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A country haunted by demons XNUMX: Huldai is right about the core studies, but we must not be satisfied with the vapors

The question is whether someone will pick up the gauntlet, or whether the average secular (and national religious) will once again settle for fumes in the living room instead of calling on the leaders to do something. And another question, does Huldai really believe this or is he looking for votes?


Ron Huldai at the opening of a Jewish-Arab youth center in Jaffa, from Wikipedia
Ron Huldai at the opening of a Jewish-Arab youth center in Jaffa, from Wikipedia

Series Haunted country For several years now, she has been commenting on events, similar to Huldai's words, she is also not politically correct, so I suggest that those who want to read only scientific articles go to the other articles today. There is a second thread that connects all the episodes of the series - the worship of mysticism, the shallowness of the television broadcasts, and the submission to every ultra-Orthodox whim (which, as we saw in the Holyland case, is also connected to the prosperity of the tycoons) - they all come to degrade the State of Israel and turn it into a third world country, and that is what our enemies are waiting for .

On the same topic on the science website:

The TMT: The ultra-orthodox choose poverty on purpose

The mayor of Tel Aviv, Ron (he became a black skinned and a tiger among his friends) Huldai suffered today from the ultra-Orthodox violence that I personally have suffered from for over a decade, and that the whole country has witnessed in the last year (by Karta parking lot, Intel, the starving mother, and more). This follows his remarks at the conference of the kibbutzim seminar: "There must come a disillusionment, and perhaps even a rebellion, among the silent civilian majority - which will restore to Israeli democracy its right and ability to intervene and determine those issues that are on its mind" In a series of laws enacted in the Salami system, the Israeli legislator allowed the erosion of state education. Today, the State of Israel is probably the only country in the world where private education is funded by the public - without being required to accept a minimum of educational claims."

The question is whether someone will pick up the gauntlet, or whether the average secular (and national religious) will once again settle for fumes in the living room instead of calling on the leaders to do something. If something is not done - the state will go.

This evening (Tuesday) the former Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni and MK Zebulon Orlev, who was previously Director General of the Ministry of Education and Minister of Welfare, were guests on Uri Levy's program on Channel One. I thought they would be on both sides of the barricade, but except for a marginal comment by MK Orlev who said that the fight on the core issues should not be left to Meretz, they almost agreed on the facts and the most urgent need to end the exemption for the ultra-Orthodox from the core program.
With the exception of mocking answers from hypocritical ultra-Orthodox such as Deputy Minister Litzman or some militant members of the Shas Knesset who said that the ultra-Orthodox are more moral and do not have drunkenness and violence (which is obviously not true, see examples at the beginning of the article), none of them had a real answer. Why do we need to provide for 50 thousand young men who could serve in the army and work upon their release in jobs that advance both them personally and the country.

The ultra-orthodox businessmen wave at the marginal achievements of several dozen yeshiva graduates who underwent accelerated high-tech training, and several hundred others who serve in the ultra-Orthodox stream. But it is too little, too late. At most a fig leaf.

In the meantime, the blame should really be directed at our politicians (of which Huldai is also one of them) who kiss the dirt from the feet of the ultra-Orthodox and allowed them to go without and feel with the people (I was not mistaken, I know the original term). For example, they allowed girls who graduated from seminars to get a master's degree without actually studying anything at a level suitable for a master's degree, not even a first degree - only for the purpose of an increase in their salary as teachers and God forbid not to expose them to science. They also turned a blind eye when administrators practically emptied the core subjects from the ultra-Orthodox education system by placing only four inspectors on hundreds of schools. From every corner in these areas there is a feeling of Israel Bluff - part of it floats in the trials of the Shas officers who collected money from fictitious students in yeshivot, but those in the know say that the phenomenon continues in full force.

The reason for this is clear - they do not want their children to be exposed to the real world so that they do not abandon the protection of the ultra-Orthodox community. They are actually interested in being poor, and living on allowances. Indeed, families with 12-13 children will remain below the poverty line even if the National Insurance, the municipalities (exempt from property tax) and other entities give them money or the money market of NIS 50 a month. This does not prevent them from milking state funds so that many secular people will also become ultra-Orthodox - through an education system that lives on the state budget but gives them more hours (not that they learn anything important during these hours), transportation and food, and for many parents this is a temptation they cannot resist in his face The problem is that giving fish comes at the expense of taking away the rods and replacing them with sticks that are unable to catch fish. And so we reach a situation where already in the next academic year less than half of the students in the country will study in the state education system. And if anyone wants to know what the future will look like, they should look at what is happening in Jerusalem where only 12.5% ​​of students study in state education.

Chabad procession in Ramat Aviv Tuesday, May 2, 5. Photo: Avi Blizovsky
Chabad procession in Ramat Aviv c

Their wish is that the next generation will also continue to depend on the rabbis for every decision in their lives. As long as the natural and artificial multiplication (wrongly called repentance as if it is the natural state to which one returns, and not a false representation) are such.

The stigma of the secular or the essence of secularism in the eyes of the ultra-Orthodox is that what stands outside are the empty temptations of entertainment, alcohol, drugs. There are many people for whom this is not their way of life, you see them in the corridors of universities, in high-tech companies, and at conferences such as TEDx or the meetings at Hamada, people who are thirsty for knowledge, who are looking for intellectual experiences. And yes, theaters, orchestras and opera should not be underestimated.

Precisely this stigma applies to those who believe in pseudo-religion and idolatry. This is reflected in the "repentance" of artists, in filling the airwaves controlled by the tycoons with music whose lyrics have no meaning and in longing for a kind of past that never was (and Momi's parody in a wonderful country summarizes the issue). At weddings he plays the ultra-Orthodox trance "We have no one to lean on" This reminds me that during the Second Lebanon War there was a common sticker - we have no one to lean on but our father... who is in the reserves.

What to do - immediately stop all allowances for the ultra-Orthodox schools that are not ready to teach the core subjects - and in particular math and English, oblige those who do learn not to make fun - when the XNUMXth graders there know English and math at the level of the XNUMXth grade, but teach at exactly the same level as in the public schools. If necessary - appoint thousands of supervisors who will sit on the managers' heads until they carry out the decision and condition the provision of budgets on the implementation of the decision.

