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The Canadian researchers argue that generative artificial intelligence - including large language models such as chatGPT - and social networks can divert attention from pressing global issues, foster feelings of lack
A study found that people who were exposed to emotional images reacted according to the reactions of others and judged harshly those who did not react like everyone else
The research insights of Yulia Rivkin from the Faculty of Life Sciences in Bar-Ilan open up an opportunity for in-depth research into the effect of stress on the nervous system
Researchers have found that fulfilling a stereotype leads to a reward response in the brain and that people are even willing to give up money for it
Videos about resolving long-standing conflicts made people soften their attitudes, increasing their openness towards the other side
Weizmann Institute of Science scientists reveal in unprecedented detail how trauma in newborn mice shapes their brains and impairs their social functions in adulthood * A corresponding behavioral expression in humans may take the form of
The hostage situation can have profound psychological effects on people for many years. The psychological impact varies depending on the duration of captivity, the conditions endured, personal resilience and coping mechanisms
Collaboration between the Faculty of Medicine, the Department of Psychology and the School of Social Work at Bar Ilan University resulted in the project - "Strength Center for Bears" - to reduce stress and anxiety and increase personal resilience among children
The surprise and speed with which things happened, and the ignorance regarding the fate of many people, arouses tension and distress in all of us. Bar-Ilan University's mental support team offers several ways to help us deal with
In 2009, a study day was held at Sapir College about the consequences of continuous exposure to the trauma of terrorism, among citizens in the settlements of Sderot and the Gaza Strip * The findings of Prof. Avi Baser from Sapir College, Prof. Beatrice
Dr. Reot Tsbag, a graduate of the psychology department at Bar Ilan researches the relationship between social anxiety and depression as part of a post-doctorate at Yale University in the USA
In June, the first international congress on evidence-based support in parenting ended. And this is an excellent opportunity to reflect on the thing that parents need the most, in order to be good parents - parental space.
Chapter nine from the book: "The Free Man - Evolutionary Psychology, Brain Research and Understanding the Mind"
Any public service of human help, such as mental health care or care for the elderly collapses. The artificial intelligence that will take over many jobs will leave us with the thing that is perhaps most important to us, the value that we are
The proverb "There is no joy like the joy of Eid" arouses the curiosity of Moshe who asks "Really?"
At the entrance to the club, on the road and in the emergency room, sometimes the right strategy is to direct some of the waiting people to the fast track
The first study of its kind in Israel examined the impact of the legal revolution on the mental health of Israeli citizens
It turns out that when people are sad, they choose more actions that cause pleasure, and when they feel shame, they choose more actions that cause pride
Weizmann Institute scientists have discovered that certain fish are born with immunity to stressful situations, which accompanies them throughout their lives and is even inherited. The findings may pave new directions for the treatment of post-trauma
For the first time, a clear connection between the appearance of Facebook and significant damage to the mental health of students in the USA has been demonstrated
Dragons are an almost universal symbol for many cultures. Scientists have tried to come up with explanations for the dragon myth, but the legends' continued existence is a testament to their narrative power and mystery.
Yaniv wonders about human nature: "Why did the word humanity take on the meaning of human love, tolerance, patience, etc., are wars, death, cruelty and oppression of the weak less humane?" Yaniv wonders about human nature: "Why does the word
The scientists were able to predict political behavior just by looking at an fMRI brain scan and published in the rigorous scientific journal -PNAS
Prof. Rivka Tovel Mashiach from the Department of Psychology at Bar Ilan University will present to a committee at the United Nations models developed in Israel for treating the trauma of victims of terrorism
A "good witch" shares a heartbreaking story about a suitor who lied to her. For reasons of individual modesty, we will omit the details and come to the question that ends the appeal: why do men lie? Because everyone lies
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