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Researchers from Ben Gurion University followed divers in Eilat for 15 years and found that the placement of the artificial reef reduced the pressure of diving on the natural reef
Research shows for the first time how direct invasion of mitigation zones can occur. The 3D computational model, driven by gravity, predicts that the subduction zone currently under the Strait of Gibraltar will spread further into the Atlantic Ocean and contribute to the creation of an Atlantic subduction system - a ring of fire similar to that existing in the Pacific Ocean
How growth of the mineral calcium carbonate affects the carbon dioxide cycle in the waters of the Bay of Eilat, and thus the ecosystem and climate warming
Following the drying up of the Mediterranean Sea about five million years ago, valleys developed in its southeast that are about eight kilometers wide and about 1,000 meters deep
In addition, the Ministerial Committee for Science and Technology approved: the formulation of a national plan to promote the Blue-Tech field in Israel
An increase in the number of lightning storms may increase the amount of cirrus clouds and increase the global warming process
Earthquakes of this magnitude in the region are rare but not unexpected. Since 1900 there have been 9 earthquakes of magnitude 5 or higher within 500 km of the current earthquake location but none of them were magnitude 6 or higher
An initiative is needed to save the beaches that are damaged due to human activity combined with global warming.
Cooperation between non-profit organizations and government institutions from Israel, the USA, Germany and Tanzania with the aim of building an innovative water filtration system using ceramic filters in a school in Babati district reached its peak when a delegation of Engineers Without Borders-Israel from an important project in Tanzania
Following and because of global warming, by 2050 there will be about a billion people subject to disputes and struggles related to rivers, and this only in Africa
The children of the Maasai tribe herd the cattle Illustration:
The destruction of the Nova Kakhovka dam came just as it seemed that Ukraine's counterattack was about to begin. It's probably not a coincidence. The operation was designed to engage the Ukrainian army in evacuating residents and block the possibility for Ukraine to liberate Crimea
For two decades, researchers have been trying to find a way to track a climate system that has a decisive influence on the location of rainforests and deserts on Earth. A new study solves the challenge and reveals the extent of the influence of humans
Plastic continues to dominate every good plot: new research reveals that the amount of microscopic plastic on the ocean floor has tripled in just 20 years. Moreover, the microplastic at the bottom of the sea almost did not crumble or break down even after decades
The American company Ocean-Based Climate Solutions has developed a pump system that will pump nutrients from a depth of 400 meters to the surface and allow the growth of tiny algae that will carry out the process of photosynthesis and absorb the carbon in the atmosphere, so that it will eventually sink to the bottom of the ocean
Two strong earthquakes within a few hours and the fact that there was no thick layer of soil that reduces the intensity of the earthquakes, in addition to the construction conditions, and the destruction of the infrastructure - especially in Syria. The time of the earthquake at 4:17 in the morning also contributed to the high death toll
He studied the movement of water in the unsaturated medium between the soil and the groundwater. This layer is important for agriculture, pollutant transport and flood control
The power of a group - the electrifying version: British researchers discovered that swarms of bees carry a particularly powerful electrical charge. It turns out that the buzz is literal
The desert landscape brings with it an extensive field of research. This time, a research group from Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Geological Institute analyzed the shape of the landscape in the popular hiking area and pointed to the model for the development of Nahal Peretzim in its unique form
The African Zabads are caught in a bar to extract the musk oil that has been used since ancient times to anoint kings. Is it possible to develop a more humane method?
A project carried out by members of the Africa team of Engineers Without Borders Israel - Tel Aviv contributes to the supply of clean drinking water to rural areas in Africa, and has been operating continuously since 2013 in the Babati district of northern Tanzania. The project provides water to approximately 5,000 children
The harmful chemicals can be found in a wide variety of consumer products such as food packaging, toys, medical devices, adhesives and more
A multidisciplinary study was able to date 21 layers of destruction at 17 archaeological sites in the State of Israel, with the help of measuring the direction and strength of the Earth's magnetic field, as they were "recorded" at the time the sites were burned, and to examine how much the biblical stories about the Egyptian, Aramaic, and Assyrian conquest campaigns And the Babylonians against the kingdoms of Judah and Israel were accurate
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