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A country haunted by demons MG: Are we facing an eternal social protest due to structured unemployment that will be exploited by the merchants of religions?

On the face of it, the recession that led to unemployment seems like something that was decreed upon us by the normal business cycle, but the situation this time is different from previous economic crises because another factor must be taken into account - the technology that makes many professions redundant

unemployment. Illustration: shutterstock
unemployment. Illustration: shutterstock

In the sixties and seventies, joke booklets were published in Israel. Apparently even in my childhood I was interested in the future because I remember a joke where a woman tells her husband: "Don't ask what a hard day we had at the office, the computer broke down and we had to start thinking." Soon it will probably be a serious problem.

Many criticize me for this series (a country haunted by demons) and for many articles in the field of the environment that show a pessimistic attitude about the future. Some see all the technological articles and say how beautiful, robots will replace us on the battlefield, parts of our bodies will be replaced with upgraded organs, we will live for hundreds of years until we get tired, we will no longer suffer from heart disease, autoimmune diseases such as diabetes or diseases that impair brain function such as Alzheimer's and Parkinson's, because it is found Medicines, and if not medicines - we will find other ways to restore the nervous system.

Apparently, as Yanki Margalit, the prophet of the singularity in Israel, presented last week, on the eve of the publication of Dr.Roey Tsezana's book "The Guide to the Future", the situation today is better than ever in almost every parameter. The number of violent conflicts in the world, nutrition, absolute poverty rates, and more. But one thing stood out in the opposite direction - the unemployment rate that just keeps going up and there is no end in sight to such an extent that Margalit suggested "to live with unemployment and see it as a good thing."

So much for Margalit's words. From here on complaints should be brought to me. Two years ago, the world was flooded with protests, seemingly for various reasons. Young people in Spain, for example, protested the unemployment situation, in Israel and the USA (OCCUPY WALL STREET) The masses protested the cost of living and the unjust distribution of capital between the one percent who have it and the 99% who don't. But there were countries where the protest led to a change of government - what was then called the "Arab Spring", which turned out to be an Islamic winter in many places - precisely because no one thought to address the issue of unemployment and the extremist preachers took advantage of this to attract the masses to them.

Ostensibly, the recession that led to unemployment seems like something normal in the business cycle that is imposed upon us by the very capitalist system (which has experienced cycles for about 300 years), but the situation this time is different from previous economic crises because another factor must be taken into account - technology. Until today, every time a profession disappeared due to mechanization, people moved to professions where they could provide added value (especially in the middle class). The industrial revolution in the 18th century caused the incitement of manpower from agriculture to industry, and after that, the services developed, and today we are already in the information age and maybe even after it. But Margalit says that this curve is already reaching its peak and the people whose professions are being replaced by computers will not have alternative employment.

The inevitable conclusion - unemployment rates will continue to climb to percentages that seem frightening to us. Already today there is huge unemployment among groups that can afford it. For example, in Norway, where each citizen receives an average of 11 dollars per year from oil revenues in various services and grants from the state, and similarly in the rich Gulf countries, and yes, the ultra-orthodox in Mea Shearim who, after three generations, have become accustomed to unemployment at the expense of the working public in Israel.

It is possible that we will someday reach a situation where the robots will work and we will somehow receive the income (assuming that it will not be only one percent of the population and the rest are crumbs) but at least in the foreseeable future, the projection will be completely different. Those chronically unemployed will be easy prey for the merchants of religion all over the world, and perhaps this is the reason for the transformation of the Arab spring into an Islamic winter. The figure today is that 86% of the world's population believes in some religion. Are we once again facing the Middle Ages, when we will lose all the technological achievements of today as well as the many achievements of the modern era such as relative economic well-being and peace from wars (relative of course)?

I also don't like solutions of 'inventing' employment such as the one that emerges from the following ad that you must have seen on Facebook (which highlights paid ads instead of real content from surfers such as references to interesting articles on the knowledge site and discussions about them): "Age 40 and looking for a job? For us, age is an advantage! Come and become personal trainers for couples and business. Nice pay, flexible hours, hurry up."

It is possible that we have reached the end of the employment curve, but that does not solve the governments accepting responsibility for their residents, in my opinion one of them should be scientific and information literacy, because someone will have to develop these futuristic technologies in the future as well, and it is desirable that the pool be as large as possible. Along the way, scientific education (if it is given in the right way) will help to reduce the influence of the merchants of religions, cult leaders and other parties who see their life's calling to control other people's lives. In addition, even unemployed people as a result of the elimination of jobs deserve a vocation in life, and it's a shame that those who will give it to them are those who are not really interested in advancement.

