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The divine particle is blocked for the ultra-Orthodox

An article on the science website explaining the essence of the Higgs boson was blocked for surfers using the Etrog filtering service. It turns out that photos of female scientists are also out of bounds * Akiva Ganz, director of the online sales department Rimon - a subsidiary of Netizen that operates in the ultra-Orthodox sector: "They will block content that does not conform to the spirit of the sector" 

From the Etrog blocking service website
From the Etrog blocking service website

One of the advantages of the WordPress system, in which the science website operates, is in its management system, which is very detailed and allows, for example, to know precisely in most cases (not including Facebook) from which link the website was accessed.

About two weeks ago I came across a link from a forum on the ultra-Orthodox website Kkar HaShabbat. In this forum someone asks if it is possible to find an explanation about the Higgs boson and he received a reference to an article on the science website "Higgs Fields Forever" By Nir Lahav who explains to people who do not understand physics what the Higgs boson is.

So far so good, except someone wrote following this link  "I really want to know what this is about, so why do you have to upload a link that a thread blocks?! You are all invited to download it (if possible) don't be afraid I've already been sent - it's better that I receive 10 times than 0. Thank you everyone"

In a response thread to this page, the entire article was copied. Later, the entire page was deleted from the Shabbat Square archives. There is of course nothing anti-religious in this article unless subatomic physics is a violation of the Ten Commandments. However, I assume that both the blocking on the Trog and the Shabbat Square site were due to the use of the word the divine particle.

As we have already written before (also in Nir Lahav's article), the name directly (not metaphorically) derives from an inside joke of physicists, when Leo Leiderman asked to call the book about him 'the elusive particle' or perhaps the cursed particle The god dame particle and the publisher of the book did not He was enthusiastic and suggested shortening the name to 'The God Particle'. But apparently the ultra-orthodox do not have a sense of humor, certainly when it concerns one ofThe many names of God.

In fact, the site of the knowledge was damaged twice, once because a large public of Israelis, who want access to scientific knowledge that interests many of them (unfortunately for many, due to the lack of LIV studies or their very low level, are not even able to read - even if they are written in a popular language. )

The second harm is, of course, when the files are copied without permission and violate the author's copyright.

Akiva Ganz, the director of the Rimon Internet Sales Department - a subsidiary of Netizen that operates in the ultra-orthodox sector, which also operates the Atrog site blocking service for customers who request it, says in response that the search results on the site work, but at the same time they will block content that does not conform to the spirit of the sector.

I asked Ganz to show me and the surfers what a search page looks like with a picture of Dr. Shulamit Levenberg, a conscientious scientist who studies the pancreas at the Technion and has won many awards. Well in her case, surfers can see the results and click on them and at least in some cases they will also receive the article, but with an empty square instead of the image.

The search page "Shulamit Levenberg at the Technion" as it appears to Etrog surfers - without pictures
The search page "Shulamit Levenberg at the Technion" as it appears to Etrog surfers - without images

If I understood Ganz's words correctly, then the site of the science had a pre-blocking of the contents of biology and medicine experts. Biology because of the positive reference to the theory of ovulation, and medicine - because there are modest things that ultra-Orthodox are not allowed to know. for example The Nobel Prize they received in 2008 from the waves of the AIDS virus and the papilloma virus  The reason - these diseases are transmitted, among other things, through sexual relations.

But Ganz's response at least indicates that there are contents on the science site that are also open to Etrog surfers, which is already something, because as mentioned, we are dealing with a public that lacks a scientific background and that treats science with suspicion, if not hostility.

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  1. Everything that happens on the Haredim-secular issue is actually a culture war between groups that in the extreme case constitute
    Different peoples who are all of Jewish origin. The ultra-Orthodox's war on the secular is based on a fairly sophisticated method of brainwashing that has developed over generations and has proven a high level of resistance to free information. The second means is rapid multiplication. This is a demographic war based on an information war.
    The Torah that helps to explain what is happening in this area is the memetic Torah (MEMETICS) and I recommend it to whom
    Those who want to understand the situation in depth should read about this Torah.
    The future as seen in terms of freedom of thought is not rosy. The best way I know to fight brainwashing is to encourage independent and independent thinking (as the skeptics newspaper tries to establish). The education for thinking
    In Korat it is an antidote to brainwashing of any kind, starting with Scientology and ending with any religious belief, including Judaism.

  2. The problem of copyright arises from the fact that neither I nor you were asked. If they had asked me of course I would have directed them to you.
    But as mentioned, of the two, this is the smaller problem.

