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A demon-haunted country LB: Is a man created in Tselem a lovable person?

This week it turned out not to be, and it is interesting that this verse from Parki Avot, which reveals Jewish liberalism, is also presented with a reservation, as is clear from the rest of the chapter. Reflections on xenophobia in Judaism following the pogroms

A demonstration by the "National Union" people in south Tel Aviv against the Sudanese. From a film by the National Union on YouTube. fair use
A demonstration by the "National Union" people in south Tel Aviv against the Sudanese. From a film by the National Union on YouTube. fair use

I usually try to let the news do the talking and don't use a website like a blog, but there are times when you can't keep quiet. When I read about the wave of riots against foreigners in Tel Aviv, as the son of a holocaust survivor, I seep. After all the suffering people who still live with us only because of their origin.

You must not take the law into your own hands, and certainly you must not punish people who have not sinned. The police are the ones who should deal with rapists and thieves, regardless of the color of their skin or their origin (and unfortunately they do not do this resolutely towards Israelis either, and we have seen the wave of violence of the last week, little of which is related to refugees). It is very difficult for me to understand how within one generation we went from being persecuted by racism to being racists ourselves.

Difficult, but it turns out not impossible. Rabbi Kok writes, among other things, in his book "Orot": the difference between the Israeli soul... and between the souls of all the Gentiles at all levels is greater and deeper than the difference between the human soul and the animal soul, between which there is only a quantitative difference."

I tried to search in the sources, and I remembered the phrase "a lovely person who was created in Tselem". I searched and found the source and I didn't really like what I found:

Here is verse XNUMXChapters of ancestors XNUMX yd which starts well:

"He was saying, loving man created in the image."

"He knows with great love that he was created in the image, as it is said (Genesis XNUMX), that in the image God made man."

Unfortunately for us, immediately afterwards the Mishna sages who wrote the previous verse 'correct' and say: "Beloved of Israel that sons were called to a place. It is known to them that they were called sons to the place, as it was said (Deuteronomy XNUMX), "You are sons to the Lord your God."

That is, even in the verse that sounds the most liberal that can be, xenophobia is hidden.

Unfortunately, I often come across Chabad followers who have decided that Ramat Aviv is not Jewish enough for them, - that Messianic sect, which thinks about educating our children, but none of the politicians who give them budgets or the mayor who allows them to violate municipal bylaws and harass the residents understand what kind of education spoken. One of the favorite slogans of its people is "I love every Jew". This implies that a non-Jew is not a human being, so why does this cult place its brainwashing centers precisely on infrastructures prepared by gentiles in Kathmandu and Timbuktu?

The soul of the Gentiles - unclean husks

And another site related to Chabad Hasids

From this article here is a quote from a section entitled "The difference between a Jew and a Gentile"

"And here we come to an essential and fundamental difference between a Jew and a gentile, also in the vital soul in which the Jew and the gentile are apparently equal: the Jew also has in his nature, in his essence above the surface, true goodness, without any interests. It is true that this is part of his nature and he does not have to make an effort to do so, but nevertheless his nature is such that he truly wants the good of others, for others. "

"What is not so are the souls of the nations of the world (according to the "Tablet of Correction") they are from other impure shells that have no good at all: the root and origin of the vital soul of a Gentile is not from a noga shell, but from other shells that do not have any real good in them, the good that is also in them is only For self-interests, no concession, even the smallest, on the point of the ego in him."


Chabad Hassidism is not alone. Even other Hasidic followers are infected with the scourge of racism: in a forum of Hasidic experts in Breslav, these experts were asked a simple question: what is the difference between the soul of a Jew and the soul of a gentile And the answer he received from someone who was defined as an "expert" It is: A gentile has no soul, but only a body and a soul, and a Jew has a body, a soul, and a soul."

You can read about the book Torat Hamelech and Racism from which it is based here 


I received the following two pieces on Facebook:

  • From the media: Minister Eli Yishai: Give me a year and there won't be a single Sudanese here
  • Minister Eli Yishai: Give me two years and there won't be a single Filipino or foreign worker
  • Minister Eli Yishai: Give me five years and you will no longer see women and men in one place.
  • Minister Eli Yishai: Give it ten years and there won't be a single secular person left around
  • Minister El Yishai: Give me a microphone and you will never regret it

And the second part:
It used to look different. "It is an honor to the House of Representatives of the Jewish State, which is the first in the world to discuss the human issue of the Vietnamese refugees, who are in Malaysia. This country where they asked decided to expel them to the heart of the sea and in the open sea they might drown or starve... We brought two groups of Vietnamese refugees. I know how they, God willing, got along in Israel" (Menachem Begin, from a speech in the Knesset on June 20.6.79, XNUMX, during the discussion on the Vietnamese refugees)

In conclusion, some say that the Torah has 70 faces, but Knesset members Michael Ben Ari, Miri Regev and Danny Danon decided to encourage those who show us the ugliest side of the XNUMX. (And thanks toRehavia in Ramon the idea)

 A response video to the video of Rabbi Panger who claims that Judaism is not racist


But one word to my friends on the left. Racism should be condemned even when it is directed against Israelis and Jews, and no concessions should be made to racists just because of their origin. For example, the incitement in the media and in the Palestinian education system, which recognize Israel only de facto at best, but claim that it has no right to exist, must be condemned. Just like you and I condemn the king's teachings and the racist statements of MK Miri Regev. Unfortunately, the education they receive plays a significant role in the fact that we still do not have peace. It is impossible to put all the blame on Israel.

Just as racism examines a person's color, so those who oppose racism should be color blind, without assumptions.


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  1. Seriously, you spoke well.
    I accept that we are not born "humane" and we acquire the "good" values ​​while studying. But we are born equipped with basic drives, such as fear or curiosity. The scriptures of all religions are easily liked by all generations because they appeal to these basic urges. Certain religions, such as Judaism or Islam, incorporate within the myths that they also carry messages that we might call "humane", such as "Thou shalt not murder" and the like, which are nothing more than rules of conduct whose learning and assimilation enable normal community life. I believe, like you, that the adoption of these rules goes against the basic nature of man and that is why we witness many exceptions to them. Religion has an important role as an educational factor, but it also carries a difficult problem, which is that it is based on myths whose time has passed.
    A single person, as a positive member of a normal society, should adopt proper rules of conduct for himself not because of fear of the wrath of some mythological being (God, for example) but out of a desire to contribute to the advancement of society and humanity. But education for such an understanding requires many years, while education for accepting the Torah (or the Koran or all the holy writings of all religions) as a guide for life, which uses the basic and primitive drives inherent in every person, is faster and requires fewer resources.
    So "lovely man created in his image" is perhaps the worst in the minority.

  2. jubilee

    If violence and wars and the like arise from an existential producer present in every creature, the need to survive is dominant
    So concepts such as hatred, evil, cruelty are incorrect. Because every creature whatsoever is alive and develops on its back or
    at the expense of the other. In practice, we creatures eat each other all the time. This is the nature of an organism.

    When a group of viruses kill a million bacteria then for humanity's taste, it is a much, much less cruel act than a lion killing another lion and killing a lion for humanity's taste is much, much less cruel than killing a person by another person, even though everyone acted out of the same instinct to survive to live to exist.

    What the culture has done over the years has built a humane human perception, which has nothing to do with the nature of man and since reality cannot be eliminated, a situation has arisen, every day anew, when we meet in reality, we are amazed anew. For killing, robbery, rape, murder that have been carried out every hour every minute every second for hundreds and thousands of years.

    If we had accepted and understood the reality, there would have been an increased chance of finding a way to significantly reduce the symptoms
    which we defined as violence.

  3. The world is full of hate. Every creature - not just humans - is programmed to take care of its own ass first and foremost, and in this reality violent clashes between man and man are inevitable. We, the Jews, are an easy target, among other things because we are a weak minority. In this sense we are even useful, because if we were extinct - humanity would be forced to look for a less easy way out for the natural urge to violence.

  4. To my father:
    These are words of incitement to state that I collaborate with antisemites, when throughout history we have seen that antisemites hate you even when you abandon your ancestors and are close to their plate and even behave like them in clothing and customs.
    Being a light to the Gentiles does not mean arrogance, boasting
    The intention is that the Gentiles will come to the realization of their own accord that our Torah is absolute truth and will come to the point that it is worthwhile to draw from the infinite wisdom.
    And there are already the first buds, see the case of Madonna and various conferences of Rabbi Laitman who brings together a lot of gentiles
    And of course let's not forget that many Koreans study Gemara and even came to Israel to draw from this wisdom and our hands are tilted.

  5. "Amir, you're starting from the wrong assumption that I'm attacking something I don't know and that there's gold there that I don't see. You are wrong."

    There is quite a bit of gold, the problem is the way of looking at it. As a free person, the matter of belief or dealing with a certain halacha is not interesting (at least to me) per se. On the other hand, what Judaism throughout its generations has to say about man, his behavior and values ​​that should be adopted - oh, there is plenty.
    True, there are things that need to be filtered. And in this matter, the position of the late Supreme Court judge Haim Cohen, who miraculously accepts and upholds humanistic Jewish concepts on the one hand, and arbitrates those concepts that are no longer acceptable in contemporary society on the other hand, is charming to me. Here are some nice words delivered by Prof. Yedidia Stern - one of the heads of the Israeli Democracy Institute - at a study evening on "The Language of Corruption and Israeli Moral Culture" to a place where Jewish culture has something to offer.

  6. This is exactly the difference between us - you are cooperating with the anti-Semites when you write that the vocation of the Jew is to be a light to the Gentiles. I think that the job of the Jew, like the job of any other person, is to live his life, in the way that is most beneficial to himself but mostly to others (regardless of their religion).
    Chabad's statement "I love every Jew" is an irritating statement, the results of which we saw in the pogrom in the Hatikva neighborhood.

