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A country haunted by demons LXNUMX: Dear Baba or the defeat of reason

Has anything changed since King Saul went to Balat Ha'Av in Ein Dor, to talk through her with the prophet Shmuel? Forbes Israel magazine publishes a detailed list of the richest Babas. This is after several years ago the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth revealed which of the Israeli tycoons and politicians was going to consult which rabbi, coffee reader or astrologer or several of them

King Shaul and the Witch from a generation. Louis Maximilian Beavis, 1796. On display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam
King Shaul and the Witch from a generation. Louis Maximilian Beavis, 1796. On display at the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam

A few years ago, the newspaper Yedioth Ahronoth reported on The businessmen and politicians who go to consult with Rabbis are mostly of the 'babov' type, or with astrologers, numerologists, coffee readers, etc. - there are some who also consult (or have consulted, those who have since passed away) with several of them, and of all the types, what is called not helpful may not be harmful (and how Harmful because these are people who set an example for others).

This week we received an update from the Forbes newspaper in its Israeli edition that recently conducted an investigation with the aim of trying to find out how much the failure in the education system is costing Israel for at least three decades. An omission that gave birth to people who in a different situation could have gone to university, founded start-up companies, created and increased the GDP, waste their time and money on receiving a blessing from a Rabbi, who is usually stupid and ignorant and with the country like his followers.

It seems that the defeat of reason, which will manifest itself in a few years in the transformation of Israel into a Halacha state, the closing of the universities and the flight of scientists, is closer than ever.

Already today we see its buds when the masses of Israelis cheer for a fascist manhunt that makes an anti-Zionist minister for asylum seekers only because of their color "to protect the Declaration of Independence" (and how come no interviewer pointed out to him the absurdity of his words?). and see also A country haunted by demons XNUMX - Is a person created in Tselem's image really lovable??)

Let's leave aside the fact that the original Judaism probably didn't really like the knowledgeable, but rather the knowledgeable, but when we are at the beginning of the third millennium, we seem to be walking on the brink of doom with the strengthening of fundamentalist Islam, Catholic Christianity that increases its belief in magic, Protestant Christianity that fights head-on with science, countless New Age sects Youth and a small branch of the local ignorance factory that expresses itself in sympathy for eccentric bodies like Chabad and Breslav, and especially, in the approach of politicians to the tycoons, which has the effect of testifying not only to the legitimacy of the stupidity but also to the level of intelligence of those politicians and businessmen.

Since then, King Saul turned to Ba'alat Ha'Av in Ein Dor in order to speak with Shmuel the prophet, as if 3,000 years had not passed and nothing had changed with the politicians and business owners who continue to do so even today. as per ForbesThe "babov" industry generates over a billion shekels a year - and many billions more that are not reported to the authorities. In a first-of-its-kind project, Forbes magazine ranked the richest rabbis in Israel. In first place is Rabbi Pinchas Abuchatzira, whose worth at the age of 36 reaches a legendary sum of NIS 1.3 billion. He is followed by his relative David Chai Abuchatzira, 70, who is worth 750 million shekels.

Later, two heads of traditional courts - the Rebbe of Gor and the Rebbe of Belez, followed by three rabbis who are favored by businessmen, Rabbi Nir Ben Artzi, Harantgan (Yaakov Ifergan), and Yasiah Pinto. Rabbi Baruch Abuchatzira is in ninth place.

Please note that this list, compared to the previous one, does not include estanganins who do not claim to represent the Jewish religion but other mystical practices such as astrology, numerology, reading in coffee and more. Apparently, there are also levels among the Istagnins and it is good to be a religious Istagnin.

By the way, the Babas don't get along and there is a big competition between the Abuchatzira family and the Roentgen that is reflected in the headlines in the media.

The enormous wealth accumulated by the families could have been channeled to much better purposes, if they had educated each child to think logically and research independently. On the contrary, the shallowness of the teachers in today's education system, and in fact for two or three decades now, is a result of starvation salaries that only attract to the profession those who have no choice but to check their tassels, and mostly these are women who for some reason have a perception that if they work, it is only to bring home a second salary, (incidentally which in itself is wrong, salary should be the same for the same work). Since teaching is considered the default, no one cares about the level of teachers. We only forget that we are entrusting our children to those mediocre minus minus teachers or to ultra-Orthodox teachers who flood the general education system. Children who will learn the teacher's opinion and both types of teachers do not really like thinking, because then they will be revealed in their intellectual depths as ignorant.

As a result, when the children grow up and want to ask the natural questions in order to understand the world, they will never visit the nearby university, but will look for the nearest guru, whether it is a person like Goel Tson who takes advantage of them physically or the head of one or another cult that distorts their logical thinking. The most available place to enrich their ignorance is the local preacher, and this is thanks to the huge financial investment of the state in this destructive industry called repentance. Otherwise it is not possible to understand how a normal person can believe that another mortal, who just happens to be wearing a robe and muttering blessings, is more important than him, that he should be worshiped, and that he should be paid for a blessing?

What bothers me beyond the general discomfort that money that is mostly evaded from taxes goes to people who claim to see the future and heal the sick, is that at the end of the list there are two repentants: Rabbi Reuven Elbez worth NIS 35 million, and Rabbi Amnon Yitzhak worth NIS 30 million.
Here is a video that speaks for itself.

Here is a video that speaks for itself.

Another proof of his irrationality is his belief in life after death as shown by the following video that he himself uploaded to the network with an English translation so that even ignorant English speakers can enjoy it. And they won't say I didn't ask for an answer.

And after all this, it's clear that I'm allowed to cry out why such a person gets 30 million shekels.

Minus and plus don't always balance each other

It's true, in America the situation is worse, there are a lot of cuckoos like the monis, Hari Krishna, and countless mystical sects that we haven't even heard of, each of which creates its own imaginary world, and the guru at its head manages to sew logic into all the illogical arguments and attract many believers to it and above all take their money) their money. The problem is that in Israel we don't have enough children to lose to these sects.

It is true that he pretends to be part of the Jewish religion and therefore his power as the leader of a powerful sect is greater than the leaders of other sects. He should be reminded that the first Christians were also considered Jews in Rome because Judaism was a recognized religion in the Roman Empire, and therefore was protected compared to the persecuted Christianity.

It is also true that in today's internet age, you don't need NIS 30 million to print brochures, produce video tapes, and more. A modest amount is enough to raise an invested site that will try to burn the flames (and this is thanks to the volunteers, this is the opportunity to thank them, as well as the content partners and magazines).

But it really doesn't comfort me that people can read both the popular science articles on the science site and the nonsense of the pantheists and make up their own minds. They can't because they were worried that they wouldn't be able to understand a scientific article or one dealing with science. I don't think that minus and plus balance each other because I think that the country deserves more than zero and that is in the best case, because the weight of the ignorant as we see from the investigation of Fobers is stronger and therefore the scales will tilt to the negative side.

On the same subject, you should re-read things written by a wise man: Prof. Yuval Neman who spoke of the end of the second scientific age. which says that the end of the scientific age (and this implies the return of the Middle Ages of one kind or another) is near, and now it only remains to determine the date of death.


  1. To my father and all those who sleep standing up:
    Indeed yes, I did not intend to disconnect from electricity for 24 hours because it is not possible (I admit that I was not precise..)
    But reducing the amount of radiation, especially from devices that you are close to the source of their energy such as: screens and phones will definitely be beneficial and there is no need to argue about it, especially with someone who works in front of a computer for many hours during the day and feels the negative effect of these radiations on me, when I am drained and exhausted at the end of the day.
    Regarding the electricity clock, there are indeed currents in the ultra-Orthodox community that connect to private generators and they prefer that way to connecting with Shabbat worshipers who work for an electricity company, but this is a high standard and not everyone can reach this level.
    There are additional virtues on Shabbat: like you don't have to turn the light on and off, everything is done automatically and scheduled according to your request, you don't even have to tear the toilet paper in the bathroom because it's already
    Sliced ​​to pieces, in short you feel like the son of a king who is being served and this is really the definition of a Jew.

  2. Spitz: Let me clarify. even though…………..
    The debate and discussion are not about the Bible. Really, but not really. The debate is with delusional faith today. in the present The delusions of their faith and the delusions of their imagination lead societies, communities and peoples to a life of ignorance, ignorance, primitiveness and in one word = darkness and obscurity. In front of them stand the people of light who suck from the "Enlightenment" that took place in Europe together with the Renaissance according to several centuries. The people of the Enlightenment who changed and literally transformed our world (by the way, the whole world including the many parts that still live in darkness but benefit from the light that is spread by enlightened societies).
    The discussion is between those who believe that really, really, really, there is a "God" in reality and cannot understand that his entire existence is summed up in the space between their two ears. In the name of their imaginary friend, they strive to dominate their values ​​that were enlightened and advanced 2500 years ago and no more. These are stuck people. As you know, stagnant water stinks. And as we have witnessed in recent years with the increase in their number and political power, the stench is spreading and threatening.
    The innocence you present here is the friend of the dark because it presents them as "harmless". This is a serious mistake.
    When people like you realize this it will be too late…..

  3. How many words are being thrown in the air and how much hate is murderous about what, about a composition written by very wise people about 2500 years ago and they called it the Torah that came down from the sky, everyone interprets what they want, the Torah was written for ideological reasons and economic reasons, but there are people in our world and the majority who must believe in something.
    It can't be that we were just born, there must be other reasons, it can't be that 6 million Jews were just murdered, there must be something hidden, some divine plan. Everything is a mess.

  4. Pathetic atheists, we were not created by an explosion, you psychos who lack logic,
    My wife is also an atheist and is still stuck trying to understand how her clitoris did such a deal with the brain
    When will she realize that her orgasms are a divine gift?

  5. B: Maybe start from A ???? On what do you base your assertion that it was not thanks to the Germans that we got submarines when they were the ones who financed most of the costs? You know something that I don't or you just don't like that the Germans financed most of the project for us. wonder

  6. It is not clear to me how the discussion came to the subject of "Germany".
    But to say that thanks to Germany we have submarines is nonsense.
    It's like saying that thanks to the jade I have tomatoes.

  7. Indeed, light is also radiation, I guess you didn't mean to turn off the light for 24 hours and live in the dark, and not only without light but also without a refrigerator, without any electrical means.
    Oh, I forgot, you are deceiving God with an electric clock that is connected to the electricity company that secularists operate.

  8. To (c) who refuses to wake up, it is not the emotions that control me but the facts and the reality that is being slowly but thoroughly eroded in the field.
    To remind you, in 1932 the Nazi Party came to power after winning 37% and then 33% of the vote. And it was these results that paved the way for the appointment of Adolf Hitler as chancellor,
    And this despite the confidence of the elites in their ability to restrain the National Socialist Party.
    Although they are small today, the Germans are worried about the successes of the National Democratic Party (NPD), the largest of the three far-right parties and the submarines you mentioned will not solve the problem, when the root of the problem is the xenophobia that is well hidden in the eastern regions of Germany.
    So who here is hallucinating a pastoral reality, really a false idea for its own sake.
    Or as the philosopher Immanuel Kant claimed: "Certain ideas are found in us a priori - that is, even before we learn anything about the world."
    So apparently from an evolutionary point of view, atheism is really a type of negative mutation that is in the minority and still survives for some reason.
    In any case, have a calm weekend - it won't hurt to disconnect from any kind of radiation for 24 hours, it's healthy for the cells.
    Shabbat Shalom!!

  9. To the confused Makitz: just from your reference to the German issues it can be seen that your emotions control you and lead you and not your reason. After all, thanks to Germany, we got submarines - I think 5-6 in number and these are not ordinary submarines but really "strategic weapons"……. So you will take care of the despicable antisemites found all over the globe not only in Germany. As someone who visited Germany and participated in a seminar on liberalism, I was impressed by the way they deal with their past. Few peoples and cultures would take care of themselves in such an impressive manner and it is enough to observe the way in which Turkey does not deal with the crime against the Armenians. I can appreciate the Germans in the present, despite their unprecedented monstrosity in all of human history during the short-lived Third Reich (fortunately for us in particular and for the entire world in general).

    I tell you how I know that you are the confused one who suffers from the evil injury of faith expressed in the outburst of religion. Just like a psychiatrist who evaluates a patient who convinces him with the same and miracles that he is persecuted, haunted and even the hospitalization is part of the plot against him and the doctor cooperates perhaps without his knowledge when he is being manipulated and he thinks he is helping a sick person when in fact he is harming a healthy and haunted person.
    But I'm not a doctor, you're not really sick (certainly not in the accepted definitions of medicine - faith and religion have not yet been defined as a type of impairment / mental problem, but maybe in the future with the progress and development of culture and man) and you don't want to free yourself from the limitations of faith and the suffering of religion. You accept the burden of faith, the morals of the religion, the shackles of the Halacha and the tyranny of the rabbis. May you be perfumed. At this stage of the discussion, after all your rational and logical claims have been put to ashes and dust, nothing gives you anything but to rant and rave and the rest of my answers will be in terms of "abuse of the helpless". I am a moral person and therefore I will let you be based on your faith and drown in your faith. Be healthy my dear. And a calm and enjoyable weekend and even Shabbat Shalom.

  10. to (c) the Jew
    How will you differentiate between the daydreamer and the daydreamer and maybe you are the daydreamer and I am the daydreamer
    The senses are deceptive, they "organize" for us a reality that is easy to digest, not necessarily real (for example, what is in the dark, does it exist or does it not exist? If a tree falls in the forest and no one heard it, did it make a noise? What is behind my back, does it exist or not Exists?)
    To my father:
    The Germans are indeed good friends on the surface but below the surface there is evidence that they are reluctant to communicate with them especially in East Germany.
    For example acts of vandalism directed against concentration camp monuments, memorial plaques or other symbols for the Jewish victims of the Nazis. In addition, there are attacks on existing Jewish institutions and Jewish cemeteries. Only a few of these cases reach the attention of the media outside of Germany.
    And let's not forget that in the last and penultimate elections for the local parliaments, the neo-Nazi party NPD achieved significant achievements

  11. Meir Ohion: Listen, it's amazing. All these delusions you spewed here on a site that represents the complete opposite of the content of your delusional text came without any chemical substance. I guess. You are sober, awake, and not under the influence of any chemical yet you speak as if you ingested a decent dose of LSD.
    Come on, it's impressive how religion and belief knocks a person's brain as if he had taken a strong drug.
    Thank you very much for the hard example of how belief and religion affect a person.

    And to the one who dreamed that it was summer while he was immersed in a fitful sleep. Faith is indeed a serious illness and the cure for it is twice as difficult.

  12. L(C) and Sela
    So now I understand that the dispute is about the amount of continents that were formed
    It is very easy to settle this dispute, assuming that by definition, land is a large landmass surrounded by sea, you can easily divide the world map into 7 large landmasses and it is also possible at least and again the right to choose is in your hands.
    It is also possible to prove that the country was split into 7 actual countries and it is also possible not and again the right to choose is in your hands.
    The principle of choice accompanies us every step of the way and everything is in the hands of the observer, but there will always be equal chances for each side in the decision because otherwise the foundation of faith will be lost.
    But those who associated wisdom with the act of creation know how to easily read between the lines.
    "And Moses struck the rock and water came out of it"
    "And all the people of Israel will wake up from their slumber and see the wonders of the Creator..."
    A night of rest and good luck to Italy, whoever they give and lose...

  13. Lahabal, who calls himself Meir Ohion,
    FYI, the one who created the world is Satan. He made things in such a way that they appear to us differently than they are. That is why he is a fraud and a thief. He made the world more broken than it is fixed. Do you need more proof?

  14. The belief and interpretations that the name caused the earth to float. As if everything was done in one second wrong, and came through instinct
    In order to confuse and make the majority of people sick of stupidity and not believe what is written in the Torah,

    God did not create anything in one day
    God gave the Genesis to many worlds in this sphere, let evolution do its thing
    This is similar to planting a tree and letting it grow and develop in its time, and if it bears fruit he will eat from it and be satisfied and drink.

    Man did not come from the monkey, but God created him, and let him develop

    God gave the Torah to several nations before us, and destroyed them,
    The calculation of the name is simple or up to 50 degrees of impurity (approximately) there is annihilation
    All the generations that were destroyed were about our level of intelligence and were more than ours as well.
    All of them were destroyed by the urge that overcame them and caused their downfall

    Perhaps the Jews are the last people to receive the Torah in this ball, or perhaps not
    In all the nations before us, nature won the truth, and therefore there was no point in further development,

    or redemption and transition to eternity, until today all have failed, and we are on our way,
    Many religious and ultra-Orthodox people deny evolution, or the dinosaurs, which really existed, and cause the removal
    The secular to the extreme secular, and this is how the people look torn and crazy, many parties that each
    I am identified with one of them, and this is how the people will look, and a few more parties are missing to fully complete the unity island.
    As it is said, "They will marry without God and I will marry without a people, the period of our days, which is before the end

    And the future depends only on us, because the instinct will never be satisfied with what it calls today, it will go on and on until we reach
    To the tricksters of Sodom, the flood (created a man through human sexuality) or Pharaoh, Babylon, (created a man through the ego)
    In Sodom everything was allowed, to steal as well as to murder, all types of sex including minors Rahmal, and there was no limit to anything,

  15. And to the unfortunate believer who told the "mushroom story". Indeed this is the belief and it is a face. I share in your sorrow and wish you a complete redemption from the loss of your faith soon in these days, so be it. Amen.

  16. While sipping an espresso (double), my thoughts wandered to my last answer to the dormant summer. After all, he really causes sincere concern as he represents my brothers of the people who prove themselves to be fools, blind believers in empty and vain beliefs who follow ignorant rabbis some of whom are also stupid.
    Before I continue enlightenment: a rabbi, or any religious person whose main education is in religion can only talk about - religion. The attempts of these to talk about scientific subjects that are not in the fields of their training and education such as: medicine, physics, chemistry, biology, psychology and more are likened to a mechanic who pretends to understand medicine. Or to a beautician who understands electrical engineering, etc. The rabbi, cleric or rabbi can only talk about religious matters and the direction of rituals and worship such as: kosher matters, prayer, how to be precise in such a ritual or another worship. He can of course talk about archaeology, medicine and physics and pretend not only to know but that his knowledge comes from God through ancient scriptures. In fact, many do. But then it is clear that they are idiots who understand science like a donkey in fruit soup.
    The example of the nightingale that was clarified, clarified and proved here in such a wonderful way even indicates that these are not only ignorant but deceivers who deny themselves and their believers. And after all this, Hardom says: "Rabbi Zamir Cohen was right." Indeed only, only those who are flawed in faith and suffer from the outbreak of religion in their lives can express themselves like this as a madman stuck in his madness...

    And on the margins: 7 continents. I did not consider this nonsense at all and when I explained it I learned that in an unfortunate publication called "Torah and Science" that preceded the "Revolution" (which every rational person is obliged to throw in the trash) the nightingale tweets about 7 continents. How did I wonder? After all, the number of continents is completely arbitrary and it is a product of human imagination that Europe, Asia and Africa are one continent in a continental sequence. It turns out that the nightingale chose one of the methods used to number the continents and not surprisingly chose the one suitable for the vanity of religious belief.
    And the makitz is still waving this nonsense and hangs on it as holding all the false teachings spread by the nightingale and his friends the religious crooks.
    Go out and learn dear believer, unfortunate Jew. Here's a wiki on some options for counting continents:
    The four continents method: Oceania, Eurasia, America, Antarctica
    The five continents method (1): Oceania, Eurasia, America, Antarctica, Africa
    The five continents method (2): Oceania, Eurasia, North America, South America, Antarctica
    The six continents method (1): Australia (Oceania), Eurasia, South America, North America, Antarctica, Africa
    The six continents method (2): Australia (Oceania), Europe, America, Antarctica, Asia, Africa
    The seven continents method: Australia (Oceania), Europe, South America, North America, Antarctica, Asia, Africa.

  17. How can you not believe?
    The "proof" you brought is a certificate of poverty to God. Does he need a fungus to prove his existence? Shame on you

  18. First of all, I'm a religious, traditional person, I don't keep the Sabbath, yes? But I do kiddush, and I changed to the Torah, I keep kosher and probably meat and milk.
    And really I can't understand how you don't believe in the existence of God, it just drives me crazy!
    Now I will give you proof that God does indeed exist.
    My cousin had a fungus on his nail for more than 15 years (today he is 34), from what I understood some kind of combination between infection and itching warts, it doesn't really matter...
    For 15 years he had a finger with less than half a nail, such a disgusting black.
    He tried all the treatments, ointments, pills, nothing helped!
    4 years ago he started expressing an interest in religion (before that he was eating non-kosher, not observant, nothing! I don't know if he was an atheist, but he was completely secular!).
    And slowly he started to become a kind of religious lite he calls it.
    He kept washing his hands, and after two months of washing his hands, the fungus disappeared. Just disappeared, as if she had never been there.
    Now I bring you a true story, with proof, do you have proof that God does not exist? I do not think so.