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  1. Why does everything in this country have to be so patriotic and anti-Arab?
    My father, I suggest - a picture of you saluting the Israeli flag to appease the offended. 🙂

  2. There are also critical articles about Islam, you just don't look for them and claim there aren't any. Granted, the tactic of the ultra-Orthodox like you is to try to prevent publication of the injustices at all costs, assuming that if it is not published, no one will know it exists and we can continue to celebrate. I don't understand that someone who makes sure that my children don't learn science, and that his children don't learn anything, can't avoid criticism.

  3. It is argued that what disturbs Israeli society is parasitism and degeneration, therefore it is to be expected that fifty-two percent of the critical articles will deal with Arab parasitism. The rest of the articles will deal with the ultra-orthodox degeneration, the market people who work and have a file with National Insurance, etc.

    Until now I have noticed that there are zero percent of articles critical of the Arab degeneration, and one hundred percent of articles about ultra-Orthodox parasitism, naturally a severe reproach is placed on the "purity" of the intentions of the authors of the articles.
    The question of whether an enlightened pluralist like the author of the article is not prevented from changing (in light of Hades Proportion) is inevitable... and I still have not received an answer, except "what is your point" (an attempt to eliminate a question to which the answer is not photogenic)

    Perhaps the author of the article is not awash in hatred but a slave of a thought dogma in our society. Pay attention to the reactions I get for daring to think differently... it was much easier for me to choose to get along with everyone and follow the same path than to choose to think independently.

    To my father, if I had seen that fifty-two percent of the articles dealt (as expected) with the Arab "parasitism" I would not have complained about the ultra-Orthodox "parasitism".

    In light of my history as a Jew, I prefer to protect the "parasites" than align with the enlightened, athletic, perfect caretakers, the crystal beauties.

  4. A well-known method in rhetoric and persuasion instead of a factual answer is to find a flaw in the questioner or the question and put a spin on it.

    Or if a mistake was found in your words (as with the people of Mea Shearim) to say that they are caught by "anecdote" with tweezers and that there are "studies" that testify to the ultra-Orthodox parasitism.

    Aristotle criticizes the Sufis for using these methods.

    I am not a complete Israelite. I am married to a non-Jewish woman and I have a child who is not considered Jewish, so I have no side with the ultra-Orthodox (or against them). The repeated articles and criticisms against the ultra-Orthodox on the one hand, and the turning a blind eye to the Arab sector that takes advantage of fifty-two percent of the allowances and income security on the other - raise serious questions about the purity of intentions... The Arab sector steals the working public twice, despite the file with the National Insurance - most of them work (only black), most of them have debts of up to three hundred and fifty thousand shekels (property tax, electricity, water, sewage), and that's without mentioning the wild takeover of land... construction without permits - In fact, why submit applications for construction permits?.. It's not possible for free. No one will criticize them because everyone is busy criticizing one sector!

    By the way, even if you would exclusively attack only the Arab sector disproportionately, even then I would "complain".

    In light of the understandable turning a blind eye to one sector and systematically piercing beams to another sector. The question arises: Is the pluralist Avi Levevsky disturbed by the phenomenon of degeneration and parasitism in Israeli society? Or rather the ultra-Orthodox phenomenon is what bothers him in Israeli society.

    It's hard to answer, but if I had to I would give an answer you wouldn't like to hear

    For the sake of fairness, I urge you to write a critical article about the Arab degeneration... not only in Israel but also in Europe.
    About a year ago a study was carried out to check whether Muslim minority populations fail because English society does not allow them to integrate, or whether culture plays a part in this.

    The results will surprise you... I'll just tell you that they compared two visually identical populations (so you can't blame the white Englishman for not being able to tell them apart). The study populations were Indians and Pakistanis. Pakistanis are at the bottom of the poverty population and not only that, they preserve poverty and pass it on to the next generation. In contrast, Indians are a population that is on average more successful than the English of white ethnicity.

    Shabbat Shalom

  5. Anonymous, the fact that you don't understand that the article is aimed at the merchants of all religions, means that my intention is also for those you describe that I apparently don't deal with. Therefore, in my opinion, there is no racism here.