  7. The point is that not everyone internalizes this fate:
    And they behave as if there is no tomorrow, with gratuitous hatred, defamation and slander of Jews against Jews..
    When the vocation of the Jew is actually to be a light to the Gentiles (which Jesus probably tried to do incorrectly...)
    and to serve as an example, so that everyone will rise to the mark (including Madonna and other celebrities who are discovering our truth only now)
    But as soon as they see what is being read here, they will be startled and try.

  8. Fertilizer is what remains of the sacrifice after its burning. Manure is a material used to fertilize the soil. Whether fertilizer or garbage, we are destined to be dispersed in the world by force of good.

  9. Friends, you don't understand that Jews remain Jews, whether it's the father of the editor of the site, or the ultra-Orthodox father of Bnei Brak or Avraham our father, they hate us even when we try to be like them and when we live and stay in our faith
    It doesn't matter what we do and it's just a shame to bump into each other instead of forming a united front, because in the end we will have to and we won't be prepared for it.
    I'll give you an example, on my last visit to NY I went into a store and I lacked money to buy a certain product, the seller recognized that I'm Jewish, probably by the clothes and told me doubt in irony doubt in hatred, you Jews don't lack money, how come you don't have enough?
    And not to mention the look of murder in the eyes when you see an Israeli passport in countries like: Egypt, Turkey, etc...
    So we are probably too bored...
    Unfortunately, Jews are like organic garbage, you must not gather them together, but scatter them...
    And it's a shame!

  10. In a small addition, I will add that the power in question is a power that leads directly to the essence, to the connection of the self with the self.. Any interpretation or attempt to interpret this is part of the grip that is so difficult for us to let go of..

  11. After another process of observation.. and a broader vision, I return to respond, but this time with a different and more deep-rooted understanding, so it is possible that some of you, and of course it is also possible that you are my father, will see the same things in my words again, but it is because of the appearance that I will talk about later in my words..
    So this way: in fact, we need to understand something very true through a parable, when someone comes to me and tells me, listen, the money in your hand is a NIS 50 bill, and I argue with him that I don't have NIS 50, and then we come and say instead of arguing, let's open our hand and find what's in it, And really, if the bill is for 50 shekels, then the person who said no was wrong, and here they open their hand and find a bill in it, and then the one who shouted that it has a bill of
    50 shekels jumps up and says here is the proof that you have a bill in your hands, then I tell him that it is true that it is a bill, but open the folds of the bill and you will see that the bill is not for fifty shekels but another... exactly the same here, when my father or any other person presents his truth which is not The objective truth but rather the relative truth according to the informative space of his education and knowledge, and the totality of who he is and usually also with his interests, in the end he takes this totality and puts his self in it as what he believes or perceives and knows himself, and according to this is decisive, now in fact It is possible that my father is very right in many things about the religious and the ultra-Orthodox and more... because the bill is indeed a bill, but apparently he does not correctly evaluate the bill and its value... and therefore the ownership of justice is certainly not found in all those articles and arguments that only add argument upon argument and are not helpful because which have no purpose other than the negation of unwanted opinions in the consciousness of the speakers.
    Either way, I have news for you and soon things will come true in all respects, in the end the external, materialistic and physical preoccupation with things is going to end soon, due to a process that we are at the beginning of in the entire creation, therefore if you are there, whoever you are, messing with your ego, messing with your material being of honor, of position, of power, of social, family cohesions, and more...such or other, of struggles for control, of pride in owning knowledge and science, of surrendering to the dictates of proud people, of chasing after external beauty, after fixed frameworks, after Stupid and primitive orders, whether they are in a cellophane wrapper of science or they are in a glowing religious wrapper, if you cover yourself with anything you try, the same universal process that happens and is already happening in creation will soon reach you too and strip you of all your grips, of everything that makes you feel safe, between If this is the physical perception of the divinity, both in the way of negation and in the way of positiveness, and whether it is the scientific perception or other things that temporarily occupy your mind, from all of them you are going to spread out soon, you will no longer be able to hide behind mirrors, or walls, you will no longer be able to hide behind Mental sophistications and tricks, manipulations, emotional upheavals, or lack of knowledge, any agenda, whether political, social, scientific, yeshiva university or any other, as well as hiding behind military titles or military actions or struggles of left or right political opinions, as well as respect in sports And so on that associates you with all kinds of things that are not really who you are, everything is going to end soon, so when the same Tanah said "guilin will be burned and letters will flourish" {one of ten royal deaths}, he meant that the main thing is to get rid of all the grips that give you false rest and false stability! ! Not money, not a beautiful woman, not honor, not power.. everyone is about to explode in the face of that power that is about to be revealed.. I want to give you my dear father, thanks to people like you, many people find out more deeply and less shallowly their faith and knowledge.. and so on that the struggle reaches higher and more rooted tones, we are close to pulling the spear out of the bag .. and the same power that is clothed in you while you write your articles and express yourself is clothed in many variations in many other souls in creation and in the world .. imagine such a powerful force and imagine that there are people who meet this force face to face Face it .. and imagine that there are other forces on such a huge scale in the world .. and imagine that we are also about to spread out from them, so that there is no longer any possibility of taking sides in one or another campaign, we must stand upright in the center of everything and confront our own selves ..! I wish you that the processes of stripping will be gentle and easy out of awareness, and not with cruelty and pain and suffering..

  12. Only one closet. To define racism the way it is defined in the video segment (and in Wikipedia) brings all countries into the definition of racist entities. Because what is the state if not an instrument for distributing goods, and what is the first good that the state distributes if not - the right to be included in the list of recipients of the goods? Why is an Israeli not entitled to the services that a German receives from his country - and would you like to define this as racism?

    In any case, like any religion and ideology, Judaism also represents differentiation. How much relative to other religions? I guess less than a lot and more than a lot, but this is really not such an interesting issue in my eyes.

  13. Regarding the problem of foreign workers:
    But what to do when the needs of your city come first and it is desirable to take care of the livelihood of the local citizens first
    And why add more foreign criminals to our poor police force in the police's meager budget?
    The solution must be in the form of a minimum quota of people who are allowed to work in the country and not in the form of: "Take as much as you can... "
    Look at the immigration problems of the Americans with the Mexicans - we are not copying it

  14. Yael
    Thank you, I recommend to my father, and to everyone who seeks science, or seeks the information of science,
    Not to enter into a discussion with a reader who denies the spirit of science, which here is one of its sites,
    Science is characterized, defined, by freedom of thought, freedom of life, freedom of choice.
    If we were indeed tempted to enter into that discussion, we would satiate our curiosity less, we would discuss less scientific issues
    We will know less about the developing world of science. That is,,, we will serve the purpose of the fool admirably.

    Thank you again Yael, I am in these kinds of discussions, I will no longer participate. Because I'm not here, for them.

  15. Yael, look at a trick:
    i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i! i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i!i

    Amir, if you're going to hang on to something, you'd better choose tall trees.

    Father, the following is a battered saying:
    Don't argue with fools. They will drag you into their follies and there, on their home turf, they will defeat you.

  16. Your arrogant and blatant response is disrespectful and especially disrespects you.
    If you want to have a real discussion in the future, you have my email.

    I am of course only one person, but you have lost the respect I had for you.

    And for a change, I agree with Yael, it is better that you focus on scientific writing.

  17. This is no longer a scientific site!

    Almost all the comments are only about religious issues, fed up already.

    Father - take responsibility, you say one thing and do something completely different. bring you back
    The site to be a scientific site, please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. Amir, you are making the wrong assumption that I am attacking something I do not know and that there is gold there that I do not see. You are wrong. I do this out of knowing the other and knowing his value (or lack of value). And I reinforce Yuval's words. The situation today is that of a de facto Halacha state, only without the direct rule.

    Any attempt to whitewash it is futile. You don't have to go far enough to get out of the yard.
    The fact that they hate me is because of you, not because of me.

  19. Amir, thank you for your attention, but you were not able to relieve my pain.
    When I return to Israel I might consider living in Haifa, but my hometown is Jerusalem. The lack of public transportation on Shabbat between the northern neighborhoods and the city center always forced me to rent expensive apartments.
    By the exclusion of women I meant the one enshrined in the law, for example exclusion from positions in religious institutions.
    Please do not address the rest of your words to him. I'm too short to help

  20. Yuval Good morning,

    Regarding the Sabbath:
    Even before the establishment of the state, a general consensus was formed regarding the position of Jews in the public sphere.
    In his book "Don't lay your hand on the boy", Rabbi Lau describes the sequence of events, but in any case the principle was fully agreed upon, even by the secular majority.
    In mixed cities (Haifa) there is public transport on Shabbat (but in a reduced way), even in Tel Aviv there is public transport on Shabbat, even if in the form of taxis serving and not noisy and polluting buses.
    And of course, private vehicles drive freely.
    This also has quite a few advantages in the field of environmental quality, in the field of work and rest days, and more.

    There was also an agreement in the PF on not opening trading houses on Shabbat.
    Since then there has been a bite at the status quo, mostly from the secular side.
    The massive opening of trading houses on Shabbat completely ruins the character of Shabbat in certain areas.
    A layer of slaves without social rights is developing among us who cannot really oppose working on Shabbat (they will be fired) and must work 7 days a week. They don't have time to rest or be with their family, but the bourgeois secular opinion-makers don't really count them.
    The current attempt to force the breaking of the status quo comes precisely from the secular side.
    Does it really matter to anyone if you travel on Shabbat in a noisy bus or a service taxi?
    To me this is just a forceful attempt to break the status quo and show who is the sovereign in the state of Tel Aviv.

