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A country haunted by demons XNUMX: in a place where archaeological finds are burned...

Severe destruction to archeology near Afula. The Antiquities Authority assesses: Vandalism was done by ultra-Orthodox elements * Just this week, extreme Muslims in Cairo burned down the Museum of Egyptian Antiquities. Do we want to be like them?

The Antiquities Authority's tool facility burned down by ultra-Orthodox near Afula, December 2011
The Antiquities Authority's tool facility burned down by ultra-Orthodox near Afula, December 2011

Today you'll excuse me but I decided not to renew and in fact disable the site for one day except for this important news. It is impossible to continue to behave as usual when entire lines are deleted from the history pages because they were not suitable for someone. Science under terror is not good science, and we will all pay the price.

Below is the text of a press release issued by the Antiquities Authority.
An act of severe vandalism tonight at an archaeological dig by the Antiquities Authority at the Ha Tevat antiquities site before the construction of a bypass road to Afula by the National Roads Company.

The damage included the burning of a container loaded with ancient artifacts, tools, work incubators, and huge water tanks.

The Antiquities Authority points out that yesterday a confrontation took place in another excavation in the north, near the settlement of Khokuk, which is being done before the expansion of Highway 65. After it was made clear to the people of Atra Kadisha that they are not allowed to walk around in the areas where archaeological excavations are being conducted, a riot developed there that interfered with the continuation of the excavation.

According to Dror Barshad, archaeologist for the northern region of the Antiquities Authority, "This is the night of the Pharaohs against archaeology, against the Antiquities Authority and the State of Israel. This is not a one-off operation, but a continuous attack. Just a month and a half ago, a container with archaeological findings was burned at the Migdal site on the banks of the Sea of ​​Galilee, and threats are being made against archaeologists in the Palestinian Authority. The destruction that was done tonight erased lines from the history books of all of us. Beyond the financial damage estimated at tens of thousands of shekels, there is irreversible damage to archeology and damage that will prevent the completion of the puzzle of the settlement sequence in the place."

Many findings and pottery were burned in the excavation store that testify to the periods and the way of life in the settlement during the Israeli period (1000 BC) until the Persian period (6th century BC).

This morning, the Antiquities Authority filed a complaint with the police, which opened an investigation.

The burning of the Ancient Egypt Museum

The burnt container containing archaeological findings vandalized by ultra-Orthodox, December 2011. Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority
The burnt container containing archaeological findings vandalized by ultra-Orthodox, December 2011. Photo: Israel Antiquities Authority

Just yesterday I received from Dr. Assaf Rosenthal, the veteran writer on the website, that a similar event occurred about a week ago in Cairo.
In 1798 Napoleon established the "Egyptian Institute" (Institut d'Égypte) dedicated to the "development of scientific research". The institute included a museum/library located in the center of Cairo, a building that contained a collection of approximately 200 ancient writings, some of which are 1,500 years old.

Other books were studies, drawings and sketches written and drawn by the teams of scholars and artists who accompanied Napoleon as well as scholarly books and drawings that were published later.

The library contained a detailed catalog of the researchers' findings from the time of Napoleon to the present day. The magnificent but outdated building was described by Egyptologists as the "Hall of Knowledge", the journals in which were a source of information and study of the writings of Egyptian history and deciphering ancient writings.

Despite the extreme age of the building and the lack of modern means, there are many researchers who preferred to hold conferences there because of "the spirit that served in the building". On Monday 19/12 as part of and "courtesy" of the "Arab Spring" the library wing was set on fire, thousands of books were burned, destroyed and lost. Thousands more books will need "repairs and renovations". Volunteers from the academy and ordinary citizens are engaged in rescue attempts and filtering magazines that can be saved.
Fortunately for the Egyptologists, a large part of the catalog of findings as well as a (small) part of the writings were scanned and uploaded as "digital media", the loss of the sources cannot be extended or returned, which is a shame.

In the chapter on the burning of the great library in Alexandria in Wikipedia it is written that it is speculated that one fire of the library was caused when Julius Caesar burned his ships in the port of Alexandria in order to sabotage the enemy's efforts to conquer the city. "Tens of thousands of books were lost in the fire. Another fire occurred when a mob of Christians attacked the library in 391, because they saw science and philosophy as a threat to the saints of Christianity."

