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"The truth is that my candidacy was not liked by the Honorable Minister and those close to the Prime Minister and perhaps even the Prime Minister himself because I am known to be an opponent of him and the political revolution he tried to bring about," said Waldman
In the letter they explain that "it is very important to distinguish between the murderous ambitions of the terrorist organization Hamas and the Palestinian ambition for an independent state. The blurring of the differences between these ambitions and the very contradiction between them feeds the voices of
Javed Ali, Associate Professor of Counterterrorism, Domestic Terrorism, Cyber, and National Security at the University of Michigan answers questions THE CONVERSATION
A new book examines the views of the country's founding father
This is according to a survey published by the Start-up Nation Central association. Avi Hasson, CEO of Start-up Nation Central: "Companies and investors are taking active steps to move operations away from Israel and this behavior has increased significantly in the last three months. trends
In light of claims from readers as if we are citing the various objections to the legislation (for example, by the University Heads' Committee) without citing the reasons of the other side, Nir Lahav has edited an article that presents the claims from the sides of the legislation
The Senate also warned of a negative impact that could be caused by the legislation and the manner in which it was adopted on the continued cooperation with researchers from abroad and on the winning of international research grants by Israeli researchers, and harm to their position
"The constitutional coup that the government of Israel is dragging the country into will be a disaster for the academy as well! We call from here on the lawmakers in the Knesset - do not reach out to damage the democratic foundations of the State of Israel! Stop before it happens
The declaration is jointly signed by the Max Planck Society, the Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the German National Academy of Sciences Leopoldina, the Helmholtz Society and the German Council for Sciences and Humanities
The populists are lying when they claim they want to empower us all by denying judges the authority to oversee democracy. They really want to break through the strongest constitutional barrier against authoritarianism
This is according to data collected from the 2022 social survey on attitudes regarding the influence of religion
All attempts to regulate the field of artificial intelligence were at best amateurish, states the Knesset's research division. New regulations must be built and an adequate budget allocated to them
OPEN AI CEO Sam Altman and Chief Scientist Ilya Sutzkover participated in the event moderated by Dr. Nadav Cohen from Tel Aviv University. They addressed the issue of using AI as a weapon, the impact on the job market and the fear of intelligence
Altman joins a number of prominent figures, including Elon Musk and Stuart Russell, in emphasizing the need for careful research and caution in the development of artificial intelligence. The letter highlights the importance of ensuring AI systems are designed with safety in mind
Society now faces an increasing number of decisions about our relationship with technology. For example, do we want our workforce needs to be filled by automation, migrant workers or
The first study of its kind in Israel examined the impact of the legal revolution on the mental health of Israeli citizens
New research reveals that a linguistic bias in the English language, which encourages us to "improve" things by adding to them instead of subtracting from them, is so common that it's even been incorporated into artificial intelligence chatbots
The annual report of Tel Aviv University in collaboration with the "Anti-Defamation League" in preparation for Holocaust Day, but according to Prof. Uriah Shavit, head of the Center for the Study of European Jewry at Tel Aviv University: "With all
In a statement published tonight, the heads of the universities stated that this was done "against the continuation of the legislative process that undermines the foundations of Israeli democracy and endangers its continued existence."
This is according to a new survey conducted by the Israeli Young Academy during the month of March. In the segmentation of the results by age, it can be seen that there is an increase in the chances of leaving at all ages, but it is more pronounced for faculty members
Under the new system, Chinese researchers will be evaluated based on the quality and impact of their work rather than the number of publications they produce. Researchers who are found to have been involved in research misconduct will be prosecuted
This is according to the annual conference of Tech.AI, the center for artificial intelligence at the Technion
In a statement, the members of the Senate and university officials write: "We call on the Israeli government and the Knesset to stop the legislative processes that fundamentally change the order of the democratic regime in Israel." They express fear that the media and academia will be next
Agassi was born and grew up ultra-Orthodox and left the religion in adolescence. Considered the senior philosopher in Israel and was a student of Karl Popper. He asked to change the nationality on the identity card from Jewish to Israeli and was refused
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