    Regarding the exclusion of women:
    There is no doubt that this is an inappropriate phenomenon, but to me it is part of a wider phenomenon of "objectification of women" that treats women as sexual objects.
    I don't see an essential difference between a nude picture of Mrs. Raffaelli wearing a top outdoors, and the extremists yelling at a woman because of the length of her skirt.
    An advertisement of a naked model in an elevator on the one hand, and spitting on a female soldier on the other.
    Both treat the woman as an object used for sexual stimulation.
    And here too, the religious person walking the streets of Tel Aviv cannot avoid coming across the billboards.
    The attempt to force the chief rabbis to watch a nude show during the independence celebrations was rude and embarrassing, pointless and forceful.
    The attempt to suddenly force religious soldiers to listen to women's singing is new, ugly and insensitive.
    To this day, those who wanted to stay stayed, those who wanted to leave left and that was the end of the matter.
    The attempt to force people to transgress their faith is forceful, ugly, and its entire purpose is to prevent the possibility of coexistence.

    What you don't see is the extremism on both sides.
    You are so convinced of the rightness of your way, that you cannot see the process of reaction and counter-reaction.
    Breaking the status quo on the one hand, leads to seclusion in the ghettos on the other and God forbid.
    Pronographic Rehovot on the one hand and exclusion of women on the other.

    The ultra-Orthodox guy who wants to go to the army, hears the issue of women's singing and it is clear to him that there is no chance that he will join the army that forces him to change his religion and here again the extremists on both sides have achieved their goal.

    The ultra-orthodox guy who wants to work in Tel Aviv, comes across the first billboard of a girl with or without a swimsuit and immediately runs back to the ghetto, telling about the horrible break-ins from beyond the walls and once again the bigots won.

    These are two sides of the same coin, the zealots on both sides serve each other's goals.
    To a large extent, Nitzan Horvitz and Amnon Yitzhak are supposed to be close friends, they really feed off each other.
    We, on the other hand, are used as tools in a game in which there are only losers on both sides and the danger inherent in it is enormous.
    The extremists take over the discourse and prevent the possibility for the large majority of the public interested in dialogue to do so.
    Again, to me, extremism is the real danger.

  21. Amir, I understand that your response was delayed for technical reasons.
    I'll tell you what hurts me, and you'll see what you can do to help.
    It pains me that many services are disabled on Shabbat,
    It hurts me that women are excluded.
    Let's start with that

  22. Father, from my point of view it is easy to see both ends, and yes, they are both moving apart.
    On the other hand, it seems as if the center is converging, shaping, looking for the new balance point.

    With all my appreciation for the cultural treasures of the world that hates you, perhaps, if you bothered to get to know those worn-out baggage carriers, you could have some influence in this area as well.
    Maybe the demons would look a little less threatening?
    Maybe which will affect the new balance point?
    Maybe it's still worth taking a look at the carrying cases?
    You know, sometimes you find reality in the dark.

    Good night

  23. Unfortunately, the extremism in recent years is only in one direction - towards a Halacha state. What you call extremism in my case is simply a statement about the ultra-Orthodox's oppression of me and my friends.
    As for ignorance. Before me are all the cultural treasures of the world, before you are only a few worn-out bags that look like treasures to you (an egg that was born on Yom Tov).

    As for antisemitism. It is not because it is important to me to live as a Jew, but because I am labeled as a Jew by the anti-Semites who will rush to expel any Israeli who tries to enter their doors when the State of Israel will no longer be behind me as they did to the Jews of Europe - religious or secular who knocked on the gates of the New York port. The ultra-Orthodox are my enemies in this respect that they foretell the end and help those antashim even if they don't realize that this is what they are doing. You protect them and therefore I am forced to label you as them.

  24. You are again trying to label me as ultra-orthodox and you are wrong again.
    I probably don't fit into any of your drawers, you don't know my way either.

    Hundreds of thousands of seculars who evade the army worry me no less.
    On the other hand, in BHD 1 50% wear kippahs, a little more than their relative share in the population, right?

    If antisemitism scares you so much, why do you recycle it?
    If living as a Jew is important to you, why don't you spend a little more time studying and getting to know Judaism?
    If you really care about this country, why do you incite hatred?

    I am not your enemy, father, and neither are the ultra-Orthodox.
    Extremism and ignorance are the real enemies of all of us.

  25. I answered you so that there would be no situation left for you to write the tanzans of mahbatim and people would think that I agree with it.
    I find it difficult to find any point in the blathering that I have heard dozens of times, and that can perhaps convince those who are not familiar with the situation and do not understand that your way is the end of the State of Israel as we know it, in a fairly short term.
    As the son of Holocaust survivors, I was born here and I have no other place. As soon as there is no state, neither you nor I can survive for a minute in an anti-Semitic world. You should think about the consequences of continuing the situation where hundreds of thousands do not serve in the army and do not work and tell others what to do.
    You are always good at waving at two and a half Haredim who work and serve in the army. But what to do, if we had to wait until you fulfill the Tal law, the Messiah you believe in and I would not have come first.
    Before I go to sleep one more interesting thing about this topic
    For those who ask what is so terrible in the state of Halacha

  26. Avi,

    I'm sorry you think I'm trampling on you.
    I'm even more sorry that you don't tell me what I'm trampling you on.
    I probably don't make less reserves than you, pay less taxes than you, work less hard than you, or bring less foreign money into the country than you.
    I don't have a dialogue with Rabbi Amnon Yitzchak, from whom I don't expect attention or openness.
    I'm also disappointed that you can't tell the difference.

    As someone who has been reading your site for a long time (even if I don't usually comment) I expected more from you.
    Mainly, for the ability to receive criticism, and to listen to my disappointment with radicalization, yours too.

    I hope that your call to me to stop reading the site was said in a clear tone, and I certainly do not see your request to prevent me from responding as a legitimate request, or one that is in line with the values ​​you claim to represent.

    I hope that you can still read the things I wrote today out of honest observation and not out of defensiveness.
    Maybe on a second reading you will still find some flavor in them.

  27. Amir, there is probably no point in continuing the discussion, if you trample me and are angry that I say ai, and don't even understand the intensity of the trampling, then you should probably read other sites and comment there. Go to Amnon Yitzchak, he will warmly embrace all the prejudiced beliefs you have regarding the value of the religious sector in Israel.

  28. Torat Israel, it seems to me, is studied by millions.
    Of these, there are several hundred thousand in the depths, a few thousand (perhaps less) at an artistic level, and the ripening process takes decades.
    In any case, the Torah of Israel lives and breathes, grows and develops while the others have died and are gone.

    The influence of Torat Israel is also much stronger than you are trying to paint. Both Christianity and Islam adopted parts of it. It brought literacy to the world, eradicated idolatry from Europe and the Middle East and forms the basis of Western morality.

    Beyond that, on the issue of religious rulings, you are nothing but wrong.
    It is clear to me that the name "Rabbi Ovadia Yosef" is not your favorite, but if you knew his rulings you would see how groundbreaking he is, and precisely in areas that would surprise you. His approach on the "power of the permit" is the opposite of the picture you present.
    The same applies to the Mount Etzion Yeshiva, headed by Rabbi Lichtenstein, and many other good ones.

    In the Talmud department, on the other hand, they do not deal with religious rulings but mainly with historical, academic study (interesting and fruitful in its own right).

    The Jewish ruling concerns millions of observant Jews around the world, whose way of life is different from yours and whose opinions are different. Some of them, by the way, are not really stupid. For them the halacha is very real and your definition of "vanity" or nonsense is certainly not appropriate. For them, preserving the tradition of ruling and halacha is important and even essential.

    Just because they think differently than you doesn't necessarily mean they are wrong.

  29. Because by studying English literature and Platonic philosophy, one understands new things, whereas with the ultra-Orthodox, one is not allowed to understand new things from the old text, only what the commentators have chewed over the years, and if they do interpret something, then it is always to the point, because no rabbi today dares to offer a logical solution, for fear of being swallowed up in the next world. These are useless things that give us nothing in life. There will also be no insight into our history for the reason I mentioned above. This, by the way, is achieved in the Talmud department at universities, which are eager for students.

    And besides - there are really too many lawyers and accountants.

  30. Please direct me to the data you are referring to.

    Why is studying English literature or Platonic philosophy not vanity?
    What makes you define it as vanity? Please explain…

  31. Amir, you are probably swallowing ultra-Orthodox propaganda instead of reading the correct data. Show me one neighborhood for philosophers, compared to dozens of neighborhoods of hundreds of thousands of homes for the ultra-Orthodox.
    There are also too many lawyers but that is another story.
    The 3,700-year-old Jewish religious ruling is just as relevant today as the Egyptian from 5,000 years ago, the Babylonian from 4,500 years ago, and the Greek from 2,500 years ago. The fact that you treat her differently is only because the winners will write the history. I do not value devotion to the study of vanity.

    So why is the Torah of Israel (and an even more extreme interpretation of it) studied by hundreds of thousands while the culture of Greece is studied by maybe 10 people in Israel? After all, this culture also influenced the modern world no less and perhaps more than the closed Jewish culture?

  32. Regarding the dosage, I also have a significant criticism.
    Politics, to me, is really unrelated.

    About the rest:
    1. The yeshiva budget doesn't even come close to the defense budget. If you have authorized numbers show them please. No qualified number is like it.
    2. The closed neighborhoods were not built by the state but by private individuals with their own money (the vast majority of them are not ultra-Orthodox).
    3. It's strange that you can't rise above expressions like in religious bla't, but if you had even a little familiarity with the field you would see how wrong you are, and see the article of the Junction Institute, Yeshiva Har-Etzion, and more...
    4. If in order to study law it is necessary to understand British jurisprudence and its origins, how come you don't understand that a 3700-year-old religious jurisprudence requires an in-depth acquaintance with its roots? How can you not appreciate the dedication of the soul in such an in-depth study of people for decades in order to reach the perfection of their knowledge?
    It is you, if you were not struck by such an abysmal hatred, you should appreciate it.