"According to one legend, the final destruction of the library occurred with the Muslim conquest led by Caliph Omar bin Al-Khattab, to whom is attributed the saying: "If what is written contradicts the Koran, then it must be burned, and if the writing is suitable for writing in the Koran, then it is unnecessary , and deserves to be burned." The truth of the story about the Library of Alexandria is not accepted today by most researchers."

In his allegorical play "Almensor" (1820), Heinrich Heine wrote: "A place where books are burned, there people will eventually be burned as well." The play does take place in 16th century Spain where Koran books were burned, but it aimed at a fire that happened three years before the play was written in the town of Wartburg of 'anti-German' books. During the Holocaust, book burning ceremonies related to Judaism and Jewish culture were held in German cities, and a few years later they built the incinerators for burning people. The problem is In an interview with YNET An Atra Kadisha activist does not even express remorse and encourages the act. Will we also see stuttering from the members of the 'moderate' religious establishment this time as was the case with women singing and then excluding women from the buses? Or maybe science is not a worthy goal for enlightened people to fight for. Those who think that this can be put on the agenda should remember where a fire of information items led last time. And I say this with pain, as the son of a Holocaust survivor.

Is this the straw that will break the camel's back and the general public will finally understand that religion must be separated from the state and the phenomenon eradicated by force. One of the problems is that the state of Halacha is the medieval style we are on the verge of, if only due to the combination of a high birth rate and the extinction of science in ultra-Orthodox schools along with the other core subjects that have left here a misguided generation that understands nothing but what its spiritual shepherds tell it.
The more advanced the science, the greater the reaction, but if it was a marginal segment of the people, it would be fine, but here it is 20% of the public in the State of Israel being mobilized to make it a humanist state. Today it is about excluding women from public transportation and allocating one side of the sidewalk, before it was about the questioning cult and the modesty guards who are police for everything and even more effective than our Shalomial police who came to people who broke into their homes and threatened them with weapons after eight hours.
But it's not from today, it's about fifty years of progress step by step to a Halacha state. Starting with the issue of public transportation on Shabbat, closing streets, consistent takeover of secular neighborhoods, denying education to their children, seclusion on the one hand but while living off the taxpayers' money on the other.
So it is true that here and there there are groups among them who go to work, especially women who work in special centers in ultra-Orthodox concentrations, but for the most part these are immigrants from the USA, who know English from home. In an article published in Haaretz last week, one of the interviewees stated that the average ultra-Orthodox does not know English any more than he can read the Coca-Cola label.
And where is the hametz law, and the terror of kashrut, which both raises food prices in Israel and also causes enormous waste (the spilling of milk that the cow dares to deliver on Shabbat), the extortion of hotels (and I spoke with the CEO of a large chain) and the takeover of a significant percentage of the hotel rooms by families with children when The father of the family works...

And where is the censorship of the state education system - in Israel you do not hear the word evolution at all in the education system unless you study biology and even then it is not mandatory. Having given up on them in the field of evolution, the next natural step was to eliminate the science of archaeology.

We put on Streimel and there is no peace

The problem is not only with right-wing governments like the current government that simply bows to every ultra-Orthodox whim (the same Minister of Transportation Israel Katz who invited Tanya Rosenblit, the passenger who was harassed on the bus line from Ashdod to Jerusalem) and promised that the Yakoim law two years ago proposed an amendment to the law that was supposed to bring about the training of those Mahadrin lines. Leftist governments are also responsible for making us a Halacha state. Yossi Beilin, who was the chairman of Meretz, recently confronted Shahar Ilan from the Hadosh association on the new evening program when he did not express regret for his words: "For the sake of peace, I am ready to wear Streimel." Yes, Mr. Beilin, because of you we are wearing Streimel after Streimel - maybe 20 hats already, boiling with heat, sweating, kneeling under the burden and there is no peace.

