocket, whose development is much delayed, is the first step in the development of the Constellation system, the system that will replace the shuttle and also enable a manned launch to the moon. In the future, this will be the rocket that will allow humans to be launched into orbit around the Earth or to rendezvous there with a larger spacecraft with which they will continue to the moon, and which will be launched using a much heavier rocket - Ares 5, which so far has not been started in their development.

The missile looks extremely tall and thin. Its height is 100 meters, about 43 meters higher than the space shuttle. Its first stages are actually derived from the space shuttle's solid fuel rocket boosters. At its top is the place where the manned capsule will be placed, but until its development in 2014, its place is replaced by weights simulating its mass.

"The weather did not cooperate, and in particular the formation of triboelectrification static electricity created by the color of the outer coating of the rocket which is supposed to protect the spacecraft against water vapor or moisture at a temperature lower than 10 degrees Celsius below zero. The static electricity cloud interferes with the transmission of the flight data from the missile, and obtaining data from the missile's instruments during launch is a very essential thing in test flights.

A new four-hour launch window will open this morning (Wednesday) at 14:00 Israel time. The weather forecast predicts a 60% chance of weather that will allow a launch.

The test flight will last six minutes from launch to a planned crash at sea. The missile will reach a maximum height of 40 kilometers and a maximum speed of 4.7 times the speed of sound.

It should be noted that only last week a committee headed by Norman Augustin published A recommendation to increase the NASA budget by 3 billion dollars for a year if you want to achieve any kind of achievement in manned flight, and that the US will lose its position as an important power in the field if you don't do it.

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  1. It was difficult for them to remove the gourmets and all the gold from the rocket, besides the pilot Hares, did not agree that he should not be allowed to open the window during takeoff.
    I wonder how they closed this corner at the end?

  2. I relied on an American website, they apparently have trouble translating correctly to kilometers. Even when they try.
    My eye did not stop at the number in the legs in the brackets, as soon as something is written in the metric system - the rest is white noise.

    my father

  3. Let them increase the budget if they don't want to be dragged behind Russia and China and then even if they flow a budget it will take them a lot of time.. In my opinion +4 billion dollars should be budgeted for it so that development will be more significant.!

  4. I didn't know, Michael, that you have an advanced degree in physics, that you have reached the status of a professor employed in an accelerator, so that you can give grades to these people and call them clowns.

    I don't know what they're talking about and I promise you that you don't know what they're talking about either!

    First it is desirable that you reach their level and status and then I am sure that everyone will be happy to read your scientific statements. Until then - caveat to wisdom = silence

  5. I agree. The universe doesn't want us on the moon.
    It also proves that the landings in the 60s-70s were in Chile (this really proves Chile by the way and not any other country).

  6. Now the two clowns will come and claim that the universe does not want us to return to the moon.

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