    I understand the reason for the criticism, each person sees the other's shortcomings, and flatly refuses to understand where they are wrong. With the ultra-Orthodox, it is simply done in an organized way, after all, if I wrote about the need for a complete Land of Israel and adherence to Halacha, wouldn't you complain that the website is political? The point I described is a social point of view and the criticism is not so much on ultra-Orthodox society, as on the government that allows it to avoid core studies. I also criticize the level of education in the Arab sector and even in the state sector which is not as it should be in a reformed Western country.

  6. ב
    On the question of the connection to the social protest I will quote from the sources "eyes for them and they will not see, ears for them and they will not hear". They don't want to not see or hear. Reminiscent of the famous monkey cartoon with one difference. They are not silent, but scream and scream.. believe me, if they take over the country you are the first one they will do to him... just like the communist USSR that took over the countries of Eastern Europe and the first ones they discovered and also murdered were the members of the communist parties in those countries.. and for your information, if the Messiah does come, he will have to go through conversion and harshness.

  7. To my dear Abbi Bliwski
    Please be accurate with the facts. There is a much more degenerate sector in the country that also declares that it does not work, also opens a garage or a restaurant on the first floor of its house (and raises huge amounts of taxes) and also takes over the Galilee (drive on the Acre-Safet road). By the way, that parasitic sector takes advantage of over three billion shekels (52% of the allowances and income security. It is not appropriate to ignore facts and in every article to harass one sector... It smells of racism
    ) …I came to this site because I was tired of hearing about politics but I quickly discovered that it is not much different anymore

  8. In the ultra-Orthodox demonstrations, such as those in Beit Shemesh, a threat was raised that if their demands were not met, they would leave the country. let them leave The state can go towards them, find them an island in the Pacific Ocean and transport them there at its own expense. And there they will establish their own country. And what will this country be called? Ponibizhstan. From a sociological point of view, these are actually sects. Each sect with its own clothing and with its characteristic social codes. The yeshiva students hate these other yeshiva students. More than they hate the secular. Each yeshiva has its own line of thought that its religious approach is absolute. Groups from different yeshiva must therefore be transferred to be on the same island. The result will not be late to come. Incessant fights among themselves to the point of causing irreversible damage. Only then did they learn a lesson, hopefully, the price of uncompromising dogma.

  9. In one of the reactions of the extremist circles it was said that they will leave the country. let them leave You can even walk towards them. Find an island in the Pacific Ocean and transport them there on the ships of the merchant fleet at the expense of the state. And what will be the name of the state they will establish for themselves? Ponibzstan. They actually act like cults. Each yeshiva with its signs and social codes. moreover. All yeshivas hate each other more than they hate the seculars. Each yeshiva thinks that it has the absolute religious the context of moving them to one of the islands in the ocean, it is better to mix them. On the same island there will be members of different yeshivas. And the result will not be long in coming. It will turn out that in their total and unrestrained approach. They will cause themselves severe, possibly irreversible damage. Only then, hopefully, they will open their eyes and see that it is their way. It is almost certain that if the prophets of Israel, Jeremiah, Amos and all the rest had come to Israel, they would not have been satisfied with them, to put it mildly.

  10. Because of our Jewish identity, we are about to lose our scientific and technological identity. It is impossible to protect a million people from knowing that the world is more than 6,000 years old and for the purpose of this protection also to protect him from any other knowledge about the world, including knowledge that would allow him to work. Are you aware of the huge campaign going on right now in the ultra-orthodox sector to disconnect from the internet?
    And certainly if they are a majority, many secularists will have no desire to be cannon fodder and those who can will run away.
    By the way, the conference mentioned the number of university graduates in fields relevant to high-tech, which decreased from 4,400 per year in 2001 to 2,900 per year in 2011. Hello to the number of Yeshiva graduates. They will develop startups that calculate how many eggs are born on Saturday.
    The cut also affected the seculars to some extent, but working people are not sensitive to another one hundred and two hundred shekels, people who do not work and have 20 children feel that they are missing a few thousand.

  11. Didn't the cut in the children's allowance budgets hurt the secular population as well?
    What does it mean to "make it big"? So much so that this would prevent the Jewish identity of the country from being preserved?
    I think that if, heaven forbid, there is no one to protect us - it won't be because of an ultra-Orthodox/religious majority in the country. But because many seculars will also decide to stop sharing in the burden and even some of them will flee the country.