  3. As the author of the article, I am very sad that it was blocked with a wave of a hand to the entire public. The content of the article does not constitute an insult to religion. It's a shame that there is still censorship that prevents people from knowing. You have to give the responsibility to the person and not determine for him what is right and what is wrong.
    I'm glad that at least they took action and managed to publish it, even if for a certain time,
    I am in favor of complete freedom of information for a person and therefore I give the right to anyone to copy my articles, as long as they give credit and do not change the text and do not edit it without my knowledge.

  4. Further illustrates the strategic danger posed to Israel by the ultra-Orthodox.
    About a year ago, I realized that it would not be good here in another generation and I prepared accordingly.
    Soon we will receive the work visa for Australia and immigrate so that my children will have a better life in the future.

    In the end Bibiho will stay with his ultra-Orthodox friends, with the Arabs and with a secular and poor minority that cannot immigrate.
    It will be the destruction of a third house - neither Iran nor Hezbollah..

  5. Fear kills, she realized, this sentence was not so sharp, until these descriptions come...

  6. arsenate,
    Filtering into a world that flirts with immorality and filtering for adults is almost always immoral (I ask not to get into the question of whether horror scenes should be shown in the news after a terrorist attack, the present case is not extreme in any such way). If the filtering is done automatically because they filter every article/article/page that contains the word God, too bad. I'm not sure that every page that contains the words "God Almighty" is carrying God's name in vain, but I don't know enough. However, if they filter because they are afraid to reveal the reality to their readers, it is immoral, paternalistic, insulting and will end up blowing up in their faces.

  7. The divine particle is a distorted name. There is nothing divine about the Higgs boson. The original nomenclature was the goddamn particle

  8. My father, I couldn't understand at all, after all, we are in favor of freedom of choice... So how can we resist?
    The fact that a Ramon website chose to censor information or data for its users, by strengthening that freedom of choice, he did not act in accordance with the law or morality, and not only that, he acts according to a demand and his users are aware of filtering and censorship.

  9. Safkan,
    As I wrote, if the filtering is because of the pair of words, it is unfortunate. The users of this filter miss a huge percentage of the articles if every article containing the word God is automatically filtered. Are the filters also blocking, for example, Shlomo Artzi's poem "Baruch Jamili" (God bless you, in the land of Israel, bless you with a piece of the sun...) or the "Heat of July and August" (...even God will not enter here)? My question is completely serious and it is possible to examine whether the filter blocks any article containing the word God.

    Regarding modesty, it seems to me that this is not the place to discuss this issue (we will not get out of it), and I did not require it in my response.

    Katsfi came out only about the case where the screening was done for the same reasons that the Christian Church banned Galileo Galilei and I hope that this is not the case.
    Do you agree with me, that if the article was blocked not because of the couplet of words and not by mistake but to prevent the ultra-Orthodox from reading about the physical discovery, it is atrocity?

  10. Shmulik

    I am not familiar with the "Etrog" filter, but it seems to me that from a Jewish religious point of view it is absolutely justified to filter an article that uses the phrase "the divine particle", since the aforementioned phrase is a desecration of the name "God" and is an insult to the Jewish religion. In the Jewish religion there is a basic principle (don't take God's name in vain), if you don't know this principle it's clear that you can't give advice to religious people.

    Same as the claims against filtering an article with "immodest" photos. I wonder why they don't include nude photos in the articles here, if everything is allowed you can go all the way and publish nude photos in science. We don't include nude photos on this website for exactly the same reason why we don't include "immodest" photos in an article addressed to the religious public, but that there are secularists who think they are the only ones authorized to determine for the *whole world* what is "modest" and what is "immodest".

    There is no reason for you to impose on the religious the secular worldview under the guise of enlightenment.

    By the way, I am secular, but I do not tolerate the intolerance towards religious people that floods the website "Hidan". This is not an accidental stumbling block, whoever thinks there is an accidental stumbling block here is wrong, it repeats itself over and over again. In my estimation, every month there are at least two articles articles in the same condescending tone, just for reasons of caution I did not say five articles a month although it seems to me that it is closer to the truth.

  11. Hagai, you touched on the point - there are ultra-Orthodox doctors, probably just that they didn't study in ultra-Orthodox schools (By the way, this article will also be uploaded, it just came up yesterday in Orange after I updated the knowledge, not that I intended to write about the subject day after day).
    But the criticism is about the level of scientific knowledge, and about the fact that the ultra-orthodox establishment fights the scientific knowledge of those it listens to and it's a shame, because it's a significant percentage of the residents of the State of Israel today, and what they know will reflect the state's level.

