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Israel slipped five places in the international math tests * Where is the Israeli Obama?

Israel is ranked 24th in mathematics and 25th in science, not surprising given the accumulation of news from the past week that the overcrowding in classrooms in Israel is among the highest in the Western world, and teachers' salaries are half as low, and in general, investment in Israel is lower than the average in the OECD * Our politicians are not interested in this

Science education. Unfortunately we could not find a free illustration with a descending graph. Figure: Stock Exchange free stock image site
Science education. Unfortunately we could not find a free illustration with a descending graph. Figure: Stock Exchange free stock image site

Israel dropped five places bThe international MCA tests in mathematics, and is ranked 24 out of 49 countries. BThe international MCA tests that tested the level of students in the fields of science Israel is in 25th place. The data also shows that in the first place in science tests in the world is Singapore, followed by Taiwan and Japan. The list of math excellence is led by Taiwan, followed by South Korea and Singapore.

In the 44.1th grade, the average grade is 58.4 in mathematics, while in English, the average grade of the 67.9th grade is 58.6. The XNUMXth grade Hebrew speaking students who were tested on their mother tongue abilities received an average score of XNUMX, and in contrast, the students whose mother tongue is Arabic scored an average score of XNUMX in the Arabic tests, a difference of about ten points.

The 59.2th grade students received the lowest score in the fields of science and mathematics, in both of which their score was 79.7. The Hebrew speaking 63.8th grade students received the highest score, 73.8, while the Arabic speaking XNUMXth grade students received XNUMX in the mother tongue test. The average English score for fifth graders was XNUMX.

These grades are in line with other findings from the last week, including the fact that the investment in education in Israel from the lowest in the OECD countries
And that Overcrowding in classrooms in Israel is higher than average and teacher salaries are half the OECD average.

The achievement tests at Mitzvah are designed to examine to what extent elementary school students and middle school students meet the level of requirements expected according to the curriculum in the four core subjects: science and technology, English, mother tongue (Hebrew/Arabic), and mathematics, in two grade levels: XNUMXth and H. In mother tongues, an exam was also held in the second grade.

Beginning in 2007, the elementary and middle schools were divided into four equal and representative groups of schools, known as "clusters". Each cluster of schools was chosen to represent all the schools in the country. In the year 2008 (2008), the external placement tests were conducted in the schools in the months of May-June, XNUMX.

The USA came in ninth and tenth place in both tests and in both grades, respectively, but they are disappointed there, because even if in terms of the number of points, it has not changed since 1995, in terms of its relative position it is deteriorating. Several countries that lagged behind the US have passed it, mainly countries such as Hong Kong and Taiwan.

As I recall, President-elect Obama said during the election campaign that The level of education will be a high priority in the US, especially in the fields of mathematics and science, so as not to lose the primacy to China and India.

The American National Association of Science Teachers, the world's largest organization that encourages excellence and innovation in science teaching, published a statement regarding the international placement tests (in International Mathematics and Science Study ( ). And they are in 1995th grade (in the USA) stuck in the same place since XNUMX, and the achievements of the minorities are deteriorating.

America's global competitiveness depends on our ability to better educate the younger generation in science. Despite all the reports in the last decade that illustrated that we must improve the level of students in the sciences, nothing has been done. We must increase the training of teachers and improve the equipment in the classrooms. We must develop and retain good science teachers, especially in high-risk schools by attracting more teaching candidates, while improving their level of training. We must not agree to the current level of grades in the Mitzvah tests. For this, there is a need for cooperation on the part of parents, the business community, policy makers and other stakeholders in the importance of the quality of scientific education."

And what about us?

As mentioned, they say that in the US that it is a place, and what about us, the deteriorating ones? The NRG website reports from the director of the quality assessment unit at the Council for Higher Education, Michal Neuman, that: "The committees have determined that there is a drop in standards and we are in serious decline." The Ministry of Education stated in response that they decided to establish a committee, the second in number, to examine the mathematics curriculum in high schools. On other news sites, Minister Yuli Tamir was quoted as blaming the teachers' strike that broke out last year for the low grades.

The situation in the universities is not alarming either: last month it was announced that the universities are forced to teach material at a high school level due to students' lack of knowledge in simple mathematics. Anyone who enters a class at the university will be surprised to find on the board exercises identical to those taught in high schools.

Findings from the school climate report

the authority
RAMA - The National Authority for Measurement and Evaluation in Education published yesterday, at the same time as the report on the placement tests, a report analyzing the answers of teachers and students to various questions regarding the school climate

• About two-thirds of the students reported high satisfaction with the school. XNUMXth-XNUMXth graders reported higher satisfaction with school compared to XNUMXth-XNUMXth graders. No difference was found in the level of satisfaction between students in Hebrew-speaking schools and students in Arabic-speaking schools.

