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Shulamit Aloni paid the price of scientific truth - a country haunted by demons MD

With the passing of the former minister Shulamit Aloni: rationalism in general and the study of evolution in particular suffered a severe blow due to the well-publicized conflict between the then Minister of Education Shulamit Aloni and the ultra-Orthodox, in which the prime minister at the time and also Aloni's successor led by Meretz Yossi left a surrender to the ultra-Orthodox, which we pay until Today. This is according to Anat Sargosti's film "Citizen Aloni"

The late Shulamit Aloni expresses the need to study evolution. Screen shot from Anat Sargosti's film "The Citizen Aloni".
The late Shulamit Aloni expresses the need to study evolution. A screen shot from Anat Sargosti's film "Citizen Aloni".

If you want to know why the theory of evolution is still the best kept secret in the Israeli education system, you have to go back to 1993. The Rabin government, which was based on a very strange coalition: the Labor Party with 44 seats, Meretz with 12 and Shas with 6 seats. At the time, Meretz was headed by Shulamit Aloni, who served as the Minister of Education, but as always in the State of Israel, the number of mandates does not determine, and the smallest party in the coalition set the tone and, even during the 'left' government, destroyed the roots of the Halacha state.

One of the cornerstones of the religious coercion is that only 500 students study evolution, the basis of the life sciences, who happen to be studying 5 units of biology, including an elective on evolution. In other words, not only religiously sensitive students avoid studying the subject but also the secular ones who nevertheless still make up 35% of the school student population . It's like those who study five units of English will learn, as a choice point, the basics of English grammar or maybe only those who delve into citizenship will be able to learn about the Declaration of Independence as a choice.

In every confrontation that arose due to things Shulamit Aloni said, which angered the ultra-Orthodox, Rabin asked her and her party to compromise. The confrontation reached its climax when Aloni sought to exercise her right as Minister of Education to influence the curriculum and teach evolution, for the ultra-Orthodox this would kill and not pass, and surprisingly, both Rabin and her members of the Meretz party, led by Yossi Sharid, the government was above all and they were ready to pay for it all Price, including the elimination of evolution.

In Anat Sargosti's film "Citizen Aloni" the story is told starting at minute 0:49:40 in which Aloni is quoted as saying: ""In our country, we get it into our heads that the world was created in six days" and immediately afterwards the Prime Minister at the time Yitzhak Rabin appears who said: "My whole main problem is to keep The coalition that was is how to stand up against Shas claims against Shula."

Yossi Sharid: "There is a transition like the Yabok transition, it is a very narrow transition between the opposition and the coalition, the government. It seemed that a great opportunity happened here in front of her, in front of us, and somehow we are missing it a bit because we are not exactly concentrating mainly, but on all kinds of daily scandals that are not at the heart of the matter."

Shulamit Aloni: "It was a duty to say that, but it was a duty to the members and a duty to the Prime Minister, and a duty to the Labor Party and a duty to the majority of Likud members to say yes, we want them to learn evolution and not immediately get cold feet when Rabbi Shech does not want evolution" .
"If they are allowed to constantly wave about the need to teach the prayers, we are allowed to wave about the fact that we want science.

Anat Sargosti: "Perhaps it would not have been politically correct to behave this way?"

Aloni: "So I'm not a politician."

The end is known, Aloni was dismissed from the Ministry of Education and her place was replaced by Amnon Rubinstein. Yossi Sharid, who was later appointed Minister of Education in the Barak government in 1999, fulfilled his self-imposed demand for political compromise and transferred funds to the repentant "Values" association. Unfortunately, in this matter, Sherid was wrong, and by and large, evolution is the core of the matter if we want to have a modern country here with groundbreaking biotechnology companies.