  12. The rolling of the eyes of many of the commenters here is unbelievable: the "Atrog" filter blocked an article about the Higgs particle.
    Now, instead of rolling their eyes and whining about the treatment of the ultra-Orthodox, all those who are talking about my father should find out why the article was blocked. If by mistake, the article will be returned immediately, and if it is because of the name "the divine particle", then they should notice in the website that this pair of words is in quotation marks, but if it is blocked because the website is afraid that religious children who read the article will repeat the question, and find out among themselves how shaky their faith is. After all, it is inconceivable that the filtering of physical facts will be accepted in the twenty-first century. It is nothing less than shame and shame and that is the terrible thing and not the light cynicism of the author of this article.
    I believe that ultra-Orthodox people are not made of porcelain and if an ultra-Orthodox person has chosen for himself a bunch of laws to live by, that is his right, but the premise that an ultra-Orthodox is fragile and should not be trusted, even in such matters is atrocious.
    If you really censor an article because of the physical truth, and you accept it with understanding, you deserve everything that is written about you.

  13. Father, I have no problem with the criticism stated in the article. Although I personally disagree with her.
    And there is no problem with presenting contradictions between faith and science in any context, if it is based and serious research.

    And it doesn't matter Islam or Christianity or Judaism, in this context of course. Cynicism towards Islam was also negative to me, because for many people it is something very precious.

    If you already invest once a month, an article about religions as you call it, it should not replace the satire section. . .
    My feeling is that whenever there is an article with a connection to some faith, there is cynicism towards it.

    Just write a real article / review, without sentences like "But apparently the ultra-Orthodox don't have a sense of humor" or "Because there are modest things that the ultra-Orthodox are not allowed to know", because you also know this is not true, the ultra-Orthodox have a sense of humor and there is no shortage of ultra-orthodox doctors. Content filtering is for other reasons that this is not the place to discuss them.

    And for your information, ultra-Orthodox also watch your site, even without filtering.

    I wish to play the role of "angry"... but how many compliments can you hear about your website? A little criticism can make a difference 🙂

  14. Efrat, this article, as well as an instructive article by Roi Cezna that should be published in the coming days, describe facts, if you have any problem it is with the facts and with the main problem - that the ultra-Orthodox, whose share in the population is growing, offensively demand to keep their children ignorant and ignorant. After all, if you wanted to hear serious things, I would tell you, for example, about a friend who went to Rabbi Ginzburg's lecture about a month ago - the friend of Yehoram Gaon, one of the members of the cult that took over Ramat Aviv, which still calls itself Hochma Bina Daat - saying that the sun revolves around the earth.

    Why would the state of scientific knowledge of 30% of the population not bother a science website editor?

  15. Pathetic article. The sad condescension to get the ultra-Orthodox out of harm's way is truly pitiful.

    This is a site of science and knowledge, isn't it?
    Just be delighted how the editor of the site publishes articles that match the spirit of the site.

    Yes. The loss of free thinking is a painful issue. A very painful subject.
    But it's a shame that your article oozes only hatred and not objectivity.

  16. God (if there is such a thing) has no problem with time
    Therefore, both the ultra-Orthodox and the most extreme will never be able to escape from the truth
    You can close your eyes, you can tie your hands and feet, you can be imprisoned in a dark room

    A small ray of light entering through a small hole will illuminate their world

    The problem is not in religion and not in the fact that you are ultra-orthodox or Jewish or Christian or Muslim
    The problem is with the people who want to preserve the power and control over the people
    This is true for every religion

    Even to a religion called modern science

    Very few mortals are willing to vacate the stage with the understanding that nature seeks to improve and be better
    Moshe Rabbinu (May all Israel prophesy)
    George Washington was the first leader in history to step off the stage and become an ordinary citizen because he understood an important thing too long in a position of power is more likely to be negative than your contribution
    Rabbis as priests do not get off the stage until after their death
    So what's the wonder that we associate religion with a bad thing

  17. Avi Blizovsky
    I didn't hold back and peeked...
    Many of my classes come in one form or another to religion and science. It doesn't deter me (I represent my opinion) even that is the fascinating thing in the whole business, when you find out that the overlap is amazing for those who really understand what both sides are saying. (I'm still trying to figure it out). I just don't want news that doesn't contribute to these or those. I personally want articles about religion and science and not about religious people and their attitude to scientists and science.
    It was a pleasure
    Shabbat Shalom indeed

  18. Moshe is hungry. Before they say I'm an ultra-Orthodox eater, I actually really like their food.... It's a habit from dad's house.
    And again, we will probably remain divided on the issue of dosage. After all, one article a month on religion and science is too much, but three articles a day on space is too little. Everything is in the eye of the beholder.

