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Israeli entrepreneurship is the key to the future

In June 2012, "Haaretz" published an article whose subtitle stated: "Science subjects in Israel are in collapse: the age of teachers has increased in the last decade by tens of percent and the number of study hours has decreased


In the early 60s, American President John F. Kennedy set a very high bar for the American space agency: landing the first man on the moon by the end of that decade. In those years, electronic computers were only in their infancy, and the Intel Corporation for the production of computer chips had not yet been born. The real mission was political, to put the first American on the moon, and to do it before the Soviets.

Credit: spaceIL

Since then the moon was almost forgotten, but the imagination of an entire generation was sparked: thousands of people began to study science and technology. In the 60s, universities all over the world, including in Israel, received thousands of scientists and researchers, new faculty members, whose work changed the world from the edge.

In June 2012, "Haaretz" published an article whose subtitle stated: "Science subjects in Israel are in collapse: the age of teachers has increased in the last decade by tens of percent and the number of study hours has decreased." The article shows a decrease of more than 25% in the number of students studying mathematics in the scope of 5 study units, that the number of study hours in chemistry decreased by 33% and in computer science by 42%. The age of physics and math teachers is increasing and many of them are approaching retirement - and there are no replacements.

Three engineers, young entrepreneurs, once again raise their faces to the moon in the hope that it will rekindle the youth's enthusiasm for the study of science and engineering. Bash's rival, Jonathan Weintraub and Kafir Demari, founded spaceIL, a non-profit association, to participate in the Google-sponsored X-Prize to the Moon competition. The initiative swept hundreds of volunteers, industrial companies, engineers, teachers, lawyers and teenagers who want to fulfill the dream - to place the Israeli flag on the moon and donate the prize money for scientific-technological education in Israel. The interview we conducted with Yariv Bash, in the "Spotlight" section (page 26), brings many examples of creativity and innovation that characterize Israeli thinking.

This entrepreneurship led many to call the State of Israel the start-up nation. And even perusal of the pages of this issue will allow you to find examples that will demonstrate this. The official futurist of the hardware giant, Intel's Brian David Johnson, for example, chose to point out in an interview he conducted for the international edition of Scientific American, that many of Intel's chip designers work in Israel.

Israeli nano satellite to the moon. Figure: SPACEIL Group
Israeli nano satellite to the moon. Figure: SPACEIL Group

The development of a bionic eye that can restore sight to people whose retinas have been damaged by disease is one of the developments presented in the article dealing with the future of medicine (page XX). The article chooses to focus on companies abroad, but in the meeting we held with the VP of the Israeli company Nano-Retina, Kobi Kaminitz, we heard how his company is developing an even better product.

These are just a few examples of Israeli entrepreneurship and creativity that we must preserve at all costs, through the restoration of scientific-technological-mathematical-engineering education in Israel. If we strive for existence, in the Middle East and in the world that is changing before our eyes, we have no other choice.

Scientific American Israel, celebrating ten years with the publication of this issue, is also published, by Ort Israel, non-profit and with the same sense of mission - to bring the best of global scientific writing to the youth in Israel, to their teachers and to their families in order to encourage the youth Apply for science and technology studies and join the Israeli entrepreneurship and innovation community.

This turnaround will only happen if quality teachers with knowledge and skills and a sense of mission teach science, math and technology in schools. This is a national task that the government should lead in order to maintain the economic and security strength of the State of Israel.

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  1. Where did you see condescension? I think I can benefit the system and am ready to lower the standard of living above this ideal. But you have to fight for it in wind farms. If I could get hold of someone on the phone who would say: "If this is the data I will check and get back to you" and then say "Well, you will get X" I would be able to decide if it is suitable for me and my family or not. But I couldn't get anything like that.

    I'm sad that this is the case, that's all.

  2. Unfortunately in large systems everything takes time
    And by the time you get in, the return is poor
    But in the end there are good conditions

    It is definitely not an easy choice to change direction
    But condescension will not help in this story
    Although I understand the feeling of insult.

  3. I wanted to convert from hi-tech to teaching. I am a man who studied physics and works in high-tech and wants to teach mathematics and physics. I also like it and have some experience. All these should make the Ministry of Education want me to join them.

    A. I was not able to catch the important person in the Ministry of Education. The phone rings and every now and then an operator answers or a secretary who transfers me - and rings again until it hangs up. From others I was able to get an answer of "get started, log in to the system and after you spend all this time completing it, we'll see what we will recognize from your degree and your experience". That is, after all the investment of time and money, in the end I will find out that thanks to the revolution of the Ministry of Education, I will receive ridiculous amounts.

    Even if I had known in advance that I would receive the maximum length of service and training, these are not high amounts, but let's say. Do you think that someone with a family would embark on this adventure of leaving high-tech without knowing where he was going? And more while fighting the system with low wages just to be a teacher?

    The army has an arrangement with the Ministry of Education regarding seniority and ranks. Maybe you will think of something similar for others as well. You lost me and it's a shame. Too bad for me, too bad for the office and probably too bad for the students

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