  33. I didn't censor you, there are keywords that cause a delay, I released you as soon as I saw that you were blocked.
    And regarding the usefulness of studies - there is also a matter of proportions. I did not see that in Israel we built a closed neighborhood for tens of thousands of philosophers, nor was a budget required to build special colleges where the ancient Greek culture would be taught 24 hours a day again to hundreds of thousands of students who are exempt from military service due to the field they chose to study.

    In addition, while the storios renew insight into the past of all of us, in the religious Babylon we only dig again and again in the same eggs that were born on Yom Tov.

    It is not clear why these vanities deserve to be preserved. This is the largest investment of the State of Israel, even more than security. It is not clear what the basis for it is other than a desire to survive. After all, it is known that for 25 years all we can decide in the elections is who will sit with Shas in the government, because everyone is flabbergasted when it comes to religious coercion and is willing to surrender to it for a few more weeks in power.

  34. What a disappointment, my father.

    Is your insecurity so bad that you are now censoring me?
    Are you in favor of free speech, as long as it's your free speech?

    Just to answer the last question, it's not a joke, certainly no more than studying philosophy or English literature.
    In any case, this is the heritage of the people of Israel from generation to generation and it is our duty to preserve it.

  35. jubilee,

    I don't know which sect you or my father associate me with.
    I understand the difficulties he talks about, the issues hurt me no less.
    On the other hand, I am not ready to deteriorate, and I strongly condemn racist attacks on ultra-Orthodox or others.

    To my great joy, I am in close contact with ultra-Orthodox, secular, right-wing and left-wing, religious Zionists on the right
    and on the left, Jews and Arabs.
    I try (and believe I succeed) to see each one on his own.
    Out of everything, it's easy for me to talk to you (at work and at home) about many topics and look for commonalities rather than differences.

    Many Haredim in Israel work and pay taxes.
    A large part of those who do not work are interested in serving in the army and going to work.
    They go outside and encounter a hostile, alienated, anti-Semitic environment in their eyes, and to a large extent they are frightened.
    The extremists among them ride the waves of hatred that the other side incites, and God forbid.

    The only way, in my opinion, to create dialogue, is out of understanding, recognition and respect for the other, not out of idleness but out of self-confidence.
    And yes, it is possible to bridge, even without losing the values.
    I believe that intelligent people are the ones who can bring about the change, hence my frustration and disappointment.

  36. It's not me, it's Poptitz.
    The universities bring us the high-tech and thanks to it money that allows the ultra-Orthodox to cancel. What exactly does the ultra-orthodox mingling in yeshiva bring us?

  37. Abby, you are wrong again,

    Who asked you to love them?
    Who demands something from you?

    In my view, there is no fundamental difference between the need to fund universities and the need to fund yeshivas (with the exception of the fact that yeshivas belong to the people of Israel and the rest belong to everyone).
    Regarding the quantity, I also have a problem here.
    On the other hand, I also have a problem with the kibbutz lands, with the hysterical privatization of state assets, with the state of Tel Aviv creating a crazy price bubble, with a huge amount of Gush Dan residents evading military service for mental reasons, and a few other issues that the ultra-Orthodox have nothing to do with.

    I'm not asking you to live with them, it's just reality.
    I do think it can be done, not with slogans or cheap demagoguery, but out of mutual respect.

  38. emir! I have a suggestion:
    Your friend bar is disgruntled. He directs his anger towards a certain population that you may belong to or support. Perhaps he is not directing his anger at the right target; In my opinion, he should have attacked the system and not the people. But I am not a party and have no say in the matter. You, on the other hand, hunt and what else.
    You hit him and he hits back. You say "we have to live together", so how about being an example and doing as Nachshon ben Aminadav did? Instead of returning insults for insults, come show us your side of the possibility of living together. For example, try to understand the difficulties he is talking about and tell us how your people are willing to go towards his people.

  39. By the fact that you demand to live together with the ultra-Orthodox, while your friends only want my money and tell me how to live, and also demand that I protect them, which I forgot to add earlier, while they are fighting in the tent of Torah. By the way, your demand to love them reminds of the issue that the Poles discussed during the communist rule, is it good that they give free steel to the Soviet Union. The answer was that it's not bad because they get it back anyway in the form of Russian tanks.

  40. 1. How did I force my trees on you?
    2. Who invented which fact and who is the ultra-Orthodox propagandist?

  41. Dag, there is no doubt that the graphic illustration only strengthens my claims regarding the extremism you represent.

  42. 1. I don't remember forcing myself on you, please enlighten me.
    2. Why are you ignoring the facts?

  43. First you force yourself on me and then you claim that we are destined to live together. A compromise that leans only to one side is not a compromise, as you saw in the graphic illustration from another word.

  44. And in general your solution is separation instead of compromise?
    Do you think it will increase or decrease the price of milk?
    The sad thing here is that you just refuse to accept the fact that we have to live here together.

  45. Avi,

    Unfortunately you are really disappointing.
    Milking in most barns is automatic.
    The milk yield per cow in Israel is the highest in the world, and the milk is not spilled.
    The only difference is between "Mehadrin" milk and "regular" kosher milk, and most of it is produced in dairy farms in religious communities.
    What increases the price of milk is actually the carton (pay attention to the price difference between milk in a bag and milk in a carton). In short, the ultra-Orthodox are not the ones who raise the price of milk for you.
    But even here, why confuse with facts?

  46. No one is forcing? They deny kosher certificates and then the dairy has no choice. What's more, those who ask to pour are not the only ones who pay. but mainly the general public. Let them build designated dairy farms and pour as much milk as they want and pay 10 shekels per liter from me.
    And you have proven yourself that any attempt at a compromise is in fact a surrender to the ultra-Orthodox, otherwise the compromise is not enough for them.

    And there is also a graphic illustration to describe your ideas

  47. Avi,

    No one is forcing you to spill the milk (even if you seem to want to throw the baby out with the water).
    Don't know when was the last time you were at a dairy, but from my last visit there which was not long ago, I didn't see any milk spilled.
    It is the right of some ultra-Orthodox not to drink milk milked on Shabbat. Why do you want to force them to do this?

    The same goes for women's singing, why do they have to listen to women's singing if it is against their faith. Here, in general, you are talking about a significant part of the religious public that serves in the army and carries a burden far beyond its share of the population, which you are trying to force to change its faith.
    Who exactly is trying to impose on whom?
    Since time immemorial religious soldiers have been allowed not to hear women's singing, why this secular coercion?

    that in order to live together you have to make concessions.
    On the one hand, you expect them to give up their way to serve in the army, and on the other hand, you are not willing to give up anything to allow them to do that.
    And again, here too, you are as extreme as they are.
    The same terminology, the same unwillingness to compromise, the same use of slogans in order to prevent real discourse.
    God forbid, if I accept him as a human being whose views differ from mine, I will also have to examine myself.
    And that's really scary, isn't it?

  48. Elisaf,

    The "scientific method" as you present it, is presented in a twisted way.
    Let me offer you another point of view.

    The scientific approach has nothing and a half to do with the fact of the Creator's existence, from the very principle that His existence cannot be proven or disproved.
    The issue of the Creator's existence is a value, moral issue, first of all between a person and himself, and perhaps later also towards those around him.

    The question of the existence of the genome, struggles or wars can be scientifically explained.
    Equally, the scientific approach justifies the concept of "Habibin Israel" - the closer you are to the family unit, the more likely you will find justification for the existence of the genome, in this case the Jewish genome.
    The scientific method justifies racism.

    The religious approach, on the other hand, disputes the place of the scientific concept when it comes to morals and values.
    According to the religious system - as soon as a person has accepted the value code (converted in our case) he is considered a complete Israel. The scientific method, as you present it, should have left him out of the loop.
    That is, the determining principle here is the opposite of the genetic code.

    Therefore, in my understanding, in matters of value there is definitely a place for the question of the existence of the Creator and the question of our place in relation to him.
    This is a metaphysical question, it is a question that science cannot address by its very definition as such, while methods such as faith, morality, philosophy or outlook mainly refer to it.

  49. I'm not being forced. There are things that cannot be obtained in Israel or are very expensive, because of the ultra-Orthodox. Isn't spilling oceans of milk on Shabbat and holidays not terrorism just to show strength? After all, who pays for it?
    How are they similar to me? I don't force anyone to eat pork, or meat with milk. Always when you have to compromise between the ultra-Orthodox and the secular, it is for some reason very close to the ultra-Orthodox side.

    And what about the prohibition of women singing even in military bands?

  50. Avi,

    You have already passed a level, now they are already terrorists. The demonization process goes on and on.
    What you are doing here is no less incitement than what you are protesting against.
    Even if someone were to try to force you to eat or not to eat something, it's still not terrorism, what's more, no one is trying to force you to do something.
    Again a statement presented as fact, again an officer narrative, xenophobic propaganda.
    Interesting that you do exactly what you protest against.

    It amazes me that a person who spends so much time in gaining knowledge in a certain field, cannot bring himself to gain knowledge in other fields as well.
    It is even more amazing that a person who believes in the scientific method which requires self-criticism, cannot bring himself to self-criticize on this issue, and cannot imagine that there might be, if only a little bit of justice, in the other's words as well.
    But wait, this is exactly what the ultra-Orthodox do...
    After all, my father, could it be that you hate them so much because they are actually really like you?