It's a shame that personal arguments killed Shinio. The votes of those who voted for change moved to the front, where the issue of saving the State of Israel from becoming a halachic state does not burn. Also the chairman of the Labor Party who was interviewed yesterday (Wednesday) on Ben Kasfit's program on Educational 2, and qualified her criticism of the ultra-Orthodox attacks against women and said that the problem needs to be addressed, but "I don't devour the ultra-Orthodox", that is, she is ready to address the specific problem but does not understand That it is not enough against a misled public that for two generations knows nothing about the life around it and is used as a tool by its leaders. In the state of Halacha as they see it, science has no place, and just as the Salafis want to destroy the pre-Islamic past of Egypt, so the members of Atra Kadisha want to eliminate all findings that do not correspond to the Tanach.

If you want us to continue to be an advanced country in the field of science, these phenomena should be stopped, all those responsible should be put in prison, while their 'soldiers' should be recruited into the IDF who will spend their energy at least protecting us instead of attacking us. Of course without abolishing the institution of military bands and God forbid turning them into the 2011 rabbinical choir.

The Jews have always been considered a wise people, why are there those who strive to prove that we are no different from any other nation of fanatics, after all the Waqf also destroys the history and the archeological findings that hint at long-standing Jewish control in the place. What exactly do the archaeologists who burn the findings want to achieve? They only proved by this that they were making an alliance of extremists of all religions, and that the Middle Ages were not a one-time accident.

For further reading - towards the end of the second scientific era - Prof. Yuval Neman

A country haunted by demons XNUMX - burning the club


  1. Father, why did you decide that the ultra-Orthodox burned in order to eliminate evidence that contradicts the Bible (I did not see any mention that there were findings that contradict or put the Bible to the test) and not as they claim: to prevent/protest the desecration of Jewish graves that they claim was carried out there.

  2. light,
    There is room to check and examine some of your words.

    1) You assume "if the rate of religious extremists increases, it means that the number of people who feel more secure about their existence in that sector has increased." You look at the phenomenon from a Darwinian point of view, which is also acceptable to me, but does not take into account other important factors. One of them is the many budgets that the government allocates to this sector at the expense of the productive sector. This is also a Darwinian aspect, but it presents things differently.

    2) The question of "the purpose of life" is absolutely not the business of science, at least in the current era.

    3) You "believe that it is not possible to stop the growth of the extremist factions in Israel or in the world because their teachings and beliefs touch something essential and basic in the life of the human being and it is the creation of existence." And I believe that it is possible to close the taps to them and discover (to your astonishment, perhaps) that it is also possible to stop the growth and that their "teachings and beliefs" do not touch something essential and basic in human life, but the comfort in the life of parasites.

  3. jubilee
    The creature called Adam struggles for its very existence and continuation, if the rate of religious extremists increases
    This means that the number of people who feel more secure about their existence in that sector has increased

    Paradoxically, as it is more reliable, science advances, publishes and investigates and wonders, so there is
    He has less and less clear and convincing simple answers about the essence of life and the purpose of life

    In religions and beliefs, the more formal they are, the less doubts there are, everything is clearer and absolute
    What more does man need than a promise to heaven and a way to eternal life, apparently it catches on.

    I believe that it is not possible to stop the growth of extremist factions in Israel or in the world
    Because their teachings and faith touch on something essential and basic in the life of the human being and he is the creature of existence.

    You want to stop the phenomenon, give people another solution, so that they feel security, that they feel that there is a purpose
    And there is a future.. The other talks and struggles against them are not helpful at all.

    Simple clear answers

  4. Or, Naa Drasht.
    The list is long and long and includes the pathologist, the woman at the front of the bus, the 10-year-old girl in Beit Shemesh, the women on the right-hand sidewalks in Jerusalem, and much more...
    On the other hand, if we look for those who threaten the community of scientists, as well as "immodest" women and much more, we will only find religious extremists.
    The proportion of religious extremists in the population is constantly increasing. Do you have an idea how to reduce or at least slow it down?

  5. jubilee

    we go round and round,
    I claim that any creature or group of creatures will react in any way,
    Faced with an actual threat, or a sense of threat.
    The response can be, attack, withdrawal, surrender……

    In my opinion, the same comments cannot be turned off and they will never remain.
    Although they are the reason for what we humans call immortality.