Even if other topics in matters of religion and state are led by MKs from Meretz, the topic of studying evolution has somehow disappeared from the political agenda since MK Einat Wilf of Ehud Barak's independence party left the Knesset and was left in the hands of associations and academics.
In response to a query from MK Dr. Einat Wilf in 2012
In revealing that only 515 students were tested a year earlier in the evolution unit of the matriculation exam in biology, the Ministry of Education explained that the reason for not including the subject of evolution in the compulsory studies was "the sensitivity of the subject among a certain group", and this at a time when the religious view on the subject had long been included in the compulsory studies, without any "Sensitivity" considerations, as if this is the domain of religious groups only."
As I recall, following the appeal of the Freedom Association a few months ago to the Ministry of Education to return the
The evolution of the curriculum I received the following response from the Ministry of Education: "The subject of evolution is studied as part of extended biology studies (unit 5). Also, the Pedagogical Secretariat is currently examining the expansion of the subject to additional age groups." We will see what will happen first - the Messiah will come, or the most important science will be learned.

The articles in the series "Haunted Country" They are opinion pieces.


  1. another one
    It is a science that anyone can understand. It's science that shows where we came from. It is science that shows that we are not immune and we need to protect ourselves. It is a science that is the basis of medicine, the basis of psychology and the basis of sociology. And this is science that shows that there is no need for a creator to explain life.
    And it is a science that anyone who is not interested in studying... He has a reason for that……

  2. ..."that the most important science "....
    Why exactly is the science of evolution the "most important science".
    What exactly makes it important.
    The State of Israel is the number one place for research and development from GDP - even without evolution studies,
    So maybe it's not "the most important science".

  3. How retarded we are to still succumb to the religions and opinions of the darkness of the Middle Ages

  4. Eric, you are also one of the 18 most intelligent people on the planet. You just don't know it because you don't have enough money to spread the word.
    But at least I know that.

  5. Benjamin gave and is valued as one of the eighteen most intelligent people on earth today with a score of about one hundred and eighty. When there is a point, then even an easy effort on Google Inc. to verify the facts and blame is impossible.

  6. Who is this miracle that mixes in every discussion? Copies comments from forums abroad and translates them through Google and pastes here in the comments.
    This time he's just rambling from his heart's thoughts but maybe someone should stop him. Maybe you'll match him with someone and once he knows the touch of a woman, maybe he'll slow down.

  7. point
    The heads of criminal organizations also have a high IQ.
    In order to challenge all the citizens of the country, you have to be smarter than all the citizens of the country.

    "To remind you, Bibi said and repeated that lowering taxes will benefit the economy and in practice it does the opposite." –
    A reduction in taxes will benefit the ordinary citizen first of all.
    And everyone says they will lower taxes, even the Finns in Finland.
    This is part of the political strategy that will get the candidate elected in the elections.
    In practice, in order for the economy to grow, prices must be raised. (Of course, at the same time, the average wage in the economy should also be raised - but it is easier and more profitable for the government to raise prices).

  8. Huzon Biggs. He doesn't have Bibi and he never had a high IQ. And the foreign publications are publications of his public relations offices.
    Bibi has the talent of tricksters and tricksters who know how to deceive others.

    To remind you, Bibi said and repeated that lowering taxes will benefit the economy (and regardless of taxes, this is a matter of predatory rule). And in practice he does the opposite.

    He has a high intelligence in tricks and tricks. This. He is not a leader.

    Go around the country and see how stressed everyone is to work. They all became workaholics.

  9. Spring.
    "We are not a western country for a long time" - and we never were. Israel is in Asia, not Europe.
    "It's a shame that you underestimate one of the smartest people in Israeli politics." – Tell that to the leftists.
    She was more stupid than Bibi (who is one of the smartest people in the world with an IQ of 180 - according to foreign publications).
    She was more stupid than Eric Sharon.
    She was more stupid than President Weizmann.
    And in general, even from the opposition they kicked her out.

  10. Miracles,
    What to do but the propaganda and brainwashing methods of the Nazis in that period are used today in the media, in the education system, in advertisements and in politics.

    So probably all you were taught in the education system is to hate every time the word Nazi is said, and then the feeling of disgust is strong enough so that you don't relate to the essential content of the claim.

  11. Hi,
    Miracles and wonders - listen, lessons are not free!

    Apparently you never had the chance to renovate Eichmann's cell or sit on his chair. It happened to me and when you sit in this place you begin to understand that the most terrible monster that exists in the world is the bureaucracy! I hope this answers your questions.