Regarding the army - the Tal law is also a joke, there is no reason to increase the scope of conversion through national service in Chabad houses (if it wasn't sad it would be funny), they should be sent to all army units. Surprisingly, 80% of them will serve in service units and only 20% in the army (this is the ratio in the army anyway), but they will allow relief for people in the reserves who will be able to promote the Israeli economy. In the second phase, after the generation that will start studying seriously will reach high school and the army - they will be able to integrate into the economy in any job and in academia and advance the country. They want us to join the OECD, it is impossible to do it with the current participation rate of ultra-Orthodox and Arabs in the labor market.

Until now, Huldai has been the typical Histadrut panacea - who tries to get along with the powerful at the expense of the weak, and the powerful in this case are the ultra-Orthodox who made use of the rights of the seculars in the city of Circus, because he thought that the stupid seculars would continue to vote for him, while he needed the ultra-Orthodox for a strong coalition. It is surprising to hear an unequivocal opinion from him. It took years for the activists of the Ramat Aviv association to convince the municipality that what is happening in the neighborhood is not an accidental move by one movement, but a planned move designed to tarnish the image of the neighborhood, and that the municipality has so far cooperated with it (it did not enforce demolition orders in Beit Milman and was prevented from issuing demolition orders for illegal gardens in Beit Kazantz Yes, the conversion of the Tammuz cinema building, which was later leased to the Teutal school, made it possible for an ultra-Orthodox yeshiva that also operates a kindergarten to bring the secular residents of the neighborhood closer to the religion. Chabad in the Shuster Center among children aged 13-15, drunk with vodka. By the way, from the experiences of the Chabad people at one point they also brought groups of thugs to repel the secularists.

Utilization of computer systems for religious coercion. Passover 2010 in Shufersal Ramat Aviv III. Photo: Avi Blizovsky
Utilization of computer systems for religious coercion. Passover 2010 in Shufersal Ramat Aviv c

If you ask me, my feeling is that Huldai is plotting to run for the Knesset and sees that what has been happening lately (the Philistine graves in Barzilai Hospital, and several other events as well as the disintegration of Kadima) will bring many secularists to vote for a new secular party and he is preparing himself to head it, and then again as in previous cases He will take their votes and go to the government, something that will force him to compromise (like all the Phoenicians and as she made a change in her second term). I wish I would kill myself but I personally don't really trust him.

However, everyone who tells the truth should be backed up, even if he does so in a way that is not politically correct - including Yaakov Ilon and Gabi Gazit.

In conclusion, I would like to quote from the words of A "real Jew" who responded to the article about the Taub Center report: "As an ultra-Orthodox myself, who studied in the ultra-Orthodox education system, read, studied, and served as a rabbi for about twenty years, I can state that professional education in the ultra-Orthodox education system has deteriorated significantly in recent decades (which is consistent with the findings in the report)."

"When I studied in the Torah Talmud, the quality of the sand studies in them was much higher than what is customary today in these institutions. I grew up in them and I can testify to that. Also, a very high percentage of the ultra-orthodox parents, members of the old settlement, sent their children (mainly the boys) to educational institutions that were not distinctly ultra-orthed, and even (mercifully) to high school yeshivos. This phenomenon has disappeared in recent decades."

"Also, until Menachem Begin's rise to power in the seventies of the last century, the current blanket exemption for yeshiva students from military service did not exist. As part of their military service, many members of the ultra-Orthodox public were exposed to the secular world, its shortcomings and advantages, and many of them took the approach of Rabbi Meir, who "found Rimon; The inside he ate, the shell he threw away", and integrated into universities, professional institutes and the labor market. This phenomenon does not exist today."

..."If the current trends, expressed in the report, continue, in a generation or two, we will not have an army (because even those secularists who are currently enlisting, will decide to stop being the suckers of the ultra-orthodox), we will not have a job market, and we will not have a state. "

So much for the words of a real Jew. It is a shame that very few of the ultra-orthodox and none of their leadership hold these views. Huldai rolled the ball into the government's door. Bibi and Saar should accept the handover and act, because otherwise in 20-30 years we won't have a state. Then the Iranians will come and destroy what is left.

And what I've been saying for ten years and Huldai said this week, Bar Rao wrote "This is This" 20 years ago.

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  1. Eran M:
    You don't reason at all and certainly not for Ron.
    You do not reason that Your words are baseless statements. I repeat - I never went to the army because of some oligarch and no oligarch prevented the placement of aids for the disabled on buses.
    No oligarch threw stones at the police or cars on the road, no oligarch went to hug Ahmadinejad, in short - nothing.
    All of these were and are being done by ultra-Orthodox - and ultra-Orthodox only.
    You say that wherever you find oligarchs you will find corruption and I say that is about the same as saying that wherever you find humans you will find corruption.
    The reason for this is clear: everywhere there is corruption, everywhere there are people, everywhere there are oligarchs. There is no causal connection here and I assume that you are not in favor of the elimination of humans.
    It's not for Ron because You still show equivalence when Ron claims that the ultra-Orthodox are a marginal problem next to the oligarchs (I suggest that he say this to a family who educated their son in the army or to a blind man who wants to use the bus)

  2. So I'll root for Ron, if he's allowed.
    The oligarchs and the ultra-Orthodox have many points in common - it can be said that both are responsible to a certain extent for the increase in poverty, the oligarchs by harming the weaker sections and not allowing them to organize and the ultra-orthodox for well-known reasons. In addition, you can find a similar example in corruption - wherever there are oligarchs, you will find corruption, the reason for this is that people who in practice control the country and are not subject to any criticism will do everything they can to increase the company's profit - which is actually similar to the ultra-Orthodox who cause corruption because of their lack of faith in a proper administrator which stems from Certain of the clan-family nature.
    This is at the tip of the problem. And of course there are two sides here.