  12. Yes, it already proved itself in a small way in 2003 when the children's allowance budgets were cut, it should be done in a big way. It is impossible to let them continue to shut down, because if they continue to shut down when they are the majority, woe betide us all. It's not a matter of quality of life, it's a matter of life and death because there will be no one to protect us.

  13. Avi Blizovsky
    right. The problem is not that the religious receive money, but that almost all the religious do not share in the burden. How do you solve it? We don't give them money? Do you think then they will start sharing in the burden that is placed on the seculars?

  14. I happened to be at an ultra-Orthodox event today, and it turns out that all the people of Neturi Karta amount to 99.8 people, so they don't even make up a tenth of one percent of all the ultra-Orthodox in the country, the other XNUMX% take money from the government, so it's just like the conscript on duty - a fig leaf for repelling just demands for equality in the burden .

  15. What is between
    A "parasite" who devotes his life to studying Gemara and is content with little for his existence
    A parasite who sits on a standard that no one really needs and receives a huge salary?
    How many are of the first type and how many of the second type?

  16. June:
    "A blog/website is all up to the viewer," - 120,000 unique surfers, and none of them will agree with you.
    The science website won more awards than you will win all your days.
    A little respect, and you'll eat a microbe.

  17. Abi, you happen to agree with the conclusions of the article (and not a study) from the MIT website, but you will surely agree with me that it does not unequivocally prove this statement. And besides, he doesn't pretend to be either. A strong gut feeling is a good basis for starting unbiased research. A strong gut feeling is a shaky basis, at best, for starting a discussion, or drawing conclusions.

    Blog/website everything depends on my affairs the observer, in any case if we are looking at livelihood, then the least I can offer is best wishes for the new civil year.

  18. "It is appropriate to boast the title of 'Yaden', to know that the ultra-Orthodox in Mea-Shearim are among the circles closest to Neturi-Karta, who for ideological reasons do not take a dime from the Zionist state." –
    Equally worthy of Mr. He hated to know that the immigrants of Israel like the Neturi-Kharta should move to Arab countries or Alaska or anywhere else except the Jewish state, and continue their anti-Semitic activities there.

  19. It is impossible to dwarf the problem by means of an anecdote, these are the few that are always convenient to wave at, and most of the ultra-Orthodox take also take, there are many studies on this. And besides that, there are dozens of other ultra-Orthodox neighborhoods besides Mea Shearim. According to an investigation published on Channel 2 a few weeks ago, this is a widespread phenomenon, which is hardly addressed.
    By the way, they will always bring the 2-3% of the ultra-Orthodox who serve in the army, and the handful of Ilai who are studying for academic degrees, but even the court that invalidated the Tal Law was not convinced by this.

  20. "And yes, the ultra-Orthodox in Mea Shearim who after three generations got used to unemployment at the expense of the working public in Israel"
    It is appropriate to boast of the title of 'Yaden', to know that the ultra-Orthodox in Mea-Shearim are among the circles closest to Neturi-Karta, who for ideological reasons do not take a dime from the Zionist state. Yes, not child benefits either.

  21. For June, first of all this is a site with 120 thousand unique surfers and I am making an effort to increase the number several times. Those who want to take advantage of it and publish without paying (under the washed-up name press releases) call it a blog. And as for livelihood - from your mouth to the ears of the marketing managers of the universities, science museums, organizers of scientific conferences, marketers of laboratory equipment and dozens of other entities who think that the site exists only to serve them and are interested in its users but are not ready to bear the burden involved in its operation.

  22. As the former Accountant General Zelicha explained, unemployment exists because the capitalists control everything and create a monopoly and therefore there are no jobs.

    Everything else is brainwashing.

  23. genius,

    An interesting article, but it is not research, it is an opinion and a belief that supports the above article, but with a number of anecdotes that actually (in my opinion) support the opposing position. In any case, below is a sentence from the article that sums it up the best
    Many labor economists say the data are, at best, far from conclusive. "

    In any case, any such study must examine all the variables that can have an effect. Ignoring, for example, globalization (not only) is quite jarring to me because many manufacturing jobs have moved to China. It is not serious to show a correlation between two variables and claim causation. In my opinion, it is less serious to start an article with such a large and sweeping statement without proper substantiation and jump to conclusions from it.

