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A new MRI method developed by Weizmann Institute of Science scientists is expected to pave the way for early diagnosis of pancreatic cancer
In ten years, it may be possible to find ambulances - or hospitals on wheels - that can reach multi-casualty incidents and provide the doctor in the field with a clear 3D image of each injured person. Doctors will no longer be needed
An artificial neural network can fill in missing information in imaging images of organs such as the brain
With the approach of the German army to Paris, Marie Curie was forced to retrain in the absence of the ability to research radium. She came up with an idea - to equip vehicles with X-ray devices and bring them close to the front to
It is an invisible face mask that protects users from corona viruses, MERS, influenza and other respiratory viruses and now its technology is offered for commercialization
As the years go by, new types of sequences and protocols are developed and are joined by improvements in software and hardware - for example, you can see the great development in recent years in the field of cardiovascular imaging, bowel imaging and more
"Like the super heroes' aids, we wanted to give the prosthesis unique abilities, such as a hidden wallet, or a beer opener and even a place for the prosthetic's operating tools... The little practical things can be really cool,
Prof. Yuval Ebenstein's laboratory was announced as one of the most advanced in Europe in the research and development of technological solutions for cancer
A new technology developed at the Technion enables medical imaging with a very high resolution, close to 10 microns. It is expected to lead to the development of tiny and efficient ultrasound systems and other medical applications
A technology developed by researchers at MIT and the Technion is expected to lead to a leap forward in the efficiency of X-ray machines and CT systems and in the speed of their operation. In the study published in Science, Prof. Ado Kaminer, head of the AdQuanta laboratory named after Robert and Ruth, is a partner
MeMed's solution enables an informed decision to be made on whether to treat with antibiotics or not, thus supporting the fight against bacterial resistance to antibiotics. The investment will be used to accelerate the development of additional products and marketing and global expansion
An innovative algorithm enables the safe transport of curved surgical needles to "hidden" tissues
The researchers from Harvard and MIT who developed an innovative device capable of detecting the corona virus in a saliva sample in about an hour claim that the reliability of the diagnosis is similar to that of PCR tests
This is what Claire Biot, Vice President of Life Sciences Industries, Dassault Systèmes says in an interview with the website Hedaman following the Science in the Age of Experience events that took place over the past month in the digital space
Researchers at the Technion have developed precise radiation sources that may replace expensive and cumbersome particle accelerators that are currently used to create radiation such as X-rays. These new sources produce controlled radiation with a narrow and precise spectrum and resolution
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