• About half of the students report positive relationships with the teachers. A greater proportion of XNUMXth-XNUMXth graders report positive relationships with teachers, compared to XNUMXth-XNUMXth graders. A greater proportion of students in Arabic-speaking schools report positive relationships with teachers compared to students in Hebrew-speaking schools.

• The average percentage of students who reported being involved in a violent event of some kind once or more in the month preceding the delivery of the questionnaire, stands at 14%. However, there was a difference in the reporting percentages according to the type of violence:
• Violence: about a fifth of the students reported that they had been hit/kicked or punched, and about a third reported that they had been pushed. A higher rate among Hebrew-speaking students reported these events than among Arabic-speaking students.
• Serious violence: about a tenth of the students reported being hit by an object, strong blows and threats during the month preceding the delivery of the questionnaire. A few reported blackmail. A higher rate among Arabic-speaking students reported involvement in incidents of serious violence than among their Hebrew-speaking peers.
• Indirect violence: between ten and twenty percent reported that they fell victim to rumors, boycotts and ostracism, more among Arabic-speaking students than among Hebrew-speaking students.

• In general, XNUMXth-XNUMXth grade students reported more frequently involvement in violent incidents, of all kinds, than XNUMXth-XNUMXth grade students.

• Because about 40% of all students report that they take advantage of private lessons in at least one of the subjects of the Institute. The two main subjects in which students are helped in private lessons are English (about 30%) and mathematics (about 25%). The scope of private lessons is similar between the age groups, with the exception of mathematics - a subject in which the proportion of XNUMXth-XNUMXth graders is slightly higher than among XNUMXth-XNUMXth graders. Hebrew-speaking students report a higher rate of using private lessons than Arabic-speaking students, and this is especially true in middle schools, in math and English subjects.

• The two main reasons that teachers use to explain students' low achievements are related to the students themselves: lack of investment in studies or low abilities, as well as slightly different return patterns between teachers who teach in Hebrew-speaking schools and their colleagues who teach in Arabic-speaking schools: while the former attribute low student achievements mainly to a lack of Investment in studies and/or low abilities, the latter also chose the lack of investment and lack of support from the students' parents as a major reason for low achievements in studies. Very few teachers, of all language sectors and of all age groups, attribute the lack of success of students to the school's or their own lack of knowledge.

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  1. I remember very well the placement exam I took about two years ago (when I was an eighth grade student). She was just a joke, to me, and to all my classmates. Questions for students who are "spoon fed", I even remember the test from elementary school (if I'm not mistaken in the 78th grade) where there were questions like: 11/7 to which the answer is of course 1 and the remainder XNUMX (before we learned fractions).

    I think that for some areas (like ours) the tests are easy, and by the way, I don't study in any framework for the gifted or any special framework, and the students around me are at a fairly good level in mathematics, while in some areas of the country, especially in development towns, or in that case a score of below For 50 points you can already say that "in most of the country" - there is a low level of education. I really don't want to be inhumane and inconsiderate, but this is really a low level, and I really don't think the problem is with the teachers.

    Many claim that the problem is with the teachers, and that the teachers are not educated enough, or lack knowledge, etc., but I, as a student, witness the fact that the teachers, at least for the most part, really try and do their best to teach. In addition, teachers are not everything - every subject has textbooks that guide the teacher, as well as the student - when I want to go deeper into a certain subject, I use a book, and I am convinced that anyone can do it, and there is no need for "genius teachers" to reach a level of education good, but rather in "better students"...

  2. Note the following fact.
    As soon as the school informs the teachers that there are stabilisers, they try to teach all the material for the Mitzav (most of which they did not teach) in a small number of hours during the period until the Mitzav.
    That's why as soon as the students come to the Mitzvah test (which is probably also not included in the certificate and they don't get a grade for it) they don't take it seriously and just answer the questions.

    And so I'm almost certain that if they take the average grades of the matriculation certificates, the average in each of these subjects will be much higher (or just summative tests at the end of the year).

    And this is perhaps one of the many reasons in the system that I am not currently studying in or graduated a short time ago, am not aware of it and do not see it from this point of view.
    Another example is the level of teachers. There are good teachers, but on the other hand, in my opinion, the majority are teachers who do not know how to convey the material to the student and explain it.

    The teachers who don't know how to teach are the majority and every student in Israel studies with them from grades 40-XNUMX therefore it doesn't matter even if there are over XNUMX percent good teachers in all kinds of subjects there will always be bad grades and a lack of motivation to invest in lessons (therefore who is a good teacher to teach a private lesson And that's how even the best teachers drop out of the system.)

    Conclusion: We need to start investing in education and improve the level of teachers in Israel.