  3. Ron:
    Yeah right.
    It is true that if most of the salary goes to fund the parasites - it becomes more difficult, but it does not belong.
    You are simply trying, as usual, to divert attention from the main problem and bother us all with nothing.
    There is no connection between the oligarchs and any of our existential problems and there is a Gordian connection between these problems and the ultra-orthodox.
    I am not frustrated by anything and no oligarch has given me any solution.
    No oligarch created any problems for me either - I did not serve in the army in his place, I did not set aside a tenth of my salary for him, he did not fight education, not Intel, or disabled people, he did not impose all kinds of laws on me...
    In short - the influence of the Israeli oligarch on my life is similar to the influence of a tycoon in the USA or anywhere else - that is - zero.

    On the other hand - the influence of the ultra-Orthodox on my life is dramatic to the point of disgust.

    By the way, let's try to understand what is happening in this debate.
    Why did you even respond?
    Do you think that something someone is trying to fight for here is unjustified?
    Do you think we should be silent about the war of the ultra-Orthodox in everything that is important to us?
    If not - then all that is here is your attempt to impose your delusional priorities on us with poisoned language.
    I don't know what to do against the oligarchs - what's more, I have no reason to do anything against them.
    I have every reason to fight for my rights to be taken away by the ultra-Orthodox, I know exactly how they hurt me and I know what to say about it.
    I understand that you don't need reasons to attack someone. Jealousy is reason enough. But you must understand that sane people need convincing reasons.

  4. my father
    "Much better goals" are in the eye of the beholder.

    I emphasize - your problem is not the ultra-orthodox - we gave you bait to vent your frustration and you swallowed it.

    This mechanism is called "Problem Reaction Solution"
    They (oligarchs) create the problem (deterioration in the country) - you become frustrated (rightfully so) - and they give you a solution -
    The ultra-Orthodox are guilty!!!

    Those who prevent progress (according to progress in your view) are the oligarchs
    Look at the link and the links there to the articles and you'll see that it really is relatively divorced
    not only that
    These non-divorced people are divided into 15 families!!!

  5. Try not to post comments that are anything but slanderous unless you enjoy your Tourette syndrome.

    Democracy needs to defend itself against those who take advantage of it to overthrow it, and the ultra-orthodox are doing this. They also explicitly state that they do not want a democracy but a Halacha state where the laws are not set by the people living today but by those who lived thousands of years ago and managed to convince the idiots that they are God.

    No oligarch is to blame for the security burden placed on me and my family members because of the evasion of the ultra-Orthodox.
    No oligarch is to blame for these companies being free eaters.
    No oligarch is to blame for wanting to prevent the introduction of aids to the disabled.

    I'm not saying that the oligarchs are all innocent beings but you only attack them because they have money.
    Whether you admit it or not - none of the serious troubles are caused by oligarchs. Absolutely nothing!
    Those who work can get drunk with dignity and all he lacks are the individual rights that the ultra-Orthodox take away from him.

  6. Ron, do you mean to say that we have to choose among the factors that bother us who bothers more strongly?
    And beyond the point - this website, for example, is not financed by any capitalist and we have already discussed the issue regarding the question of who benefits from the green agenda.
    Besides that, Moishla steals money (if you can call NIS 3-4 billion a year money) but a million Moishla's steal capital that could have been directed to much better purposes.

    my father

  7. Try not to end your every comment with a slur unless you suffer from Tourette syndrome
    Then consider this request as deleted and I'm sorry.

    Huge criminal organization!! wow
    If so I recommend using firearms on them if that's really the case, we shouldn't wait a single moment.

    I have no argument with you that there is a war with them over the nature of the State of Israel
    But it is electoral - they succeed if their small amount gets what they want.

    Turn your anger on those in power, the big mandates.

    Is democracy on the defensive? before whom?
    The biggest threat is from the 15 families
    See the link in my response, there is a link to an article on the matter

    You are comparing Moishela from the grocery store to Walmart

    Moishla steals divorces

  8. Ron:
    You probably haven't heard of defensive democracy.
    There is a huge criminal organization that has electoral power and I have to respect its demands and become its servant?!
    You overdo it!
    I really complain to my leaders for allowing this public to continue to commit crimes without hindrance.
    It has nothing to do with the oligarchs. It has to do with exploiting democracy to abolish democracy.

    Do you really think that if I do something to the oligarchs (and really - as if they are all criminals and they all commit the same crimes - this is simply baseless slander) then the ultra-Orthodox will stop stealing my money and start serving in the army?
    It seems to me that if I tell someone who makes a claim of this kind that he has lost his mind, it would be because of misleading the public as if that someone has a mind.

  9. I don't understand - who are they?

    They have electoral power - and they vote for their agenda of course, that's natural.
    And they have other priorities than you, legitimately.

    It's like the Druze and the cellular antenna - they are not brainwashed - they work

    Why does the secularist not succeed - because the capitalists turn him on the finger and tell him stories - and point the problem in all kinds of directions, just not them.

    Attack your leaders/elected officials who do exactly what the oligarchs tell them to do.

    That's the only way you'll see results...maybe

  10. Really rhetorical questions.
    So what if my children and I have to spend our blood in the defense of the country while they don't lift a finger?
    It's really peanuts!
    So what if they cancel and force me to support them?
    It's really peanuts!
    So what if they force me to pay those who have nothing in the religious establishment huge salaries?
    (For example, 40000 NIS goes into the account of a rabbi in a local authority every month and this rabbi also allows himself to privately collect money from people he marries and makes sure that a sheep from his pasture will do everything so that those who do not marry within a religious framework will be disadvantaged).
    It's Peanuts!
    So what if I have to pay for the food companies to pay us to the religious establishment to get a kosher stamp?
    It's Peanuts!
    Of course, whoever seriously claims that these things are peanuts is himself a peanuts who has had his penis removed.
    Well, well, circumcision is important.

  11. So what if they don't do what you wrote - soo wat their right.
    This is Pintas

    People are suffocating in the country because of manpower companies, bank fees, lack of competitiveness, monopolies, media channels full of false spins and scaring the citizen to the bone

    Is the brain drain from the country because of this or that? rhetorical question

    What does a person have to own a billion dollars +?