  24. June:
    Technology is not the cause of unemployment.
    Jobs disappear and others pop up in their place.

    The cause of unemployment is the government.
    The government decides what percentage of unemployed it wants.
    There is no shortage of money and no shortage of jobs.
    With the money of the tycoons, it was possible to employ all the unemployed at very reasonable salaries.
    It is not possible that a person at the age of 40 is no longer productive.
    It is not possible for a person at the age of 40 to be unemployed just because of his age.
    It is not possible that a tycoon at the age of 40 is only at the beginning of prosperity and in contrast an ordinary person who has reached the age of 40 is already at the end of the road.

  25. John Maynard Keynes - managed to rescue the West from the great recession in the thirties. We can learn from the past.

  26. B,
    One of the claims in the article is that technology causes jobs to disappear and therefore unemployment is increasing (and probably the trend will only increase) or did I not understand the claim. And this is from a blog which I assume generates a certain income thanks to the technology which was not possible before.
    The article you linked to does not support this grandiose and sweeping statement. We are also not in a record period in terms of unemployment if we look only at the last 100 years. There are no allowances for many different factors. As I mentioned fantastic article. Even with data I think it will just be a biased article. It's not that there isn't room to do in-depth research for this thesis, but right now I don't see it here.

  27. Nissani
    According to you "most of the Jewish scientists are the sons of those who dealt with the most abstract matters of their contemporaries". Those Jewish scientists are proud of their ancestors. They have good reason. They grew up in an intellectual environment that radiated on them. The obvious question is why they did not continue this tradition and go their separate ways in secular academic settings. They don't wear the yeshiva benches and they don't sing about our righteous Messiah. Probably with all their appreciation for their learned ancestors. They felt that something creaks and those learned fathers are mostly not relevant to our world. From then until today, a lot of water has passed in the Vistula and the Danube. I advised you to get out of this way at least a little and breathe a little of the fresh air of the Alpine peaks. I'm afraid that if you don't, you'll end up stuck in cognitive regression. Look at your brother in Mea Shearim and Beit Shemesh. You have passed the stage of cognitive disabsorption.

  28. Nisani, rabbis and teachers of Halacha (also not Jews) are indeed traffickers of religions, on the weight of drug dealers who seek easy prey... dark clerical evil woodsmen.
    Most of them lack minimal education, manipulators, of dark publics lacking intelligence, look at our cousins, our neighbors and then look at our sector. Their leaders are busy perpetuating the dark misery of the "holy crowd" the worst is yet to come

  29. To Mr. Blizovsky and Haim Mazar
    Rabbis and teachers of Halacha (not even Jews) are not religion dealers, on the weight of drug dealers who seek easy prey... dark clerical bad woodsmen
    who are waiting for every bitter soul to hunt his soul
    Most of them spend their days dealing with knowledge, the main thing of which is law and law, and imparting it to others at zero cost. This is not opium trading, as your socialist gentlemen have taught
    Whoever is given the microphone must be careful with definitions and wording
    As for science and halacha, there is no contradiction here (although science and faith can come into conflict) most of the Jewish scientists are the sons of those who dealt with the most abstract matters of their contemporaries, that is, with complex matters of halacha, that is, rabbis, and it is not without reason that some are quick to point this out

  30. come on.
    If there were numerical data for this article I could treat it as biased. But without this data I have no description other than delusional.

  31. for miracles:
    I suggest getting rid of the isms and start examining everything on its merits.
    In the case of the tycoons:
    The government should take care of the public interest.
    There is no personal matter here.
    There is a method here.
    This method is used by some people.
    Therefore, it is the government's duty to ensure that this system cannot continue to exist.

  32. Nissani
    A few years ago the chief military attorney was a man wearing a black cap. Will we subtract what he is from his Judaism? A few years ago, one of the writers of the journal Science arrived in Israel. He gave a series of lectures on how to write a scientific article. He also wears a black cap. Will we subtract what he is from his Judaism? Your seclusion in the Yeshiva's Amutiya will result in disaster and irreparable damage to the members of your future generations and you are responsible. About this it was said that fathers ate unripe and children's teeth were takinah. The ripeness you sow is the sprouts you plant in the beds of the yeshiva. According to Gemara alone is not enough. The directors of the yeshiva in Sora, Naharda and Pumbudita would have denounced you harshly. Saadia Gaon, who was a great man of the world, would not have made life easy for you. The same goes for Rabbi Yehuda Kook, who was also a great man of the world and was also knowledgeable in the world of philosophy, believe me that nothing was taken away from his Judaism. Rather, that knowledge deepened his spiritual world. As far as you are concerned, do not gather in the narrow world of the ant. And the ant is so tiny that you can trample it with a light step.