    I estimate that this will be the accepted concept in the future and they will certainly rise
    All kinds of ideas for a solution, some of which will be in the genetic field.

    Religions and cult beliefs are satisfying to one degree or another
    A feeling of security for a colleague, security for his very existence,
    A panacea for the same desire to exist, the same fear of ceasing..
    And the more the colleague adheres and believes, the more the same feeling increases in him.
    It doesn't matter what you believe and why you believe it's just the scenery.

    If colleagues in any sect were convinced, that there is a monster that threatens
    By their very existence, they will automatically want to be destroyed, and that's how it really happens,
    The same monster is always extremely dangerous, its name can be Amalek, Jew, witch, science,
    Secular, homo, haman, negro, prostitute, rightist, gentile, leftist, archeologist and more and more




  6. light,
    Did you mean to say that those who do more are the ones who feel more threatened?
    If so, then I apologize. I should have figured it out despite the typos.
    And even if that's not what you meant, I believe that threats are an effective incentive.
    Do you have a suggestion for a solution?

  7. my father

    You refer to those phenomena, which are indeed negative, as stemming from a certain culture, and indeed it said "God and human beings, God, every day," is it true, my father, much more It is convenient and optimistic to believe that with the help of education and law they will pass or weaken

    Your writing is incredibly similar to a believer in God in the hidden and hidden, similar, you and some of the writers are trying to convince that there are indeed facts that support their opinion, instead of trying to convince with the help of existing facts and data, the validity of their opinion.

    If you really believe that violence that exists in all cultures and peoples from the dawn of mankind until today (I recommend you read studies) will be solved with the help of education and laws, then you are indeed people of faith.

    Yuval, but those who do more, are the ones who feel more threatened, look at nature, also of man.

  8. Ruby,
    The ultra-orthodox Jews do not have a monopoly on willful ignorance. There are also such franchisees on the Muslim side. Any archaeological discovery that in the eyes of Jews strengthens "our right to the land" is not acceptable to Muslims anyway, because they rely on their own sources. In any case, Islam recognizes that the land was once the seat of the tribes of Israel (who passed away from the world because of their sins) but it does not recognize the Jews as their heirs. What can be useful for the Jews to strengthen, in the eyes of the Muslims, their hold on the land is the presentation of Judaism as an Islamic sect. The ultra-Orthodox violence, which reminds one of the symbols of Islam (the sword), may strengthen such a belief.

  9. Therefore, it is very important to preserve the findings, especially the ultra-orthodox need the findings as evidence for the secular.
    For example, the small foil scroll of the blessing of the priests and recently the seal of the priests was found for the kosher firstborns who arrived at the site.
    Even for the country itself towards the whole world, it is important to find findings that prove the historical connection of the Jews to the country.

  10. Avi Cohen,
    What should this sentence be: "I completely disagree with you regarding the statement that there are people who are born with curiosity and the ability to learn and there are people who are not". Please don't put things in my mouth that I didn't say. "Have" is one thing, and "born" is another.

    The title of the series of articles is "A Country Haunted by Demons". Looking at the country as "haunted by demons", which is a fatalistic term, presents it as marching confidently towards destruction, and I agree with this presentation. The State of Israel was established with the stated goal of being a "national home for the Jewish people"; And therefore all Jews are holy in her eyes, including their terrorists. The blind adherence to all clauses of the text of the declaration of the establishment of the State of Israel, the "Declaration of Independence", is what will bring about the country's downfall.
    The Jewish people are not just a people of prayer mutterers who adhere to regularities whose time has passed. The contribution of the Jews to world science is enormous, and we know about it not only from what is happening in the State of Israel. The Jews around the world can continue to contribute to science and progress even without the need for this country. It is an unnecessary country cursed with a lack of water and endless bloody wars. Let's leave it to the ultra-Orthodox or any other party that finds some value in it, and concentrate on our true calling.

  11. It's good that you don't claim that there is no connection between burning archaeological finds and science....
    These are the same people who are violent towards women and towards anything different from them or anything that threatens to open the world for them. Violence should be suppressed by force. If they realize that it causes the opposite results, maybe they will learn a lesson.

