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Research has confirmed that lesbians, gays and bisexuals are less likely to have children than heterosexuals, mainly due to their expectation of social stigma regarding their parenting
Heads of state meeting in Brussels approved the changes on February 1 after Germany rejected the Commission's proposal to add 100 billion euros to the EU's multi-annual budget. The deal releases a 50 aid pack
The Ministry of Innovation, Science and Technology and the Consulting and Legislation Department (Economic Law) at the Ministry of Justice publish a policy document on regulation and ethics in the field of artificial intelligence, which guides government ministries in their activities; A government knowledge center will be established for the benefit of the issue
In theory, a male skin cell can be turned into an egg and a female skin cell into a sperm cell. There is also the possibility of a child genetically connected to several parents, or only to one parent
Meet Prof. Aner Govrin from the program for interpretation and culture, who is the head of the program for interpretation and psychoanalysis
In recent years there has been an unprecedented increase in technological disruption. At the same time, a Gallup poll revealed a global increase in unhappiness. Gallup's latest Positive Experiences Index showed a decline in happiness
Altman joins a number of prominent figures, including Elon Musk and Stuart Russell, in emphasizing the need for careful research and caution in the development of artificial intelligence. The letter highlights the importance of ensuring AI systems are designed with safety in mind
The signatories of the letter call for a six-month pause in the development of systems more powerful than OpenAI's new GPT-4. "Strong AI systems should only be developed once we are sure that their effects will be positive and their risks
After already retracting a previous article by the same researcher from 2020 that claimed superconductivity at high temperatures, he again publishes a follow-up article even though it also revealed considerable problems
Doctors who see a bowel cancer patient tend to refer more patients to tests for early detection. Is this a correct response?
According to the researchers: "The method is indeed very effective, but it is not always safe either. Sometimes chromosomes that have been cut in the procedure fail to recover and the stability of the genome is undermined - something that in the long run may even cause cancer"
As part of its deadly attack on Ukraine, Russia has taken the rare step of using intellectual property rights as a war tactic. In early March, the Russian government issued a decree according to which Russian companies are no longer obliged to compensate
The incoming president of the Israeli National Academy of Sciences, Prof. David Harel, is trying to dispel this dichotomy. In a conversation with the science website, he explains that, among other things, he intends to reduce the gap between
New technologies in the field of genetic engineering today allow us to change the properties of different species quickly and with great flexibility, for example controlling the reproductive capacity of pests, but are they safe?
Two new studies - one from Britain and the other from Israel - have recently clarified the deadly meaning of the same burden for patients, especially Covid-19 patients
In recent days there has been a big uproar regarding the Helsinki Committee, what it determined or did not determine, and what it means for the vaccine. So let's break down the issue, to understand what the Ministry of Health really did wrong, and what
Prof. Aharon Chachanover lectured on the burning issue, mainly he warns about the danger of resistance to vaccines (video)
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