  51. I did not write that I agree with the statement that man was created in the image, but only that the verse that says this and is considered an example of liberalism, appears immediately with a caveat.
    The problem is with those who believe in this reservation that Israel is lovable, that is, superior to the others.

  52. Amir, the things I wrote are not what I believe in, but according to the scientific method that is widely represented on the science website.

    There are two options:
    If you go by scientific research only, and say that there is no creator or ever, in any case it cannot be that man was "created" in an "image" because he was not created but developed as a result of an evolutionary process. Part of this process is the constant war for existence and therefore it should not be surprising that humans attack other humans who have slightly different genes from them.

    On the other hand, if you believe that there is a creator for the world (and this does not contradict science), and he did indeed create man in his image, the question arises, how do you know this? If your source is the Torah, then it also says there, as my father says in the article, some "reservations", meaning that there is a big difference between the people of Israel and the other nations.

    But it is impossible to grasp the rope from both ends, that is, as long as we are discussing the truth, it is said that man developed evolutionarily, but when the war of existence comes to our doorstep, suddenly the creationist concept of "created in the image" replaces the scientific concept.

  53. Amir, spiritual nonsense is not a justification to forcefully demand that I and the other taxpayers support them and that is not enough for them. They also want to determine what we will eat, who we will marry, and endless acts of terrorism against secular people, and you are not ready to call that parasitism. This is just a careful definition.

  54. Ernest,

    I don't agree with you at all.
    If from my silence you understood that I agree to treat them as parasites, I ask their forgiveness,
    It's not even close. I only referred to those I know.

    The fact that you do not deny the similarity between your statement and that of the Nazis is both happy and sad.
    I also agree with the similarity between your statements and those of minister Yishai.
    The main difference is that he has a political gain to gain from the provocation, what you have to gain I did not understand.

    And again regarding your belief regarding the tablets of the covenant, you are so convinced of your way. Maybe you are the dark one?
    In general, I believe that those who completely deny the other meet the definition "dark".
    Even if I believe that "this is the history of a person is a bigger rule than that", I also have a place to accept someone who thinks differently than me and argue with him without dismissing him as a person.

  55. emir

    Finally there is some agreement that there is parasitism.
    It's true that it's not about the ones you mentioned, "I don't know how many Chassidim of salons you know personally, I got to know one family whose branch belongs to this Hasidism. At least some of the grandchildren of that grandfather (5) served in the army, pay taxes and work for a living." And it was not for nothing that she mentioned them, but she did not deny the rest.

    In your words, "Your quote could often be found in German newspapers in the 30s and the goal was the same." It may be, I admit, I'm not the only one who claims that there is a parasitic population within every country or nation, but there are sentences that the Germans did not say, no no, even though they sound horrifying and corrupt with a racist spirit similar to that of the Third Reich, but a minister in Israel, it's hard to believe.
    Minister Eli Yishai: Give me five years and you will no longer see women and men in one place.
    Minister Eli Yishai: Give it ten years and there won't be a single secular person left around. Whereas you were right in your words
    "The line is crossed, in my humble opinion, with actual injury or incitement to actual injury to another."

    I tell you what the source of the problem is really not complicated, as soon as you believe that the person, I repeat the person
    He was created in a human image and the commandment in the Tablets of the Covenant is Adam, the man, the soul, the soul, in all that he is
    No matter his color, origin, type, wealth, then everything changes.

    In your words, on the one hand, there is often a glimmer of the same human attitude or concept, general in the equality of man wherever he is, but on the other hand, you have some attempt to turn it off and prefer the dark way. , to the Torah.

  56. Ernest,

    Regarding the denial of their humanity:
    You choose to label them as a parasite that feeds on a body, of course you are part of the body and they feed on you.
    Some see you as such, who is right here?
    Your choice, and their choice, not to treat the other as a disputer but as a parasite makes life easier. He (the other) is not like me, he is not human but a parasite to the human body, it is so much easier.
    Whether you like it or not, the contemptuous treatment of the other as a parasite aims to deny his humanity.
    This is how the Jews were treated throughout the generations, and unfortunately this is how they are treated today.
    Your quote could often be found in German newspapers in the 30s and the goal was the same.
    The image has a clear connection and we can only regret that humans still use such an expression in the context of Jews and in general.

    For the very discussion regarding their part in society (and I'm not ready to use your phrase):
    I don't know how many Hasidic salons you know personally, I happened to know one family from which a branch belongs to this Hasidism. At least some of the grandchildren of that grandfather (5) served in the army, pay taxes and work for a living.
    The other part believes that they are sacrificing themselves for you.
    Again, a fruitless discussion, without substantive reference to the opinions of the other.
    I am allowed to disagree with him, argue with him, even impose sanctions on him in extreme cases, but not deny his humanity.

    Regarding "bar and bolt" just quote your words.
    When you deny the humanity of the other, you incite against him.
    I personally believe in freedom of expression, even when things are not pleasant to me.
    The line is crossed, in my humble opinion, with actual injury or incitement to actual injury to another.
    Here too, social norms, manners and decency must be separated from the law.
    The State of Israel has gone very far (too many say) regarding the incitement laws.
    If there is suspicion of incitement, please be respectful and file a complaint with the police.
    Regarding your public struggle, I am ready to fight for your right to maintain it, even if it is against my views.
    But I am also ready to fight in a devious and ugly way of fighting based on hatred of the foreigner and the different, instead of understanding things as they are and creating a discussion or debate however hot it may be.

    Could it be that not all the truth is in your hands?
    Could it be that you are not seeing the whole picture?
    Is the thought that there is another point of view even possible in your mind?
    After all, you too are only human

  57. emir

    Try to address each issue separately:

    Denies their humanity:
    In the definition of parasitism, for your information, there is no hint whatsoever of denying man or denying his humanity. This is not considered a "negative" trait in nature, but only a trait.

    You claim that a grandfather who opposes that his descendants and his people will serve in the army, but knowingly uses and lives in the safety net
    That the same army gives him, and his family and the crowd of his people, in the country and in the territories including "holy" places, while risking and sacrificing the lives of the grandchildren and children of others, he is not a parasite. so what is he..

    behind bars and bolts:
    You claim that if I demonstrate and start a public struggle, for example, against an MK or an Arab leader in Israel, who publicly deviates and harms the State of Israel and its laws, and I demand that he be prosecuted, then according to your words, I am a person who deviates and breaks the law, and belongs behind bars.

  58. First of all I define them as people.
    Not as madmen, not as demons, not as worms, but as people.

    In your opinion, anyone who studies literature/philosophy all day must be in an insane asylum.
    They don't even have a religious motive.

    You just can't see how extreme you are.

  59. Amir, how do you define people whose whole essence is to study all day useless studies at the end of which we are expected to have eternal life in the next world that does not exist? If it didn't have a religious motive, these people would be put in insane asylums.

  60. Ernest,

    According to you, you should be behind bars.
    You deceive and incite others, treat them as parasites living on you, deny their humanity and dehumanize with such statements.

    How are you better than those who you think should be behind bars?

  61. emir

    A person who lives among us here in Israel and deceives or diverts others, as a player of the State of Israel, its institutions and laws, his place is behind bars. When the law is weak and hesitant, a situation arises, in the army.. serving Christians, Jews, Druze, Circassians and more, a crowd of people thanks to whom the person who deceives them exists. Absurdity.

    On the other hand, I admit that it certainly does fit the characteristics of nature, and the same audience in salons, who do not avoid living under the Zionist safety net, who do not avoid using the services of the Zionist medical, transportation and economic system. Acting not out of pure evil but out of the same laws in nature, see Wikipedia:

    A parasite is a creature (organism) that lives in or on another creature, called a host, from which it obtains food or other substances essential for its proper existence and reproduction.

  62. my father

    According to your knowledge, the same behavior and regard for the other, for the foreigner, and for the rule of law, that I saw and heard among that crowd in the salons, existed and was known in Parshasia, also among the Jewish communities that lived in Europe in the previous century.

  63. I definitely agree that science is not a religion.

    On the other hand, your anti-religious view has characteristics of religion.
    I would love to start a discussion about what religion is, but religious fanaticism has very clear characteristics, and the work you chose to return to the expressions "pathetic" and "flying spaghetti monster" instead of being factual, only reinforces the fact that you are incapable of objectivity on this subject.

    Regarding your reference to the "fact" that religious people suppress freedom from religion, here too, the fact is not a fact, and you are using the same method used by religious fanatics of repeating falsified works in order to establish them as fait accompli and establish a "narrative" aimed at instilling fear.
    Matter of fact, Judaism, unlike other religions, is not a missionary religion.
    On the other hand, I remember very well the "attacks" they did on the followers of Breslav in Ramat Aviv - pure anti-Semitism.

    Your statement that atheism did not lead to genocide is also far from the truth, see Stalin's entry and to a large extent Nazism as well, history proves that fanatics are dangerous whether religious or not.
    I protested, I protest now, and I believe I will protest in the future as well, against any manifestation of hatred of the extreme left and the extreme right, of religious atheists and other fanatics.

    Regarding the pictures, most of the shocking pictures published were of non-religious people. You chose to put the photos of the right-wing fascists (only some of whom are religious) who chose to ride the wave of hatred, to inflame hatred and focus on the religious.
    This was your trending choice.
    In my opinion, this choice is motivated by counter-fanaticism which is a mirror image of the demonic presentation of the other side - even if it's hard for you to hear it, you behave like them!