    Open a university, open more standards - they have the power to change the world here

    They don't want to - oligarchs hate the middle class

    The problem is with these controlling families - not with this or that dos

  12. For anyone who was affected by Ron's demagoguery - just note that I did not say that there are no capital families.
    Ron indeed proved what everyone knows - that there are wealthy families.
    Of course, we all know that when the ultra-Orthodox come to the defense of the child killers within them - they do so because they are being attacked.
    Of course they oppose mobile phones, internet and aids for the disabled on the bus - only because they are attacked.
    Of course they don't go to the army and work just because they are attacked.
    Of course it's not the other way around.
    The idea that they are being attacked because of these crimes is of course a delusional idea!
    After all, everyone understands that they commit the crimes because they are attacked for nothing!

  13. You are the one who is wrong, of course, and if there is anyone else who believes in the nonsense said by :

    The "practicality" of the ultra-orthodox is Pinatas - it is out of all proportion
    And their violent actions today are a natural response to the attack on them.
    And don't get me wrong - I don't like them

    Really see what it is about and decide what the nonsense is
    And where is the problem and where is the solutionמשפחות_ההון_בישראל

  14. And if there is someone else who believes in the nonsense Ron said, let him reread, for example, you This is my response Then he will try to ask himself if the ultra-orthodox really want to help the "capitalists" with their "tricks".

  15. I think that all the attention towards the ultra-Orthodox in recent years is nothing more than the spin of the capitalists in Israel (10 families?), the media channels under their control of course,
    divert attention from them:
    They are the source of the problem and the deterioration in Israel

    This is a known trick

  16. The Jerusalemite doesn't understand, but I hope everyone already does.
    Over the years we have already received more than a hint that this will not go well.

    By the way - have you heard about the new struggle of the "Rahmani Bnei Rahmani" sect?
    Watch HERE

    If you understood, sign HERE

  17. In my opinion, the secularists make a big mistake!
    There is and should be a blanket exemption for ultra-Orthodox youth between the ages of 18-21 and encourage them to go study a profession, that way they will integrate into society,
    The situation today is that an ultra-Orthodox youth who is thinking of going to work is very afraid of what the ultra-Orthodox community will say about him, family, matchmaking friends, etc., this education was assimilated from infancy, no law will change this, give such a move a period of 5 years and you will see a revolution in the yeshiva world!! !
    On the other hand, those who will fight against a blanket exemption will surprisingly be the ultra-orthodox parties, because in this they will lose most of their power,
    And enough for Hakima to hint

  18. Year:
    At least once every four years - there is an opportunity to do something beyond steam.
    This is the opportunity for everyone who cares to come to terms with the government that did not act.

    By the way - there is of course another option:

  19. The title of my father's article says we shouldn't settle for fumes, but what to do most of us can mostly grumble, and this has the value of keeping the topic hot on the agenda. Because everyone who is worried about the country must speak out against the horrifying ultra-Orthodox education funding, and even if it sounds steamy, it sounds to the government a constant indignation, which might lead to action.

  20. Trek and Anonymous:
    I didn't find anything interesting here.
    By the way - if you want data on recruitment - there is an organization that specializes in this - the Forum for Equal Burden:
    If you want reliable data on employment - read an official report by a party that deals with the issue (not the Ministry of Housing and not the Ministry of the Environment):

  21. Get Micha.L. What Trek tried to convey to you... this is the content:

    So here are a little more real and a little more balanced data from which a completely different picture emerges, and by the way this is an official report of M. The housing. sharing
    Today at 00:46

    The salary of an ultra-Orthodox is about NIS 3000 low, and in Israel there are about 637 ultra-Orthodox, according to a special report prepared by the Research and Economics Administration at the Ministry of the Ministry of Education and Culture. All the data are here:

    Chaim Berkowitz 10 Beshevat 51 XNUMX:XNUMX

    The Administration of Research and Economics at the Ministry of Education and Culture will present today (Monday) in a special session at the conference of the Forum for Social Policy Research in Israel at Bar Ilan University the employment situation of the ultra-Orthodox public, the data before you:
    · The ultra-orthodox population in Israel numbers approximately 637 thousand people[1], which constitute 8.8% of the total population in Israel and it is growing at an average annual rate of 7%.

    · The employment rate of ultra-Orthodox is about 43% compared to about 75% among secular and traditionalists. The employment rate of ultra-Orthodox men is about 37% and is significantly lower than the employment rate of ultra-Orthodox women, which is about 49%.

    · The unemployment rate in the ultra-orthodox sector stands at 12% compared to 8% among secular and traditionalists.

    · 12,800 businesses in Israel employ ultra-Orthodox workers and they constitute only 8.3% of all businesses in the business sector in Israel and in total 48000 ultra-Orthodox workers are employed in the business sector, constituting only 2.3% of the workforce in the business sector.

    · The gross salary of ultra-Orthodox is about 3,000 NIS lower than the salary of seculars (6,123 and 8,955 NIS respectively). Compared to this, the gap among the female population is about NIS 2,000 (NIS 3,690 and NIS 5,698 respectively).

    · The monthly income from all sources for an ultra-Orthodox household is 6,111 NIS and is about 50% lower than the monthly income for a secular household (12,021 NIS).

    · In 2008, the ultra-Orthodox men in the framework of the "Torah and Art" arrangement made up about 11% of the number of recruits for the IDF, compared to a rate of about 6% in 1994. In total, there were about 55 ultra-Orthodox men in the arrangement this year.

    The findings that will be presented in the lecture that will deal with the ultra-Orthodox population are based on the analysis of the CBS social survey in the last decade among the Israeli population aged 20-64.

    Additional findings that will be presented at the conference:
    Among the ultra-orthodox sector, there is an underrepresentation of those with a high school diploma compared to those with a high school diploma in the secular and traditional population (10.6% and 23.7% respectively) and an underrepresentation of those with an academic degree compared to the secular and traditional population (10.5% and 29.4% respectively).

    · Among the ultra-Orthodox sector there is an underrepresentation of those who know English well, compared to the secular population (26.4% and 45.9% respectively), as well as an underrepresentation of computer owners, compared to the secular population (41.6% and 79.2% respectively).

    · 56.5% of the ultra-Orthodox employed work in the public service, compared to 31.1% of the workers in this industry among the secular and traditional population. The percentage of ultra-Orthodox women employed in this industry is even higher and stands at approximately 67%.