  12. Beauty! So in the end you managed to make a connection between a site that is supposed to deal with science and the exclusion of women
    Well done for the effort

  13. light,
    Please don't skimp on punctuation.
    I'm not sure I understood your address to me.
    I didn't understand why you chose to compare the religious to natural disasters.
    I also did not understand why you defined the anxiety as damage.
    Human society is a living and vibrant being, full of internal struggles, some of them violent and even criminal. The archaeologists want to dig, in the name of revealing the historical truth, the pathologists want to analyze in the name of revealing the medical truth, and opposite them the ultra-Orthodox want to maintain the integrity of what they believe to be the truth.
    The struggle is not between human beings but between beliefs, a struggle in which the scientists and the ultra-orthodox are just playthings in the hands of lofty ideas. If the State of Israel decides to panic, then it is not necessarily your private problem or mine. We can take it personally, intervene in the process and try to direct it, but the lucky ones within us are also given the option to leave. For example, there is a great demand for Israeli scientists in the world. I don't worry about them.

  14. jubilee,
    For a moment I didn't think that my idea would be immediately welcomed by everyone. I am aware that for people who hold science close to their hearts, the idea that science needs public relations can flow. But on the other hand, these people probably don't think that there is a fundamental problem with the image of science in the general public. The recent incidents, and the fact that my father saw fit to publish articles on the subject, make me feel that there is indeed a fundamental problem here. There is a new situation here that we have not encountered before, although it did not fall from the sky on a clear day, and you could see it in its making.
    If we return to the use of the concepts of evolution, an organism that does not adapt to changes in its environment does not survive. Science also needs to adapt to its changing environment, and develop new mechanisms that will allow it to deal with the changes. Public relations can be regarded as such a mechanism. After all, other organisms have already developed this mechanism (such as political parties, economic companies, the entertainment industry, and recently also religions) and are using it successfully. Why can't a tool that has already proven itself be used for the benefit of science?

    Besides, it is possible that the concept I used "public relations" is not accurate. It is possible that this concept evokes in people's minds visions of businessmen walking around the houses and eating mufflets for the sake of science... but with the concept of public relations I wanted to refer more to the relationship between science and the general public, which is a field of activities broader, and also includes science education in schools, science television programs, and even websites on the Internet that try to bring science to the general public such as this website...

    I completely disagree with you regarding the statement that there are people born with curiosity and the ability to learn and there are people who are not. Every child born into the world comes with boundless curiosity that is only later suppressed by the environment for various reasons. In fact, your approach is exactly the same approach that causes distance between science and the general public. The same approach that associates science only with scientists, or only with privileged minorities and not with the rest of the public. Although there are differences between certain intellectual abilities among people, science does not belong to one group or another, it is Belongs to all humanity, without differences of nationality, sex, politics or religion.

    In addition, I do not agree with the statement that the State of Israel can survive with a handful of scientists and other cities. You forget that the ones who ultimately allocate the budgets are the politicians and the wealthy, and if those people are in the cities, they will not allocate budgets for science, but for areas that are closer to their hearts, or For doctoral students who don't think they are "in the city".
    You also forget that the Nobel Prize winners are a product of the State of Israel from the 60s/70s/80s, which is a different country from the Israel of the 2000s. It is a country where a television program called "Tazfit" (a popular science program) won high ratings, and the only television channel that was there were the "Open University" programs in the afternoon hours, and not reality or "Big Brother" programs, for example...

    The statement that there are "enough scientists in Israel" is also not clear to me. Have all the scientific problems in the world or in the State of Israel been solved? Do the scientists who work in research find that they have an excess of free time, that they have time to engage in all the directions they desire? Israel is not engaged in the "export" of scientists - there is an "escape" of scientists, and the reasons for this are that there is no allocation of budgets for those scientists to engage in their field, or in other countries they will receive greater appreciation for their contribution, whether it is economic or social. And all this is the root of what I mentioned above...