    Regarding the "pathetic" attempt, as you say, to bridge Judaism and science, your response is inappropriate, disrespectful, and tainted with deep ignorance.
    If you knew, even a little, Maimonides, you would see that his worldview (which represents a large part of the people of Israel) is that a person who believes has an obligation to engage in science in order to understand creation and that there can be no contradiction between the things. This is a hard and brave statement, which has been difficult to defend over the generations.

    And above all, it represents the opposite approach to yours which does not exclude the other, but strives to sift the chaff from the chaff, not to blacken the other, but to understand the good and correct position.

    There are people from whom I do not expect to speak, but from people who grew up on my lap with values ​​such as openness, tolerance, and the pursuit of truth, I expect something different.

    The picture hurts, my father, but your comments only show your extreme position.
    And yes, your extremism is just as serious to me.

  64. Again you are wrong to think, science is not a religion. Atheists don't have groups that can crush anyone because due to the nature of their belief (or disbelief) it's everyone for themselves. The religious people of all religions take advantage of this and suppress freedom of religion wherever it is possible for them - even in the USA where freedom of religion is enshrined in the constitution, but unfortunately freedom of religion is not.

    The difference is that they demonize atheists for no reason, while we have excellent reason to worry about their actions.
    Today it is against foreign workers, tomorrow against secularists.
    Like the famous saying about Nazi Germany that at first they hurt homosexuals but I didn't protest because I'm not gay. Then they hurt the Jews, but I'm worried because I'm not Jewish. In the end they hit me but there was no one to protect me.
    (I would appreciate it if someone could remind me where this quote is from)
    By the way, after they are done with the secular foreign workers, they will start harming the national religions, then the Sephardic ultra-Orthodox and then the Ashkenazi ultra-Orthodox, if you are one of these and do not protest today, don't complain tomorrow when they attack you. The article in Haaretz only shows that there are religious people who try to find a compromise with science because it is impossible to contradict reality, in their opinion an explanation must be sought for it that is compatible with both science and religion. I think it's petty, why find a connection between Judaism and science, what's wrong with Buddhism, the folk religion of the tribes that have just been discovered in the Amazon, or the flying spaghetti monster?

  65. Avi and Elisef,

    Even if your religion is the religion of "atheism" your reaction is a fanatical religious reaction just like the one you are rebelling against.

    There is not, and cannot be, a contradiction between faith and science, see Rambam's value, Leibovitz and more...
    See also the article by the Minister of Science, Rabbi, Professor Daniel Hershkowitz on the subject:

    Beyond that,
    What sets fanatics apart is the blind belief in their own righteousness, the inability to accommodate the other's doubt or opinion, and a demonic presentation of the other side.

    In these three points there is nothing between you and the extremists on the other side.
    These and those are not ready to examine the doubt,
    These and these are not confused by facts (see the article above).
    These and those present the chasm in a demonic way (see the photos you chose in the article) No one requires you to love the other, only to contain him and not to justify your hatred towards him.

    The only difference is that you, as a scientist, claim to be committed to the truth and should test yourself all the time, they do not claim to verify to such an extent.

    In short, even if it's unpleasant to hear,
    You present here a religious fanaticism that is no less than the one you write against.

  66. Elisef:
    1) The theory of evolution does not claim that man evolved from monkeys. This is a gross error!!!
    The claim is that man and monkey belong to the same branch of evolution (primates).

    2) "The strongest wins" is an expression that does not belong to the theory of evolution at all.
    The theory of evolution claims "the fit survives" and there is a profound and significant difference here!!!

    3) One of the mechanisms that developed in the species "Homo sapiens" is the mechanism of morality. This mechanism apparently developed due to the need of the species to live in society. This is a very essential and significant mechanism!!!!

  67. The title is creationist which means "created" and more "in the womb". After all, it is scientifically clear that man is just another creature that evolved from the rest of the creatures through the monkey. The development was through a brutal war of existence in which each time the stronger is the winner and thus the genes that survive are the ones that have proven themselves in this war. This war of existence is still ongoing and therefore the African race is trying to spread into the area that is today called Israel, and the local race is trying to fight it, these are the scientific facts, to be distinguished from the dark religious fanatics' stories about "creator" and "image".

  68. Why do I love the ignorant who think they are superior to me and who want to set up a halachic state here where no one will have the right to speak.
    Unfortunately, those people did not open Amichai and Zach.

    And one more thing, for the thousandth time, it's not only against the Jews, it's against religious fanatics of every race and gender.

  69. dear father,
    It's a shame and sad to see how a person with intelligence like yours completely loses the ability to self-criticize when it comes to Judaism, and not for the first time.

    Miri Regev is not a rabbi, and the hooligans who call death to the Arabs / Sudanese /... Choose..., I doubt if they ever opened an ancestor chapter.

    It is not clear to me why you are so afraid of Judaism, which is really a shame, but I would have expected you to at least maintain basic intellectual honesty.

    The connection you make between Judaism and hatred of foreigners is ugly, baseless, biased, and infected with the same hatred you attribute to religious people.
    You are no better than them, you misrepresent, bash and incite hatred just as you describe the religious (unjustly).

    Before you preach to others, wipe the fumes of hate from the mirror…

  70. my father

    Hasidic salons in Emanuel
    When I saw and heard, this is unbelievably sad, dozens of my family members fought and are still fighting, all of Israel's wars, one fell into space and the other was mortally wounded, I see the.... in the article and remember that while those...
    Running jubilantly, my son invests every moment of his young life for the "state" in an elite unit,
    Blame it on the secular leaders who are greedy for power and corruption, from Ben-Gurion until today, we have already lost a country, Zionism, but as is our habit we continue to hide and deny, like our family then, in the Holocaust,

  71. I bought my father

    My father bought

    Not long ago Menachem Begin and a few others defined kibbutzim+Ashkenazim+wealthy+leftists+Arab lovers+enemies of the state, this caught on nicely and stirred quite a few people and brought quite a few mandates. For Ashkenazim, to be Sephardic is also to be rich, educated, politician, leader, scientist. And what to do, there were many marriages among the youth who did not know and did not memorize the words of the misers.
    Shas, which is built on a decidedly hateful basis together with mainly Sephardic leaders in extreme parties, very wisely moved to "secular hatred", because it still has the intoxicating aroma of kibbutznik+Ashkenazi+………… with a small change in the miracle formula, secular+leftist +eats pork+enemy of Judaism+loves Arabs..

    I would be happy, of course, if someone corrected one of the formulas.

  72. my father
    I remember your stormy article from then
    A country haunted by breasts LB: Is the body created in Tselem the favorite?

  73. I was then sitting in the dining room of one of the kibbutzim, an elderly CEO who was dining with me said to me, when a room attendant from Sweden was standing next to us, "It sounds like a real pleasure to look at her" I told him "I envy you, because I still suffer from it"

  74. Period, I'm the last one to protect the capitalists. What's more, Israelis don't want to work in cleaning, it's just a statement and they always found someone to take it upon themselves in our place. By the way, regarding your previous response in which you claimed that this is a Jewish state. I didn't see anyone getting anxious about the Jewish image of the country when there were many female volunteers from Scandinavia in the sixties and seventies.

  75. Foreign workers are good for the capitalists, that's why they are here.

    It has nothing to do with the wars, the Jews, the ultra-Orthodox and all this nonsense that brainwashes the public with.

    Foreign workers are cheap labor, go to restaurants and all the places that 5 years ago were filled by young Jews and you will see many blacks there who took the jobs from our young people.

    That's how it is when the capitalists want something, no law will help. And they will also make sure that the public blames other parties. My father's words are a good example of this.

  76. There is no doubt that the current discussion must take place, but one must be careful of hasty conclusions here or there.
    On the one hand, there is a growing demographic problem. On the other hand, we want to show good hospitality to those who seek refuge among us.
    The problem should be solved efficiently and professionally, but we should not let dark feelings take over us. Anger accumulates in us, and some of us direct it to the wrong goal. We should not direct our anger towards these unfortunates but towards the body that does not do its job faithfully - namely the government, and towards ourselves who gave it our voice.
    I fall short of understanding the considerations of the member of the government who preaches venom and hatred instead of doing his job properly. Maybe he's thinking about the next elections and maybe the memory of that fire is still burning in the back of his mind, maybe he's just trying to cover up his exhaustion.

  77. my father
    Regarding the verse "Sing to me Yishai: Give ten years and there will not be a secular person left around" there is a continuation of his words, I think,
    "This is if the problem of Gentile refugees does not continue to increase, which weakens the concentration of our efforts to eliminate the secular scourge"

  78. point

    I think similar, the odd one is . That population that supports and believes in evolution is completely ignored
    From its results, its fruits and especially from its characteristics, there is no place at all there for good, evil, justice and other kinds of inventions.
    The instinct of existence is the determining ruler, around which everything is conducted today, and in the age of the dinosaurs. The reason why this or that person opposes deportation or any violent action is the fear that in the future or in the present he is endangering his own survival.

    There is no good or bad here, there is hunger or satiety here, we are in danger or we are not in danger.

  79. Asaf

    A small correction in terms of the energy splitting law. That you did not think correctly,
    Well, as the number of refugees increased, the hatred grew exponentially and persecuted them,
    Hence the persecution of us as a minority and as an enemy will weaken according to the same law directly,
    to increase the number of refugees.

    I am already on my way to welcome them, the welcome of redemption.

  80. "If you get to the stage where you can persuade people on the evidence, that it's solid, that we are all African, that color is superficial, that stages of development of culture are all interactive,"

  81. Assaf, I did not express an opinion on what should be done with them, certainly the problem should be solved, but not in the way of pogroms and beatings.