  19. Hagai, everyone sees their own hump. If you were a Muslim you would look for the articles criticizing Islam (and there are some) and if you were a Christian you would also find criticism. The fact that I write in Hebrew and am aware of the issue of religion and state - religion and science in Israel, is the only reason why the reference to Judaism and the ultra-orthodox grew more than to other religions, not a principle reason.
    It is not about cynicism and pride, it is about a painful truth that is difficult for those who are not used to free thinking to hear.

  20. To my father Blizovsky
    You should have called the Higgs boson "the divine particle" in the article
    And you should have written in the title of the article, at the top left in the SD
    And everything would fall into place in peace, God bless you.

  21. I am an ultra-Orthodox software engineering student in my third year, and I really enjoy this website, apart from its cynicism in everything to do with faith, and Judaism in particular.

    Too bad, it doesn't show excessive wisdom of the writers, rather it shows pride and closed mindedness.

    Although science "reveals the secret of life in a second", but still a little iniquity never hurt anyone.
    And it has nothing to do with the conflict that exists or not (in my opinion, it really doesn't exist) between faith and science, it has to do with the tone that is written in relation to these issues and the ultra-orthodox society in general, a condescending and condescending tone, in my opinion.

    I personally will continue to consume this site despite my frustration.
    But for example, I will not let my children surf it, without preparing them, or I will see that they are developed enough mentally and spiritually to deal with the cynicism and pride I mentioned above.
    That's why I actually support the filtering of the site's contents, and I'm glad that there are people who bother to check what I bring home via the Internet.

  22. We all have freedom of choice and as I wrote, everyone is free to write what they want. But there are articles that do not add! And it would be more beneficial to invest energy in writing a scientific article.
    When a student doesn't understand something about an issue in the Gemara, you can yell at him and pat his stupidity! What does it help? For some of the children it does help. But usually the child is encouraged, explained in a new direction and in creative and different ways. If the problem of lack of understanding remains, what is the use of yelling at the student and certainly what is the use of grumbling in front of the students? Talk about it with the principal/parents/counselor...
    By the way, when you deal with the student, the entire class does not progress in the material and misses relevant and significant material, and instead, learns to deal with the presentation in front of her, and it is not impossible that the unhelpful humiliations will continue during the break.
    If the analogy is not clear, I would be happy to explain. You have my private email - save it in the system.
    Shabbat Shalom - my wife yells at me that the chunt is burnt...:)

  23. Moshe Rivan, I still don't understand how freedom of speech, which is one of the sacred things among the secular, contradicts your ability to enjoy scientific writings.
    Would you like us to be like the Shabbat Square, removing news because some committee of rabbis or perhaps a committee of scientists decided?

  24. To my father Belizobzeski
    First of all, thank you very much for your response to my response...
    I'll tell you what. I think we both agree that the world is fascinating, in its various aspects. From the quality of your articles and their content, I dare to write that we agree. But as a person involved in education and imparting knowledge to the best children in our country (and I envy their ability to which I am far from reaching), I understand that today in our country, apart from imparting knowledge, we also impart nationalism, free love and other values ​​that are not in this place. You can write on everything the question of what it contributes! Does it seem like someone can educate someone else? A whole public? And more on top of the network? What does it give other than flooding the same comments I resent (see "Arya" and "Anati", two comments below me). I would simply like to continue enjoying the science news and that's it! By the way, when there are dynamic activities such as the evening of the Weizmann Institute, it works a million times better - you should have seen it! (I think someone wrote the script. This is, in any case, my humble opinion. I long to read articles and yours, but in the field of opinion! Sorry if I offended or did not understand - the intentions are good

  25. Thanks to Moshe Rivan for the comments.
    First of all, I am happy that there are ultra-Orthodox students who study earth sciences, even at a high level. Why does the fact that the site has high-level scientific articles occasionally prevent us from also talking about 'administrative' matters. It bothered me that there are other ultra-Orthodox like you who want to read but can't.
    And what is political about this news? After all, I just described a fact that was not denied by those concerned? And what about the comments? In all the sites, even in the ultra-Orthodox rooms and the Shabbat square, people have a place for comments. Not sure that all comments are always published, but comments are a basic element of the internet. It's a fact that you also respond.