  15. Dear Friends

    I recommend that we try to add to that debate about the struggle between the intellect, science, logic and those qualities that arise from production or the existential need, an important figure, quantitative data over several decades,
    If indeed there is a decrease in what is called human humanity and of course an increase in the level of awareness and intelligence
    Whether or not we find evidence of a decrease in one or more areas such as: crime, terrorism, violence and wars.

    Without statistics and quantities, one remains at the philosophical level with emotion and belief rather than with quantity and measurement

    Yuval, perhaps it is an idea to try to link the increase in the number of religious leaders and their institutions
    In my opinion, there is no point in getting angry because they and the volcanoes and in droughts and floods have always been, as in natural disasters,
    If we manage to understand and accept the phenomenon as a matter of course, we may also find a way to reduce the damage

  16. Avi Cohen,
    Minor spelling mistakes on my part. But I didn't like your approach as a whole.
    I may be in the minority in that I don't think science needs public relations. Scientific curiosity is not a matter of persuasion. Either the person has the desire to explore and the strength to learn or he prefers surrender and addiction to the sweet taste of the hallucinogenic drugs. A country, for example Israel, can survive for many generations even if only a small percentage of its population devotes itself to science while the vast majority sinks into ignorance. Please see the actual example in the form of the growing scientific and technological progress of the State of Israel (and the Nobel Prizes are only the prominent prestigious end) compared to the religious backwardness that bites into larger and larger parts of the population.
    The handful of scientists among us are doing good and sufficient work for an entire country and even more than that. The State of Israel is already producing a surplus of scientists who are forced to seek their livelihood in distant lands. We don't need to do public relations for science. But we do have to be on guard and not allow warmongers to run amok. Sometimes, like this time, we fall asleep on guard. I hope this is the last time. But from here to the investment of resources and huge capital on a population that anyway does not have the ability and motivation to follow our path, the distance is great.

  17. Sorry for the spelling mistakes above 🙂
    We will fail and not fail and flow and not shake in the third paragraph... years abroad give their signal...

  18. Hello everyone,

    The arguments you all have raised here are interesting and thought-provoking on both sides. I want to strengthen my father's hands in his goal of raising awareness and putting on the agenda the social phenomena that he believes, and rightly so, threaten our way of life in Israel.
    I also think or "believe" that the way of science should be one of the bases for our way of life in modern society, if only because of the achievements that humanity has reached thanks to science. But most of all, what is beautiful in science is the scientific method, which, in my opinion, will ultimately allow us to reach the truth. She is the logic in simplicity.

    Despite all the progress in science, I have a feeling that science is neglecting its public relations. It is very easy to accuse the general public of chronic stupidity and remove responsibility from us, but the world of science needs to take stock and see where it has failed. Why doesn't he succeed in rousing a "crowd of believers" who will follow him like the clergy can, or like a rap singer can? Why do children at school dream of becoming businessmen and celebrities in the field of culture, and not famous scientists? And more importantly, how did we get to this situation and how do we get out of it?

    It seems to me that each of us knows at least one good reason for this, but if we look at the conduct of science, there is no factor or scientific body whose role it is to understand and analyze these reasons, to think of ways to neutralize these reasons, and to bring about a change in the approach to science.

    It is very possible that the problem is in the nature of the people who are attracted to science, or even that these problems belong to the field of psychology and sociology, that they are not an exact science, and therefore they do not have the tools to deal with these problems.
    I am not a psychologist or a sociologist, but in my humble opinion I think that no attempts have been made to solve the "problems of science" scientifically... in any case, not in a satisfactory way.

    Maybe it's time for someone to pay attention to this... what do you think?

  19. Or and Kamila the last,
    The truth, obviously, is somewhere between the two positions you present. We have the ability to apply intelligent behavior, but we also act instinctively.
    Reason is seeing reality "from above" and instinct is seeing things "from the surface". The use of reason requires many years of study and development, while instinct comes ready-made. Since reason analyzes many situations, even those that are not visible, it is by its very nature slower than instinct. Furthermore, since reason also takes into account instinct, while instinct does not see reality through the eyes of reason, then in direct struggles between them, instinct will act to exterminate reason as quickly as possible while reason will try to act on instinct in "peaceful ways" and seek to compromise. In many cases, reason will lose. For example, the religion of Islam, whose symbol is the sword and which justifies rape of women (cf. Sura 4, verse 34) is an example of matching reason with instinct, while Christianity's "turning the other cheek" is an opposite example. In the massive Islamization of the West, one can perhaps see confirmation of the weakness of reason compared to instinct. The burning of the ancient Egyptian museum, as well as the burning of the ancient library of Alexandria, are also examples of the weakness of reason.

