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Yoram Soreq

The proverb "There is no joy like the joy of Eid" arouses the curiosity of Moshe who asks "Really?"
A. Questioner: Why does it hurt us to hear a scratch on a board?
Following on from Judith's question about the longevity of women compared to men, Nir asks what is the evolutionary logic in living long after the period of fertility has ended?
Surfer X wondered: why is there a kosher stamp on dog food? Even so, there are no ultra-Orthodox who raise pets
C wonders: How is it that time sometimes stands still and sometimes it runs?
Gidi shares with us the controversy in his family: are cockroaches dangerous pests for health or just a nuisance? Another question: can cockroaches really survive a nuclear attack
Yaniv wonders about human nature: "Why did the word humanity take on the meaning of human love, tolerance, patience, etc., are wars, death, cruelty and oppression of the weak less humane?" Yaniv wonders about human nature: "Why does the word
"Banana" asks: How is lactose-free milk produced?
A "good witch" shares a heartbreaking story about a suitor who lied to her. For reasons of individual modesty, we will omit the details and come to the question that ends the appeal: why do men lie? Because everyone lies
DP asks: Big dogs live less than small ones, so how is it that taller humans are healthier?
The matriarchal society of the ancient man thrived precisely because of the ignorance of the connection between sex and pregnancy and childbirth, this has changed in the last 8,000 years
MP asks, "How is it possible that no one remembers their own birth, the baby can see and hear and smell and feel... how is it possible that such a traumatic event no one has even a trace
We had a dog that, when standing in front of a mirror, barked wildly at his reflection, in contrast, the current dog does not pay attention to his image in the mirror at all until we wonder if he notices it. Some animals may
Korbus asks: In human culture there is a taboo on sexual relations between family members, but not in animals. For example, it is not uncommon for a cat to fertilize its biological mother. Is incest
How is it that: the Hebrew Language Academy does not have a Hebrew name? The angry D asks about the decrees of this institution
An angry question is sent by a reader frustrated by counting calories and chewing celery: How is it that cows that eat straw, grass and other leaves and foliage that are so recommended for diets are so fat?
My father asks: Do stray cats cause a decrease in the number of birds?
"Nutza" asks: It is known that animals feel earthquakes. Why don't humans feel earthquakes coming?
David shares the question and the idea: Homo sapiens is the only species that has a chin and science has no explanation as to what the evolutionary advantage of such a "facility" is and how it works.
Dana asks: Why does tickling make us laugh and why can't we tickle ourselves? Evolution gives an answer to this question as well
Tomer asks: "Why do humans like to hear music or at least a collection of cyclical sounds with one or another harmonies? How does this give us an evolutionary advantage?"
D.K. shares her puzzlement with us, "How is it that dogs don't have navels like ours?"
Not only do each of us yawn at least 5 times a day, but almost every vertebrate: mammal, bird and even reptile yawns sometimes. It is likely that a behavior that is zealously guarded throughout the animal world will have a role
Yas asks: Do dogs really smell fear? In a mysterious way, quiet and well-trained dogs manage to attack with threatening barks and growls precisely on the most fearful guests. How do they know who to take out aggressions on and who to wave at?
S. asks "do you need intelligence to play football"
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