  33. The capitalist dream is gone.
    Our ancestors dreamed of capitalism that would bring prosperity.
    However, reality slaps us in the face:
    Capitalism as it is today does not bring prosperity.
    Capitalism today means that money is siphoned from the population into the pockets of the tycoons.

  34. As you probably noticed, I did not specifically refer to the Jewish religion but to all religions. It's hard for me to understand why you put quotation marks next to the 'advanced'. And secondly, not everyone in the country has progressive views. There are those who think that freedom and equality are a one-sided thing and give concessions to the extremist Islamists and solve them with hundreds of demands they demand from the others (by Gideon Levi).
    In addition, I believe that seclusion in religion, any religion, is a bad thing, your interest as believers should also be imparting knowledge that will enable a modern life, especially in a rapidly changing world, to your children, otherwise you are betraying them first of all.

  35. A smart step, in my opinion, would be to impose a special tax on all companies in the economy. Such a tax is collected when the company's profits pass a certain threshold.
    In addition, set a salary ceiling at a certain level for management members in every company in the economy.

    Whoever claims that the investors will flee abroad together with the business - not bad.
    Their place will be filled by less greedy and greedy businessmen, who will settle for a lower salary. and will continue to provide work.

  36. The solution is to give unemployment benefits without a time limit, and at the same time also finance their studies as much as they want, at any age.
    In the end, only studies will allow employment,
    Instead of giving unemployment benefits to yeshiva studies, which is completely useless.
    Unemployment benefits should be given for studies that contribute to the advancement of the population.

  37. Perhaps it would be worthwhile to promote a policy of affirmative action for small businesses (the largest employer in the economy). To always prefer a handmade product, over "without human contact". So as not to abandon the economy to the cartels of huge international corporations.

  38. Perhaps we need to return to Keynesian countries (named after the economist). A policy that holds that in order for the economy to flow, the state needs to preserve employment at any cost. Thus leaving the public with income for consumption. For example, forestry, archaeological excavations, infrastructure projects. Even if there are more profitable alternatives, it is better to leave income to the population. Even regardless of the robotic efficiency, a similar problem is the foreign peck. Chinese labor creates unemployment in the West.

  39. Yes, whoever looks at the data: 40th place in the PISA tests - while the position in the sciences is even lower than that. The quality of higher education according to global ranking (except for the Weizmann Institute). Immediately understands that Israel is sinking into the third world. Even without needing income data, disparities, poverty, etc. Israeli society has no intellectual growth engines, let alone negative growth engines in other fields. The social fabric is crumbling, and priorities are not values.
    It is worth telling the factual truth - Israel will be another Arab country in the Middle East, poor citizens, ignorant and religious extremists (Gaza, Egypt). Their purpose in life is to serve the dictator of capital, security rule, stench-the best is yet to come

  40. Dear Mr. Blizovsky, among the readers of the Science there are also religious Jews and even ultra-Orthodox
    Sir, he writes about them decisively, self-confidently, eloquently, with no small amount of arrogance (that is to say, a lot).
    "Progressive" views shape some of Haaretz's readers, who are about 15 percent of Israeli citizens, so stop being condescending and please write more modestly