    I received half of my training lessons in an underground shelter when the earth trembles around me from the echo of the explosions, so it seems to me that I have quite an idea of ​​the place where I live. The question is if you have any?

    And again I can't argue with machine products that civil rights are not a candle at their feet! And especially when they spit into the well from which they drink...

  12. Ehad Zakheim
    You wrote "(see the value of Goebbels, Eichmann and Co.)" - it seems to me that you missed this lesson....

    The education system in Israel is terrible, but it educates too little about nationalism - that's why it produces types like you who don't understand where they live.

    Capitalism is problematic...but where in the world is there success for another method?

    Ehad, I repeat my position again, an education system that produces garbage that compares civil servants to Nazis is extremely bad. And a legal system that does not stop such people is also problematic.

  13. Hi,
    Niplaot - I was talking about nationalism which is in Hebrew for nationalism and not about German slang (Nazism) now if you have a problem with criticizing our nationalist education system then it means you are infected with fascism which in Italian is Aloma (like the name of my class in the kibbutz) or the name of a populist party in Italy In the possession of Moslani…

    Now what to do that our training systems (education in your language) is busy fortifying naughty puppets for the capitalist rot machine?
    I mean you don't know what education is! And what is a country road! So these concepts are jarring for you! But with Yativ listening to the story, you will be able to understand the elements of the brainwashing you went through by the establishment and maybe find your way back to where you were before the cognitive conditioning...

  14. Ehad Zakheim
    You called people Nazis. And I have no speech culture? I guess your grandparents are ashamed of you. I am ashamed that there is someone like you who dares to call people Nazis!!!

    The education system in Israel is embarrassing and the new minister of education is, in my opinion, horrible and terrible, one of the worst we've had. But, he, and those under him are not Nazis!!!

  15. Hi,
    Nissim - I understand that you are a product of the education system in our country?
    And just so you know, my grandfathers founded this country and paid a very high price for it just so that it had the freedom for you to speak without fear of being imprisoned in dungeons or re-education facilities!
    So Anna from you, keep the culture of speech!

  16. Evolution is another one of the "victims of peace:
    Aloni was kicked out so that Shas would support the Oslo agreement.
    How ironic, those who stuck the knife in the back were priests of the "Religion of Peace".
    (The undersigned does not believe in evolution, but simply understands it).

  17. Ehad Zakheim
    You yourself are the explanation for why a minister of education is needed!! Are you comparing the officials of the education system to the Nazis?? Have you no shame?
    You, one man, symbolize everything that is bad in Israel. I wish you to ride in some stinking dungeon, because you will still get there.
    You are a hopeless, uneducated and uncultured moron.

    It's a shame that your parents didn't put a condom... and it's a shame that I can't express myself here with the sharpness that matches your retarded response...

  18. Hi,
    Why do we even need a minister of education?
    After all, those who control the system are deposits (see the value of Goebbels, Eichmann and Co.) and of course organizations of animal trainers for obedience in the name of our nationalist system!
    It was good with Shulamit, during her public activities she was engaged in civil and individual rights instead of serving as a fig leaf for the IDF corporation which sterilizes the souls of the boys and denies their spiritual future!
    Those who try to create world struggles around religious theories (creationism or evolution) sin and miss the nature of the world about which we know nothing!

  19. Get a joke to beat the "market"…

    A Jew and a gentile travel by train, the gentile pulls out of a draw a lunch full of good things.
    Whereas the Jew takes out a fish's head from a sweet. The gentile asks the Jew, "How is it that you Jews are so smart?"
    "Because we Jews eat the head of a fish" replies the Jew
    "Then sell me your fish head"
    The Jew: "Please, for fifty dollars plus your lunch."
    "Let's take turns" answered the Gentile
    The gentile gave 50 dollars and began happily devouring the fish head
    The way he was gnawing on the head of the fish, the gentile began to think what a fool I was, for 50 dollars I could buy 10 fish in a restaurant
    The gentile was angry with the Jew and shouted "You worked for me, for a fish head you take 50 dollars from me? Give me my money back"
    "I don't understand what you want from me" the Jew was dumbfounded "Here you only ate one fish head and you are already wise"