  19. To the old Kitz: you don't need an uncle to answer. His knowledge exceeds mine by several degrees and I am simple enough to answer you.
    "When God raised the dry land out of the water he called its name 'Earth.' A few mistakes in one sentence: 1. "God" is a term for the imaginary friend of those who believe in him. As an imaginary character he can do nothing and half nothing. 2. Therefore in an imaginary story he raises the earth out of the water. It's in the story. The reality is completely different, of course. If you rely on science, on Wagner and the theory of continental drift and plate tectonics, don't ignore the other findings. according to which water did not precede the "land" that is, the land. but the opposite. Right from the start you failed and failed, not to mention retarded in terms of reality, science and the thing you so claim to hold "the truth". You are quoting from a book in which there is a lot of vanity, namely: The Zohar. You are hung up on imaginations, faithlessness and the nonsense of religion. keep going You live based on one huge lie: religion. In your case it is Jewish because every religion is based on lies, foundations of fraud and pillars of deception. keep going

    Regarding Jacob the Wise: He was wise 300 years ago. Whoever sanctifies his words today is a fool. That's why all the rabbis and the geniuses of the generation and other clowns are making fools of themselves in public by quoting and trusting people whose knowledge was, in fact, not scientific while we imagined imaginations about reality.
    "It is customary in the world that a very heavy thing sinks in the water and cannot float on the surface of the water." It is indeed interesting how huge iron ships with a cargo of iron and steel do not sink. A wonderful miracle indeed. A real miracle. This is a sentence of a person who does not understand specific gravity and the laws of buoyancy. What's more, every first-year student in geology is actually some nonsense, everyone who studied geography in high school (here's where my knowledge comes from...) knows that the earth or rather the continents do not "float" on water. It only means a pit from 300 years ago or in the present. On the contrary the water floats on a huge continent which in turn floats on the trend below.

    To read your sipa: "And after the honor, I think that the rabbi who was a huge Kabbalist (like the other sages of Turkey), as well as all those "some say" on whom he relies, understood the Zohar in this way, we should accept their words - and there is no checking from the altar and above .
    Rabbi Zamir Cohen was right, and based on an explanatory tradition much older than Wagner's theory - amazing to the observer!"

    Your words are not only amazing but shocking to anyone in their right mind. The rabbi is accepted by whom?? Do religious people believe? It's just disrespectful because this community is proving its stupidity these very days. And I have already written why this rabbi is ignorant if he had gone back on his words today, in light of scientific knowledge. And after everything that Sela has said, elaborated, demonstrated and tried very hard to say conclusively that "Zamir Cohen was right" based on the last nonsense you got hung up on Zev is really the record. Moreover, it explains, justifies and proves why it is good that he ignored you and did not continue to wallow with you in the heap of nonsense that you impose on the readers of this respectable website.

    I'm doing my best not to lash out at you with harsh, hurtful and insulting words after you demonstrate ignorance here and worse: faith...!!! Yes, you are showing a belief (which is obviously superstitious and blind in its essence) which is the worst. An ignorant person can learn, but a believer is prevented from doing so, since his reason is enslaved to his faith... So I will not use my tongue beyond what has been said because I do not want to whiten a person's face even though you have no face and we are in a completely virtual dimension and your personality has no meaning here and things are impersonal in this medium... I will finish and the readers will learn what faith and religion generate for man and society.

  20. to the rock,
    I want to clarify a point that you are ignoring regarding the 7 continents:
    Indeed, as you wrote:
    "Kud Asik Jabstha understands what he called the name of the land of the XNUMXth God, 'and God called for a dry land.' And Tana XNUMX of Exodus called [it] Eretz Adama Gya Nushya Tsiya Arka Tebel. Greatest of all, the world is written, 'And he will judge the world in righteousness' [Psalms XNUMX] the XNUMXth, 'Whoever names names in the land'. Ari XNUMX: Heavens the Almighty created against them He created XNUMX lands. And give one land, let the waters be taken out, and from it seven lands will be formed like Damran."
    And in modern language: "When God raised the dry land out of the water, he called its name 'Earth.' That is why it is said in the verse: "And God called the dry land." And the two of us, he called the land by seven names: Eretz, Adama, Gaia, Neshya, Tsia, Arka, Tevel. The greatest among the seven lands is "earth" because it is said in the verse: "And he will judge the earth in righteousness" and therefore it is also written: "Whoever names names in the land". Rabbi said God created seven heavens and against them he created seven lands. And we both that first one land came out of the water and from it seven lands were formed as mentioned above."

    It is written that one land was literally watered out of it:
    real = actual real
    That is why this is a real and not an imaginary country

    Rabbi Jacob Kholi, who was one of the sages of Israel and Turkey about 300 years ago, and wrote a commentary on the book of Genesis called "Yalkot Ma'am Loez" (and he lived long before Wagner's discovery of continental migration, so there is nothing to suspect him of alteration and distortion, God forbid), made the The division I made above, and by this I interpreted the words of Zohak in two directions:

    The first interpretation: "And seven countries were made, one on top of the other, etc...." And here he extends to clarify those countries: Tebal, Gaia, etc.
    A second interpretation of the verse "And you will see the dry land": "And some say that there was only one land and seven lands separated from it. And it is very correct to know all this because we are still standing on the greatness of the Almighty, because according to the practice in the world that a very heavy thing sinks in the water and cannot float on the surface of the water, whereas the Almighty commanded the earth even though it is very heavy to float on Water surface".

    And this is exactly the division you made, and he tells Hedia that we are dealing with the land above the water and as you can certainly understand from the Zohar. And after the respect, I think that the entire rabbi who was a huge Kabbalist (like the other sages of Turkey), as well as all those "some say" on which he relies, understood the Zohar in this way, we should accept their words - and there is no checking from the altar and above.

    Rabbi Zamir Cohen was right, and based on an explanatory tradition much older than Wagner's theory - amazing to the observer!

  21. David Sela, well done for the thorough work. Thank you ☼
    Indeed, I accept a limited deuteronomistic circle and a broad deuteronomistic school. The books of the Bible were copied in each generation anew, because the ravages of time wear out the parchment. In each such copying, the copyist was given the opportunity to "renovate" the text and add new and new ones, according to the needs that time has caused.
    The Samaritans accepted all five Pentacles of the Torah, including Deuteronomy. Their community was founded in the days of Hezekiah, about seventy years before Josiah's reforms.

    R. H.,
    It is certainly conceivable that Jeremiah wrote even after he settled in Egypt, and it is not impossible that writings from Jeremiah's Egyptian period reached the Bible. It is worth checking this thesis, but one must take into account the possibility that the Exodus myth was already in use before Jeremiah's time.
    The Samaritans took upon themselves all five pentacles of the Torah, including the books of Genesis and Exodus (in my opinion, they are responsible for introducing the Sumerian myths into the book of Genesis). If these books were written in the days of Jeremiah, this points to a dialogue between the Jews and the Samaritans after the Babylonian exile, and this also requires examination.

  22. David Sela,
    Very interesting what you write.
    Regarding the location where the essay was written. What do you think about the thesis that it was written precisely in Egypt? The evidence for this is that the books of Genesis and Exodus describe the daily life in Egypt in authentic details that were known only to a person who actually stayed in Egypt. In contrast, life in Babylon is not described anywhere. If this thesis is true, it strengthens Friedman's idea that the author is Jeremiah or his writer Baruch ben Naria, who both fled to Egypt after Gedaliah's murder.

  23. First a brief note.
    Please explain to me in the shortest possible time, how, after two detailed responses, which any sane person can see and immediately understand, that Zamir Cohen's entire argument regarding the Seven Lands and the Foundations of the Land has been ridiculed and slandered, you find the audacity to say that you are still waiting for me to answer you on this matter?
    Don't waste my time.

    Your anniversary seems easy on the face of it, but you are asking me in the context of a post something that borders on the impossible.
    Besides an entire course at the university, this topic of investigating the Deuteronomistic source has an extensive literature. I will not exaggerate if I say that I personally know at least 28 different books that were written, among other things, on this topic. Therefore, everything I will write below is nothing more than the tip of the fork.

    The primary motive for the creation of the biblical canon was [in my opinion] the deuteronomistic ideology, the ideology of concentration in worship. The idea of ​​canonization was likely already in the air before the destruction of the First Temple.
    The first formation of the biblical assembly began to materialize after Josiah's reformation and it encompassed the Book of Deuteronomy, of course, along with Joshua, Judges, Samuel and Kings.
    Only later did the collection expand until it encompassed everything we have today.
    It should also be known that a distinction must be made between the Deuteronomistic circle [that is, a writer who writes source literature that has a Deuteronomistic orientation] which started the process and lasted for about three generations, and the Deuteronomistic school which had a broad perspective on the past and allowed itself to expand and edit writings throughout the length and breadth of the Bible. [until the destruction]
    Even the Jeremiah you mention was expanded and revised by the Deuteronomistic school. [But that's a topic for an article on its own.
    The earliest time accepted in the current research for the time of the compilation of the Deuteronomistic composition and the beginning of the act of editing, is hinted at in the Bible as XNUMX: And it was in the thirty-seventh year of the exile of Jehoiachin, king of Judah, in the twenty-twenty-seventh month In the second year of his reign, Mordecai, king of Babylon, carried away the head of king Jehoiachin. Judah from prison. He was strong and spoke kindly to him and gave him his throne above the throne of the kings who were with him in Babylon. XNUMX And he hated his prison clothes and ate bread constantly before him all the days of his life. And his feast was a perpetual feast; he was given by the king a word every day, all the days of his life.
    And these verses appear word for word also in Jeremiah Nev no.
    The thirty-seventh year of Jehoiachin's exile is the year of his reign [according to the verse], meaning the year of the ascension to the throne of Oel Merodach, king of Babylon, is the year 561 BCE.
    Whoever wrote this passage already knows about Jehoiachin's death because he says all the days of his life and in Jeremiah he adds on it until the day of his death. And we don't know when he died.

    The edge of the historical horizon is destruction. In the editing of this school there is no hint of the events after the Holocaust.
    A message about the destruction [and therefore also evidence for the deuteronomistic editing] is found, for example, in the final speeches of Joshua [XNUMX:XNUMX:XNUMX]: "Yahweh will bring upon you every evil thing until he destroys you from this good land that he has given For you is Jehovah your God. XNUMX When you broke the covenant of Jehovah your God which he commanded you and went and served other gods and bowed down to them and rebelled against Jehovah in you and perished from Conceive from above the good land that he has given you."

    And also in Shmuel [Shemael XNUMX thus]: "And if the evil be slain, you also and your king shall be slain."
    The examples are many. There are the words of God to Solomon at the end of the construction of the house [Malaba XNUMX] the fate of the kingdom of the north [Malaba XNUMX XNUMX] the prophecy of a rat [Malaba XNUMX XNUMX] after the death of Josiah [Malaba XNUMX XNUMX]
    The destruction of the land is the last event reflected in the Deuteronomistic editing, and there is a strong hint of this in the prayer that Solomon uttered at the dedication of the house [Mal. XNUMX:XNUMX]: "For your people will go out to fight against their enemies in the way that you will fight, and pray to Jehovah in the way of the people." r that you chose And the house that I built for your name.... ... and you will be given before the enemy and their captives will return to the enemy's land, far or near. And they returned to their hearts in the land where they were exiled, and they returned and begged you in the land of their captivity, saying, "We have sinned and our wickedness is wicked." and they returned to You with all their heart and with all their soul in the land of their enemies to whom they had returned and they prayed to You through their land... and you heard the heavens from the place of your return You rejected them and their supplications and fulfilled their sentence. And you forgave your people who have sinned against you and all their crimes that they have sinned against you and you have given them mercy before their captives and mercy.
    And the scripture does not say that God will have mercy on them and return them to their land.
    Therefore, the lower limit that dictates the destruction of the land for the time of composition is 540 BC [because the declaration of Cyrus was announced in 539 and has no trace in the Deuteronomist]. We have a fairly accurate time for the occurrence of this composition 560 - 540 BC.
    As for the place of connection, there are reasons here and there between the sides of the Israelite location and the sides of the Babylonian location. In my opinion, what makes the difference is the consideration of where at that time there were more suitable conditions for a literary work of such scope. In ruined Jerusalem? Or Babylon to which the entire elite was exiled, including the literature of the sources and the writers.

    I hope this more or less answers your questions Yuval. If you would like to delve deeper into this topic, I recommend Prof. Menachem Haran's comprehensive study - The Biblical Assembly.

  24. I'm still waiting for the rock to wake up from its slumber and give answers to all the difficulties

  25. Yuval, I don't really understand the context of the historical dynasty here for the topic that David proposed: that we are not allowed to settle the land according to God's command

  26. Thank you R.H.
    Certainly, but it is equally likely that it was written in Samaria by priests who wanted to found a religious center there for the new community emerging there. As we know, according to the Bible (XNUMX Kings, chapter XNUMX), the Samaritans chose the religion of Israel for various reasons (for example, "living lions") and needed a center for their worship that would be like the Israeli temples they destroyed (in Beit El and Badan) or the temple in Jerusalem that Edein stood on hang up

  27. jubilee,
    The book of Deuteronomy deals mainly with the concentration of worship and it goes against the stages and the decentralization of worship so it is likely that it was written precisely in Jerusalem by Jerusalem priests who had an interest in creating a monopoly.

  28. Itzik,
    This Muslim leader is only quoting the prophets Micah and Isaiah: "And it shall come to pass in the last days that the mountain of the House of Allah shall be at the top of the mountains, and shall rise from the hills, and all the nations shall flock to it. And many peoples went and said, Go, and we will go up to the mountain of God, to the house of the God of Jacob, and we will be guided by his ways, and we will walk in his ways, for the Torah will go forth from Zion, and the word of God from Jerusalem."

  29. איציק

    Change the language and the names in the discussion related to the Egyptians, and it will fit dozens of other countries in the world.

  30. The righteous

    Indeed Snicker (whom I don't know), close to my understanding of man, man has many more skills, talents and abilities than his life, language, culture, science, art, these are all products of talent, wisdom or intelligence are terms that are not the most clear to me.

    There is no existence without, a war of existence, that's how it was and that's how it remains, it starts from the moment the sperm cells go on their way for hundreds of thousands of years, fighting and competing for their existence and survival, the stronger, more agile, faster will survive.

    There is also a well-known fact that alongside Victor's terms "consciousness and awareness, language, intelligence, creation of culture and values" "violence" continues to exist and thrive, just like among animals.

    Religions of all kinds have always been at the forefront of the struggle to separate man from his natural world. Apparently it is
    Related to the stories of creation. Perhaps they were created out of a desire to explain the meaning of the great difference between man and the other creatures in nature.

  31. David Sela, thank you for your answer.
    The Deuteronomist (or Deuteronomists, assuming that this literature was written over several generations), in what period did he work? Jeremiah is from Anatot, the city of scribe priests who attribute themselves to a family of Israeli priests who found refuge in Judah (cf. Avitar's story). He wrote many books, including the book that bears his name, and is apparently a Deuteronomist.
    My impression is that most of the Deuteronomistic literature was written by the priests of Anat in order to influence King Josiah. Jeremiah joined them late, and most of his activity took place after Josiah's death. The verse Shanhaat (XNUMX:XNUMX) can perhaps be associated with the consolation prophecies, and these were written, in my opinion, only during the return of Zion.
    But I want to look in a different direction, the possibility that the book of Deuteronomy was, in fact, written about seventy years before the time of Josiah. It was written not in Jerusalem but in Samaria, for the community that began to form there after the destruction of the Kingdom of Israel at the hands of the Assyrian Empire. Anat priests were invited to contribute to the writing of the book, because they were familiar with Israeli history. In the end, the Samaritan community did not agree to accept the responsibility of the priests of Anat, and they came to account for the generous slander they poured upon them (the last verses of chapter XNUMX of XNUMX Kings), but copies of the book of Deuteronomy survived, and one of them was discovered in the Temple (or was brought there from Samaria). From the fact that the king received the book without suspecting, it can be understood that it was an old book, the signs of time are evident in it, and not a fibruk from recent times. Under the maintenance conditions of those days, parchment scrolls could age very well in seventy years. Indeed, the verse you brought corresponds to the community of Israeli exiles who return and gather in Israel, and this happened in Samaria after the destruction of the kingdom of Israel by Assyria, about seventy years before the time of Josiah.

  32. To know and ask
    I have no answers to these questions, except perhaps that the atheists are a test of the immunity of the faith of the people of Israel
    Regarding foreign fields, I will decide when I will return at least until David Sela responds to the interpretations of the new Zohar about the migration of the 7 continents

  33. To the makitz who refuses to wake up: as the Knesset assumed in previous responses to Rambam. And maybe not. In any case, according to your desire to jump between topics, accept the wisdom of Rambam and his (ignorance) of science and his lack of understanding of the nature of things and reality:
    "The wheels (hypothetical entities in which the heavenly bodies are fixed in Aristotelian physics. MH) are alive and have intelligence - I mean: achieve - this is a certain truth from the Torah as well. They are not inert bodies like fire and earth as the ignorant thought. Rather, they are - as the philosophers said - animals that obey their sovereign, praise him and glorify him with extreme praise and extreme beauty. He says: The heavens declare the glory of God [and the work of his hands declares the heavens] (Psalms 2:XNUMX)."
    An embarrassed teacher, XNUMX, XNUMX

    Here is the "big eagle". So that you understand, I have no intention of belittling or mocking Maimonides. He lived in the 12th century. So he was great and perfectly fine. from the sages of the world. So. The problem is with the religious today who take it and make it and its wisdom current today. Not to mention the Sages who preceded him and the Bible that preceded them. To see in this some holy "truth"...!!!, living words of God and giving serious consideration to it makes the religious simply delusional. Delusional religion nicknames. And they earn the nickname with great and complete justice.
    You will save yourself quotes from Maimonides, which also happen to be true today. Surely there are some and that is not the point.

  34. Ernst: Indeed, I think so. Regarding your response to David - allow me to offer you an answer that originates from Viktor Frankl ("Man searches for meaning") He answered his opinion to the perception of the well-known research psychologist Skinner who saw man as an animal and nothing else. A more successful animal. Something like that.
    Victor replied that Skinner had missed a large part of the essence of man. It is true that man is basically an animal. It is a continuous continuation of the development of the animal world and is at its peak. But he is a special animal. An animal that has advantages and qualities that other animals do not have, consciousness and awareness, language, intellect, creation of culture and values, etc. To focus on the basic prism of man and see in it the vision of everything and the only essence of man is a mistake. Regarding the "soul". It is clear that there is no soul / soul that is separate from the person. It's all in the mind. This is clear and known. The term soul refers to the totality of a person's emotional activity. It's more convenient to call it that.

    For the knower + the questioner: there is an answer that you will find in biology the university. Or someone who understands the field will answer with scholarship. What is certain is that you will not really be but games with words and nothing else.
    Regarding the mechanism, this is not an entity. The mechanism neither "created" nor "preferred". You are confused with the imaginary friend of the religious people who attribute to him human qualities such as will, preference and creative ability.

  35. And I ask the atheists:
    If the mechanism of evolution is random, how was the human mind created when it knows about the existence of non-randomness and the concept of reason, then this negates the element of randomness from which it was created.
    And if the mechanism is not random, why didn't it create a majority of atheists against the creationists, because the mechanism will prefer its own advantage in the process it oversees if it is not random.

    And I ask the creationists:
    Why is the Lord of the universe created by you, and you are deprived of the right to choose the Creator, what is the punishment for these?
    After all, he is compassionate and kind, and we have not heard of one true Athas who repented.

    And I ask the summer man: Why do you graze in foreign fields? Back to your home!!

  36. Amit
    I understood that
    You believe that the cause of the belief phenomenon is genetic in origin.
    And it has a fundamental contribution in human development
    But from a certain stage in its development it did more harm than good to humanity.

  37. As I have written several times, religion is the biggest deception of humanity, look at how many thousands of religious people from all the Jewish, Muslim and Christian religions live on the account of the believers without working.

  38. Let's close the Z. Cohen issue first
    His words are not vain, as I have chosen there are two interpretations of the Zohar and he did not want to bore you with details, but nevertheless, I will bring the interpretations below:
    The first interpretation: "And seven countries were made, one on top of the other, etc...." And here he extends to clarify those countries: Tebal, Gaia, etc.