    · Employers' reports on possible reasons for not hiring ultra-Orthodox workers in the business indicate that approximately 94% stated that not enough ultra-Orthodox candidates have come to work in recent years, and that there is no orderly separation between men and women in the business. About 24% stated that other possible reasons are the opening of the business on weekends and the existence of content that could harm an ultra-orthodox lifestyle. About 12% stated that the ultra-orthodox do not have the required education and skills.

    Employment barriers and main problems in the ultra-orthodox population

    · Investment in Torah education at the expense of state and academic education, digital gaps and literacy gaps result in the majority of ultra-Orthodox working in low-paying jobs, mainly in the fields of education and teaching of the ultra-Orthodox sector.

    · The service deferment arrangement, under which men are prohibited from working or acquiring professional training, makes it difficult for ultra-Orthodox men to integrate into employment.

    · Problem of mixing in workplaces between men and women and between ultra-Orthodox and non-Orthodox.

    · The growth rate of the ultra-Orthodox population of working age is increasing and at the same time the employment options relevant to Torah education are decreasing. Therefore, unemployment rates in the coming years will increase while employment rates will decrease. This will lead to an increase in the wage gap and the standard of living between the ultra-Orthodox population and the secular population.

    Main solutions and tools available

    Tuition subsidy with the aim of reducing educational gaps - strengthening the ultra-Orthodox populations who wish to acquire professional or higher education through partial or full tuition subsidy in quality frameworks for higher and professional education adapted to the ultra-Orthodox lifestyle.

    Professional or engineering post-secondary studies for women - creating opportunities for ultra-Orthodox women who are interested in professional, engineering or academic training in order to enable these women to integrate into the business sector where there are diverse employment opportunities with high wages.

    Increasing the recruitment of ultra-Orthodox people into the IDF and civil service - in order to overcome the barrier to military service, the recruitment of ultra-orthodox youth into the IDF and civil service (about 1,150 volunteers in various frameworks) must be continued and encouraged in special service frameworks suitable for their needs (in the context of the ultra-Orthodox Nahal and the Shah' track R-Orthodox service (about 700 soldiers in regular service), where during and after this service they receive appropriate tools to integrate into the labor market.

    · Increasing jobs for the ultra-Orthodox - the use of an employment track must be expanded to create relevant jobs that fit the characteristics of the ultra-Orthodox population. Incentives must also be provided to employers who wish to employ ultra-Orthodox workers in general employment frameworks in order to overcome the lack of experience involved in employing these workers.


    [1] 33% of the ultra-Orthodox sector are Hasidic, 29% Lithuanian, 21% Sephardic, 7% national ultra-Orthodox and the rest (10%) are unidentified. Source: Ministry of Housing, Assessments of the housing needs of the ultra-orthodox sector, 2006

  22. trek:
    To this day I have avoided signing up for Facebook and I will not do so in honor of the link you provided.
    Obviously, the situation is more serious today than before. That's what I say all the time! The situation is getting worse by the minute because we are constantly folding. They are devouring our rights with the Salami method and we have reached a situation where one more folding and we are lost.

    The ultra-Orthodox (the few) who recognize the problem only recognize it because you can finally hear protests here against the criminal behavior of this sector, but they are really lonely as the debates you are witnessing here.

  23. trek:
    And what motivates you to think that this method - which has been tried since the establishment of the state, while the problem is getting worse - will suddenly work?
    It is not important what the individual thinks as long as he chooses a leadership that expresses a position opposite to his own.
    After all, all the defenders of Islam also say that there are many Muslims who strive for peace, but this should not concern anyone when all their leaders are persecutors.

  24. S. Y. N. and Y

    could be the solution to the problem,
    If Tommy Lapid had managed it more wisely,
    And not aggressively...

  25. I think there is some kind of misunderstanding in the internal secular debate concerning the ultra-Orthodox. Can an entire public decide to act one way or another, to educate its children according to its own way, to be idle in the sun or in the Beit Midrash, and in a true democracy - this is nobody's business. What about us and them?
    What is interesting, very interesting, is how much this whole subculture costs me. Anyone can do as they wish as long as they don't hurt me, and don't put a free hand into my wallet.
    The meaning of this is that it is very easy to solve this problem altogether through changes in the budget book (child allowances, boarding schools used as a very cheap way to reduce overcrowding at home, support for foster children, support for conversion and much more).
    In order to be able to change the budget book, all that needs to be done is to establish a new sectoral party (change ztzel) that will be the tongue of scales.
    So easy, so simple.

  26. Her laugh:
    Eddie does not ignore us - he agrees with us and therefore does not express any objection.

    You laughed.

    I'm sure how doctor. You are at most a child (and a lying child).

  27. To Muhammad, I could not understand how an article that presents facts that no one disputes is anti-Semitic. Is concern for the future of the country tainted by anti-Semitism? And if so, is Hempadel also anti-Semitic - after all, HF Orlev agreed with Shulamit Aloni and not with Rabbi Litzman, and Minister Hershkovitz also spoke out in favor of the integration of the ultra-Orthodox in society. Is he also anti-Semitic? Moreover, are these two leftists?

  28. I thought only Wynette likes ultra-Orthodox so much, apparently this site is also getting petty and inciting.

  29. For a pediatrician, apparently MK Zebulon Orlev, who is part of your sector, actually believes that the data that Khaldai relies on is more correct. And he probably knows.

  30. To Mr. Blizovsky, your site has enlightened our eyes for several months now that I have been a regular visitor to the site, and in our eyes the ultra-Orthodox sit on our veins and do not contribute to security and the economy. They are not the only ones. Child allowances are paid to families with many children who are Arab and ultra-Orthodox. already millions) journalists, cinema, humanities (mainly air) and other unnecessary subjects, the state needs and must subsidize subjects such as exact sciences, Chinese, English, and the computer subjects, all the rest will pay a cost price without subsidies, and which yeshiva students must adopt the American system of studies A compulsory core and the rest after school.

  31. Pediatrician:
    You are wrong to say that the ultra-Orthodox child has a vast knowledge of science and mathematics than the average secular child. From what I know, what the children learn is that the universe was created 6000 years ago (since the agricultural revolution). God's hand, and there are many more examples that I can name and this is from 25 years old and not from 15 years old.