  41. Firing employees over the age of 40 is very unwise and inhumane

    One of Miki Chaimovitz's investigative programs on Channel 40 was devoted to a painful and problematic issue, to say the least, and that is the dismissal of workers over the age of XNUMX. The premise is that these workers are no longer efficient because the world belongs to the young. The mindset of the time but lacks any common sense in an overwhelming way. People with extensive education and a lot of experience find themselves knocking on the doors of the employment service and companies for the placement of workers to find a new job that matches their skills, education and experience, maturity and professionalism. These are nothing more than currency passing to the merchant. They are no longer relevant. A feeling of sourness and helplessness.
    A person who has devoted his time and made a decent living until now, and even more so, will very quickly find himself climbing walls because he does not know how to fill the many free hours now available to him. There are no more meetings, no more secretaries and no one calls him for advice because he is the professional. This feeling is projected onto his wife and children. You can very quickly get lost and have a mental breakdown, and it is true that this program tells about such an employee who refused to get out of his bed for days. A classic state of depression. Such an extreme situation may lead to suicidal thoughts, which will require the involvement of social workers. Those social workers whose expertise is needed elsewhere. With no choice, people who don't need it are taken care of, which contributes quite a bit to further loss of residual self-confidence that remains in their mental reserves. A situation may also arise in which the person who is fired for lack of choice will go to work on duty and such an example was indeed presented in this investigative program. That new security worker comes to work and here comes the CEO of this company. The CEO recognizes this person. Will he be able to look him in the eye? He will make every effort to avoid this embarrassing situation, what's more, he himself might end up in this situation.
    The continuation of this trend may result in many young people not wanting to invest in engineering studies and economics and management studies. The line of thought that will accompany them will be that their employment life expectancy will be short anyway, since they will not be able to advance and develop careers. As a result, the economic and business system loses in the long-term calculation. Society as a whole relies on the middle class. It is the backbone of a reformed society. A collapse of this status will lead to the collapse of society as a whole.. This situation may also occur in private firms and business entities. That intermediate layer will shrink. The senior level, the management, and the junior level employees remain in them. Those CEOs will not have a next generation to replace them when the time comes. The intermediate level that during his work gains experience and mental maturity in preparation for his entry into management positions almost no longer exists. Those CEOs who fired and fired put themselves on the ground due to the spirit of the times that the world supposedly belongs to the young. It will come back to them like a boomerang. Out of no choice, those CEOs will jump junior employees to senior positions when these have neither the accumulated training, nor the appropriate education nor the necessary mental maturity. The result is wrong decisions and loss of revenue.. Alongside the CEOs are not the employees involved in quality control and checking the decision-making processes.
    With a somewhat optimistic view, a blessing might grow out of this. Those laid off will try to realize professional dreams that they could not do anything about until now. The large amount of free time they will have at their disposal will allow them to run new ventures. Possible evidence of this was found in one of the news releases in which it was written about a senior employee aged 61 or 62 who was fired and then started a new venture and now, at the age of 68, manages a new company he founded that employs 900 employees. The hope is that it will continue. It is hoped that these entrepreneurs, in light of their experience, will find the appropriate balance between the number of young employees and older employees. All that remains is to hope that this will indeed be the case

  42. Jacques Fresco, the father of Project Venus is the source of many for this way of thinking, and he has been talking about it for years.
    A lot of people don't realize that the main reason for unemployment in our time is because robots just do their jobs much better. More efficient, faster, without cigarette and food breaks, working 24 hours a day, without social conditions and without pension provisions. And in addition, they produce at the rate of a number of human workers.
    Any job that can be given to a robot, should be given to a robot. People don't like to work, they like to receive money, it has even been said - they don't like money, they like the products and services that money brings to their lives.
    Many people say: "Well, then robots will do factory work, but we will still need technicians to fix them"
    That may be true, but the truth is that for 1000 jobs lost to robots, far fewer jobs were created.
    You have to think about the economic consequences, because this talk of how it's going to happen in another 100 years is stupid, it's already at the peak of the process.
    The levels of unemployment are rising everywhere, and at the same time a situation arises where the factory owners are making legendary profits, their expenses are small, and their production capacity is at its peak, but the rest of the public is unemployed and another moment comes to the indignity of starvation. The government should definitely intervene in this. But the government does not understand technology, and in addition, is afraid of the owners of the factories, they have real power, and it is appropriate to be afraid of them sometimes. (For example, they can without many problems burn your reputation on Channel 2 news, tell that you are suspected of rape, and that's the end of it for you, oh yes, they own media)
    People should not demonstrate and shout and think that somehow new jobs will emerge thanks to the shouting,
    The jobs are gone, and they are not coming back.
    People should shout that there should be an end to the culture where the factory owner scoops up all the profits for himself.
    Perhaps, in a better world, a certain pricing law, which allows you to demand 105% of its production cost for the product, or another idea - investing a lot of government resources in the development of production technologies, and if, for example, you manage to reach a plan where a factory is run almost completely autonomously, invest in its establishment from your own funds taxes, to sell the produce very cheaply, or for free, to the citizens of the country, and if there are surpluses, to export at full price. Not to establish enterprises that require inflated boards of directors to which only friends and cousins ​​are admitted. Factories without management at all would be excellent.
    Regarding the religion argument, I can't connect, although weaker and poorer populations accept religion, but today you have the Internet on the other hand, which makes sure to keep people liberal and not murderous (less).
    But a horror scenario that may emerge from the whole story is that the factory owners will arm themselves with small armies. And when the time comes they will deny 99%, they will let them die of hunger.

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