    A second interpretation of the verse "And you will see the dry land": "And some say that there was only one land and seven lands separated from it. And it is very correct to know all this because we are still standing on the greatness of the Almighty, because according to the practice in the world that a very heavy thing sinks in the water and cannot float on the surface of the water, whereas the Almighty commanded the earth even though it is very heavy to float on Water surface".

    And if you look in the New Zohar (page XNUMX), where Rabbi Zamir Cohen's argument is based, you will see an interesting thing, the Zohar calls the land on the surface of the earth by the name "Earth" (and this is different from other names: Tavel, Gaia Nashia, etc.), and that To the Zohak there: "And I will ask the continent to understand what it is called an earth." This is a scripture: And God will call to dry land." ZA that what God calls by the name "earth" is the land that is on the surface of the earth and as mentioned.

  39. Uncle

    I read, there are opinions, ideas, philosophy, psychology, the world of spirit and the mind and nice examples.
    If some changes can be explained with the same claims headaches, sadness, happiness, wars, married and much more

    In my opinion there is no soul, and the so-called spiritual realm is a nice but futile invention. Humanity has defined some imaginary dream reality whether it is through cultures, religions, peoples and thinkers, all the time I, you and many millions more wonder every day anew why that reality does not come true. Why is there no peace in the world, justice, equality, brotherhood, understanding, sharing, why is there all the time crime, exploitation, the destruction of violence.

    I claim that this is due to the fact that we are part of the natural world, all the most basic and deepest qualities
    They are in us, like in a monkey, a bird, a virus, etc. Science, talent, art, culture are great and amazing things, but they do not cancel or change, like this, the same qualities in us. And we continue as in nature, only with the help of different means than in nature, to prey, dominate, conquer, reproduce and survive.

  40. Ernst: The cause is genetic in origin. As proven by studies in 3-4 year old children and monkeys who are equivalent in intelligence to 3-4 year old children, human children have a perception based on faith. A series of actions leading to receiving a candy that included some completely unnecessary actions was performed efficiently by the monkeys who understood that there is no point in performing casual actions. The kids don't. They accurately imitated all the actions, including the unnecessary ones, until receiving the candy. The explanation is that children have full confidence in adults and they learn from him by full imitation even actions whose essence is not clear. The explanation continues to the evolutionary advantages and the like. Another explanation is given by R. Dawkins in his book "Is there a God?" And he applies this to the adaptation of butterflies or moths to a light source. Until the 20th century, the only source of light at night was the moon, which directed them to the region of their object like a compass. Today, artificial lighting causes them to reach artificial light sources to make a mistake and not survive. Evolution at its best. There are evolutionary traits that deserve to evolve, change, adapt or become extinct. Such is the faith. Its fundamental contribution to human development is indeed known. But it has evolved to do much more harm than good and The Summer of Sleep illustrates this perfectly right here. It is not personal, of course, since it is only an example of the phenomenon of the believing and religious person. He does not disappoint and responds exactly to the expected stereotype and preconceived notions about religious people from rich experience in dealing with them.
    In addition to faith, there are very deep psychological explanations: the need for meaning, the satisfaction of clear, simple and easy-to-understand and digestible answers (childish to a large extent and responding to the infantile side that also exists in adults who are not fully and completely mature), all issues of human feelings of guilt find refuge in religious sin. Christianity raised it to the level of a real art. But it also exists in other religions. Sin is a very central motif of the present and unwanted religion. There's more I kind of pull from memory and don't run to my books and lists.
    Social-anthropological: The social benefits for the believer of belonging to a warm, embracing, supportive and strengthening community are obvious and do not need explanation. Of course there is no need for religion for that. Religion simply developed as a social "glue". Just today I read in an article about the culture of the rice growers in Siam (Thailand) that among their basic values ​​are: compassion, gratitude, mutual help and community support and mutual help for example in building a house or planting and harvesting the rice no less than the religious GMC institutions.
    There's more, but I'll go through this in a quick overview of things. You can find details in Dan Bona's new book: There was and was not a systematic atheistic alter. Dan is an anthropologist by training.
    "Is there a God" by R. Dawkins.

  41. Amit

    In the end I didn't understand, what do you think is the cause of the phenomenon of faith, and what do you think is the reason for its strength and blindness.

  42. Indeed the Jubilee of things was written by the Deuteronomist. So is Samuel and Kings and Jeremiah.

  43. David Sela,
    I read your comment from June 25, 2012 at 11:30 a.m. with great interest.
    I wanted to relate at the moment only to the verse you brought: And you sat before the Lord your God and listened to His voice as everything that I am asking you today, you and your children with all your heart and with all your soul. And the Lord your God will return your sabbath and your mercy, and return and gather you from all the peoples whom the Lord your God has scattered there. (D. XNUMX XNUMX-XNUMX).
    Do you have an estimate of when and for whom it was written? After all, it is unlikely that it was written during the wanderings in the desert (if there was one), because it speaks of exile and the dispersion of the people among the nations, and this is very far from the situation before the conquest of the land in the days of Joshua (again, if there was such a thing). Even in the days of Josiah (then the book was found in the Temple) the Jewish people had not yet been exiled from their country, and even then such a story is not relevant. One possibility is that this verse (or even the whole book) was written only during the days of Zion's return for the Babylonian Jews to encourage them to resettle the land of their ancestors. Can you hypothesize otherwise?

  44. The celebrities, as you said from summer my friend, are just as ignorant of the historical history of the Jewish people as you are. Apart from that, referring to celebrities is a logical fallacy of the type of fallacy of referring to authority.

    A real land I will explain after you testify with your full mouth that indeed Zamir Cohen's words are nonsense and everything you have thought up to this day regarding the seven lands and the foundations of the land is an imagination that did not exist and was not created and not only that it does not prove the truth of the Torah, but on the contrary, it proves that it is a slip of the finger just like The story of Little Red Riding Hood.

    As for a divine promise, then anyone who believes that we have an ancestral right to this land, and believes that the land is God's property and was promised to the people of Israel, by the Creator of the world, he, the believer, must not forget that in our sources it is said: And thou shalt stand before Jehovah thy God, and hearken unto his voice as all that I am with you today, you and your children with all your heart and all your soul. XNUMX And the Lord your God will return your salvation and your mercy and return and gather you from all the peoples whom the Lord your God has scattered there. (D. L. B.).

    The meaning of this is that until they all repent, a believing Jew has nothing but to wait until there is a desire from God to return them here.

    Even our communicators with God, aka our Sages, specifically warned, in the inscriptions on Daf Kiya AA: "Let Israel not climb the wall". That is, Israel will not dare to conquer the land by force of arms, but will wait for God's command.
    Therefore, every believing Jew who lives here in Israel does so in violation of an explicit divine command. And if a person is a truly believing Jew, he has no choice but to pack his belongings and flee from here until his God gathers him.
    Or, alternatively, he will be grateful to that handful of pioneers who rebelled against Beit Abba and the religious tradition and set out to fulfill a dream that was of course based on the Bible but was completely contrary to religious belief.

    Is there a situation from the summer that you are able to stay close to the topic until it is exhausted? Or that scattering everywhere in a discussion is genetically built for you?

  45. Unbelievable!!
    I have no choice but to define atheism as a religion in itself or even worse a fanatic sect that opposes religion.
    Especially after I quoted foreign celebrities who wonder about this miracle called the nation of Israel, the atheists who are Jews by definition will come and try to justify any historical fact that contradicts the eternity of the nation of Israel, perhaps even at the cost of their lives.
    And against the promise that the people of Israel received from the Almighty: "And even this, being in the land of their enemies - I did not stir up or go to their brides to break my covenant with them, for I am the Lord their God."
    The Almighty strengthened this promise in the prophecies he gave to his servants the prophets, in which he compared the eternity of the existence of the people of Israel to the laws of the sun and the moon, and that he would not be tired all the days of being a people. And so the prophet Jeremiah said:
    "Thus said the Lord, giving the sun for the light of their day, the constitutions of the moon and the stars for the light of the night, the calmness of the sea and the calm of its waves, the Lord of hosts of His name, if these laws are fulfilled before the speech of the Lord, the seed of Israel will also be restored from being a nation before all ages" -to him). The people of Israel are as eternal as nature and they were promised directly by the Creator of the world that as long as the sun rises they will exist.
    To David:
    In the matter of seven lands, you still have not explained how spiritual lands came out of one real land, as you interpret the Zohar according to the Hafsht.

  46. For some reason the sentences above got mixed up so it should be.

    ## Now, as Amit said, it's a shame you turned to another matter that is more ambiguous in your opinion and will make it difficult for your philologist to show that the argument is also about the Jewish people [since there is not a single non-Jew on earth who can take his family line up to, let's say, the destruction of the Second Temple. ] This one is empty.
    And she is not.
    The only thing that survived is not the Jewish people, what survived is the Jewish religion that was preserved by different individuals from different nations and communities, over the years.

  47. from summer
    We understand that you have no choice but to risk the absurdity of Zamir Cohen's words, your words, regarding the seven lands and the pillars as the foundation of the land.
    Now, as Amit said, it's a shame you turned to another matter that is more ambiguous in your opinion and will make it difficult for your friends to show that even their Jewish argument [since there isn't a single non-Jew on earth who can take his family line until, let's say, this destruction is empty of content.
    And she is not.
    The only thing that survived is not the second Hebrew.] What survived is the Jewish religion that was preserved by different individuals from different peoples and different communities, over the years.
    From this point of view, there are religions and beliefs that are much older than the Jewish religion. [India, China, etc.]
    The Jewish "people" from the beginning is a collection of a multitude of peoples and this can already be seen in our sources starting with King David who was of Moabite origin and Bathsheba which was probably Hittite, the conversion of the Reds by Alexander Yanai, Khazars, tribes who became Jewish in Arabia and Yemen, Berbers who became Jewish in North Africa, Mass rapes in the days of the pharaohs and pogroms, [those who know me surely understand like me that my ancestors who were exiled from Canaan were not blondes with blue eyes as I look] all these and global upheavals, wars, migrations of groups and individuals, caused such a great mixing, of the vast majority of them of different human beings, to the extent that any claim about the uniqueness and difference of a Jewish "people" is fundamentally disproved.
    What survived are people who accepted the Jewish religion which was practically invented by the Pharisees about two thousand three hundred years ago. [And as a side note, I hope it is clear to you from Kitz, that the biblical faith only somewhat reminds of what the conditions in the Babylonian Talmud].

  48. from summer
    We understand that you have no choice but to risk the absurdity of Zamir Cohen's words, your words, regarding the seven lands and the pillars as the foundation of the land.
    Now, as Amit said, it's a shame you turned to another matter that is more ambiguous in your opinion and will make it difficult for your phlogta to show that this argument is also empty of content.
    And she is not.
    The only thing that survived is not the Jewish people [because there is not a single Jew on earth who can trace his family line until, let's say, the destruction of the Second Temple.] What survived is the Jewish religion that was preserved by different individuals from different peoples and different communities, over the years.
    From this point of view, there are religions and beliefs that are much older than the Jewish religion. [India, China, etc.]
    The Jewish "people" from the beginning is a collection of a multitude of peoples and this can already be seen in our sources starting with King David who was of Moabite origin and Bathsheba which was probably Hittite, the conversion of the Reds by Alexander Yanai, Khazars, tribes who became Jewish in Arabia and Yemen, Berbers who became Jewish in North Africa, Mass rapes in the days of the pharaohs and pogroms, [those who know me surely understand like me that my ancestors who were exiled from Canaan were not blondes with blue eyes as I look] all these and global upheavals, wars, migrations of groups and individuals, caused such a great mixing, of the vast majority of them of different human beings, to the extent that any claim about the uniqueness and difference of a Jewish "people" is fundamentally disproved.
    What survived are people who accepted the Jewish religion which was practically invented by the Pharisees about two thousand three hundred years ago. [And as a side note, I hope it is clear to you from Kitz, that the biblical faith is only somewhat reminiscent of what the conditions in the Babylonian Talmud were]

  49. Ernst: Absolutely right. This is another explanation out of several explanations. I did a Master's thesis on the Saturn Deer phenomenon and I did mention this reason as one of those that led many to enjoy it. He caused a great rift in Judaism in the 11th century.

    To sum up: Indeed, in your world logic has no place of honor. I know and I mentioned it. But it's not in my world. Your logic is known and familiar to me. My logic that makes sense....Watch your reactions and your future behavior and I wrote that after your arguments have been put to dust just move on to the next argument....Now I can say: "I told you so". Listen my love this will never end. Unless you abandon the world of religious delusions and delusions of faith. I have already dealt with all the arguments. I invested a lot of resources, effort, energy and time in the "Questions and Answers" section on the "Deat-Emet" website. The "survival question" was answered by me several times and at length from different angles.
    I'm tired Maybe I'll search on the computer and if I find it I'll just copy and paste a ready and good answer.
    Only in a small way I tell you, borrowing from a car advertisement: "The fact that you breathe/exist (survive) does not mean that you are alive. If you want, you can compare the survival situation of the Jewish people to Arik Sharon. He survives doesn't he??? Apparently he is not dead but alive. I ask you: is this life????
    And another small point - the Jewish religion survived at the expense of the Jewish people. The cultural "meme" that is the Jewish religion began in its current form only 2000 years ago when the Sages created the "New Testament". No, I'm not confused, 2 new covenants were created at the same time: the Jewish one of the Sages that addressed only the members of the Jewish people and the Christian one that addressed the Gentiles until it broke away from Judaism altogether and stood on its feet as an independent religion. But it is too short to go into detail about the Jewish "New Covenant".
    What survived best is religion. In the first century AD, there were an estimated 4-6 million Jews in the world. In 1700, 1600 years later, only about a million Jews remained. The religion, the ideas of Judaism survived on the backs and at the expense of the Jews who were destroyed, assimilated and lost. Otherwise we should have tens of millions today. Many dozens. Like the Indians or the Chinese who are older than us. or the Japanese. Even the Greeks. By the way, the Jewish people grew and became stronger partly thanks to Zionism.

  50. Amit

    I have no tools to predict the future on this subject,
    However, it seems to me that the belief in a ruler or a higher power originates in the life of the herd in the animal world
    And it is a trait or behavior necessary for the formation and strengthening of a herd for its survival.

    Of course there are exceptions, but their share in the population is small,
    Apparently the need for faith and to be controlled and led is found at different levels among humans.

  51. to (c) the Jew
    You speak in the name of logic
    But you forget that your people, the Jewish people, survived against all logic,
    According to the rules of history, the Jewish people should have disappeared from history a long time ago, the fact that "the people of Israel" remained alive and well is a miracle and a wonder like no other. After all, not a generation has passed in which they did not stand up for the nation of Israel as a whole, both physically and spiritually. The enemies tried to fulfill the article of their mouths (the Psalms have expired): "Go and destroy them from the heathen, and the name of Israel will no longer be remembered".
    This has been the bitter reality since Nebuchadnezzar, the evil king of Babylon, destroyed the first temple and exiled the people of Israel from their land, until the last generation. If we were to describe all the dangers that hovered over the people of Israel throughout all of the aforementioned years, things would take a very long time, so I don't want to bore you with details
    In the bottom line, it is not logic but faith that has sustained the people of Israel for thousands of years of persecution...
    According to the way of nature, it should have been that the great nations and empires in history would exist until our present day, while the nation of Israel is alive and well.
    And here the facts are covered over the natural reality. The nation of Israel is the only, ancient nation that is still alive and exists, whereas the world empires have been lost from the world: Moab, Amalek, Philistia, Canaan, the Amorites, Assyria, Babylon, ancient Egypt, Tyre, Aram, Ammon, Persia, Media, Ion, Edom , Rome, Medin. Who remembers Shumer, Akkad and more... they all "exist" only in archaeology. The preservation of the Jewish identity without political independence, without a uniform spoken language, and not concentrated but scattered to all corners of the world, and in the face of continuous and terrible persecutions, is an unnatural and illogical phenomenon!!
    Even foreign celebrities mentioned this to the Russian philosopher Nikolay Berdiyev in 1936 and I will quote: "... and indeed, according to the materialistic and positive criterion, this nation should have long since passed away from the world. Its existence is a mysterious and miraculous phenomenon, which indicates that the life of this nation is governed by the force of an ancient decree...""
    So what's the point and all that

  52. Seriously, everything you wrote is true except for: "This is a human phenomenon, incomprehensible, it is not related to any logic you are trying to emphasize." It is understandable. It's not some unexplained mystery. Man was able to understand difficult things from the phenomenon of faith. I am secular and a complete atheist in essence. Completely. I have never had any religiosity or faith. Although I was born and raised in a secular family, there was no real awareness of this and there was no special expression for it. We lived like the other families in the community. Ever since I can remember I have been like this and in my opinion it is from birth. Since I am curious and inquisitive, the phenomenon of religion in particular and faith in general fascinate me. Because it is foreign and strange to my world and my personal and private experiences. The fact that I'm an exception even among my company, being a devout atheist, I'm curious why I'm different. This led me to investigations, tests and inquiries. I have read quite a bit on the subject.
    There are many findings on the phenomenon of faith, as I mentioned above. It seems to me that there is some kind of gene that has been identified among religious and believing people. I think mine is missing or damaged. Let's say it's true. Let's say that this direction will receive serious research confirmations and will be established. It really fits. After all, all evolution is based on natural selection that includes spontaneous developments of mutations. In my opinion, this is a mutation that may advance humanity. This fits in with my arguments, which all stem from my fevered mind without any serious substantiation or reference, according to which we are in the cultural phase of the "homo-religious". Actually we are in the shadows of the era. The next stage in humanity is the "homo-atheist". Although the percentage of atheists really does not exceed the few percentages (it is not clear to me how much any number between 8-20% seems to me to be true and in any case a minority) but they mark the next stage of development. As Homo sapiens shared the same space with the Neanderthals for thousands of years. until the last ones benefited.
    So with the "homo-religios" which in my opinion will benefit him and his place will only be recognized in the history books as a phenomenon that spawned and filled the earth. time. Who knows, maybe my imaginations will become reality. A pleasant reality.

  53. Amit

    Undoubtedly there are different explanations and theories for what the majority of the world's population believes, what I am trying to emphasize
    believe. I assume you recently read a study that presents the data on this. You are no doubt aware that debates seem to have been going on for thousands of years, including wars of extermination, pogroms, and more, and despite all this, the number of believers is not decreasing and some believe it is even increasing.

    What I tried to convince you is that it is a worldwide phenomenon, it is a human phenomenon, incomprehensible,
    It is not related to any logic you are trying to emphasize. It is similar to trying to convince a person that he does not exist.
    You yourself say to Makitz "abandon this argument and move on to the next". This should make it clear to you that the summer is coming
    He fights for his faith, like a man who fights for his existence for his life.

    And this is how hundreds and hundreds of millions of people feel, among the thousands of religions and sects in the world.
    If we understand the characteristics of that phenomenon of faith, we will be able to know how to behave.

    Your stuff is definitely not bullshit and I read it with great interest.

  54. dear summer
    If all the information I have spilled here failed to penetrate the veil of faith that covers your common sense, I see no point in continuing to refute your/Zamir Cohen's words.
    The seed is sown, maybe one day it will sprout. In any case, these things are brought up so that no one will think that there is any real nonsense from Zamir Cohen's seminary.

  55. Ernst: I'm not sure that the arguments are idle. The believers are difficult to impossible to convince (depends). But there are many "swingers" who must be strengthened lest their minds weaken and they slide down the dangerous slope into superstitions and worse - into religion.
    There are already interesting explanations for the reasons. Starting with evolutionary biologists, continue with psychological ones, go to sociological and anthropological ones. There are explanations. So ? What are you aiming for? Or are you just tired of reading my ramblings.
    By the way, there are also explanations for the violent instincts in man. Apparently, like faith, negative phenomena that accompany man will continue to accompany him. You just have to make sure that we are prepared accordingly. Faith is wild and disordered and its creations are horrifying. And by faith we mean both religious beliefs that create religions and secular beliefs that created ideologies such as: Communism, Fascism, Nazism, etc. Introducing into the consciousness the meme that faith is likened to a bacterium and its products are religions and ideologies (religious and secular) can help in curbing and controlling the monster.
    good week.

  56. Amit

    You claim that faith is contrary to reason (it is more appropriate to say that it is not related to reason)
    So maybe instead of investing in idle arguments, try to understand why this is so. For most of humanity.