    There is no doubt that today's secular youth is not educated, but among the ultra-Orthodox the ignorance is much stronger.

    If we discuss the issue of ultra-Orthodox society, then we will discover huge knowledge gaps there and the secular public, eight mathematicians, physicists, chemists, biologists, engineers, programmers, doctors, economists, accountants, these are learned people who contribute to society.

    Another point, I wrote the line above (where the word doctors was mentioned) and I happened to recall (there were even several such incidents on television) people who went to a rabbi after being diagnosed with cancer or various diseases in the initial stage of an illness, and the rabbi said not to go to medical treatment, I don't think it's necessary to mention What happened to these people who did not go to the medical treatment that could have saved their lives.

    The religious coercion and extortion is something terrible, we must wake up before we discover the new reality that will be created in Israel in a few years, the ultra-Orthodox extortion and violence is intolerable, they behave with the same religious fanaticism as the Arabs.

  32. Pediatrician,

    You are twisting facts…

    A- Most ultra-Orthodox don't even learn English

    In aid of NIS 500 per calf, it is much more than that:
    This is an incentive not to move and not to pay tax...
    C- There is no obstacle for ultra-Orthodox to "study" in the evening, after work.

  33. There is nothing here beyond anti-Semitism
    And regarding knowledge, take an average ultra-Orthodox child and an average secular child. The average ultra-orthodox child is well versed in science and mathematics far beyond the average secular child, because what is important is the desire to learn. And it almost doesn't exist in today's secular society,
    Nowadays in the secular society, whoever invests in studies is a geek and ridiculed
    And in ultra-Orthodox society, all knowledge is valued and as such the child is curious.
    Economically, in terms of the tax burden, according to the CBS data, 90% of the tax burden in Israel falls on the upper echelon, and in the upper echelon there is an ultra-Orthodox representation beyond their representation in the population.
    In terms of financial aid for my students, including from the state, it is about 500 NIS, in words, five hundred NIS per month per cow, and this is actually the main amount of money that goes to ultra-Orthodox culture, when secular culture and education go relatively far beyond their representation in the population, and it is clear that traditional people like me, who are the majority of the population in Israel, prefer that their tax is for funding Abrach than for theaters and the Broadcasting Authority which has a clear political bias

  34. Avi Shalom,
    Your article reflects the opinion of many of the country's citizens. You wrote many correct things, but you did not offer any practical solution!
    You stated what the role of the government should be in dealing with the problem, but you wrote nothing about the ways of dealing with the average citizen. I'm interested in knowing what I, the one sitting in front of the computer right now, can do about it. As emphasized in the article, we cannot trust politicians like Huldai. Because of the coalition agreements, because of the corruption and personal ambitions of those "elected officials" it can be concluded that the solution will not come from the establishment.
    The controversial Mr. Huldai called Mary a citizen. Is someone willing to explain to me how I and many simpletons like me can contribute? What can we do? After all, stopping paying taxes and not serving in the army is not an option, and voting for parties and candidates who will "compromise" with the ultra-Orthodox will not yield any results.
    We have reached an impasse, friends. I can't think of any action on the part of the sane citizen that would bring about a change in the existing situation.
    Father, I would appreciate it if your next article addressed this issue.

  35. Ben-Ami:
    You guys have been talking for too long. In the meantime, these talks only made the situation worse.
    I don't want to talk to you. I want laws to put them in their place.

  36. An alarming figure:
    700,000 ultra-orthodox. 65% of them are unemployed.
    A manufacturing company - this is not.

  37. From:
    I do not disagree with the principle of the claims. But spending energy and anger on fumes and rants spoils the mood and does not necessarily contribute to positive progress. Israel is a small and very complex society. We must first of all accept the fact that there is no equality in this society. We have coalition governments. We have corruption and the involvement of government capital. In terms of the distribution of resources, most of them reach a very small group of tycoons backed by interest groups in power. So if you compare quantitatively the ultra-Orthodox take a tiny part of the share compared to the tycoons, the banks, the Becher law provident funds. How, for example, did so much property (in Zim, the Dead Sea, chemical tanks, etc.) end up in the hands of the others ofer at a low price?! How they took everyone's provident funds and traded in the stock market and lost. There is so much inequality here. With so many things to be angry about, why do you have to be angry about the ultra-Orthodox?
    In my opinion, a solution cannot be advanced except by creating a real connection with the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox. You need to find the common denominator in areas that will allow communication. Everything that has been done so far to improve the situation has not helped at all. After all, parties have already been formed to fight this war and they have disappeared with a weak answer. So what will you establish another such party?
    By the way, regarding the cost of kosher, you should note that there are several levels of kosher. The ultra-Orthodox themselves bear the heaviest burden because they only buy from Kashrei and the like, which are particularly strict and charge a lot of money.
    The normal qualification of the rabbinate does not contribute to rising prices. But you can't make claims to Strauss or Tnuva or Tara who do their cold economic calculation. If it wasn't worth it, they wouldn't have purchased fancy and expensive kosher. Apparently there are enough customers who prefer to pay more for the expensive kosher. You can't blame the ultra-orthodox for that. In the USA there are two kosher chains and it is known that a considerable part of the buyers of products bearing the kosher mark are not Jewish at all. So why do you think they prefer to pay more there?
    In conclusion, I turn to you and to my father Blizovsky. Don't take extreme sides, shouting doesn't contribute to anyone's health. A sensible face and soft language and even a smile can do much more and have more influence.

  38. Diamond David:
    It really doesn't matter to me how fortified the ultra-Orthodox are in their position, because even with the current fortifications, they are not giving up anything.
    The point is to make the public the secular Open your eyes and realize that he is being led to slaughter.
    Then it will be easier for him to vote in the elections for candidates who will enact the proper laws and stop religious coercion.

