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The donor, who chose to remain anonymous, is a Jew from North America and a graduate of Columbia University who participated in World War II, saw the State of Israel as a safe home for the Jewish people and recognized the importance of its economic and social stability
Yahal Sofer Rimelt, a graduate of the bachelor's degree track in physics and neuroscience at Bar Ilan University and currently at the Weizmann Institute, specializes in the design of observation systems in astrophysics
In a letter issued by the committee of heads of universities in Israel, he called on the leaders of universities abroad to protect Israeli and Jewish researchers, and to act against calls for the destruction of Israel.
"As a result of urban renewal, commerce, like residents, is undergoing a process characterized by the entry of new businesses and the displacement of old local businesses, a process called 'commercial gentrification,'" explains Eyal Shavit from Bar Ilan University, who studies the field
A new site that serves as the first knowledge base of its kind in Hebrew in the field of rare genetic diseases in Israel - was launched on the occasion of the International Day for Rare Diseases, which is noted on a date that returns only once every four years - February 29.
Noa Zuckerman from the Department of Environment, Planning and Sustainability investigates the effect of vegetation growing on top of buildings on the climate in an urban environment
The European Union grants 2 million euros to Prof. Ilanit Gordon from the Department of Psychology and the Multidisciplinary Center for Brain Research at Bar-Ilan University, for her research that deals with brain, physical and behavioral synchronization during group dynamics
The research insights of Yulia Rivkin from the Faculty of Life Sciences in Bar-Ilan open up an opportunity for in-depth research into the effect of stress on the nervous system
Prof. Rachela Popobzer from the Faculty of Engineering and the Institute for Nanotechnology and Advanced Materials at Bar Ilan University won a grant of 150 euros, for research aimed at making drug treatment more efficient and targeted
Dr. Uzi Rubin from the Begin-Sadat Center for Strategic Studies in Bar-Ilan, explains how the threat to the State of Israel was born from Yemen
Many of the students at Bar-Ilan University were drafted into reserve service in the "Iron Swords" war. Some of them, studying in the Faculty of Humanities, recalled the historical heroes who inspired them, and helped them in dealing with the complex challenges
The project developed by students and graduates of Bar-Ilan University analyzes anti-Israeli propaganda films and creates a response video to them on social networks
The medal was awarded to Prof. Heblin from the Department of Physics by the Royal Academy of Science of the Netherlands for groundbreaking research in the fields of physics and networks
Stress and anxiety can worsen health conditions, including diabetes. Awareness and preparation reduce risks
Dr. Tal Tobi from the Department of General History at Bar-Ilan University describes the capabilities of American aircraft carriers, and reviews the historical events in which the US deployed aircraft carriers in crisis areas
Meet Prof. Aner Govrin from the program for interpretation and culture, who is the head of the program for interpretation and psychoanalysis
Collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Psychology and the School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University resulted in the project - "Strength Center for Bears" - to reduce stress and anxiety and increase personal resilience among children
The surprise and speed with which things happened, and the ignorance regarding the fate of many people, arouses tension and distress in all of us. Bar-Ilan University's mental support team offers several ways to help us deal with
The enemy uses 'fake news' spread on social networks to create deterrence and fear and dissolve our sense of resilience and security
Dr. Shahar Alon from the Faculty of Engineering won a grant of about 2 million euros for his research in the field of the interaction between immune cells and cancer cells, and Dr. Assaf Ben Moshe from the Department of Chemistry won a grant for a total of
Dr. Ariel Friedman, develops solutions in the field of electrochemistry that will lead to green and cheap energy
Annette Landes Nagar is an archaeologist-digger and Bar Ilan President Fellow, whose research has yielded important discoveries in the Jerusalem area
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