  57. To summarize: After you have received an answer, what does it change? After all, faith by its very essence is against logic. Any discovery of the reality that contradicts the belief is rejected by suppression or by impressive flexibility exercises of the mind that tries to rationalize and find a way out of the tangle. What will the rock answer help?? After all the answers you received here that crushed and ground to dust the entire set of arguments you brought that relied on the nightingale, you continue to hang on a little peg, maybe that's where salvation will come from. Does faith stand on such a ledge? Where is God? After all the revelations of the vanity of faith, if only from the current discussion, why continue? After all, even for the answer of the rock, your soul will not know what will happen. - You will abandon this argument and move on to the next one. So until the end of life. of each of the disputants…..
    Wishing you a good week.

  58. I am still waiting for the response of the rock (Yisod) regarding an actual land, because we are not dealing with philosophy but with the words of the living God

  59. When I read a discussion of this type, and there are many like it, it strengthens my belief that:

    (Instead of Bina you can write X or Y or any other sign)

    1. The "intelligence" is found in a very small part of people.
    2. There is no connection whatsoever between intelligence and talent, wisdom, memory, education, IQ, etc.
    3. The "intelligence", is the ability to analyze, clarify and classify information according to its level of reliability (only).
    4. A man of "intelligence", he is devoid of a definite and fixed opinion, view and perception.
    5. Apparently there are different levels of "intelligence".

  60. In light of the discussion here, which reflects an absolute and overwhelming majority of the discussions between the people of enlightenment and reason and the people of religion and faith, I must, simply must attach a quote from Schopenhauer that I just saw on Facebook: "Religion is the masterpiece of the art of taming animals. She teaches people how to think”…..good for Shopenhavar.

  61. Dear Summer: The interpretation of the Zohar is obscure to the obscure. Not for the people of reason and enlightenment, education and rationality.
    What is said is not difficult to accept but impossible. At least as long as you belong to the camp of enlightenment and reason as mentioned. If you have abandoned your mind and your reason in favor of your religion and your faith, you have moved from the realm of intellect and reason to the realm of emotion and soul. Quite another world. Deceptive and delusional. In the world of illusion, every hallucination makes sense - as long as it adjusts your belief to suit you.
    Beyond simplification we are left with delusions of believers and delusions of rabbis and religious people. You have indeed chosen a wonderful world for yourself (if I understood correctly and you are one of those who have degenerated into what the general public calls in religious terms "repentance").

  62. To Rabbis Amit and David,
    The interpretation of the Zohar is hidden and sublime from our understanding, not for nothing was the Zohar hidden in previous generations.
    Since we Jews who are faithful to the source, believe that the Zohar is not a jumble of words of conditions in Aramaic but a supreme divine code, it also treasures within it the wonders of the secrets of creation in the deeper layers and not necessarily in the simplest.
    That's why when it is said "he brought out a real continent..." it means a real physical land and not a spiritual land from which 7 other continents were divided which must be real because they themselves were derived from a real land regardless of spiritual lands which are something completely different.
    And when you write a word it has many interpretations, for example "page" in this case means foundations as I mentioned
    These expressions make use of personification, and from this it can be understood that the word pillars is also only a metaphor.
    It is difficult for you to accept what is being said and I understand that otherwise you will have to deal with the reality of a Creator and true Torah, which obligates believers to obey the Creator and you are not really interested in that.
    What's more, the matter of the deep layers strengthens the right to choose in that we have to discover the Creator and here in fact
    You can accept the reality of a creator or not, because the interpretation according to the simple is definitely ambiguous and it's a good thing because you wouldn't expect a book to pour out all the discoveries of science at the level of simple, the creator wasn't interested in that either, but he left enough hints for those who understand to understand! (Think about the Hamitzer quiz and how much fun it is to work hard to discover the solution)

  63. David, your words are like penicillin to a person dying of a bacterium.... In light of the words of the sleepy summer man and my answers to him that were not so well-founded, learned, detailed and simply beautiful, we were like two hawks comparing each other with a certain advantage of mine. even though….
    Now your answers and this investment is not for nothing but puts the truth in front of the readers here on the website: the religious and faith people - some of them and I claim that it is most of them - are really delusional. Not only that, but the representatives of the sector use methods of manipulation, deception, fraud, half-truths, taking things out of context and taking methods that are disgraced such as taking (not hands...) a verse from here, saying it from there without any connection and brewing a poisonous potion that is all a mirage arising from delusions of faith. Now my words are based on clear proofs. The Huzis of Faith are not a curse or an insulting epithet, it is a faithful description of the reality of their lives. And by the way, a complete waste.

  64. Well, I assume that every sensible reader sees and understands that Zamir Cohen and Mikitz in his footsteps do not have a response that even comes close to suggesting the matter of seven countries and that it is possible to leave it to this matter and define it as fundamentally absurd. Therefore, since Makitz does not have the possibility to copy something serious from Hidbrot [Cohen's website], he tries to escape the embarrassment by diverting the subject to another matter.
    The matter of the pillars on which the country is founded according to the sources.

    Cohen connects the verse in which this chapter opens with another verse and tries to make us draw a "common conclusion" from both. This is how the argument appears in Cohen's book: "... "One land was literally brought out by the waters, and from it seven lands were formed." That is: at the time of creation there was only one continent, but at a certain point it was divided into seven continents, which gradually moved away from each other when ocean water penetrated the space created between them, thereby creating the different oceans and seas [and this is the part we have been discussing until now]. In this context, the verse in the book of Proverbs (Proverbs XNUMX:XNUMX) should be noted [and this is the second verse in which we will discuss]: "Wisdom built her house, shewed out seven pillars", and Rashi interpreted there: "Wisdom built her house - with wisdom her holy son, blessed be he." the world". And when we add to Rashi's explanation the above words of the Zohar, then it can be understood that the continuation of the verse "Hatseva Amudiya Sheva" speaks of the seven continents that were carved out and severed from their original connection as one unit.

    What does Zamir Cohen think, if he just adds to his already refuted words, Rashi's interpretation [and he only gives the interpretation of the first part of the verse and we will immediately understand why] that "in wisdom the Holy One, blessed be He, built the world" - the wonder and the wonder, Suddenly everything is in line with the scientific concept, and we see that it is the moving apart of the continents that he promised us?

    It is not for nothing that Zamir Cohen chose to bring Rashi here, and precisely on the section of "Wisdom built her house" - and it is clear that the reader who is now experienced in Cohen's inclusions, stops for a moment in the reading race to wonder why he does not interpret the section of the cutting of the pages.
    If he had brought, for example, the interpretation of the 'Castle of David': "Hatzava - [the land] is built on many pillars, and they are like this in perfect comparison, and it is a thing that is pleasing to the eye of the beholder." That is, the world stands on seven symmetrical, parallel and identical pillars bearing the same developments and decorations - and this is something that is pleasing to the eye of the beholder.
    Embarrassment indeed, for those who try to make us understand something completely different. - Do we still think that these are the continents of the world? After all, even if all those self-righteous people refuse to believe that the interpretation of 'David's Tower' was talking about actual pillars - the different continents are still different from each other in their shape, while he talks about a complete similarity in Maran: "And carved are they like this in a complete comparison". Are Australia, Africa and Eurasia the same shape? Even those with blind faith will find it difficult to distort the simple to such an extent.
    It is understood that Zamir Cohen knows and knows this interpretation that undermines his words on the pages and therefore chose to bring Rashi in particular - but he did not bring Rashi's words in full either, because Rashi would also ridicule Cohen's words.
    These are Rashi's full words on those pages: "Wisdom built her house - with wisdom God built the world. Hatseva Amudia Sheva - seven days of Genesis".
    God wisely built the world in seven days. This.
    'David's Tower' thinks that these are real columns, while Rashi is less innocent and tries to evade elegantly by saying that the reference is to the seven days of creation.
    Either way, it is not about the existence of seven continents, and certainly not their splitting into this number from one continent!
    And to whom do we turn for help, if not for the differences of opinion among sages regarding the number of pillars on which the world stands, since they had no doubt that the world does stand on pillars, and the question they dealt with is only how many. This is what they say [Tract Hagiga, chapter XNUMX, page XNUMX, page XNUMX]: "And the sages said about XNUMX standing columns, as it is said (Deuteronomy XNUMX): 'Set the borders of nations according to the number of the Israelites.' And some say seven pillars, as it is said (Proverbs XNUMX): 'She cut her pillars seven'. Rabbi Ben Shmoe says about one pillar, and his name is Va Tsadik, as it is said (Proverbs XNUMX): 'And Tsadik is the foundation of the world.'"
    Sages talk about the foundations that hold the world, not about the number of continents on its surface. And even if someone insists that they do - despite all the flexibility in dividing the continents - it is still certain that there is more than one continent and much less than 12 continents, and this only shows us that Zamir Cohen chooses what suits him and omits what interferes, and juggles verses from the Torah at will and her respectable sails.
    And all that remains is to send to the trash can the attempt to dazzle our eyes as if the verse Job is a metaphor.
    "He who upsets a land from its place and its pillars will fall." pages ! It should be said once more that these are the pillars on which the world stands, and not the different continents. So once again we are also ordered to show what the Sages really meant by their reference to these things - and we have already brought up the scripture in tractate Hagiga, chapter XNUMX, page XNUMX, page XNUMX: "Tanya Rabbi Yossi says... What does the earth stand on? About pillars, it is said (Job XNUMX): 'He who disturbs the earth from its place and its pillars will be thrown down'".
    [In the framed article, this thing develops and deteriorates so that finally we come to the conclusion that the world stands on 6 bases one on top of the other: the world stands on pillars, which stand on water, which stand on mountains, which stand on wind, which stands on a storm that stands on the arm of the Creator] But what is important For us at the moment is the verse that concerns the pillars, and here we see that it is not about seven continents in any way.

    So the chance that Kitz will say to himself, voila, things are possible, all I thought until today were the vanities that did not exist and were not created, - is nil. But it is important for the reader from the side to see and prove that the words of the converts are standing on chicken's knees and will be blown away by a more thorough investigation.

  65. To the believer for some reason it was registered under the name "To Tzadik and David". When the pin was dropped it too was left to float in the vain air of superstition. After all that has been said and written, these are the things??? I am forced to repeat and assert my claim several times in different places: faith comes from emotion and the soul. As such it is opposite and opposed to the world of reason, logic, rationale, logic and education. In every discussion or at least a decisive and absolute majority (just to be careful with the claim) the believer reaches the limit of logic and arguments and remains a stickler for his faith. At this stage, any attempt to communicate in view of the fact that nothing floats in the mists of his baseless faith, except for the wishes of his heart and his desperate attempt to justify his faith - is doomed to failure. How can the world of logic and emotion be linked? I use words that require reason, rationale and logic, and as mentioned, these are foreign to the world of faith. That's why we can't really stay and talk. Indeed, in the world of reality, the "conversation" presented by the religious as a dialogue is nothing but a long monologue from the religious side. Any speech from the other side falls on deaf and closed ears. No entrance to logic, rationale, science, logical arguments, etc. The world of the soul-emotion expressed in religious belief repels reason like oil repels water……
    After another demonstration (it always comes) all that was left was to say "I was right", "I knew". The believer caught in cognitive dissonance will rape the scriptures and reality to fit his faith. And by the way, a complete waste.

  66. I also know how to quote well from the sources: note that I replaced your names with the word: "atheist" so that this is not a personal appeal to you.
    So take a look at Job:
    Job XNUMX:XNUMX: "He who disturbs the earth from its place and its pillars will be thrown down" - from this the atheist deduced that the earth stands on pillars according to the Bible.
    This mockery can easily be dismissed by examining the verse carefully - does God need to upset the earth so that it moves with excitement? Should its pages "flip" out of fear? These expressions make use of personification, and from this it can be understood that the word pillars is also a metaphor intended to describe the movement of the continents during an earthquake. There are many expressions of this kind in the book of Job, and you need to know when it is describing a reality and when it is a parable.
    It is unlikely that the ancient sages thought that the earth stood on pillars, since everyone knew the shores of the sea and knew about the seas surrounding the earth. Therefore, it does not seem that a person was wrong to think that the earth stands in space on pillars. On the other hand, if we remove the metaphor from the verse, we will be left with a scientific phenomenon that was discovered in the last century: the tectonic plates!
    Science has discovered that the Earth is actually made up of tectonic plates, and the movement of those plates creates the earthquakes. The word "pillars" undoubtedly describes foundations here, on which the country stands. So the verse in Job actually describes the earth (which looks like one block) standing on lower foundations (its pillars), so that the movement of the lower foundations creates the earthquakes on the surface. This claim is impressively relevant to what we know today, that it is not the external earth that causes the earthquakes (that is, not the change in the outer earth's crust) but the change in the internal tectonic plates on which the earth "stands", they are the foundations that support the land and their movement creates the earthquakes on the surface.
    And just to prove that pillars are foundations, the atheist mistakenly offers us another verse from the book of Psalms (Keb, Kah) which reads: "The foundation of the earth is on a car, it shall not fall forever" - the word car is without a doubt foundations. And what is special in these verses, is not only the knowledge that there is a lower foundation that causes upper earthquakes on the surface of the earth, but also the knowledge that these are foundations and not a foundation... Pay attention to the words "car", "its pillars" - science only discovered in the last century that there are nine tectonic plates that cause earthquakes Earth and continental drift. The atheist offers us another verse that supports this explanation (Samuel XNUMX, chapter XNUMX, XNUMX): "For to the Lord are the cliffs of the earth, and the earth rests upon them" - again to teach us that it is not about actual pillars, but about the underlying foundations on which the continents stand.

    From Wikipedia about "plate tectonics":
    "The earth's mantle consists of two layers: above is the lithosphere, which consists of the crust and the outer mantle, and below it is the asthenosphere, which consists of the inner mantle. The lithosphere is solid and broken (its fragments make up the tectonic plates), while the asthenosphere is viscous and has a low density, thus allowing the free movement of the plates on top of it... The tectonic plates are huge surfaces that extend under the continents and oceans. There are nine main tectonic plates (and a large number of sub-plates), these plates move very slowly (between half a centimeter and eight centimeters per year). For thousands of years, this movement accumulates and causes the continents to migrate."

  67. David: Thank you very much. The latch that the springer is holding on to is also broken...

    Greetings: I must say that you make good use of the fact that there is no tax on such speech....
    Among the enlightened / cultured / educated public there is almost no violence. almost. You are very confusing by including everyone who is not religious in the same category. But the majority of Israelis are like you. So confused.
    The enlightened, educated and cultured public is on the whole small and dull. Not everyone who is not religious ie: secular belongs to him. On the contrary, only a minority of them belong to him. Unfortunately. The majority of the public is what is called "spoiled religious". As you know, in the latest faith survey, alarming rates of believers in religious superstitions were found. Their number is in no way greater than the number of religious people in the country. These are the sweet ones who do Kiddush with father/mother and siblings with a Kippah on their heads and Shabbat songs in their mouths. After they have had their fill, they rest and towards midnight they go through the kitchen, equip themselves with a knife and go out to hang out. If there are also pricks on the way. Then when they arrive at the court they of course equip themselves with a kippa. I said "spoiled religious". These human savages go to Rabbi "Nohali" who studied at the "That's how it suits me" yeshiva. They partially "observe" mitzvot. That way according to convenience. These are the secular majority. These are absolutely worthy of the Talmudic condemnation of "Erab Rav" or "nations of the land". They are not enlightened, not educated, not cultured and certainly not "open". On the contrary, they are small and nasty racists who feed on the seeds of laws, rulings, lectures and education that originate in the Orthodox Jewish religion.
    And as for the advantages you mentioned among the religious public. Of course they exist but there is also crime and evil as in any community. Perhaps because of the difficult sexual problems that religion creates, there are more perverts and pedophiles than in the general population. Beyond that, there are so many people who contribute, help others, volunteer and help their communities that it is really stupid of you to try to deny on the one hand and on the other hand to see only the beastly people among them, I am ready to intervene, an overwhelming and absolute majority who believe in G-d, kiss mezuzahs and wear a kippah on proper occasions even Visiting a synagogue, sure of Kippur, maybe in the future. Tol Cora is between your eyes and faith from your soul will answer because it distorts your vision, your understanding and your considerations.
    Chotzmaza that the religion and a large part of its principles is vanity and bad spirit. And a tiny little part has been brought out here at length.
    Shabbat Shalom and Blessed.

  68. Perhaps on the contrary, even among the secular there are criminals and thieves, but no one organizes them and protects them as among the ultra-Orthodox they have chastity guards, Chabad patrols, Breslav choirs and all kinds of strange phenomena. The fact that there are other problems in the world does not mean that an acute problem for the country should not be solved - and that is the ultra-orthodox sector evading all responsibility and turning it into a parasitic factor out of ideology.

  69. Every time Blizovsky reads about a spiritual phenomenon, he stands in the public domain and pours fire and brimstone and shouts hams on the whole world and his wife, as if the religious have stolen his mother's milk, the country, his freedom and what not. It is true, even among the dark religious, the ignorant, the poor, and the other bearers of the affectionate names that Blizovsky gives them, there are criminals, thieves, etc., but what is the comparison between the percentages of these exceptions among this population, and the alarming percentages, rising and going, invading and multiplying, among The "open", enlightened, educated and civilized public, to the point of fear among the teachers lest a knife suddenly be pulled out of nowhere... Parents fear for their son's/daughter's life lest they return home and be murdered at the door of a pub... lest they perish, physically and mentally, in a ditch in a side grove...
    How many percent of these sit in prisons and how many of the other sector? Why doesn't Blizovsky scream bitterly about all the astronomical resources that have been and will be allocated to eradicating crime and violence among the drunks and drunkards that are expected to arise during the terrible "great holiday"???? Even if Belizo denies the "Torah from Heaven", reality smacks him in the face. The vulgarity and aggressiveness, the beastliness and the pigs, will be found among his sector, while among the other sector he will find - if he wants - gentleness, parental respect, grace and kindness, care and help, and much more. Please only open your eyes, and you will discover a new world, and only your evil desire is the one that leads you to deny it. Reach out and touch him. It is closer than the Golan Mountains.

  70. Since, as usual, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and Summers falls asleep only sees what he wants to see, there is no choice but to anticipate the later and reveal a more extensive section of the chapter dedicated to refuting the matter in question.
    Dear Summer, if you really opened Zohar you would see everything that will come here immediately. Everything you have written so far on this matter are sentences taken straight from Zamir Cohen's book.

    This is the full passage from the Zohar, which Cohen does not want the reader to see (New Zohar, Parashat Beresheet, page XNUMX, page XNUMX):
    "Kud Asik Jabstha understands what he called the name of the land of the XNUMXth God, 'and God called for a dry land.' And Tana XNUMX of Exodus called [it] Eretz Adama Gya Nushya Tsiya Arka Tebel. Greatest of all, the world is written, 'And he will judge the world in righteousness' [Psalms XNUMX] the XNUMXth, 'Whoever names names in the land'. Ari XNUMX: Heavens the Almighty created against them He created XNUMX lands. And give one land, let the waters be taken out, and from it seven lands will be formed like Damran."
    And in modern language: "When God raised the dry land out of the water, he called its name 'Earth.' That is why it is said in the verse: "And God called the dry land." And the two of us, he called the land by seven names: Eretz, Adama, Gaia, Neshya, Tsia, Arka, Tevel. The greatest among the seven lands is "earth" because it is said in the verse: "And he will judge the earth in righteousness" and therefore it is also written: "Whoever names names in the land". Rabbi said God created seven heavens and against them he created seven lands. And we both that first one land came out of the water and from it seven lands were formed as mentioned above."

    So first we have seven firmaments, and these are: curtain of the firmament of the Zabul sky from the Aravat Institute residence.
     A curtain is not used for anything but it goes in at dawn and comes out at night and renews every day the act of Genesis that was said (Isaiah XNUMX:XNUMX) that inclines like the firmament of heaven and is enclosed like a tabernacle for Shabbat
     A firmament in which there is heat and white stars and fixed signs as it is said (Genesis XNUMX) and God will give them in the firmament of heaven
     Heavens where the gods stand and grind from the righteous...
     Zebul where Jerusalem and the Temple and an altar is built and Michael the Great Minister stands and offers a sacrifice on it...
     A residence where classes of ministering angels sing at night and feel during the day because of the honor of Israel...
     An institution where there are treasures of snow and treasures of hail and the rise of evil dews and the rise of hailstones and a chamber of storm [and tempest] and a cave of steam and whose doors are fire... and you will hear the heavens the temple of your daughter...
     A guarantee in which justice is justice and charity, a treasure of life and a treasure of peace and a treasure of blessing and the souls of the righteous and spirits and souls that are to be created and dew that the Almighty will bring to life the dead in...