  82. Avi,
    I don't get involved in politics, nor do I hate anyone, but the infiltrators should be returned to their countries immediately, not because of the color of their skin, but because it is impossible for the State of Israel to be open to everyone and in a one-way way, as if if you infiltrated, then you automatically become a permanent resident. It is not possible for Israel to get an image of a country that is a refuge for anyone who is not comfortable in their country or anyone unemployed around the planet. With all due respect to humanity and kindness, there is a limit to everything. I of course exclude those who received refugee status by law because of political and religious persecution, we too will be like that in a decade or two...

  83. Totally agree with Deutsch.

    Once again we see that reading books and great knowledge are not equivalent to sound logic and the ability to read reality [referring to Avi Blizovsky]

  84. "In other words, even in a verse that sounds the most liberal that can be, xenophobia is hidden."
    There is a logical fallacy here: self-love, even if it is excessive love, does not necessarily mean hatred of the stranger.

  85. Fragments from a sentence that caught my eye: "The police are the ones who should take care... ...and unfortunately they don't do it with determination even towards Israelis".
    And unfortunately, she acts with excessive determination to sew up cases and convict the innocent. The story of Amos Burns is the most famous, but it is only the tip of the iceberg.
    In my humble opinion, the really big demons that haunt the country should be looked for elsewhere.

  86. Come on, come on, put this garbage on a rocket and launch it into space!!! Together with their support, the leftist hollows!!

  87. Racism has evolutionary roots and therefore has a positive element. while liberalism only brings disaster.

    There has never been equality between people, equality is only towards law and that too only in writing. In practice there is no equality, not even in rights.

    And for all those who oppose and argue, what is more racist than that a person takes care of his family? Why is the child you gave birth to more important to you than the child your neighbor gave birth to?

    And yes, those infiltrators are harmful to the country, they take jobs, they lower the prices of the labor wages in the simple jobs.

    The foreign workers are good for the capitalists.

  88. I live in Ramat Aviv. Just to be on the safe side, I ask my daughter to always let me know where she is when she's on the road. There are Sudanese here, mostly workers, and I have not encountered a problem with them to date.
    I am convinced that 99% of the Sudanese are honest and quiet people, who want to work in jobs that the Israelis (not even the Israeli Arabs and not even the Palestinians) like to work.
    And besides that, the police should be strengthened and the salary should also be increased in order to attract more intelligent people than the policewoman who told Dev-Gilhar that all Artharians are rapists.
    The police should not engage in manhunting but only deal with lawbreakers.

  89. dear father,

    Let me start by saying that I really appreciate the site and your work.
    But as an intelligent person you know that the perception of reality is greatly influenced by our basic assumptions.
    And in simple words, if you are looking for all the evil in religious people and all the racism and the controversial quotes.
    This is exactly what you will find.
    After all, it is clear to any reasonable person that if any gentile can become a Jew if he desires you and converts, then Judaism does not see the gentile as an inferior creature like a cow. After all, a cow cannot convert. It is very easy to pull text from a number and use it out of context and according to the required rhetoric.
    I promise you that if you look for the good in the religious and the good in the texts of Judaism you will find a lot of good in them. But you have to come with a desire to find the good.
    You're an atheist and that's fine. But know that not only God is something that does not exist that humans invented. Justice doesn't really exist either, it's also a human invention, money isn't really worth anything either, but we believe it's worth and therefore has value. A great many of the concepts you live peacefully with do not really exist. And you may think that by choosing to be an atheist you have freed yourself from a silly religious and sectarian life. Those you live like the rest of us around many beliefs and perform many rituals just like a religious person just simply call them by other names.
    And about the Sudanese and the refugees. The violence stems from a lack of justice towards the hard-to-find residents of South Tel Aviv. A resident of Ramat Aviv who has Sudanese living in a playground near his house can call the police and the matter will be taken care of. On the other hand, a resident of South Tel Aviv whose Sudanese turned the amusement park next to them into their residential area is helpless, his phone call will not receive any response from the police simply because he is poor and unimportant in the eyes of the authorities. I'm sure if these refugees were living in your area and your daughter would be harassed by them with a lot of sexist comments as she walks down the street. You would very quickly change your mind.
    When a citizen is discriminated against and does not receive fair treatment from the authorities, he has no choice but to act against the law and sometimes violently to resolve the situation on his own.
    I would also like to point out that two weeks ago a friend of mine was driving his scooter through south Tel Aviv and saw two Sudanese men beating and trying to rape a young girl who was passing by in the public park. He got off the scooter and asked them to stop and they attacked him. The guy knows how to fight and neutralized the two Sudanese. He then called the police and they were taken into custody. This is one of many stories that did not make it to the press.
    It's easy to be beautiful on paper or in the ivory tower.
    The reality is more complex.

  90. That's why a single trip in Stockholm costs NIS 20, and you have to buy a weekly ticket for the price of a trip to be something reasonable.
    When I was there in 2004, I got on a bus to go something like two stops. I asked how much it cost, I thought I heard THIRTEEN. I went to pay 13 crowns (about 8.5 shekels or one and a half euros, a price that sounded reasonable to a Israeli who at the time paid about 5 shekels) but the driver corrected me to 30 (which was about 20 shekels at the time).

  91. my father

    I know you are not as free as I am to express whatever comes to your mind, I spend my time pleasantly
    On the site, thanks to that spirit of initiative and freedom that you try, really try to blow.
    There is no hatred of religion for faith in the heart of the secular or non-religious person, there is not even any opposition
    To her perception and way of life, each of us has such and such in our family.

    In an instant, that wonderful Zionist religious generation will grow and develop, which exists to our great joy, which knows how to accept the different
    And above all, he knows that the inner unity and the common life are the true strength of the people and their future. Then other days will come... for some reason I remember the bitter Zebulon who was the Minister of Education. Those who know his ways know why.

  92. In the book "23 Things They Don't Tell You About Capitalism" there is a wonderful example of a "transparent" regulation that no one refers to, despite the fact that this regulation actually makes the term "free market" ridiculous:
    A bus driver in Stockholm earns about 50 times more than a bus driver in India. Is he 50 times better at his job?
    Presumably that is not the case. An Indian bus driver has to overtake cows, drive over terrible bumps, roads without a guardrail on the brink of an abyss and thousands of people interfering on the road. A bus driver in Stockholm drives perfectly calm, as we all know.
    What, after all, allows a difference of 50 times to the detriment of the Indian? Strict worldwide regulation preventing mass immigration of Indian bus drivers to Sweden. The Swedish bus company would have been happy to hire Rajiv, had this regulation not existed. In a true free market, where all human beings are completely equal, the company could hire an Indian bus driver to drive around Stockholm and make a fortune.
    When migrant workers/refugees are allowed to come to Tel Aviv and Arad and Ashdod, they are actually allowed to take the place of those who worked in the simple workplaces before: Bedouin residents of Rahat for example. Can you imagine the injustice done to the young residents of Rahat? Or maybe imagine the results of breaking this transparent global barrier?

  93. As someone who is aware of the Holocaust, both from the family aspect and from many visits to Holocaust sites in Europe, I don't think we should treat others the way we were treated and it doesn't matter what the reason is (certainly when it comes to placing blame on an entire public, for something done by outlaws). I even opposed the establishment of an immigration police. There should be one police force that treats all people equally. A police whose entire role is to hunt heads is not something that should be in a country that rose from the ashes of the Holocaust.

  94. Hebrew

    I think my father is just trying to preserve and protect science, freedom of information and human freedom.
    The moment you disconnect religion from the political political system, which was mistakenly opposed
    Ben Gurion, everything is flourishing, religion is developing with much less hatred and division in the people,
    The state can make operational decisions that are appropriate from a security, economic point of view...

    Ben-Gurion must be looking at Malmela bursting with laughter and saying "How did I know they would always think I was me?"
    The best of Israel's leaders, because only in my time were we much more one people, one army, thank you
    My extremist brothers."

  95. On top of that.
    I did not find in the chapters of the ancestors that you brought up hatred of foreigners (where is the hatred?)
    What I found is an inappropriate reason to clash with the ultra-Orthodox and in a really unimpressive way.

    I am the last to praise the conservative culture of the ultra-orthodox. At the same time, putting everyone as one piece on this issue is a grave mistake. Many still have an exile mentality of 'not rebelling against nations'. Rabbi Kook's opinion is an opinion and nothing else. Because when talking about faith in Judaism, Leibovitz's words are beautiful:

    "Judaism was never defined as a single division, distinguished from other divisions and maintaining its identity and independence - except by virtue of Halacha alone. Faith did not define and sustain Judaism: it can be said that in Judaism faith is a superstructure above the mitzvot, and the mitzvot is not a superstructure above faith... Indeed, the religious content of Judaism was controversial in Judaism itself, and yet was given to different and contradictory interpretations in different generations and even in the same generation itself . It was found that Judaism as one historical division was not embodied in faith."

    And last but not least: "Come back naughty boys" 😉 and write popular science like we like.

  96. What may be, may be true for the reception of a small number of infiltrators/refugees (call it what you will) cannot be true for tens and certainly not for hundreds of thousands of people. The State of Israel cannot solve Africa's problems.
    A too naive perception of reality will cause crime and injustice towards us citizens of Israel and towards the infiltrators themselves.
    As a humanist, I see people first of all as human beings who are entitled to basic conditions, therefore a diplomatic solution that will ensure the safety of these people in their country is the appropriate solution.

    And one more thing. Holocaust blasphemy, it turns out, is not only the domain of ultra-Orthodox Kukuim. Another reason why the new law restricting freedom of expression on the subject hurts everyone.

  97. What forced me from you,, or from the fact that you were a refugee or an infiltrator,, you are your family,, you have no right here, here in Israel, I mean, you have no right, you are bad here, and as a Jew I do not see any ethnic or racial connection with you, but you did strengthen me today

  98. And as you understand I am against religious extremism in any group, be it Jewish, Muslim, Christian or any other religious group. At least I don't give discounts to anyone, even if he wraps himself in a sweater with deprivation.