    And as for the removal of the article, this is exactly what the Shabbat Square site did. Do you think this should be my role model?

  26. It was said about this "If stupidity were a painful disease - all the ultra-Orthodox would walk around with a cast..."
    It is true that it sounds like a generalization, but this is what actually happens:
    - Failure to study the subjects of the Bible and therefore - the voluntary bequeathing of ignorance to future generations
    - Reluctance to serve in the army (when all the kings of Israel in the past had magnificent armies for the purity of the Jewish people)
    - Unwillingness to work in complete contradiction to the sage's article - if there is no flour there is no Torah (unless the flour comes from the seculars...).
    - Extreme intolerance that includes blocking roads, excluding women and really open hatred for the secular,
    more and more…
    And it's a shame!

  27. Getting to know the sector from the inside Most ultra-Orthodox have a computer, but it is hidden in a closet in the bedroom where the children won't see it
    Outwardly everyone is religious and when no one sees the majority are unfaithful traitors and run most of their lives after the golden and silver calf obsessively.
    The reason for this is that they get married at the age of 19 before they know the difference between good and bad.
    Then they wake up at age 38 with a husband who doesn't like 7 kids who need money and a lot of it.
    Then they start looking for love and their lives while they start looking for matches for their children quickly before they start to distinguish between good and bad.

  28. To the system.
    I hope that you will not encourage articles of this type due to the many responses that I am convinced will come because you have thereby insulted the industry you are sitting on!
    Shabbat Shalom

  29. Let's be precise!
    The majority of the ultra-Orthodox do not have a computer and certainly no internet!
    Those who are blocked are a different public and I hate defining publics, so do it yourselves.

  30. Eran
    Indeed, anyone who is superficial will find it difficult to deal with any mechanism, which is associated with the ability to build and create. But what to do in the environment in which I live, I know quite a few religious people (even all of them, but let's remain modest and tell about most of them) who feed and enjoy such information, since it describes the creation in a more detailed way, not to mention that it intensifies the wonder at the power of the miracle in this creation .
    Two weeks ago I participated with my wife (as ultra-Orthodox as I am), as listeners in the evening of the Weizmann Institute "Science and Mood" in a lecture on quantum theory and I was not the only religious person there, and I think we were among the questioners and commenters who heard them!
    By the way, kudos to lecturer Efi Shahmon who conducted a difficult lecture with pleasantness and endless patience.

  31. You've come down to this place, as a person who claims to be using the mind, you come off pretty dumb. There are 1001 reasons why to block photos and surely they know (the muscle song, etc.).
    It's just sad that you revealed vested interests under the guise of feigned innocence instead of continuing the beautiful project you're doing with pure idealism.

  32. BSD
    I am very religious! Teacher of gifted children in the field of earth sciences. Presents and helps in almost every class of your articles permanently in the various centers.
    Finally, the website deviated from its norm and turned to the ugly side of the relationships between different publics. Too bad.
    Until today I was impressed by your neutrality in the articles that dealt with science and that's it! Interesting and fascinating articles that describe what surrounds us, according to the various areas of opinion, without touching what he said, let alone how one or the other reacted.
    How relevant is the opinion and behavior of a certain person to the correctness of creation and its course?!
    Do yourself a favor and remove the fascinating report on the behavior of this or that person/system and don't look for legitimacy through the mistakes of others - Higgs is interesting enough.
    in friendship and appreciation

  33. My father, for them there is only a creator of heaven, and to add to them tiny particles that perform miracles and wonders that are reserved for the one and only God is a controversial thing.

  34. Not that the website and the green religion are any less limiting and brainwashing the people with lies and ignorance

    I have not yet seen even one serious real discussion here that gives a platform to everyone, except for the slanderers.

    I used to have blind faith in science but since the green lie, I'm starting to doubt evolution as well, maybe the religious are really right and are feeding us lies.

  35. I don't know about all the claims in the article because I don't surf the site. But regarding the claims about the image censorship - since it is a filtering service that serves people who want 0 immodest images, it automatically downloads all images (except for sites that it is sure do not contain immodest images) and then they approve each image specifically. Since the Hidan is not at the top of the list of viewed sites in Israel, most of the photos here will probably not be shown to Etrog surfers regardless of who is photographed in them.

    Also regarding the blocking of the page, don't forget that this is an algorithm that filters content, so it is possible that an innocent word in the article caused it to be blocked and not a deliberate will. It is possible that if Etrog customers had complained to the provider about the page being blocked, the content manager would have checked and approved the page. I don't think this has anything to do with one or another nickname for the boson.

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