  20. light,
    You and I seem to experience different realities. Since there is probably not more than one reality in the macroscopic world and since the changes that have taken place in humanity beyond "methods and tools" are a simple fact, I have to inform you that it is obvious that the reality you present is wrong.
    Regarding the article and the link you gave at the end of your response, I do not understand the relevance of what I wrote to you and in addition you did not address the question that I did ask you. It is implied from your responses that the fact that human behavior also has an evolutionary basis, you believe that this is how we are destined to be, from such a defeatist fatalism (which is also contrary to reality as mentioned). This is a boring and unhelpful approach and therefore also unnecessary in my opinion.

  21. Hello Camila

    I and many others would also like it to be this way, this is the reality, as told in the first part of your writing
    Unfortunately, the situation is not like that, you wrote that over the centuries there have been far-reaching changes in practice, this is only true
    In the development and improvement of methods and tools, laser sealed missiles biological gases. Especially in those years you mention, you really were tempted by an international arms race, not to mention international terrorism and the rise of extreme Islam, anti-Semitism and more.

    . Since mankind and for your knowledge (just) in the last hundred years alone, peoples and tribes have been and are being destroyed.
    While looking for material to prove what I believe, I found an article by chance, because I understood it
    From what the world shamelessly presents to me.
    Homo sapiens

    Evolutionary psychology, science, humans, skepticism and everything in between
    See the article The Evolutionary Roots of Rape and Sexual Assault

    Annoying, offensive, offensive article, but……………………

    Fortunately, nature also creates bright colors
    You really need lots and lots of optimism in order to write a drop of pessimism

    Shabbat Shalom

  22. light,
    And the reality shows otherwise. Reality shows us that in the several thousand years of modern man's recorded existence, there have been far-reaching changes in the conduct of humans as a society. Even if we only look at the last few hundred years there are amazing changes in lifestyle and social perceptions. All of these are cultural and not evolutionary changes, so it is true that violence and blind faith are still prevalent among most people, but the power of culture over the slow evolutionary design cannot be ignored, for example both in curbing violence (in war for example) and in resisting violence and striving for human rights. Culture can change people's perception in exactly those cases where we exercise evolutionary rooted behavior.
    But beyond all that, even if I agree with you that the behaviors displayed by humans are a simple reality and even quite understandable if you put on the glasses of evolution, what do you want to contribute to the discussion? Saying that reality is reality and getting stuck there is not very interesting. The examples of the natural phenomena you mentioned illustrate this well, you don't mean that in light of the understanding that all of these are merely natural phenomena (and let's not say a punishment from heaven) we wouldn't want to do something about it using our brains and rationality to reduce the chance of being harmed by those phenomena, right?

  23. Hello light,
    I did not argue with you and I am not arguing now.
    With your approach, you strengthen my argument about the weakness of rational-scientific thinking that expresses tolerance towards the vain beliefs that haunt it.

  24. Yuval Shalom

    I only claim and believe that we will always act from the same basic motive that originated in nature for millions of years or more,
    Existence or the urge to exist, our desire to exist is simple and logical

    When a person believes or feels or thinks that he or his allies for that matter are facing danger in everything related to such as his status, power, wealth, he will act out of the same defense mechanism related to existence.

    There is not even the slightest place here for logic, for the aesthetics of truth, justice, good and bad, when you manage to observe what is happening in the world from this point of view, you can suddenly understand the meaning of wars, crimes, destruction, murders between and within gangs, nations, peoples, groups and families, since time immemorial.

    Simply reality, scary, threatening, maybe discouraging, but so is the rest of nature: volcanoes, tsunamis, asteroids, earthquakes. Probably because of that threatening reality, religious beliefs and people groups were born. In order to be strong to be together against this something unclear, incomprehensible, the existential danger.