    And against them are the XNUMX lands: Eretz, Adama, Gaia, Neshya, Tsiya, Arka and Tebal. And these are not synonyms.
    In a framed article it should also be mentioned that Judaism in general and Zohar in particular have an intimate affair with the number seven. This is how it is written in the Zohar [and read a page from XNUMX Kala']: At the beginning of God's word, He created the heavens above, He created the XNUMXth heavens, XNUMXth the lands, XNUMXth the days, XNUMXth the rivers, XNUMXth the days, XNUMXth the Shavuots, XNUMXth the years . seven times Z. Alfie Shennin faded alma. G-d in Shevia Dakhla.
    Just as from the perspective of the Zohar there are seven heavens [sefirot] that enclose the earth like the skins of an onion, the "seven lands" that the Zohar speaks of are the seven sefirot under the world, corresponding to the seven heavens above the world, and any connection between them and the number of continents on the surface of the earth [and according to the Zohar , on the face of the sphere named "Tavel", where humans live] is a fake and forced connection.
    The author of the Zohar explained to us in detail what those "seven lands" are in another place in the Zohar, including the reference to the fact that the [upper and lower] Sefirot wrap each other "like layers of an onion".
    "Rabbi Yehuda opened: 'And God said, Let there be a firmament in the midst of the waters' and so on - come and see: when the Almighty created the world, He created seven heavens above, seven created lands below... and all the heavens are one on top of the other, like onion skins that clothe these On these, those below and those above. That the inner ones are judged to be below, and the outer ones to be above... It's like this seven countries are below, and all of them are in a settlement, only that these are upper and those are lower."

    Maimonides also uses the parable of the onion to describe the cosmology of the world as he borrowed it from the philosopher Aristotle. And here it is before you [from the book of science], under the title of 'Elementary Laws of Torah' chapter XNUMX, halacha XNUMX: "Each wheel and wheel of the eight wheels in which the stars are, will be divided into wheels far above each other like onion skins: from which wheels turn from west to east, and from them spinning from east to west like the ninth revolving wheel. And all of them, there is no free space between them."
    Maimonides received from Aristotle the model with 9 sephirots above the world, not in the XNUMXth sky like the Zohar, [and it completely turns out that he did not know the Zohar at all, which had not yet been written at the time] but the description of the onion scales is the same in both and it describes the same structure.
    According to the verses we saw above in the Zohar [Vicera, page of 7 verses Kald'-Klo'], the 7 spheres of the sky wrap each other around each other like onion skins - just as the Maimonides believed and described. Furthermore, this verse tells us explicitly, the 7 countries that Zamir Cohen is trying to sell us as continents, overlap the seven heavens and are built exactly like them, only that they are under the earth and not above it. And it needs to be repeated again, the Zohar speaks of 7 imaginary sefirot which in his opinion are supposed to be under the earth - not about XNUMX continents on the surface of the earth.

    And the Zohar goes on to explain (immediately after the previous things, verse Klage) that in the upper and lower spheres we can find heaven and hell and also begins to go into detail about the strange creatures that live in the seven countries mentioned - and these things are so disturbing and frightening that if they are said about the continent of Australia, America or 'Greenland' - we would suggest immediate population evacuation!
    These are the words in Hebrew according to the interpretation of the scale:
    "And our friends who live in the south have seen in the books of the first and the book of Adam, that this is how all the lands are divided, which are all below like those in the heavens above, that is, these are above these and these are above these, and between each land there is a firmament that divides one from the other. And so all the countries are explained by names, and among them heaven and hell. And among them are different creatures, one from another, like an eye above, in the heavens, some of which are in the B face, and some of them are in the D face, and some of them are in the A. And the appearance of these as the appearance of others."

    After everything we brought above and after the reader understands what things are really supposed to be, the only question is - based on what assumption about our stupidity, Zamir Cohen is trying to sell us the practicality of a "geographical discussion" on 7 continents!
    And Cohen adds, he committed a crime when he assumes that the reader suffers from advanced dementia and hopes that the reader has forgotten that we have already encountered the "seven lands" that the Zohar spoke of in the explanations he himself gave in the chapter where he talked about aliens and tried to imply to us that maybe the aliens are the demons from those seven lands under the earth Only that there he called them sections!
    Here is a reminder of his words: "In the Zohar [in the same verse that Zamir Cohen censored here, but in the first part] it is explained that there are seven sections and they are: Eretz, Adama, Gaia, Nashia, Tsiya, Arka, Tavel. And the greatest of all is the world, and it is the upper section where we dream. And the Zohar adds [in those verses that we have brought here after it] that in all these places there are kinds of beings similar to humans... that live in the upper section, the earth. In addition, the Zohar details [and we have already seen this detail] because just as the heavens wrap each other like the scales of an onion... so do the seven lands below, and the creatures in them are different from each other!"
    Ask yourself, dear readers, is Zamir Cohen so vile that he uses the same verse for two different and almost contradictory purposes? Is Zamir Cohen so vile that he uses the same verse both to "prove" that there are lands inhabited by demons under the earth, and also to "prove" that the writer of the Zohar knew that there are 7 continents here on the face of the earth?
    In our opinion, the answer is yes.

  71. to (c)
    "Said Rabbi God created seven heavens and against them he created seven lands." That's why I insist. Not because I am stubborn, but... and if we are already dealing with the verse, see the statement: "And against them he created seven lands" meaning one below the other as the heavens are above one another"
    How did you conclude that he created a land under the land? It is written against them, can you see for me in the quote that it says "below"?
    Become a glowing commentator? Because I can also interpret that he is a map of every firmament in the world...
    And according to the simple it is written Eretz = dry land, below:
    Therefore against the heavens he created continents,
    Regarding the other contradictions you sent, I will send you an answer when I find it appropriate, at the moment I am only discussing what I am interested in, for the simple reason that I do not have time to specialize in both zoology and physics, astronomy, biology, etc... and by the way, you may also be right, I am not mistaken As long as you didn't raise an argument against me.

    to the rock:
    I don't need to open books by Z. Cohen or books by Zohar to know, today we are in the age of Google, as the saying goes, if I don't have one, I have Google (someone already said it here)

  72. To Makitz who continues to sleep: my friend the Jew. Unfortunately, David Sela's response is not detailed enough for you to understand that your claims are devoid of any basis from start to finish. As far as I understand, he will post a much more detailed response that will clarify the intention and the "truth" that includes the lies and frauds of Rabbi Zamir, who commits obscene acts in the writings, as I have already mentioned below.
    I agree with your statement that his words are etched in stone. I hope you will continue to argue that way even after his second response and he will come to Zion Goel and the end of the discussion.
    Since you are wrong from beginning to end, I will only respond to your penultimate response where you will wonder why I insist on the heavens since it says "seven lands". You are right if we look at the sentence you brought that is out of context and full content. But if you look at the longer passage brought by David Sela, you will find the following quote: "R. said seven heavens God created and against them he created seven lands". That's why I insist. Not because I am stubborn but.... and if we are already dealing with the verse, see the statement: "And against them he created seven lands" meaning one below the other as the heavens are above one another. Not seven continents and no plaster. It is neutering, twisting and distortion of the nightingale who adapts sections and parts of sentences to his needs and goals to degenerate people into the darkness of religion and the darkening of faith.
    By the way, as I mentioned, you use exactly such a method and demonstrate here wonderfully how to take fragments of verses and different articles from different authors, in different places from completely different times and put them together and adapt them to some twisted idea drilled into some delusional and believing mind. I understand that you have not addressed my criticism of this incorrect method as you have not addressed most of my claims here. I allow myself to see "silence as a confession".
    And now we will wait for David's long and detailed response that will put an end to the discussion and point out that my statements, which seem extreme and blunt, are called for in light of reality and the truth.
    Greetings and a pleasant and calm weekend and even Shabbat Shalom.

  73. To the Jewish colleague?
    Sela's words are engraved in rock - go out and learn

  74. To take a beam from the eyes of a sleepy Makitz who clearly did not open the Zohar from his days and feeds only on the transformation of the singing priest, this is the full passage from the Zohar, which the priest does not want the reader to see (New Zohar, Parashat Berashit, page XNUMX, page XNUMX):
    "Kud Asik Jabstha understands what he called the name of the land of the XNUMXth God, 'and God called for a dry land.' And Tana XNUMX of Exodus called [it] Eretz Adama Gya Nushya Tsiya Arka Tebel. Greatest of all, the world is written, 'And he will judge the world in righteousness' [Psalms XNUMX] the XNUMXth, 'Whoever names names in the land'. Ari XNUMX: Heavens the Almighty created against them He created XNUMX lands. And give one land, let the waters be taken out, and from it seven lands will be formed like Damran."
    And in modern language: "When God raised the dry land out of the water, he called its name 'Earth.' That is why it is said in the verse: "And God called the dry land." And the two of us, he called the land by seven names: Eretz, Adama, Gaia, Neshya, Tsia, Arka, Tevel. The greatest among the seven lands is "earth" because it is said in the verse: "And he will judge the earth in righteousness" and therefore it is also written: "Whoever names names in the land". Rabbi said God created seven heavens and against them he created seven lands. And we both that first one land came out of the water and from it seven lands were formed as mentioned above."
    Don't believe me or the Jewish tzaddik, open a book and read.

  75. Hebrew

    I know a man who died from an operation, Rabbi Pirer recommended him simply like that without any interpretations or interpretations.

  76. From summer I almost forgot: "It's time for everyone to wake up and see the truth".
    Only a believing and religious person can hold the "truth" in his hands and try to make it appear blue in the eyes of others.
    About the essence and nature of the truth that comes from the different beliefs, not least the religions, history has taught us well in blood, fire and smoke and with a lot of suffering, pain, grief and tears.

  77. To sum up: Regarding the issue, it's a waste of time. Soon the book "Reversal to the Trash" will be released where you can understand the issue in depth.
    Just a note - 7 continents is a completely arbitrary human invention. Actually there are 4 or 5 continents because Asia, Europe and Africa are one continent. But leave it, there is nothing to go into the discussion and details on matters of faith, enough is the confused presentation of things from different sources and without any connection between them, all in order to build some idea or argument.
    Regarding respect, hatred and other vegetables. I suppose it is completely clear from my words about the respect I have for our sources about which I mentioned that they are a source of inspiration. The complete abrogation of the orthodox faction in the Jewish religion before the sources, the abrogation of intellect, reason and the enslavement to writing evokes the contempt and slander that I shared with the readers here. not hate I hope that you will respect the sources a little more and not commit obscene acts with them like the one demonstrated below and which you learned from your many teachers - throughout history - to do so. Mentz must convince with delusions of faith that they are ready to carry out their plot in the scriptures. This intellectual abuse, which is a disgrace, is disrespectful to our heritage. The fact that there are many such and very, very respected ones that many, many follow only adds fuel to the fire of vanity.

  78. to (c)
    You write: "Seven lands that the Zohar writes about are seven lands one below the other just as there are seven heavens above one another"
    What is not clear, it is written black on white in Zohar and I am quoting:
    "Tana, one land was literally taken out by the waters, and from it seven lands were formed." (Zoh XNUMX:XNUMX)"
    Write lands and not skies so why do you insist on skies?
    So remove hatred from your heart and respect our sources, it's time for everyone to wake up and see the truth.

  79. ravine,
    It seems to me that you are doing something wrong.
    First, I assume you mean Rabbi Pirer, the phenomenally knowledgeable person who matches people with complicated problems to renowned experts in the field. The greatest thing about him is his ability to identify the problem and find the right specialist.
    This is a real holy work, and the religious matter should not be involved here.

    A rational person (I assume you mean psychopaths, those whose emotional system is neutralized)
    You don't have to "believe" in science. Science as a whole is a tool. Just as one does not believe in a fork but uses it to eat, so one should not believe in science but use it for one's needs.

    The more interesting question that I try to bring up again and again for discussion is what should be the value system that guides it and what needs are involved. In my opinion, this is more important than any invention.

  80. To Kitz who falls asleep on his own: Tol Cora is happening between your eyes. What kind of method is it to take a sentence from here, there and the devil knows where from different authors, at different times, in different contexts and from that base some theory, argument or idea. It is not serious and I am polite in my expression……
    The seven lands that the Zohar writes about are seven lands one below the other just as there are seven heavens above one another as it is said "And the waters will flow under the heavens". The sky in the sense of a huge sheet placed over the world that consists of seven countries. This is the sage's picture of the world. Neither ball nor plaster. This is what the Greeks knew. The Jews, and with an emphasis on the more religious among them, were intellectuals and did not want to assimilate and therefore did not learn the "wisdom of the Gentiles" and remained with the stupidity of their religion and superstitions. (This is me expressing myself not very gently and expressing my authentic feelings on the subject....).
    Since this is the Sage's picture of the world, they also ruled laws accordingly. For example the entrance of Shabbat. Since the heat "enters its sheath" that is, it passes through a sheath that takes it from under the sky to go above the sky and return to the starting point by morning, the sages wondered how long the transition took. We will not enter into the delusions of belief that they are all based on a complete misunderstanding of reality and a lie, we will only say that the wisdom of the rabbis led to the conflict in the city of Elad, as I imagine. I do not guarantee the details based on my memory, but the Ashkenazi rabbi set a time several minutes earlier for the beginning of Shabbat compared to the ruling of the Sephardic rabbi, and thus 2 sirens sound on Friday and the Ashkenazis resent the desecration of Shabbat by the Sephardim. Her actions to really sit down……. By the way, I live on the border of Israel and I enjoy the siren and in my opinion every city needs one. It sets the mood. Of course, the time does not have to be determined by religion, certainly not by rabbis whose power is excessive, exaggerated and abused, but that is another issue.
    But what am I explaining? There is a whole chapter in the book and luckily it was the one they gave me to read, so I remember some details from it. What I am explaining is nothing compared to the unfolding and revealing of the truth about the lies of Z. Cohen's book.

    By the way, you only referred to one piece of nonsense that rabbis who are considered respectable in the eyes of entire communities spread without control and control. I brought a few more, among them mistakes of our own fault.

    I will conclude: Sages and our sages in all periods wrote many things according to the knowledge of their time and in many cases even less than was already known in the beautiful and worthy words of wisdom combined and interwoven with nonsense, nonsense and real mistakes... Our cultural heritage for us is: to learn, to review, to be impressed, to instill and pass on to our children You deserve to doubt and criticize what is necessary. To be proud of the parts that deserve it and carry our heritage with genius throughout history as one of the oldest and most unique nations in human civilization. National pride is worthy of every Jew, regardless of who he is. Our heritage is a source of great inspiration and pride for us Jews.
    The orthodoxy that sees heritage as binding on every badge and thing that sanctifies human creations starting with the Bible and onward that has turned Judaism into a series of useless religious rituals that adheres to the laws of Halacha some of which are stupid and others downright immoral and which considers itself a real duty to impose the laws of Halacha on every Jew is a basic immorality And simply a serious deviation of Judaism from the path. It is a deviation from the line. Too many of our people are wrong and follow rabbis and other people of faith.
    The actions of orthodoxy that sanctify every gig, every escape of those who once lived and see many things as "living God's words" that cannot be challenged and whose truth is eternal is a recipe for the stupidity of the crowd, society and the people.

    I don't remember if you were the one who commented on this, but I think I understood that you used to have a mind and then you abandoned it in favor of religion and joined the world of blind faith. You lack the God in your mind and as a soma you uphold your religion and look for rabbis. If this is the case, allow me to wish you that you will soon return in your opinion and that you will succeed in your way and that your days will be happy and good.
    Amen yes there will be a will.

  81. to the one that happens to himself (c)

    You write: "The full passage that is not quoted, of course, talks about seven lands under seven heavens and proves what fatal mistakes and what fantasies fill the mind, including a world of demons and all."

    "Tana, one land was literally taken out by the waters, and from it seven lands were formed." (Zoch XNUMX:XNUMX)
    That is: at the time of creation there was only one continent, but at a certain stage it was divided into seven continents which gradually moved away from each other when the ocean water penetrated the space created between them, thereby creating the different oceans.
    (And see also in the book of Proverbs (XNUMX:XNUMX): "Wisdom built her house, shewed out its seven pillars" and Rashi interpreted there: "Wisdom built her house: Wisdom built the world. And when we add the words of the Zohar above, it is given Understand that the continuation of the verse, "Seven pillars were carved out", speaks of the seven continents that were carved out and separated from their original connection as one unit).
    And when did this significant geological phenomenon occur?
    In the book of Job, it is said about the time of the flood: "The one who moves (=the mover) lifted up, and they did not know, the one who upsets (=the mover) the earth in its place, and its pillars will fall." (Job XNUMX:XNUMX and refer to Midrash Rabbah in Genesis (Parasha XNUMX:XNUMX) in the words of Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi about Job and the flood)

  82. I would like to think that I am a rational person, who believes in science and what my eyes see.
    In difficult times people turn in other directions and so did my parents turn to the "x-ray" following a rare medical problem of a family member. You can't argue with facts, this particular rabbi knew one of the few specialist doctors in the world who is in New York and following his recommendation the insurance company was also convinced and we received funding (hundreds of thousands of dollars) for a rare and complicated surgery that was largely successful.
    If not some kind of higher power then at least he has tremendous medical knowledge that cannot be denied.

  83. This site deals too much with the topics of religion and faith, and it's a shame.
    It used to be interesting to come in here. Today, water grinding again and again

  84. Makitz: see the link here - documentation of a mysterious entity hovering at a gas station. A tremendous achievement was recorded for faith in this case, according to the reporter: "The phenomenon turned non-believers into believers"...! Amazing. Indeed the divinity works in mysterious ways... but what is the essence of being? An angel, a messenger of God (Jesus in this case because it's in the USA...), maybe a demon or a ghost or just a spirit?? who knew Who will understand? What is great to see are the comments in the article and the absurd "explanations". This is how it is for those who do not use sharp thinking (which is the majority of humans). Answers, by the way, in the link:

    Why are all the "discoveries of the mystery" and the various and strange beliefs painted in an evil way when they are illuminated with the light of reason, the lamp of enlightenment and the flashlight of sharp, logical, rational and logical thinking????

  85. to Ernest,
    I believe that the Shas party will not survive for long. If its construction was intended to serve a disadvantaged religious Sephardic public and today the sons of its members are in Ashkenazi yeshiva, then one of the two for its constituents:
    1. He will make the complete transition and choose proper Ashkenazi ultra-orthodox parties.
    2. He will choose another party that fits the idea that was the basis of its establishment (Deri, Um-Shelem, etc.).

    Today it is Rabbi Ovadia Yosef who unites the ranks, but with his passing she does not expect a bright future.

  86. To Makitz who refuses to sleep: you actually respect the term religious and behave as expected. Respect to the sector...
    In order to check, find out, know and understand the grave mistakes of our sages, entire websites have been established. Do you want recommendations? I would be happy to refer you to expand your horizons. Serious mistakes in human anatomy led to wrong halachic rulings regarding women. for example. A lack of understanding of the cow's anatomy led to a puzzling halachic statement and discussion (some say ridiculous...) based on the statement that the trachea splits into 3 and goes to the heart, lungs and liver....really strange. Ancient sages also stated that the heart has 3 chambers and not 4 as every medical student knows in the first year of study. And what about lice that are created "from sweat and from the waste" that is, not in fertility and reproduction? And what about the poison that is supposedly in the claws of Harry, the wolf and the cat?? Have you heard about Maimonides' medicine? Want references to some "medicines he recommends?"
    And on a book that is placed under the tabloid in the ward of "Shiva" hospital, there it is written, without age or indolence, he asked a person to go to doctors (not to rely on them either...) but to God (the Lord of the universe) in heaven. And on a great segment from a TV show about the crazy in Breslav, which records the crazy Adi Hadar - a Hasidic singer - who was a few years above me in the RG scout tribe, did drugs, was accused of having sex and ended his process of deterioration with a serious fall to religion.
    The same witness tells the camera that he does not go to the doctors but trusts only in "our father", that is the evil one in heaven. In a brilliant edit, the next scene captures him with a frightened expression, turning to the camera and asking not to be photographed as he runs to a secular doctor and a heretic in order to heal his son... This directly connected to the delusions of faith written in this holy book which, unfortunately, I did not take home to quote directly from it and left him prodigal in the ward to Foolish believers and absolute ignoramuses will be "strengthened" by the lack of faith and nonsense written in it. On the next visit, this book goes straight to my home library. After all, I have children to educate, teach and warn about difficult things in life. One of them is the deterioration of religious life.
    But it's on the edge of its edge because the canvas is short. As mentioned, if you would like to expand your horizons, I would be happy to refer you.