  99. Well, the European left is another story. I don't know who on the European left supports Gaddafi and Assad, but it is true that there are all kinds of people there, including anti-Semites. But what is important to pay attention to is the difference between criticism and its motives. Israel takes advantage of this, and ad hominem attacks Israel's critics as if they only consist of Muslims and anti-Semites, and thus ignores the content of the criticism, which makes the question of what motives they say it irrelevant.

    But apart from that, kudos for publishing the article and pointing out the connection between the increase in racism and religious extremism in Israel.

  100. Just to summarize this topic, which is not the main topic of the article, which is, as mentioned, the rabble of the right.
    You are right about B'Tselem, but the majority are not like that, the European leftists in particular express for some reason an identification with the Arab right (eg Hamas rule in Gaza, Gaddafi, Assad) instead of with the Arab left which in most countries is suppressed to the point of illegitimacy.
    There is a difference between supporting someone and completely identifying with them through good or bad. For example, I am against a boycott of the universities.

  101. Abi, you will agree with me that Israeli Arabs is not exactly "Palestinian media", which you meant in the article. Yes, it is true that part of the left is silent when something is rotten in its ranks, for example the austerity of the Arab part of Hadash which includes Palestinian nationalists and Assad supporters. On the other hand, there are also leftists who condemn this and are aware of this hypocrisy, for example Yossi Gurvitz.

    But I still don't see why the left must refer to what is published in the Arab media in Israel. First of all, the left is not responsible for what is published there, and secondly, even if it contains incitement and racism, the left's position on this issue is clear, and only right-wing fantasists think that the left is automatically suspected of terrorism and must shake itself off from anything the Arabs and Palestinians say or do.

    And one last thing, if you follow B'Tselem for example, they bother to consistently publish condemnations of human rights violations from the Palestinian side as well.

  102. Fafner, in this matter I may have been more lax, but in the Israeli media in the Arabic language the situation is not much better, and you are welcome to read about it even on the Seventh Eye website which is not suspected of being right-wing.
    When they want to tattoo an Israeli Arab politician in the Israeli Arabic media, they say that he cares more about the Israeli Arabs than the Palestinians. What is ours is a compliment for them it is a sharp criticism.

  103. For Deutsche - no. There is a difference between horrible conditions and a murderous dictatorship or a civil war over an ethnic conflict. In any case, if the majority of refugees are indeed migrant workers and not refugees who are trying for their lives, then the State of Israel should examine their status individually according to the treaty (which at the time Israel itself initiated), why not do it?

  104. Fafner you don't know what you're talking about!
    You are the one spewing unfounded propaganda
    You deflect and lie regardless of reality.
    Most countries in Africa suffer from terrible conditions
    And those who succeed try to immigrate to a developed western country
    And these are always rich and preferably socialist countries that will pay them without working.
    There is no racism here
    As Israelis go to work in every corner of the world and occasionally those who are caught illegally are deported
    Not because they hate Jews but because of an arbitrary system of immigration that functions differently from Baretz.
    and distinguish 1000 differences that they cross a border and no one approved them to enter.
    But the most horrible part is that the site that I loved so much is now infected with Way Net and Maariv style politics
    Abby do a favor keep up the good work why push your agenda to a site like this

  105. This is for those of us who still travel on Shabbat, go without a head covering and the women wear less cloth,
    A rich Jew in South Africa told me during the apartheid era, "We Jews are lucky, that everyone is immersed in hatred for blacks." Don't be mistaken, "Xenophobia saves the secular"

  106. To all the commenters regarding the "illegality" - the refugees stay in Israel legally and even receive work permits from the government unofficially (do you think that if they were really "illegal" Israel would hesitate to leave them?). Israel deliberately refrains from examining the status of the refugees in order to avoid fulfilling its obligations under the Refugee Convention. Israel knows very well that the absolute majority of the refugees are indeed refugees entitled to political asylum, something that Israel obviously does not want to recognize (and those who understand will understand). The claims that they are migrant workers who can be sent back to their countries are lies and incitement that the state cultivates to win points with the racist mob.

  107. What does this blog have to do with the science website?
    Those who infiltrate illegally should be deported
    Regardless of his pigmentation! Whoever is a refugee according to the law
    need to be absorbed. Every developed country has immigration
    There is a positive immigration of people who come to integrate
    And some come to sit and suck the welfare without working
    It's a fact that the crime and the rape caused it to ferment and not the color or the racism as you think.
    Those without a visa out and obviously should not behave like animals and burn and stab.
    But you don't live in a utopian world even in nature a day old cub is eaten because the lioness has to feed the cubs.
    This is how we, Israel, are not the relief bureau
    And those who want to emigrate have legal ways
    I feel bad for them but that's the way it is!!!
    As an avid reader of the science site, I ask you not to involve politics and cheap journalism
    That's what Wi-Fi is for

  108. I have an idea!!!!
    I believe there are already over 150000 Africans in Israel. And I say in return to these people to forcefully demand compensation. *** Land free of people by the seashore from the Eritrean government *** that will become an integral part of the State of Israel and an Israeli settlement will be established there forever!!!!

  109. Why would the Jewish left condemn the Palestinian media? What, the left are Palestinians? Does he live in the territories under the sovereignty of the PA or Hamas? The citizens of Israel have the duty to condemn their government when necessary, but they have no responsibility for what the Palestinian authorities do. Do you have any doubt that the left does not support violence and the murder of Jews? Does the left have to clarify that it does not support jihad?

    And not recognizing Israel is really not "inciting racism" because -
    a) No one has an obligation to recognize any country (has Israel ever recognized the Netherlands as a Dutch country or Japan as a Japanese country?)
    b) It is Israel's business how it chooses to define itself, and no one is obliged to give his consent to this.
    c) The Palestinians have a full right not to agree de ra to the existence of the State of Israel.
    d) The issue of recognition is used by Israel as an excuse to avoid negotiations, because Israel knows very well that the Palestinians will never recognize the legitimacy of the Zionist idea that underpins the existence of the state, and therefore this is an invalid and irrelevant demand (just as Israel will never recognize the Palestinian idea of ​​sovereignty over all Mandatory Palestine, so it cannot be used as a condition for negotiations).

    All that is required of the Palestinians is de facto recognition, that is, recognition of the borders and sovereignty of the State of Israel within the Green Line, a basic obligation that the Israeli side has towards the Palestinians, which the State of Israel has completely failed in, and therefore it is impudence to come to the Palestinians with demands for recognition.

  110. Continued
    Attempts by rabbis and politicians to exploit the human problem
    aimed at the ignorance of assimilated audiences,
    Audiences who are in a situation that is not much better than the situation of the refugees
    and therefore convenient for Shilhov,
    It turns out that one of the elements in the philosophy of those "public figures"
    He is …. racism,
    Racism stems from the fear of the different and is therefore rooted in everyone
    And the greater the ignorance, the greater the fear and the easier it is for public figures to incite
    the instinctive reactions to different and other,
    The reading that "if the Africans were around you, you would react differently"
    is incorrect because it is addressed to a population that knows how to distinguish between
    primal feelings of fear for the facts,
    A population that must learn to eliminate from it not the foreigner but the other
    But you are the only one who excites, stirs up, sends out and sends out.
    The problem of refugees is a problem on a global scale
    Israel is not alone and therefore there must also be solutions
    on an international scale,
    Not in a racist outburst that stems from ignorance.

  111. As someone who knows Africans in their countries, as someone who has met Africans who have infiltrated Israel,
    And as someone who is aware of the situation of the residents of the neighborhoods where the infiltrators lived, I can respond better:
    First of all, they are infiltrating since they all crossed the border without permission and this is the definition,
    Some are infiltrators looking for work, some are infiltrators who fled their country for various reasons
    That is, some of them are political refugees and others are refugees who are looking for a livelihood,
    Much has already been written here about the migration that will increase due to climate change and here we are at the center of it
    of migration (climatic, political, ) of people looking for a livelihood,
    For some reason everyone is treated as "Sudanese" while most of them come from Eritrea,
    Others come from the Ivory Coast and a few came from South Sudan (the new one),
    Everyone …. They are all... people and most of them are good and that is how they must be treated,
    As in any society, there are criminals among the Africans, but it turns out that so are the residents of their neighborhoods
    The African settlers are not all "Talit Shkolah Klecht",
    Attempts by rabbis and politicians to ride on

  112. There is no political significance here. Those who know me know where I am located. There is a completely human interest here. Stabbing people because of the color of their skin and robbing grocery stores are not sacred Jewish principles that you should stop coming to science sites to defend.

    Beyond the moral position that every person should have, every such case further reduces the legitimacy of Israel and plays into the hands of European left-wing organizations, some of which resort to anti-Semitism disguised as criticism of Israel. They must not be given such a weapon.

    And besides, I brought things in the name of Omram. Please contact whoever wrote these racist pieces, not whoever exposed them.

  113. It's a shame that you use a site with science articles to promote a political agenda, I will not return to this site.

  114. My heart is with you, my father, without a doubt your presentation of correct, painful and threatening data. I know a few others no less dangerous..
    By the very blindness and totality of that faith, it will never stop or stop just like that.

    In the not too distant future the non-religious will decide whether to remain in Israel as an oppressed, inferior and disenfranchised public, or to go into exile. I bet that the majority will choose exile, and surely in the coming years, maybe already, we will witness this.
    So far I am ready to sign…

    In tens or hundreds of years after the destruction of the third house, it is possible that our descendants will have the crystal, in their innocence,
    They will rise again, to establish a sane Jewish state.

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