  3. If you ask me, who taught me in high school or what I studied, I will have to answer you with complete certainty that I have no idea. I can define my 12 years of studies as dreaming, alcohol, taps, violence, nerves, did I already mention alcohol? Yes, yes, another brat boy
    It is not enough that he received the definition "zero" from the teachers
    Even at home he received quite a bit of negative criticism. I barely finished high school with a matriculation average of 62. Without matriculation in mathematics.
    I've been a discharged soldier for a year, I passed an attention and concentration test two months ago, I was found to lack attention and concentration (wella), that's what they'll say about anyone who disrupts class
    But I must point out that thanks to proper treatment. I started to be interested in things, I started to remember, to understand everything
    From mathematics to electronics and art
    And really, looking back, adolescence is a horror.
    I'm sure there are other kids with wasted potential
    Education in the country needs to be strengthened
    Children in the XNUMXth grade started drinking, the level of depression and violence is increasing, and at this rate the future is going to look much, much darker

  4. It took the Americans almost 250 years to get Obama,
    Israel is barely 60 years old - so we have time - and if's gone on us....

  5. The problem that we all ignore is the matter of personal responsibility, in order to maintain a society in which the individuals do not suffer from the sick evils that characterize Israeli society, each of us has to take personal responsibility for his own life and the lives of those close to him and this starts from the most basic levels of Derech Eretz, of limiting viewing hours On television, limiting the programs our children are exposed to and, on the other hand, exposing them to educational and informative content that exists on the other channels that do not teach children that the most important thing is to "buy or receive or take", parents should take their children by the hand.
    Personal responsibility of leaders and moral authority - does not exist in Israel. Until we get rid of all cholera, and unfortunately this is all of them, because those who live with cholera adhere to their norms of behavior and as time goes by, inappropriate forms of behavior and thought become the norm (according to Hazan and Baron), therefore we all as citizens in a democratic country must vote not only with ballot boxes but also with our feet and hands and get rid of the personality flaws that have taken over our lives.
    Teachers' personal responsibility - the teachers are also to blame for the current situation because they are afraid of the students, afraid of their parents and afraid of the closed system that requires them to teach but does not back them up in front of the students who are more interested in Bublil. A teacher who cannot stand up to the complex of these pressures that have existed since time immemorial, only the names have changed, does not deserve to be an educator, an educator should be someone who is able to lead children and carry them along.
    In short, since all these will never exist again in the State of Israel... those who can will run away and those who can't - in Bovlil and then none of this matters to him at all.

  6. A snapshot for the 2008 summary:

    difficult financial situation,
    security situation is not easy,
    complex political situation,
    The education situation is difficult,

    Let's hope that 2009 will be better.

  7. It has just been strongly recommended on the radio: it is desirable to study that we can calculate the losses in the stock market..:)

  8. Everything starts and ends with the food we consume. Entertainment, television and lack of investment on the part of the parents were also in better times. However, while until the eighties we consumed more or less normal food, today we consume more fat, sugars, industrial chemicals and other substances related to concentration and behavior disorders. The television, even though the programs there are only getting dumber, doesn't contribute much, but I agree that it is unnecessary, or as the repentant said, "tumbleweed". It cannot be described more accurately.

  9. Everyone is right: we need to invest in and promote education for everyone.
    .. Excellence does not come from raising the general national average (which is important in itself) but from the objective hereditary data of individuals - and the most important thing that the education system needs to do is to look for and identify those who received the gift of nature - starting from a very young age. They should be "collected" as rare heresies and nurtured especially in unique settings. Indeed - progressive discrimination without "political correctness" or cries of distress from those demanding equality of all kinds. Cultivate and not let go.
    And they will truly determine the future of the State of Israel.

  10. Everyone is right: we need to invest in and promote education for everyone.
    .. Excellence does not come from raising the general national average (which is important in itself) but from the objective hereditary data of individuals - and the most important thing that the education system needs to do is to look for and identify those who received the gift of nature - starting from a very young age. They should be "collected" as rare heresies and nurtured especially in unique settings. Indeed - progressive discrimination without "political correctness" or cries of distress from those demanding equality of all kinds. Cultivate and not let go.
    And they will truly determine the future of the State of Israel.

  11. He hasn't done anything yet, and they're already looking for someone like him?
    Let's see if it's even worth anything.

  12. little brother,
    Big Brother, and the other broadcasters for systematically introducing severe stupidity into the heads of eager viewers are the real culprits.
    The poor parents can claim that they are helpless (children who have been indoctrinated).

  13. Take from the army and give to the education system and universities!
    (Michael, you can jump)

    To do two shifts in the schools - it is not possible that real estate worth billions will be operated only 10% of the time!

    Stop discriminating against the Arab sector - no child chooses to be born Jewish or Arab!

    Demand more from the children: moving from class to class based on meeting the requirements and not according to a yearbook (similar to the accumulation method in the academy).

    Instead of uniform 'big freedom' for everyone, set a minimum and maximum. Teachers will teach the weak students in the summer - this is an excellent reward method for both students and teachers.

    Personal responsibility for politicians as well - a minister of education whose shift will decrease - will be replaced by another.

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