    "I proved here on the site the prediction of the big bang and the movement of the continents and many other discoveries that were known in the Zohar." I liked the "proof". You must be relying on the lying clown Rabbi Zamir Cohen. My friend is now preparing a book of tshuva for his "transformation" and the current name of the book of teshua is "transformation to the trash". A catchy and appropriate name.
    In the book, his lies and deceptions are exposed, not to mention the twisting of the scriptures to the point of committing obscene acts in the source (HaZhar). Really an act of perversion. Thus in the well-known passage about the sensational "discovery" it is as if the author of the Hahar knew that the earth was round, something that the Greeks would have known over a thousand years earlier or several hundred years earlier if you accept the false version as if the Hahar was written by the Rashbi. The full section that is not quoted, of course, talks about seven lands under seven heavens and proves what fatal mistakes and what fantasies fill the Zahar including a world of demons and all.
    Our sages didn't know a thing about the big bang, the drifting of the continents and the like. These jokes are suitable for the lectures of madatim (degraders to religion) such as the clowns A. Yitzchak and Zamir HaCohen. This is a serious hostel here, try to respect it.
    Regarding the god: this is an imaginary, fictional, invented character who is one of the most famous and well-known literary heroes in the history of mankind. Celebrity crosses cultures and times. A "superhero" indeed. More than Superman and Spiderman.
    There is no evidence of its existence and reality. God does not exist except between the two ears of the believer and nothing else. He is an imaginary fiction, like Winnie the Pooh, for example, who fills the hearts of children with much happiness and satisfaction.
    Because "in the beginning man created God in his own image and in his likeness he created them" the number of gods is the number of human civilizations. As in astrology, flying dragons and fire yorkers, Winnie the Pooh, Peter Pan or Hercules.
    As we know, the burden of proof rests on the person claiming the existence of a certain fact. Such a proof has not yet been provided despite great efforts over thousands of years that the best human minds have worked in its favor. Therefore it is necessary to believe in him. Because those who believe do not know. (Maybe he's not afraid either, but that's already related to his ignorance…..).

  87. To the Jewish tzaddik? (which denigrates the term righteous)
    You claim:
    "They had such gaps in education and knowledge that it is shameful that those who live in the 21st century see all their words as some kind of "Torah from heaven". Very sad."
    What gaps are you talking about?
    When I proved here on the site the prediction of the big bang and the movement of the continents and many other discoveries that were known in Zohar.

    You claim:
    "Here you can meet believers and religious people who see that they are using their intellect, but since they are stuck in their religion, they do not return in their opinion"
    If you look at this whole issue correctly, then there is no conflict between education and faith: science is the embodiment of the laws of nature and the Creator is the interface (you can read on this website about Professor Moshe Kova's article, he illustrates it better)
    That's why everyone has their own domain and there's no need to clash.

  88. Chaikin has good answers in the new film: Prometheus. I haven't watched it yet, but I intend to. There are many answers there.

  89. R. H.,
    Do you think I would bring such a serious topic to the discussion at this meeting?
    It's not enough to just throw numbers and paintballs into the air. You also need to offend, bring photographic evidence, explain, reason, and preferably also subject to re-examination.
    But yes. 42 This is the mother. What are the answers?

  90. jubilee,
    After the purple orb's effect wears off,
    I thought the mother of all answers was 42, didn't I?

  91. Amiczadik,
    Google is good for you, Google is good for me, Google is good for all of us, Google is good for the country
    ♫♫♫ Israel, Israel, Israel-El - sure on Google ♪♫♪

  92. R. H.,
    Find all the answers? Like "mother of all answers"? OK. acceptable to me
    If I don't have an answer, Google me
    And for myself, a graduate of the Google Search Academy
    And if I don't think, who will think for me?

  93. Hi Yuval, I did turn to Facebook, but there the conversation is shallower and there are many, many delusional people who lack understanding and insight. The situation is difficult. Here you can meet believers and religious people who see that they are using their intellect, but because they are stuck in their religion, they do not return in their opinion. But there is some rational and intelligent basis for them. You can communicate. Somehow.
    As for the Google Party….hahahahahaha…that's a good idea. Nice to us.

    From the summer of sleep: why??? Let them sleep well in the darkness of faith and the darkness of religion. leave them alone. Those who wake up and those who wake up return anyway in their opinion after they leave their religion. Clinging to ancient texts as if they contain "divine truth" is a symptom of a lack of faith. Indeed we have a worthy and special and even unique cultural treasure. Our Bible is a masterpiece of ancient literature. From then on to seeing this as "truth" and claiming that every speculation and every emission of some wise man from times long gone by is a special "wisdom" that is far away. Our sages made so many mistakes, they had such gaps in education and knowledge that it is shameful that those who live in the 21st century see all their words as some "Torah from heaven". Very sad.

  94. jubilee,
    The truth does not tempt me to join the Google party and even less to know who a skeptic is. As for finding all the answers, there is a lot to talk about.

  95. R. H.,
    So you and I join the Google party?
    Together we can find all the answers. Maybe we will even be able to understand what God is.
    But the biggest chopper is that we can finally know once and for all who is hiding behind the nickname SAFKAN

  96. point,
    OK. I have nothing to dig, so I don't dig. But that's why I feel out of place. Everyone talks about God and only I the abel do not understand anything 🙁

  97. Hebrew

    Tell you about Shas.

    Perhaps we are witnessing the beginning of a new religion that is closer to Christianity than to Judaism, note that day by day
    The belief in horoscopes, talismans, miracles and mysticism is strengthened by its followers, all but they are a complete contrast
    to the Jewish religion.

  98. Yuval Chaikin:
    "Point: You are, as usual, to the point and concise, but here you made a mistake. You say "God is the same thing on which the world depends, without which the world could not exist", but you do not give a structural definition for "the same thing".
    Does anyone have a coherent definition? I really want to participate in discussions about God, but as long as I don't know what it is or what He is, I am forced to stand aside and continue to understand nothing."

    There is nothing to participate in the discussion about God because he has no structural definition, it is a riddle, what is the same thing that the world depends on? There may be several options:
    1) That the world exists and does not depend on anything, that is, it depends on itself, and in such a situation the world is God.
    2) that the world exists but depends on something else outside of it. And if that something does not depend on anything else then it is God.
    3) That the world does not exist.

    And this is the way. That which everything depends on but which does not depend on anything is God. There is nothing to dig into it too much.

  99. In the act of creation, the Torah says:
    "And God said: Let the waters under the sky flow to one place, and the dry land will be seen, and it will be so" (Genesis XNUMX:XNUMX).
    Simply put, the verse speaks of one landmass that was seen after the waters that had covered the entire surface of the earth until that time drained into one place. That is, a single mighty ocean surrounded all of the only land that was visible on Earth.
    And see further in the Midrash Rabbah (Beresheet Parsha XNUMX:XNUMX) that it is so clear that in the beginning one sea was created until they questioned the scripture "And from the water basin called days" (Beresheet XNUMX:XNUMX) and said: "Isn't it similar to the taste of the fish that comes up (=that you fish it), from Acre, To an immigrant from Sidon, and to an immigrant from Asfemia." That is, because of the different properties of the waters of the different coasts, the uniform sea appears and is considered as many seas.
    And reality is not like that, we know for sure that there are seven continents on Earth (and not one as written in the Torah):
    A. Asia
    B. Africa
    third. Australia
    d. North America
    God. South America
    and. Greenland
    G. Antarctica
    These continents are surrounded by different oceans!
    However, at the beginning of the XNUMXth century, in light of new geological data, there was a resounding change in the scientific approach to the geological history of the earth.
    The first to talk about continental drift was Alfred Luther Wagner (1880-1930) in his book "The Origin of the Continents and Oceans" printed in 1915. Asher claimed that all the continents were initially united and only at a later stage migrated and moved away from each other. As proof of his words, he pointed to the amazing similarity between the continent of Africa and the eastern coastlines of the continent of South America, as if they were two pieces of a puzzle that were separated from each other.
    In other studies he conducted, he showed a similarity between the places where the two continents meet both in terms of vegetation (flora) and animals (fauna) and the geochemical structure of the various minerals. This proves that in the beginning all the continents were adjacent to each other. Since then, the studies and opinions supporting this theory have expanded and many scientific articles have completely confirmed it.

    Amazingly, it turns out that the Holy Zohar about two thousand years ago reports on the most significant geological changes that took place on the earth after the creation of the world, and this is what it says there:
    "Tana, one land was literally taken out by the waters, and from it seven lands were formed." (Zoch XNUMX:XNUMX)
    That is: at the time of creation there was only one continent, but at a certain stage it was divided into seven continents which gradually moved away from each other when the ocean water penetrated the space created between them, thereby creating the different oceans.
    (And see also in the book of Proverbs (XNUMX:XNUMX): "Wisdom built her house, shewed out its seven pillars" and Rashi interpreted there: "Wisdom built her house: Wisdom built the world. And when we add the words of the Zohar above, it is given Understand that the continuation of the verse, "Seven pillars were carved out", speaks of the seven continents that were carved out and separated from their original connection as one unit).
    And when did this significant geological phenomenon occur?
    In the book of Job, it is said about the time of the flood: "The one who moves (=the mover) lifted up, and they did not know, the one who upsets (=the mover) the earth in its place, and its pillars will fall." (Job XNUMX:XNUMX and refer to Midrash Rabbah in Genesis (Parasha XNUMX:XNUMX) in the words of Rabbi Yehuda Hanasi about Job and the flood)
    And now let's look, besides the creator of the universe, who could have known thousands of years ago, even before humans had charts of the shape of the continents, that the continents were ever a continent that was divided into parts that moved away from each other? More than that, how would the people of rational science have reacted to the determination of the Holy Zohar, about two thousand years ago, that there are seven continents in the world, when the continents of North and South America, the continent of Australia, and more had not yet been discovered?

  100. skeptic,
    Unlike big brother, no one forces you to use any Google service, what's more, all their programs on the Internet, from Gmail to Google Earth, are free. Finally a business model that takes from the rich and rips off the poor, and complaints about it too.
    You, for example, that Microsoft sold Windows in India for $1 and even though it was a negligible profit they were not ready to give it up because "they don't give things away for free in principle?" So on the one hand they ran over and destroyed companies with better products like Nightscape and the late Lotus and on the other hand they fooled the world. So it is very good that companies came with the free business models that showed that against logic it is also possible in another way and that companies like Mozilla of Firefox, Google, Facebook and others are doing very well.

    The same story today with the lowering of book prices, I think they don't understand that if they raise the price of books and ban the stores' promotions, people will simply buy less and the profits will not increase.

  101. I'm really not a supporter of the Shas party and I find quite a few flaws in it from those mentioned above, but to say that it is an anti-Zionist party... Come on, this is ignorance. See, for example, Rabbi Ovadia Yosef's blessing to the IDF soldiers

    So you can be amused by the fact that a blessing does not contribute at all (I'm sure, how can emotional value be measured? Oh, this is a rationalist site. I forgot) but wonder how an anti-Zionist would bless the "Zionist army"?
    Regarding the Minister of the Interior: his rant is out of place, period.
    However, the need for steps to return the infiltrators to their country is required. Probably contrary to your position, Blizovsky.
    As for the future, here is a Sage quote that may be accepted by most of the "prophecy was given to fools" website.
    A faithful Yuval was far from being a fool, so like any prediction, his is also with very limited guarantee.

  102. jubilee,

    Are you saying that you turned over and over in the book and didn't find a definition? In my opinion, there is a very beautiful and striking definition given by the heroine herself: Exodus XNUMX:XNUMX (the first half of the verse)

  103. to Yuval,
    Dealing with the term divinity is very often trite and trite, in my opinion
    Because simply the Torah came from a divine source according to Judaism and therefore the so-called ultra-orthodox establishment represents it and as you know the hatred for this sector is great among the secular public for this public.
    And that's why they are trying to perform a root canal treatment here and uproot the root of the belief which is: "Belief in one God, one Creator" and in my opinion this is a wrong root canal treatment because the ultra-orthodox establishment fails to represent the Creator's intention as soon as it spits on women and performs other aggressive and forceful actions, because preceded the Torah.

  104. summer

    When a person reads the Ten Commandments when he turns to himself I….
    And understands that there is no higher power, everything depends only on him in his actions and thoughts. He is his own god. Maybe then he will be moral
    This can certainly differentiate it from the animal that worships and trusts in a ruler, in power, and in an external party.

    Without commentary and unnecessary and misleading words of wisdom, from the words of Ecclesiastes, who in my opinion is the father of the ancestors of evolution
    And one spirit for all
    The man is from the beast
    Everything was from the dust and everything returned to the dust
    And the man is allowed from nothing

    Everyone understands from his words that we are part of nature, it doesn't seem to me that he sat at home and thought just like that, but, as we see today, the deterioration of man into worship, chewing gum, spirituality and escape from simple reality.
    That's why his words are so sharp and loud.

  105. Ernest,
    I don't have a problem with the things you say but with the ones you avoid saying. I guess you agree with me that the situation in the country is on the face. If so, do you have any desire to change?

  106. Thank you from summer sleepy,
    From your answer I realized that I don't understand: if we don't have the possibility to wonder about the jar of this entity, then why does it star so much precisely on a scientific website?

  107. Ernest,
    There is indeed a close connection between human behavior and that of animals, but everything that is found in humans is found in animals to a lesser extent. The difference is that humans obey (partially) the cultural imperatives of man (just as social animals do with their imperatives).

    fall asleep from summer,
    Not everything that appears in the scriptures is true (in fact the majority is not true). Some things are worthy of acceptance and use and others are not. Man is allowed from the animals is the extremity of his actions.

  108. to Ernest
    That is why it is said: "Man is allowed from the animal..."
    And unlike her, he bears responsibility for his actions.

  109. Yuval, admittedly a little late, but to your request for the definition of the term Elohim
    I was looking for the most striking definition and the most striking one I found is Rambam's definition (according to Judaism of course)
    At the end of each prayer, 13 main points are said and I will quote the most relevant part for the discussion:

    "May the living God be magnified and praised, and there is no time for his reality

    One and there is no singleness as its uniqueness disappears and there is no end to its unity
    He does not have the image of a body and is not a body to which his holiness will not be attached
    Antecedent to everything that was created first and there is no beginning to its beginning
    He is the Lord of the world for every created being, and directs his greatness and his majesty:
    That is to say, it is a single temporally abstract entity that both disappears and exists simultaneously everywhere
    The being is the primeval and there is no primeval.
    That's why we don't even have the possibility to wonder about a jar because it was created before the definition of time and no thought grasps it at all.
    If Rambam reached this consciousness, it is probably only following the source, because a normal human would prefer to direct his prayers to something more tangible than an abstract that cannot be defined.

  110. jubilee

    Everything we see in human behavior is the same as the behavior among animals in nature, and indeed if we accept the evolutionary theory, it makes sense. When a variety of animals come together to drink in some small water tank, you see all the phenomena you discuss and analyze.

    Just what, religious cultures and sects and people of "wisdom" arose during the thousands of years who decided, just like that, that man is different, he has morals, wisdom, justice and other kinds of concepts that only show their lack of understanding about the essence of nature within us.

    I see the phenomenon of the ultra-orthodox's struggle to conquer and take over the secular audience, exactly
    Like a group of monkeys taking over territories and the females of a neighboring group. The only reason that the secularists and especially the politicians among them do not act as in nature is that the slow occupation does not create a feeling in the stage
    That of existential danger.

    But as soon as they violently attack every female who is not wearing dull and modest clothes, every male without a head covering and all Shabbat violators, they will wake up (as if by surprise) and all kinds of passions and reactions will emerge in those conquered, related to existence and survival just like in nature.

    It is so simple and so natural, human history is essentially no different from the history of the animal world in any jungle, ocean or desert.

  111. jubilee

    Your proposal regarding the Big Brother matter and the entire analysis of the situation are refuted.

    Can't answer at length now but just refer everyone who reads English to the book 1984 by George Orwell. The book 1984 was written about the schemes of Big Brother and how Big Brother is constantly watching us. This book will explain that Big Brother controls us by constantly watching our private actions through security cameras inside our residential apartments. The information that Big Brother acquires through the cameras is used in his hands as a tool to enslave us under him. The book is fascinating and it describes better than I can what happens when access to privacy becomes a tool of predatory control.

    The book 1984 is apparently freely distributed through "Project Gutenberg" for the distribution of books whose copyrights have expired.

    I will only refer to Yuval's claim about a party and elections. In the elections under the watchful eye of Big Brother, if there are any elections at all, the one who will win is the Big Brother party which will win 99 percent of the voters' votes. Whoever chooses otherwise, something that will be visible to the watchful eyes of Big Brother, will receive his appropriate punishment (an appropriate punishment will be determined at the discretion of Big Brother, in a court established by Big Brother, this court will be under constant observation of Big Brother).

    The book 1984 was written in 1934, after Hitler came to power (and about 15 years after the Bolshevik government in the Soviet Union came to power). The book 1984 points out the ways in which dictatorships such as the Nazi and Bolshevik dictatorships would strengthen their rule by invading people's privacy.
    Only paranoids (like me) think that history can repeat itself a second time, and this time by predatory companies like Google who rudely invade our privacy in order to make money from it.

  112. I didn't understand Juses, does it not bother you that Eli Yishai, who comes from an anti-Zionist party, excuses his evil as a defense of the Declaration of Independence? Did you not understand the absurdity in this sentence?

  113. A fellow righteous Jew
    We had a conversation ages ago. We had arguments about ideas, but I was positively impressed by your seriousness and responsibility.
    If our country is dear to your heart, will you agree to take leadership?

  114. safkan
    I hereby announce the establishment of the Google Party in the State of Israel, it is the Big Brother Party.
    No more stupid reality shows, but information accessible to everyone about everything.
    We will fight information hiders like safkan and other paranoids
    We will publicly announce every act of corruption and we will denounce and denounce their perpetrators on the streets and on every screen
    We will incarcerate real criminals and release innocents from prisons

    You are invited to announce the establishment of an information concealment program that will cover up acts of corruption and scoundrels, that will acquit criminals and put innocents in prison

    Who will win the majority? The people will decide

  115. I liked what I read until the next part:
    "Already today we see its buds when the masses of Israelis cheer for a fascist manhunt that makes an anti-Zionist minister for asylum seekers just because of their color "to protect the Declaration of Independence".

    It was such a pointless sentence to point out, you just ruined everything - showing opacity to part of reality just like Amnon Yitzchak, and it's a shame.

  116. jubilee.

    Google is the embodiment of "Big Brother" from the book 1984 by George Orwell.

    The terrifying vision of the book 1984 may happen in 2084 or long before.

    If we don't stop Google's intolerable invasion of our privacy - Google's "free" services will cost us a fortune. There are no free meals.האח_הגדול

  117. jubilee
    I simply do not believe that you are serious, after all, today there are dozens of ultra-Orthodox leaders who, in front of the camera, divert their followers to rebel against the state, against its laws, against Zionism, in clear sentences without fear without hesitation, diversion for its name has enough filmed articles. Not only are they not behind bars today, but they receive financial support and all services from the state. So what do you say to that, that you hope they will be prosecuted.

  118. Ernest.

    My response is "awaiting confirmation". God is forced to endure suffering, there is a higher power stronger than him.

  119. serious

    My response is "awaiting confirmation". God will have to be patient because there is a higher authority than him.

  120. serious

    The encouragement is not mine. The encouragement is in the book of Genesis (it seems to me that this is God's appeal to Cain after the murder of Abel).

    This is what God (who is constantly slandered on this site) said: Develop a sin and you will rule over it.

    That is: sin is potentially everywhere, man's destiny is to keep an eye open, to notice the existence of sin (especially if the sin is hidden by the appearance of a kosher thing), man's destiny is to avoid sin or prevent it.

    You don't have to be religious to understand and receive the divine message. I'm not religious at all, I'm not interested in who exactly God is and how he works. On the other hand, I understand the divine message and respect it (when it convinces me). Most of the messages in the Bible are messages about the proper conduct of humans, the messages are intended to be heard by humans and humans are commanded to understand and internalize the messages (so that humans' lives will be better). God does not have to personally intervene for divine messages to be valid and helpful.

  121. Seriously, really seriously and without cynicism
    If you can sue a doctor or a lawyer for malpractice, why can't you sue a rabbi or an astrologer for bad advice? This is not a baseless idea. Instead of laughing, please try to promote it

  122. safkan
    Google examines kidneys and heart, but does not judge
    Everything is known before him, and everything is learned from him
    He provides me with all the essential services free of charge, and only for the luxuries he charges a modest amount
    He opens a window to the world for me and also pays me profits from advertisements
    I want to work with him, work for him
    For me it is the biggest of all, even bigger than Facebook

  123. skeptic
    Thanks for the encouragement, there is a worse situation than a halachic state.