  39. Hello David. Indeed, I like to cook and sometimes go to the market and the supermarket to buy ingredients for gourmet meals... but I will not turn the site into a food site. The crisis in the country that caused the decline of the value of science at the same time as the rise of interest in religion directly harms the State of Israel being a progressive country as I would like to see it. It's a small country, which doesn't have much of a backbone that can strengthen the academic system and high-tech companies, and the higher education crisis is closely related to the fact that increasing percentages of the budget go to transfer payments.
    As I wrote and from my experience, the leaders of the denomination actually try to be more pious than the Pope. At the Internet Association conference that took place a few months ago, there was a panel that dealt with ultra-Orthodox websites, and there was one of the leaders of the ultra-Orthodox who said flatly - anyone who has uncensored internet at home will not be able to find a match for their children - and for the ultra-Orthodox, this is a real threat.
    You actually reinforce my point, only that I think it has been tried and failed.
    Your demand for gradualism was relevant 10-15 years ago. Today when all the parameters are screaming (read the article of the TMT linked from the beginning of the article and be alarmed yourself). Now it will be too little and too late, and as I said - there is no one to talk to in their leadership.
    They wave at the few who have passed kashrut, but the full statistics are against us.

  40. The point is that the ultra-orthodox segment is rebellious towards secular society. When you as a secular say to an ultra-Orthodox "well done to you for going out to study and work and become a regular citizen" you give him a bear hug that crushes him from the inside. But if the rabbi tells him "well done to you for taking care of your family as it is said your hand will come because you will eat your happiness and it is good for you" he will be happy that it is a waste of time. Therefore, reaching out to the ultra-orthodox public as a public will not change them a dime, but will only strengthen them in their positions, and real change will only come about through substantive and intensive intellectual dialogue with the rabbinic/media leadership.
    At the same time, a bad smell emanates from the overall expansion in everything related to Judaism that has emerged in the country. The fact that singers sing Judaism is not because of the ultra-Orthodox culture and its specific conduct, but in spite of it.

    And it would still be nice to separate science from politics, even though both have mutual consequences, just as recommendations on cheap restaurants and markets should be separated from a scientific website despite the dependence of the population of scientists and science seekers on food consumption.

  41. Ben-Ami:
    And of course I forgot to mention that contrary to your claim - kosher is important to all of us because all the big manufacturers pay (to whom if not the ultra-Orthodox) the tax for kosher certificates and collect it from all of us.
    Of course, this is also true for the huge budgets allocated by the state and local authorities for the maintenance of the religious establishment - a collection of free meals that for some reason are not only paid for nothing but really high salaries.

  42. Explorer:
    And when, in your opinion, will the ultra-Orthodox be required to leave the country?
    Will it happen because they were required to go to work?
    After all, this is also required of them abroad, so why leave?
    In the meantime - those who are forced more and more to leave the country are the secular ones.
    Jerusalem, Bnei Brak, Beit Shemesh - and more your predatory foot is tilted...
    In the end, the seculars will be forced to leave the country they founded and you will stay here alone - without livelihood and without protection.

  43. Ben-Ami:
    The fact that the ultra-Orthodox have additional sources of income (which, if it weren't for ultra-orthodox parasitism, would probably be channeled to worthy purposes) does not change the fact that they cost the state a huge fortune.
    Have you ever thought about the money that all the idlers get every month?
    Have you thought about the loss of taxes?
    Have you thought about the drop in GDP?
    And this - even if we ignore the fact that they send us to die in their place.
    Presenting the demand to meet their demands is a recipe for the suicide of the state andThe statistics are on the matter already known to all.
    What they demand for themselves is not their rights but my rights!

  44. Avi Blizovsky, Michael Rothschild, Amnon Carmel, Roy and the other learned writers,
    It's been a few months since I was exposed to the "Yaden" website, and since then I've been making sure to publish it, to anyone who is willing to be open to the important content presented there.
    You are doing such an important job in revealing the truth and science, and I wish I could also convince the skeptics with your help, which, unfortunately, are so many.
    There is a great place, Father, for articles of this type, because this is not politics, as Yair wrote, it is the struggle on the way to change, to get out of the darkness into the light, in the disclosure of science, and one hour earlier is beautiful.
    You enlightened my life, in the full sense of the word, and along with you I educate my daughters as well.
    I would be happy if you would reveal the great knowledge that lies beneath you also through the additional means of communication, and even in the necessary change in the curricula. Thanks.

  45. Indeed Yair, we need scientists but because of the lack of education as Huldai talked about, we get unproductive people. It is impossible that such a large population could not have hundreds of academic faculty members.

  46. Enough with the politics, we want a scientific site, not another political site!

  47. At least one thing can be "comforted": as the years pass, it will be easier for the average secular person to find a job...

  48. Explore

    It is true that there are several types of ultra-Orthodox, and not all of them are the same.

    The ultra-Orthodox according to Neturi Karta are the worst of them.
    The Sephardic ultra-Orthodox, according to the Shas, were "infected" by the Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox.

    In the past there were no ultra-Orthodox Sephardim. They were simply "religious".

    The strength of the ultra-orthodox public comes from the fact that they are united and imbued with blind faith.

    This is a recipe for disaster that may continue and intensify.
    It is important to educate the ultra-Orthodox in tolerance, and to see the other side...

  49. Lesir - hatred of the people of the country for a scholar is exactly the opposite. They are ignorant and people of lands, if you read the articles on this site you won't have to ask who the smart student is. Indeed they hate the one who tells the truth and try to harass him financially and physically. If they were sure of their rightness they would simply ignore him.

  50. Finally, someone is afraid of the ultra-Orthodox... We have reached the days of the Messiah... When my parents came to Israel, as ultra-Orthodox, everyone spat on them. me too The hatred then was no different than it is today and it's clear why - the parents bequeathed it to their sons! And this hatred that the people of the country hated for a scholar (see Sages) is pulsating in the words of anyone who wants to enter the Kishkes of the ultra-Orthodox in order to "defeat" them, the foundation that is so insoluble and uncontrollable and unmanipulatable... Where is the weak point? At what point to shoot to hit and kill?
    When one day the ultra-Orthodox cannot live here anymore, they will leave. Just as the Jews left Germany and France when they were expelled for keeping the Torah, just as they left England when they were expelled for keeping the Torah. Then the State of Israel will collapse. As one general in the army said, that one day he realized that without those who keep the mitzvot, there is no nation of Israel, no land of Israel, and no state of Israel, and the army has nothing to fight for. Who needs this fucking country? Only those who observe Torah and mitzvot and are connected to tradition and history.  