    Shabbat Shalom

  25. Although intelligence is a product of Darwinism, it is a relatively new feature. So far, he has not been able to push the legs of an earlier evolutionary trait, which is expressed in a blind need to preserve the existing. Rational-scientific thinking threatens to collapse false beliefs (for example those embodied in religion), and draws fire to it.
    In the struggle between these two qualities, the intellect has the upper hand because rational-scientific thinking does not pretend to give a perfect proof. Although the refutations in the way of science are absolute, but since it does not "provide the goods", Dehino brings absolute answers to burning problems, he is met with disdain and ignoring of his conclusions. Contrary to vanity beliefs, which deny science without much thought, science cannot deny vanity beliefs just like that "from the hip", and therein lies its weakness. The following are words spoken by the person who was a minister in two governments in Israel, Avner Chai Shaki:

    The word "science" does not impress me. I'm a scientist myself, and I know that everything scientists present is just speculation. They change their minds every day, and they are miserable even in their own eyes. Even in economics, all the professors know how to give advice, then they crawl on all fours to apologize. In Judaism, on the other hand, things are clear. I know exactly what has been in the world every day since it was created. י
    Avner Shaki is no longer alive, but the stoma for science is alive and will probably continue to live and kick for a long time

  26. my father

    Your perception and that of many others that man usually does not act out of that primitive existential instinct
    But according to a certain logic. According to common sense, it is no less dangerous than those who deny evolution
    Because you create baseless optimism and that's only because you and I and others would like it to be so
    But in practice, my dear friend, the same horrific things, murder, rape, occupation, extermination are being carried out at these moments
    And they have existed since the dawn of history every day in every people in every country in every nationality and accompany humanity in everything it is,

    What I would expect mainly from those who seek science is to recognize and understand to define the same reality
    And not every time to look for some culturally logical social reason when violence is committed,
    I promise you that if you summarized the tremendous activity in the world to maintain the law you would see
    That the violence and crime are not affected and continue and maybe even increase..

    Just say "so what do you propose to give up and raise your hands to crime" because I don't propose to raise your hands but
    I propose to treat violence also and mainly as an outcome of a feature of nature's instinct.

    A few years ago, as a joke, I suggested to a police officer that they build a kind of small prison
    And they will put in everything except that they did not commit a crime, much more effective and above all appropriate.

    Shabbat Shalom

  27. I did not understand why to leave a container with so many valuable things in the field without protection
    When it is known that there are people who want to hurt her
    Why not leave guards in the area??? Be sure to say budget 🙂
    I do not justify the act, but I am sure that the Antiquities Authority already has a lot of experience in this matter
    And yet they don't invest in maintaining the sites

    Secondly, the museum in Egypt is so important, why didn't anyone take care of it or alternatively they took the things away
    It's harder for me to understand

  28. I didn't understand. Are you explaining ultra-orthodox violence in evolution?

    Social Darwinism - the claim that violence is part of human nature and that it is a way for a group to survive - is a very wrong interpretation of evolution. Man has a quality that other animals do not have - intelligence and he needs to use it.

  29. The root of evil is the belief in one and only truth
    The more evil and wicked acts
    are done out of religious conviction

  30. Hello Avi Blizovsky

    We are happy and jubilant about phenomena and signs that strengthen the evolutionary concept
    which tells about an endless struggle without compromises and means of the individual to exist,
    Adapt to the changing environment at any cost, at the expense of a detail or details.
    conquest, victory, elimination, control are essential and hereditary basic traits in nature,
    There is no evil or good, cruel or merciful.

    Man according to science is an inseparable part of the same nature from the same evolution
    Indeed, since the dawn of our history, we have witnessed that every time a person or a group or a people felt an existential threat
    Immediately there is an attempt on their part of conquest, subjugation or destruction or control against that threatening factor,

    The strangest thing about me is our reaction of bewilderment and wonder
    On murder, extermination, conquest, rape, robbery committed by one of the products of evolution, man,

    True, it's not comfortable, it's not nice, it's not cultural, but this is the reality, this is the nature of the living world.


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