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Induction stoves do not heat up and yet heat the food. The secret lies in the magnetic field
Recent research has shown that in the future there will be fewer rainy days in our region due to the climate crisis, but there will be more strong rain events. How can this be explained using simple scientific principles?
James Webb Space Telescope observations of galaxies in the young universe revealed that the first light in space came from bright young stars
Artificial intelligence that generates images trains on artists' works without their consent, and also imitates their style. A group of researchers and artists decided to fight against the phenomenon with sophisticated digital tools
When the temperatures outside drop, and especially in the evening and at night, the car windshield gets covered with a layer of steam - or at least that's what most of us call the moisture that accumulates there and prevents us from seeing. What exactly is the same layer?
Prof. Dan Toufik from the Weizmann Institute of Science, who was killed in a climbing accident, was one of the senior researchers in the field of the development of artificial proteins and the study of the evolution of proteins
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