  51. Avi Blizovsky
    Oh, you are really exaggerating the economic losses of qualifications, etc. on the general economic balance. The bulk of this burden rests on the ultra-orthodox public itself. These skills squeeze a significant part of the budget of every ultra-Orthodox family.
    In the economic balance, you must not forget that most of the funds for this public come and flow from the Diaspora. These amounts are five times larger than what comes from the treasury. This money enters the Israeli economy. There are also a lot of indirect investments by capitalists from abroad in Israel for this public. A considerable part of investments in real estate from abroad is made by affluent ultra-Orthodox who live abroad. Which helps to raise real estate prices.
    Apart from that, there is a very strange and perhaps more annoying phenomenon. that many of the tycoons in Israel who own the majority of the capital here obey one rabbi or another. Dankner Idibi at the X-ray, Leviev Chabad and more and more as we know.
    Personally, I think it's a waste of time to get involved in arguments and parties with no way out, it amounts to fumes and nothing else.
    Note that parties have already arisen that have inscribed on Diglan the opposition to the ultra-Orthodox, etc. Well, what came of it? nothing and a half
    These parties disappeared and the ultra-orthodox only grew. The only way is to get inside their head and create a real one-to-one connection with them. Otherwise just hang around.

  52. Believe me I know the public, read studies about it and know exactly what it is about. The public is not stupid, whoever leads it in any of its leaders, whose generation is diminishing (as a result of the constant decline in the level of education). If there was someone there with a real vision, he would lead a course of integration and not a course of isolation.

    The fact that we have coalitions does not mean that the majority always has to give in to the minority in order to maintain the integrity of the coalition. In the end, this minority already becomes the majority (see an example in Jerusalem) and since it is not educated on the knees of democracy (because citizenship is false, and must not be taught) it wants to rule over us with its dictatorship - and we already see the erosion of secular rights everywhere - public transportation on Shabbat, Harassment of non-kosher restaurants (for example, through excessive pricing of their raw materials due to import bans) and besides, they impose a direct financial burden (spilling milk that comes out of cows' udders on Shabbat, maintaining thousands of kosher supervisors, most of whom are unnecessary), and indirect (failure to generate real income). If the situation continues we are expected to go bankrupt and all the satellites of the future governors of the Bank of Israel will not help.

    post Scriptum. And I have to go to sleep already. I am the last one who can say anything in favor of the tycoons. But one injustice does not justify another injustice.

  53. Avi Blizovsky
    The fact that every Yeshiva student is trusted and trained for logical analytical thinking. It is not mathematics, but acquiring mathematical knowledge requires exactly this type of thinking and this training. This does not mean that they do not need to teach the subject and of course also English

  54. Avi Blizovsky
    Don't forget that we are a socialist country and this public receives a small portion of what the government distributes to all the different sectors in need. The filling of the budget pie is not evenly divided because we are in a country that is built on coalitions, something that is not going to change unless you know something else. Overall, Israel's monetary policy is much healthier than Greece's, there is nothing to compare it to. and about work and employees. Have you recently checked the ratio in terms of publicly held capital between the employees and the top decile. With all the socialism the ratio is very high befitting a capitalist country.
    I wrote to get into their heads: so that you don't fight with windmills, this is a sophisticated and highly aware public, a skeptic, an inquisitor, a questioner, and suspicious.
    You can't dictate orders to that kind of public. Even in a dictatorship, it has never been possible for the public that each individual in it knows how to manage in any situation. Through the article from above you can act on a herd and unsophisticated public maybe??? Therefore, it is necessary to understand what guides and what guides them, how their heads work from the inside.

  55. Ben-Ami.
    Your mistake is that you think that continuing to ignore the problem and not engage in factionalism will somehow solve the problem. After all, the way they choose makes them dependent on the taxpayers. Already today they are burdening the country and dragging it to the bottom of the OECD countries. Look what happened to Greece that preferred to distribute funds without recognition to wide sectors.
    It's not by chance that parallel to the economic prosperity of the ultra-orthodox without working, the universities were cut by billions - after all, the budget pie is limited. In addition, in order not to upset them, even the seculars do not learn about evolution in schools, but only about its consequences. It's like saying that you can only learn English grammar if you study 5 units. All the others we will say that this is how it is and these are the rules (as they say about the distribution of animal species and evolution is taught only to those who study 5 units of biology.).

    What exactly will help get into the head of the ultra-Orthodox? Why don't they get inside my head and try to understand me and the other taxpayers, using the example from Sheika Levy's video, why are they angry? After all, no one would be angry with them if they supported themselves and paid income tax so that we could be a Scandinavian country in terms of quality of life, and then there would also be enough money for the well-being of the poor due to objective reasons and not poor by choice..
    Another problem is that in addition to the fact that they live at our expense, they also tell us how to live (see an example in the third picture).

    The analytical methods were able to bring maybe a fraction of a percent to high-tech. Where are they and where are the immigrants from Russia - populations of approximately the same size. With one difference - the immigrants from Russia wanted to study and today in every high-tech company you hear Russian. Only in a few hi-tech companies do you hear Yiddish and that too among women who were lucky enough to study before immigrating to Israel. Their daughters will not be able to work in these jobs.

  56. Avi Blizovsky:
    It is not clear why to get into arguments on your site. After all, it's just a waste of time and leads to nothing. It's not a shame you bring beautiful scientific articles, what's the point of getting involved in factionalism that leads to persistence and entrenchment in stuck positions.
    You wrote that you suffer from ultra-Orthodox violence. Does it sound strange in what sense?
    ACP does not seem to be able to change anything in its approach as long as you do not really understand the minds of the ultra-Orthodox.
    As far as I know, this is a diverse public with great social awareness and sensitivity. It's not just a herd.
    Everyone there has more than one opinion on everything. And don't forget that even though they don't study math, that's a shame. They study logic at a fairly high level as it is in the issues of the Talmud. Every average high school student trusts logical analysis methods. Search the wiki for "Brisk Method" which is an analytical approach to pure logical analysis. And it has been accepted in yeshiva for about two hundred years.

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