  20. Tzipi Livni, come on, opposition leader

    » From the reasons of the panel:

    Shulamit Aloni: "She is an educated girl, from a good family, both of her parents were Lehi people. She was in the most secret state institutions, in the middle of nowhere, and made good progress, her opinion was always taken into account. Her conception was that she took Mofaz with her, and he is terrible and comes into her life. It seems to me that she has fallen into black bile and I feel sorry for her, because she can do much more. Today she is constantly speaking against Bibi - you are indeed the head of the opposition, but you don't have to be filled with so much hatred. On the other hand we haven't heard her enough on the whole recent issue of excluding women, she seems to be more preoccupied with being anti-Bibi and internal politics, more than the issue of women. It's not that she's against the subject, but she doesn't contribute much to it. In my opinion, she fell into the feeling that she should be more difficult, she used to be a pleasant and listening person - today less so. When she gets on stage and attacks and attacks - it does her no good."

    they were from Etzel - and this part that I found in 5 minztes search - shows who was Aloni.

  21. I wonder how smart people here are, so obscure about Darwin's theory...

    I have shown more than once that this theory fails.
    don't want to see…

    Do you know how the process of turning a butterfly's cocoon into a butterfly is carried out?
    The cocoon becomes a liquid. Yes, yes to the liquid...
    And then a butterfly develops from the liquid...
    Could it be done randomly, as Darwin claimed?

    As usual, I will not respond to malicious comments on this comment…

  22. Miracles
    I ignore the odd slurs in your response.
    The more interesting point you brought up is that you are willing to sacrifice all humanity in humanity for order. Order is very important to you. Indeed, the government also cares for it that it be orderly and that no one questions its right to exist in the first place.
    That's why the schools create work donkeys and not thinking people.

  23. My father, I do not belittle her, she was larger than life in every subject, especially in human rights of any kind, but at the same time forcing others to learn something that does not reflect their faith.
    Nissim, what I was trying to say is, first, read what Haim Mazar wrote above and go back and read what I wrote

  24. She didn't understand at what point the monkey got the divine spark, who did? Those of you, dear readers, know that a small change in the sequence is enough to get .... Yes, Darwin, not Darwin, yes, evolution, not evolution. All this is nonsense, she is not very smart. She will be blessed.

  25. point
    This is one of the dumbest comments I've read here. Beyond your opacity, your aversion to order, it also shows that you don't exactly understand evolution.

  26. A cornerstone of scientific research is presenting questions, observations and measurements. As soon as you want to learn about some phenomenon, you make a series of observations on the object of research, while making various measurements that arise from the nature of the subject, and then come the conclusions and theories. This is the nature of scientific research. It may be that in the future new things will be discovered regarding the object of research and then it will be necessary to reach new conclusions, and this happens. In the natural sciences, the basic tool is the use of mathematical tools. In the social sciences, the use of mathematical tools is not always possible, and models are used instead. After building the models, new things can be discovered that will require improvements in existing models or their replacement with new ones. Scientific thinking is dynamic in nature. This is the essence of science in the most concise form. In theology, the source of all phenomena is the creator of the world (if there is one) and there is no question about that. What was written thousands of years ago is in this respect seen and sanctified. Here maybe there are observations (this is also not certain), there are no measurements. There are no observations all in the Torah exam Moshe Masini. There is a Yiddish song from the 30s about this doctrinal way of thinking called "When the Rebbe dances, all the Hasidim dance."

  27. The reasons for not teaching evolution is the government's fear of the students' free thinking on issues of strong-weak, ruling-ruled, survival, development, etc.

  28. Who will teach evolution?
    Seeking the face of a sorcerer?
    Information cloak weapons?
    Hiding in the shade above me?
    Collecting blessings from ancestors?
    Candle burners in the yard of charlatans?
    Only when 500 students who studied evolution will stand in front of an ignorant crowd
    Only then (perhaps) will the understanding emerge where we are... (not in the West!)

  29. The theory of development is well known, including the ultra-orthodox public. And what is the big difference for a believer between Aristotelian and Darwinist 'precedents'? The other side: rationality and morality have no real hold on reality, at most a practice that can be discarded when necessary, of the blonde animal for example

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