  124. jubilee
    After understanding the law on the obligation of mikva to the bride, I no longer mikva,

  125. jubilee

    The Google state will be worse than the Halacha state, once it realizes its evil potential.

    Google is the "big brother" that follows you personally in all your surfing. Google knows more about you than you think.
    Google manipulates the information it gives you, by filtering information that at the time of "Google" is the information you need. These are two fatal blows to individual freedom.

  126. You always talk anti. Let's talk constructively:
    After all, is there an *existing* country or model in the world that you are trying to reach? A model that has borne fruit and is successful?

  127. jubilee

    You believe that a country that has already gone because of the Halacha, will enact such a law.

  128. jubilee
    I understood that you didn't just emphasize that there is evidence, you know that if there is indeed evidence then it is true.
    About a year ago, in a conversation with a friend, he told me that a female relative of his had seen how she breathed blue
    It came out of the nose of a deceased woman, towards the sky.. According to you, this is a witness
    I claim that this is a hallucination, accompanied by innocence, superstitions, stories and legends..

  129. Yuval: I haven't heard of crows, but I have heard of parrots. The argument still holds. What is the difference between a parrot and a rooster? The argument is just an example meant to convey an idea. The idea is that baseless ideas can be ruled out. Those who claim their reality and truth are invited to prove them or point to some kind of testimony or evidence, no matter how weak, that supports the claim.
    Regarding the tort - no law is needed beyond existing. Today, a group is organizing on Facebook to sue the state for neglecting and abandoning them, as children, in the ultra-Orthodox education system and for harming them as a result. These are, of course, ultra-Orthodox who were rescued from slavery. Leave their religion and return to their opinion.
    It is only necessary for the public and the public atmosphere to change from complete laxity and laxity, not to mention apathy towards religion and the religious sector, to a little more firm standing on enlightened values ​​and principles. This.

  130. boxer,
    There are parrots that speak Hebrew, and even crows. From them to roosters the distance is not great. Please look for a stronger argument

  131. Ernest,
    Is your testimony valid? Is she reliable? In short, is it scientific?
    This question is not relevant to what I said before. All in all, I stated as a fact that the testimony exists.

  132. Ernst and anyone who thinks it is necessary to correct, in all seriousness:
    A person should have the right to sue the rabbi who gave him advice. It is a simple law that can be easily enacted in the Israeli Knesset.
    Is there an MK among us who is ready to pick up the gauntlet?

  133. Ilana: "But that does not mean that there is no existence above and beyond the sight of our poverty/devices... Pure curiosity leaves all possibilities open. Even pretending to know that something is not true is a type of ignorance and a closed mind that smells of fear." It doesn't mean anything - not that there isn't and that there isn't. Therefore, any talk about what is not understood anyway is not relevant. Regarding the pretense - what do you think about the claim that there is a Hebrew-speaking rooster somewhere in the world?? I guess you will pretend to "know" that the claim is not true. And this is not "ignorance and closed thinking". On the contrary, it is a sharp thought. Since you have discovered some kind of belief in "extra-corporeal exit" I can direct you to an extensive 10-part article on "life after death" and "extra-corporeal exit" on the brilliant blog "Sharp Thinking". Have fun.

  134. מנחם

    Maybe Avi Ramez, that in Israel there is a better chance of the secular underground being established than in the USA,
    , because of the experience we have from the British era.

  135. Avi Blizovsky why don't you move to China? You will be happy there.

    That Falun Gong, whose belief system represented a revival of traditional Chinese religion, was being practiced by a large number of Communist Party members and members of the military was seen as particularly disturbing to Jiang Zemin. "Jiang accepts the threat of Falun Gong as an ideological one: spiritual beliefs against militant atheism and historical materialism. He [wished] to purge the government and the military of such beliefs"

    Xinhua reported speeches of Youth League officials. One speaker said "This reminds us of the importance and urgency of strengthening our political and ideological work among the younger generation, educating them with Marxist materialism and atheism, and making greater efforts to popularize scientific knowledge"

  136. serious

    Your story about a "religious tzaddik" who failed in matters of financial business indicates that the tzaddik failed,
    But "scientific" advice can also be harmful and even on a larger scale. The problem with scientific fallacies that are more difficult to prove, due to being wrapped in a lot of magic words (magic words prevent factual criticism).

    For example:
    At least 5 percent of Israeli students are drugged by a narcotic called "Ritalin". Most of the students will become drug addicts for the rest of their lives and many of them will have their lives destroyed, some of them will die at a relatively early age due to continuous damage to the cardiovascular system caused by prolonged use of narcotic drugs (Ritalin is a narcotic drug that strongly affects the cardiovascular system). This whole scam business is "proven" by lots of scientific studies (which supposedly prove that Ritalin is harmless and, as it were, non-addictive). The problem is that the drug companies are the ones funding the false studies.

    In this matter. The French playwright Moliere composed comedies about priests and doctors about 350 years ago. Moliere said that there is a great similarity between priests and doctors, both barangays wrap their lies with magic words and with impressive robes. The difference nowadays between priests and doctors (among other things) is that priests wear *black* robes while doctors wear *white* robes.

    Oh yes, the difference between black robes and white robes is an abysmal difference, the wearers of the white robes are completely righteous, on the other hand, the wearers of the black robes are just fools.

  137. My father, you are wrong in your assertion that the situation is worse in America.
    In America, Cuckoos of sorts (at least most of them) have no dream of controlling the entire country and turning it from a democracy into a country ruled by their private quirk. In Israel, the greatest danger is the drifting of a public that believes in sorcerers and patriarchs to the Halacha state, which is the end of the Zionist dream.
    And that's a huge difference.
    When a police chief is not ashamed to be a used towel of know-it-alls, when tycoons make decisions based on the blessing of sorcerers, the end will be a state of Halacha.

  138. jubilee
    I agree with your opinion that we need to reach a legal settlement with the puppets and the information in the court and in the prisons
    As usual with any crook, it is very easy to find the appropriate section in the law, if and only if you want.

    When you talk about existing evidence, it is clear that evidence exists, I have evidence that my neighbor is Elijah the prophet
    Here is evidence that does not stand up to a scientific experiment, but it exists. If you would like some more, I would be happy to supply you.

    Until now, humanity as a whole has no proof or fact that something supernatural exists, spiritual, mystical, prophetic,
    Astrological, Heli, or infected with a virus in an intellectual of any kind.
    But on the other hand, there are lots and lots of stories about miracles, reincarnation, dreams coming true, answered prayers, coming back from the dead, and other kinds of miraculous and exciting miracles.

    Since there are no findings, positive experimental results or other facts to their credit, there is no difference in terms of truth in them, between them and the stories of Snow White, Smurfs and Tarzan.

  139. just a dream, you are right: "a scientific experiment, this is an experiment that can be reproduced while choosing the time and place".
    So what? What is there that makes you disagree about the fact of the existence of many testimonies? The evidence, almost certainly, does not meet the scientific criteria, but it exists.

  140. "Does anyone have a coherent definition? I really want to participate in discussions about God, but as long as I don't know what it is or what He is, I am forced to stand aside and continue to understand nothing."

    Here is a coherent definition-

    God is a non-physical, necessary, omnipotent, omniscient, and morally perfect being who created the physical universe of his own free will.

  141. Ilana, I agree that free thought is an important value. But I have to disagree with you on the sentence:

    "The abundant evidence of extracorporeal exodus is just as telling a sermonic fact as any other scientific observation."

    You should check what a scientific experiment is, it is an experiment that can be reproduced while choosing the time and place (under constraints). This is a predictable outcome.
    On the other hand, for many years there has been a reward for those who prove "supernatural" activity under objective observation. No one succeeded.
    So even if it turns out that the "supernatural" is true, it still cannot be compared to science at the moment.

    As an example of the scientific method overcoming mistakes/incorrect experiments there is the famous example of N rays.

  142. ” Does anyone have a coherent definition? I really want to participate in discussions about God, but as long as I don't know what it is or what He is, I am forced to stand aside and continue to understand nothing."

    Totally agree with Yuval. How can a discussion be held without agreement and understanding - what are we actually talking about!!! Everyone has a different definition and intention cast under the same word - God hahaha

    But this does not mean that there is no existence above and beyond the sight of our poverty/devices... Pure curiosity leaves all possibilities open. Even pretending to know that something is not true is a type of ignorance and a closed mind that reeks of fear. Too bad.
    The abundant evidence of exorcism is a fact that says just as much to me as any other scientific observation.

  143. Ernest,
    Exactly against the background of a similar story, such a father was murdered not long ago. It is possible that there is a place to regulate the legal status of the newsmen and to assign them some responsibility for the results of their prophecies.

  144. R. H. and a point, God God, thank you
    RH: I turned it over and over again and I couldn't find a neat definition. What I understood from the first verse is that at the beginning of God's creation against the sky and against the earth, the earth consisted of two beings - Taho and Boh - and infinite emptiness (darkness on the face of an abyss. Is it Ying and Yang and Chi?). The nature of the beings Tahu and Beho is not defined and therefore, even if they are used in God's structure (which is really not clear from the text) one cannot learn much from this. That is, God was created, but beyond that there is no additional information about him and/or his creator. From here on, throughout the length of the book, I find here and there a report on God's actions, but not on his fundamental essence.
    Point: You are, as usual, to the point and concise, but here you made a mistake. You say "God is the same thing on which the world depends, without which the world could not exist", but you do not give a structural definition for "the same thing".
    Does anyone have a coherent definition? I really want to participate in discussions about God, but as long as I don't know what it is or what He is, I am forced to stand aside and continue to understand nothing.

  145. my father
    From real personal experience,
    I met a certain person who was thinking of opening a new business with a very substantial investment.
    Remember that we talked about the high risk and therefore it is necessary to carefully consider and check the economic viability.
    One day we met after that person returned from a (paid) visit happy and confident, from some tzaddik
    Famous and well-known, the same "righteous" strengthened his hands and blessed him, and told him that he would indeed succeed in the new business.
    Indeed he opened the new business and lost all his property, just like that, from that business.

    Without checking, in my estimation there are many thousands like him who lost and failed in their path because of those crooks
    I believe that if you organize a research article among the same public that has been deceived, you will contribute much more than these kinds of discussions.

    The majority of the religious and sick public will undoubtedly welcome such a step.

  146. from false speech refrain! - More rabbis take money and cling to you than donate to the needy. Most of the times I saw charity boxes, they were charity boxes with pictures of Rabbi Maliavitch on them, or boxes for donations to religious foundations.
    And in some places where the charity funds are for the needy, there is usually another charity fund next to them and it is for religious foundations.

    Regarding the fact that celebrities of sorts go to spiritual people - they go to them because they are used to thinking that their problem stems from something apparently spiritual/mystical, and therefore they go to spiritual people and rabbis who make money for help not help. All in all, they let the people who come to them to ask questions for help what they want to hear, or get it into their heads that their problem is because... and to solve it you have to do... and the problem will be solved (and all in all it's a psychological matter, suddenly you'll see that those people will act as if the problems have been solved, And they believe that... solves their problem, when in general they only think this way and their brain and subconscious behave accordingly).

  147. In Israel, doctors are prosecuted, not infrequently, for an unintentional error, in a medical evaluation or decision,
    The dummies who pretend to be experts and consultants in the fields of medicine have never been brought to justice.

    I am already recommending to the Ministry of Tourism to advertise abroad as part of encouraging tourism in Israel,
    "Come visit Israel, come visit the perfect paradise for crooks."

  148. R.H

    First, this is me :)

    "The great thing about Venter's experiment was that he proved, as of today, at least with regard to a bacterial cell that there is nothing "beyond" in it, just a collection of molecules that, if you put them together correctly, you get a living cell."- Firstly, it is not certain. The scientists did not synthesize a living cell but copied the DNA of an existing organism. It's not like they created it from scratch. Second, you must have heard about the psychophysical problem.

    "Don't understand what you want? What does 15 years have to do with it and if it is a team or not a team? In fact, it is based on accumulated knowledge of 300 years and articles written by hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention engineers who made the technologies involved possible, so what?" - then this increases the planning inference even more.

    Yaron, the rational explanation is better than the natural one (which, by the way, has no evidence as you claim). I recommend you to look at the post "Evolution and in evolution" on this website.

  149. to my father,
    I am quoting from the words of Ilan Ben Dov in the meeting with Rabbi Pinto:
    "I am a proud Jew who constantly prays. Man is a complete whole, who takes something from everything. I say prayers, receive blessings. The word has a supreme value in my eyes. We all pray and think what will happen. For those who need it, Streimel is perfectly fine, but not necessarily."
    Even businessmen like him and like Shari Arison and more, are inclined towards spirituality and meet with Babas and other religious authorities on their own accord and if it makes them rise spiritually or just feel good about it, it is their decision and their right to choose.
    Of course, no one obliges those businessmen to donate their money and they do it of their own free will.
    There is definitely a point to think about here:
    Why do businessmen need all this turmoil, after all they don't lack money, influence or ratings
    The obvious answer is that man is also a spiritual being (because he was created in the image of God) who seeks meaning and purpose in his life beyond the preoccupation with the affairs of the day and the material and finds peace when he is in the environment of spiritual authority: whether it is Baba or Guru or whatever.

  150. point

    You are right, there are no children of science, children of painting, or children of music, science and art develop, produce from passions and questions
    Intriguing without borders, leaderships, teachings, defined views.

    It is not possible with the help of science to build a wall against faith because it lacks foundation stones

  151. A spot on Channel 10 went with Sudanese to a cafe in Ramat Aviv III. And wonder of wonders, not only did they not disapprove of them, but they even offered them a job and more at a reasonable wage (for the nature of the specific work - washing dishes and cleaning).
    And there are others who claim that we are racist towards redheads with caps and bicycles.

  152. Father, the one who decides what you eat is Tnuva and Tara, and the World Health Organization, not the ultra-Orthodox.

  153. Barun, it's nice that you don't consider Judaism a type of mysticism, but if you look objectively you'll see that the difference between a religion and a sect is only in the power of its people. Every religion is mystical because it believes in things above and beyond and in particular in an invisible God who intervenes in our daily lives, and sends strangely dressed people to determine for us what we will eat, who we will marry, etc. Is this a rational belief?

  154. I quoted Forbes, besides, I prefer the government to be the one to distribute the funds fairly and not any guru, good or bad. Apart from that, we saw how he really helped Ilan Ben Dov. The problem is that the basis behind the belief in such people is not correct, and not this or that person. The belief that some person has super qualities and that people are willing to pay to enjoy them is problematic.
    We can only agree on one thing, that the Babas are human. There are bad people among them and there are good people among them, but there is no one among them who has powers of prediction, healing, etc., because that is the impossible thing. And once you understand that, it's clear why you shouldn't go to them and pay them for the forces that don't exist.

  155. I want to testify before you about the rabbi and Yasyahu Pinto, that you slandered him (just as the spies in this week's parshah "Shelah" slandered the land and prevented the people of Israel from entering it)
    I know the rabbi and his work and all the money that comes to him from donations is not managed by him at all but by his secretaries and courtiers.
    In this case the media did a serious job of inciting the public against him instead of mentioning his many actions for the public service such as:
    a) Donations and establishment of specialized homes for the needy throughout the city of Ashdod and in the suburbs.
    b) Every Shabbat the rabbi gathers many needy people to his house to be hosted at his Shabbat table and also on holidays and holidays.
    c) The rabbi is invited to lecture abroad and usually sleeps with a sack of Shana on the floor of the luxurious hotel where he is staying and eats food
    which he brought with him from cans.
    d) The rabbi saves youths prone to crime throughout the city of Ashdod by grouping them to Torah classes instead of them roaming the streets and harming the public
    e) The rabbi preaches love of Israel before studying Torah.
    And the list is still too short to contain, that's why I take it seriously because people like my father and his colleagues are only increasing the hatred following these articles that only inflame the hatred, but for the sake of fairness one must also state the rights and judge justly.

  156. We are human beings, not scientists.
    we have passions,
    We are indeed racist, we do differentiate between our family and other families, between our people and other peoples
    So it was and so it will be as long as we are human.

  157. Science is a product of inquisitive curiosity and will be, over the course of thousands of thousands of years.
    It was not dictated, nor planned, nor created suddenly, it operates without leadership, without a party, without a country.
    He has no worldview, or way of life, no Torah, he is not against or for any country, nation, faith, way, outlook.

    There are thousands of religions and beliefs, in each one dozens of different currents, all of them are based on opposite principles than science, they are dictated, they were created, with a purpose, leadership, a way of life. Torah, they have against or for, country, nationality, view, and more.

    That's why the discussions and debates always remain at the same starting point, because a person's agreement with the opposing side means a complete cancellation of his way of life and his principles.


  158. Those who are in favor of Eritreans and Sudanese should go and invite and host them for Shabbat dinner.
    Enough with the hypocrisy. What is not suitable for you to be around your house is not suitable for the country either.
    This double standard is recognized in certain circles. All this to look beautiful.
    Millions are dying in Africa and all the western countries are doing nothing.
    This is hypocrisy. It's a double standard.

  159. just a dream, your words, most of them, are nonsense and not to the point.
    You keep getting hung up on passwords, and this time it's the language of the law. "They are criminals, because that's how the law defines them." And if the Knesset decides to change the law, or if the Minister of the Interior changes his decision, what will you say then?
    Are you seriously asking who wants to hire them? As cheap and good labor they are in great demand.
    Hunt them down, alive or dead. point. Within the borders of the country, and outside the border. The State of Israel tries to portray itself as humanitarian and entrusts the role of the murderers to the Egyptian soldiers. You are doing laundry again.
    The government did not take care of a suitable solution like the one I proposed (to establish remote villages for them) and now it is facing the results of its own failure, with a whip and a carrot but not with self-flagellation or learning a lesson.
    "I don't understand the reason... the state has the right... to follow the law... the solution should be in the countries of origin...", you only know how to speak in slogans? Don't you have any creative idea? Thinking outside the box?
    Just hide behind the dry law and occasional statistical predictions?
    You surely know what caused blind obedience to the law in the most enlightened country in the world only 70 years ago. Don't you see where your attitude is leading you?

  160. The opposite is true, I do not mince words. A person is not defined by a single word, and I even mentioned myself that the (natural) desire to improve their lives motivates them. But what can be done that no matter how much the definition of a person breaking the law is denied, he is a criminal. And what to do when the State of Israel defines legal and illegal entry, and what to do if the above do not enter the legal border. Maybe I'm wrong but I expected people here to behave according to logic, maybe the mistake was mine.

    Thank you very much that they are willing to work for us, but what if we don't want to hire them? Will you force me to hire someone I'm not interested in?

    The use of "manhunting" disgusted me, but your response really angers me.
    Do you know what hunting is? Are we killing the infiltrators? Maybe we run after them with a rifle? Bow and arrow? And you dare to accuse me of washing words! Maybe even murderers should not be arrested? Manhunt he said! What's more, "hell" is not exactly an objective word.

    "They are a cheap and convenient workforce, and they have the potential for mutual benefit."
    Maybe yes, maybe not, which is certainly not relevant. It is our choice as a democratic country whether to "exploit" them/opportunity or not. And the elected government decided to return them, legally and above and beyond to give them 1000 Euros equivalent to thousands of hours of work in Eritrea. conduct a discussion Is the decision right for Israel? great. Accused of human hunting? In fascism? What about a legitimate action that every government in the world carries out in a much more extensive way than Israel (a fact that you repeatedly ignore).

    Look, there is no doubt that the living conditions there are much harder. But also in many places in the world. Most of humanity actually belongs to the third world and a small country like Israel, what to do, cannot save everyone. not even "just"
    Sub-Saharan Africa. Israel used to be a land of swamps and a desert and no one wanted to live here. I am the first to support Israel's help in building failed states and see that Israel has been doing exactly that for years.

    I really don't understand the reason he gave to the people who invaded here by force and imposed themselves on us (whatever their reasons were) grants, health, education from our money. After all, there are hundreds of millions of them in Africa and hundreds of millions more in Asia. Why not use the money and develop the countries of origin and help many more. After all, you know as well as I do that the buzz won't stop. That is, it will not stop until the standard of living here drops to the level of Africa.
    The state has the right not to accept anyone who wants to enter and share its resources (and with us they are not natural resources but hard work). And this country decided no, it does not want to distribute its wealth to the random infiltrator from Africa. Would you like to donate? Sincerely.

    It's interesting that my solution is to simply follow the law. It seems to me that you don't really understand what a state is and what its responsibility is towards its citizens.
    And yes no, taking a million or years of people out of "hell" here will not solve any problem but will only drag another 7 million into the same situation. The solution should be at the level of the countries of origin. And precisely tens of thousands who have tasted freedom and democracy here as well as maybe learned a trade will be exactly that, helping the countries they came from.

    "Our country does not portray itself well in the world, but the external impression is much less important than the disintegration of internal moral strength."

    It's funny that nobody in the world addressed it (except maybe provocateurs), simply because it's accepted. And I honestly do not understand how a person can come to the conclusion that the return of people to their country of origin, where they lived until a few years ago, where millions still live, including their families, is immoral. And all this while they arrived here by infiltration, that is, by crime, yes crime.

  161. just a dream, you are just washing words, and not with much success.
    You call people who seek to improve their lives "criminals".
    They are ready to serve us as hewers of wood and water pumps, but you kick them in the name of a worn-out slogan (Ai to the Jewish people).
    The use of the term "manhunting" offends you, but that is exactly what is happening - and it doesn't matter what name you call it.
    They are cheap and convenient labor, and have the potential for mutual benefit. We don't have to house them precisely in Tel Aviv, but we also don't have to send them back to the hell they left. We can set up camps for them, or even towns in places far from the center, just as we did in the fifties and sixties with the new immigrants.
    But the way of thinking you demonstrate, which reflects the opinion of many people in the country, will always look for the final, extreme solution.
    Our country does not portray itself well in the world, but the external impression is much less important than the disintegration of internal moral strength.

  162. the other me

    I did not invent the terms God, soul, mystic and life. They have a clear, albeit controversial, dictionary definition. If you don't understand a certain concept from the list, I suggest you open a dictionary and check.

    You can also open a dictionary. By the way, if you really want to expand your knowledge about what God is, I recommend the following book:
    This is the best book I know on the subject, recommended!!

  163. For Yuval Chaikin, God is the same thing that the world depends on.
    That is, without him the world could not exist.

  164. The ultra-orthodox do not impose anything on you that you do not impose on them.
    The ultra-orthodox do not cost trillions or billions. You are brainwashed.
    Do you know that the prime minister's office alone costs us at least NIS 2 billion? What? On flights to Canada he secured jobs for friends and other corruptions of all kinds.

    And again, we live in a secular country, and the only ones who impose things here are the secular government through its laws and the use of the police. You cannot force without force and the only force in the country is the police (or the army).
    There is a more sophisticated type of coercion and that is the psychological coercion, in which the majority of the people are, under the witches' wand of the secular media. They decide for you what is appropriate and what is not appropriate.

  165. Yuval Chaikin
    Not fighting, just stating my opinion, if a single talkback is called a fight these days, what can we say about an entire article (with the main points of which I agree).
    If your question is why should we return the infiltrators to their countries then you have indeed answered correctly.
    both on quality of life and on ethnic standing.
    Why quality of life? Although a few tens of thousands of people are not a burden that the State of Israel can withstand, but as I mentioned, there is no end in sight to the flow of infiltrators. After all, everyone knows that the quality of life in Africa is worse than Israel, so why don't they come. The State of Israel cannot deal with countless people who come from a different culture, a completely different standard of living, the spread of diseases that do not exist/rare in the country and so on.
    Why ethnic positioning? You will be surprised to find out, but Israel was founded as the state of the Jews. Of course, it is not guaranteed that it will remain so, I will oppose any harm to the Arab minority even if they become the majority. But there is no reason to delay or actually cause the end of the Zionist dream. Yes, I admit that it is more comfortable for me to live among people who are close to me culturally, with a similar mentality and there is no shame in that.
    Another reason for returning them to their country is that no reward should be given to a criminal, and like it or not all infiltrators are criminals. From mothers I am in the rule of law.
    It really annoys me when wording like "manhunting" is used for a legitimate and legal action that has been carried out in Israel and all over the world for decades, what makes me write a comment is all.

    my father
    OK, I'm glad you clarified, I agree with the intent, not the implementation.
    As far as I know, in the rioting at the demonstration, most of the participants were actually secular, and the extreme wording of the speakers was not the preserve of the ultra-orthodox alone. So I don't see how it fits (if this is the event you were referring to?)
    And in any case there was nothing to do with their color, after all the religious currents supported the immigration of Ethiopian Jews to Israel, who are known not to be fair-skinned. There is also an activity to raise a tribe in West Africa that accepted Judaism at the beginning of the last century, and precisely the secular state opposes it. The tribe is actually from one of the countries to which they deport.

    It is rare that I put myself on the side of the ultra-Orthodox, I don't agree with them much, but that doesn't mean they are always wrong.
    *Quote saying about a clock and hands*

  166. Abby: Just for the sake of clarity; Of course, I do not consider Judaism to be a type of mysticism. And not only because it is passed down in my family from generation to generation and not the Babas or astrology.

  167. Apologies in advance for the following question:
    In almost every talkback here in Hidan they talk about God. I looked for material on this and could not find it. Can someone explain to me exactly what this is about? What is God?
    Excuse my ignorance. Sorry

  168. As long as trillions are invested in introducing mysticism, there is no way this will happen. I understand your heart, you think that the creations of your imagination are real only because they are passed down in your family from generation to generation.
    Unfortunately, science has already fallen once and there were a thousand medieval years after the fall. I don't envy people who lived during the collapse of science.

  169. Avi; You are too pessimistic. If anything happens, it is that science will destroy mysticism, and not mysticism science. And I can't say I'm not happy about it.

  170. Yaron, several things:
    1. Do you believe in God?

    2. All the questions you ask me, except recently, ask the ultra-Orthodox. (And I will repeat this again - many times I see videos in which rabbis try to prove to you the existence of God and most of them use the opening sentence - "The proof is you", and then they make the claim I mentioned in my previous comments. They have no basis for "proof" ” this and they do not specify too much, and as we have already explained - this "proof" is wrong)

    3. I quote the last question in the sequence of questions you asked me - "How will you explain the many findings that support the theory of evolution and negate the biblical explanation according to which we were created the way we are?"

    And here is the explanation - let's start with the fact that you have a slight mistake in the sentence. The many findings that support the theory of evolution do not negate the biblical explanation according to which we were created as we are. In fact, the theory of evolution does not deal with the question "how did life originate?". This theory proves that from the moment life exists, there is a development of varieties and species.

    In the biblical story of creation it is written that we were created "in the image of God". In the biblical story of creation, it is also said that the world was created in six days and on the seventh day the Sabbath was the Sabbath of His work.

    It is known that each day in the biblical story of creation is not a 24-hour day, but much, much longer. Well, what happened? On the day when man was created according to the biblical story of creation, was the day 24 hours long? No. It lasts as long as the days in the story of creation - tens and hundreds of thousands of years and even more.
    I assume that in these years, since man was created, even in the biblical story of creation - he underwent an evolutionary development.

  171. Liron-
    Why is God a "clumsy answer"? An answer like "X exists because God chose of his own free will that X exist for reasons Y" is a simple and satisfactory answer from an explanatory point of view. And also unlike scientific answers, the answer does not require additional explanations because God's free will cannot be placed on other things (unlike physical mechanisms).

    Besides, the theory of evolution also gives extremely complicated explanations for the reason for the formation of the species on earth that we can only understand in rough lines. For example, what are the necessary and sufficient conditions that led to the development of mammoths? As far as we know, instead of mammoths, countless other species could have evolved if only the environmental conditions were slightly different from what they actually were, changes that we have no way of knowing or explaining. Analogously, if God wanted to create cells so that they would eventually develop into humans, he could direct the course of natural selection so that the mutations he wanted would survive, or create the appropriate mutations, which is a scenario consistent with all the empirical information we have.

    And one last thing, God by his very definition should not be a complicated being that is made up of parts, but a simple spiritual being with maximal properties of perfection, which are not explained by a causal interaction between different parts (unlike in the case of bacteria or humans). God is also supposed to be a logically necessary being, so that his non-existence is impossible, and therefore there is no point in asking for his origin or asking for an explanation for his existence (just as there is no point in asking how the number 5 was created).

  172. R.H.

    A rock is also a collection of molecules, isn't it?

    You didn't answer my questions... if you claim something about "God" or "mystical" or "life" you will have to define it first, otherwise you can replace any of them with "pink unicorn" without changing the essence of your claim.

    And here is another concept that you claim something about - what is a soul?
    If you don't define it - how will we know if it can or cannot be created from something physical like molecules? And is it even created? how do you know?

  173. Confidential, "God" is a much more complicated and cumbersome answer than all scientific theories, it is not a "simple" answer as you present. If you accept "God" as an answer then you must ask how this Almighty God was created? If a tiny microscopic bacterium could not be created by itself, then how did such an amazingly intelligent and multi-talented being come into being by itself? How will you explain the many findings that support the theory of evolution and negate the biblical explanation according to which we were created the way we are?

    God is a complicated and nonsensical explanation, it is not a simple explanation.

    (And don't forget that there is no trace of its existence either)

  174. the other me

    The great thing about Venter's experiment was that he proved, as of today, at least with regard to a bacterial cell that there is nothing "beyond" in it, just a collection of molecules that, if you put them together correctly, you get a living cell.
    If we accept the following assumptions:
    1) A bacterium is a living thing
    2) The difference between us and a bacterium is mutations accumulated during evolution
    3) A soul cannot be created from something physical like mutations, which are just molecular changes

    So what is the conclusion?


    Don't understand what you want? What does 15 years have to do with it and if it is a team or not a team? In fact, it is based on the accumulated knowledge of 300 years and articles written by hundreds of thousands of people, not to mention engineers who made the technologies involved possible, so what?

  175. RH, that's exactly why it's "proof".

    Yaron - I made the comparison between the idea of ​​ultra-Orthodox, religious, observant of tradition and Halacha, no matter who they are - their idea of ​​creation is that an almighty Supreme God created everything, and is responsible for everything that happens.

    The scientific theory about creation is that the expansion of a singular point that occurred as a result of the concentration of atoms around that point (and it is possible that this expansion is actually an explosion), created the universe we know today, which billions of years ago was just a point and a few atoms moving around it.
    We have the theory of evolution which doesn't really matter to us, it only disproves part of the biblical story of creation but does not explain how life was created.
    So science has answers and findings about which more and more questions can be asked and therefore science does not fully conclude "its" theory of creation, compared to the ultra-Orthodox who come up with a simple idea and use it to explain everything that happens. Nevertheless, there is a debate between scientists and people who believe in the stories of the Bible and God. Who is right in this debate?

  176. R. H.,

    "Put parts of a bacterium together and wonder and wonder, a living, kicking bacterium was created without any divine or other mystical intervention."

    Maybe not mystical, but certainly intelligent. And all this just to copy the genome of a poor bacterium. 15 years of record efforts and a complete team, no less.

  177. my father
    I found something else that only someone as well versed in the laws as you will understand.

     : Spokesman for Natori Harta  
    The decree of the Zionist government
    , to track departure from the country
    Prevents resurrection

  178. You don't see the whole picture, you only look at the question of funding, and what about the question of the content of the faith, and the imposition of this content on the rest of the public?

    And one more thing, you probably remember the social protest, which the government is currently trying to suppress by force (using the police). Until a year ago it was customary not to interfere in the decisions of the government and the tycoons how much anything would cost, if this sacred thing cracks then the preference of the ultra-Orthodox that costs us trillions can also crack, and we have the right to demand its end.

  179. Avi,
    With all due respect,
    We live in a secular country
    And if the seculars fund the ultra-Orthodox, that's a problem for the seculars.

    According to a published survey, most Israelis would not work (at least not in their current jobs) if they were funded.

    You want to hate someone, hate those who allow people not to work.
    And one more thing, there are no jobs at all in our corrupt country!! After all, the governor's whole interest is to determine a certain unemployment percentage.

    So you don't have to hate the ultra-Orthodox, but the wealthy, they are the ones who determine how many unemployed there will be.

  180. collect,
    The fact that we have a certain convention that relieves us from a certain fear, this in itself does not of course make it irrational or false. There can be justified beliefs that also relieve us from a certain fear - for example, the belief that I have a weapon with which I can defend myself (which does not mean that I am hallucinating that I have a weapon).

    Even the fact that fear created a certain convention does not automatically make it irrational. I may indeed have such a fear, but in addition to it I have a system of independent art which justifies my belief in the next world. In the same way, atheists can be accused of being irrational because their belief in atheism stems from their fear of God's punishment (is your belief in the non-existence of God based on rational reasons or fear of reward and punishment in the next world?).

    "Surviving death" means surviving the physical death of the body. By the way, resurrection is a form of "surviving death".

  181. R.H. You wrote:

    “Craig Venter did just that. He put together the parts of a bacterium and, miraculously, a living and kicking bacterium was created without any divine or other mystical intervention."

    how do you know?
    How does he know?
    What is divine intervention?
    What is mystical intervention?

    Or in short - what is the difference between the collection of the parts of the bacteria before there was life in them and after?

  182. For just a dream, I added the link to infiltrators for two reasons. First, it illustrates the danger that people who are under the influence of those with spiritual powers are irrational people and are unable to think logically and that they drag after them innocent people who thirstily drink their words and this will affect other areas of our lives.
    And secondly - I dedicated the previous chapter in the series to this and wanted to refer to it on this occasion.

  183. my father
    I noticed that you are well versed in laws and laws, below is a riddle about kosher.

    What kind of meat is more kosher, for food,

    The one that went through the slaughter system,
    The one that didn't go through the corruption system?

  184. Pfner
    I didn't say it was comforting. It is not meant to comfort but to ease the fear of death. No one thinks he will survive his death because otherwise he would not have died. Death is inevitable and the fear of the unknown has created stories of the afterlife and reincarnation that make death, come what may, temporary, after which you return to your familiar world.
    God does not exist.

  185. just a dream
    What exactly are you fighting for? Is it about quality of life or ethnic color? If it were possible to guarantee that all immigrants would become law-abiding citizens who contribute positively to the building of the country, would you still want to deport them?

  186. "You want them not to enter - close the border."
    The High Court of Justice banned a warm return, which means that the High Court is guilty?

    "It's not about a million"
    Not yet, but if we don't act the trend will continue and we will reach a million, two...

    "You didn't close, you are to blame, not the immigrants."
    Because illegal entry into the country is not a crime? Or does the law that applies to you and me not apply to immigrants from Africa?
    It's funny that in the USA there is no problem and this year for example they deported 400,000 illegal immigrants, Italy, Spain, France also deported thousands. If they catch me overstaying my visa in Australia/Canada/... I will be deported. And I'm not even talking about Russia, China, the third world
    But Israel deports 200 illegal infiltrators? Fascists! racists! No more hypocrisy.
    The truth is that I don't understand why you added your agenda regarding infiltrators to an unrelated article

  187. collect:

    "This belief is a product of the fear of the unknown, of death. Backed by wonderful stories from different religions, this belief has accompanied us for thousands of years. It is easier for people to imagine tunnels of light, relatives who have died, mirrors of heaven and of course the resurrection of the dead, than to imagine non-existence, emptiness and emptiness. Try and see for yourself. The mind is unable to imagine emptiness and a sense of non-existence. it's impossible."

    Not exact. Of course there are people who find comfort in the idea that they will survive their death, but the religious idea of ​​the resurrection or reincarnation is not at all comforting to people. For example, the idea of ​​the resurrection of the dead when everyone will rise to be judged before God is not a particularly comforting idea if you sin for example, because you will not be able to escape punishment even if you die. Besides, if you believe in God in advance (which of course can be a rational belief), then you already have an automatic justification to believe in life after death, so the whole wishful thinking thing is not really relevant.

  188. privileged,

    You wrote: "You are made up of tens and hundreds of millions of small parts working together in coordination. If you take all these parts and put them together in the same order and they work in coordination, no living thing will be created because there is nothing to breathe life into it. And who breathes this spirit of life? Of course, God")

    It's not accurate. Craig Venter did just that. Put the parts of a bacterium together and wonder and wonder a live and kicking bacterium was created without any divine or other mystical intervention.

  189. Assaf, there is indeed no connection between hidalon and what the mind is able to imagine and forgetting dreams, but my intention was that hidalon is more or less the "feeling" you feel at night "without" dreams. (When you don't remember dreams then you tend to think that there were no dreams that night, when in fact, there is really no such thing as not dreaming at night)

    Father, it is true that religious people tend to introduce the existence of a supreme God who is somewhere in the sky and is omnipotent because that is what they know and learn (which is not true because they have no basis or proof and the "proof" is usually - "You are made up of tens and hundreds of millions of small parts that work together in coordination. If you take all these parts and put them together in the same order and they work in coordination, no living thing will be created because there is nothing to breathe life into it. And who breathes that life spirit? Of course, God"), but if science does not have enough answers to explain a theory in its entirety (if there was a singular point according to the big bang theory, what did it come from? and what did its components come from?), and we have already mentioned that most religious people have only one answer, who is right in this debate?

  190. This phenomenon, whose description is confidential, is called the "God of the Gaps". The religious will always put their God in the slot where science still has no answers.

  191. a fascist

    A. It is not about a million, you want them not to enter - close the border. You didn't close, you are to blame, not the immigrants.

    B. I'm not a fascist because I don't want to deport them because of their religion (and there are a lot of religious people in the neighborhood, including my friends, with whom I have no problem). The problem is the treatment of chauvinists as righteous instead of pedophiles who kidnap children. Apparently their branding is so strong that no reality can undermine it.

  192. hello my father

    Why can't you understand that we are unable to absorb 1,000,000 migrant workers?
    If such a simple thing you are not able to understand how do you manage to understand the theory of evolution?

    Why is anyone who wants to expel infiltrators a fascist, and why is it that you who fight to expel righteous Jews from your neighborhood are not a fascist?

  193. Confidential, what exactly do you want to say? So we do not yet know how life originated, just as we did not know in the past why volcanoes erupt, why there are earthquakes, why there are diseases, or why there is lightning and thunder.

    We will continue to research and look for the answers.

  194. Point, no one hates Haredim because they are Haredim, but because they think they are superior, like kings, that we will both listen to their orders and finance them.
    You can't love such people, you have to make sure they stop interfering and oppressing our everyday life and our economy. Then, let them work and stop with repentance and with (the practical aspects of) thinking that the world revolves because of them, let them believe what they want.

  195. privileged
    The brain can only imagine what it can perceive with the senses and turn into information about the environment. Nothing to do with forgetting dreams. People forget all kinds of things, not only dreams, it's still not a feeling of lack.
    Regarding the formation of life, it is no longer related to this article, but you can write to me in the forum (click on the name)

    Haredim hatred is only in the minds of the ultra-Orthodox, because it is the only explanation they can cling to in order to continue clinging to their superstitions and not face reality.

  196. People who lie - steal and do all the dirt in their lives go to the rabbi and want to bribe God because when they start to get old and smell the roots they start to fear!!!!
    Honest people clean their hands, they don't need the rabbis!!!!

  197. Another proof that reason has been defeated is the hatred of the ultra-Orthodox as a result of media brainwashing.

    The capitalists rob us all and through the media they own make sure they hate and blame the ultra-Orthodox, or the Sudanese, psychologically it is very easy to cause this.

  198. Reason has already been defeated, the masses of Israel are watching Big Brother. It can't be worse than that.

  199. Assaf, it is possible and how possible, and you don't have to imagine. You just have to think about how you felt at night, when you couldn't remember the dreams you had. Imagining it is neither possible nor pleasant, and we all know the reason - our brain has never felt a shortage because we have never felt or felt such a situation.
    However, I still find it difficult to understand - how the circle of life was formed, and not only of man.
    Okay - so we have the big bang theories - the first says that the world was created in an explosion, and the second says that there was some singular point and atoms scattered around it, and when they concentrated together, it expanded.
    (And maybe the expansion of the singular point occurred in an explosion created as a result of the concentration of the atoms and this is actually just one theory?)
    We have Darwin's theory of evolution (which has already been said to not explain how life began), and it works on the rule that as long as there is life, there is the development of varieties and species.

    Hence - how were the living creatures created?

  200. What exactly is "rational" in believing in life after death? Are there reasons to think that there is such a thing beyond the gut feelings of the believers?
    This belief is a product of the fear of the unknown, of death. Backed by wonderful stories from different religions, this belief has accompanied us for thousands of years. It is easier for people to imagine tunnels of light, relatives who have died, mirrors of heaven and of course the resurrection of the dead, than to imagine non-existence, emptiness and insignificance. Try and see for yourself. The mind is unable to imagine emptiness and a sense of non-existence. it's impossible.

  201. What exactly is "irrational" about believing in the afterlife? That is, are there reasons to think that there is no such thing beyond the gut feelings of atheists?

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