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Success for the representatives of Israel in the international "Intel" ISEF young scientists competition

Hagai Hellman from Reot High School in Jerusalem, won third prize in mathematics and a special prize from the American Mathematical Association (AMS)

The two scientists who won the second place in the 2007 Young Scientists Competition: Hagai Halman who researched function databases (over finite fields) and Yevgeny Kiner whose research work deals with gene therapy of cancer by targeted silencing of the cancer gene H19, went out last week to represent Israel in the Young Scientists Competition The international "Intel" ISEF, which is the largest and most important competition and is intended for high school students from all countries of the world. This year about 1200 teenagers from 47 countries participated in the competition. 

About the winners:
• The young Jerusalem scientist Hagai Halman, a student at "Reot" high school in Jerusalem, who researched function databases (over finite fields). The main question that Hagai investigated in his research work was the maximum possible size of a buffer for a given number of variable values ​​and a given value of m and in addition other interesting properties of function buffers. The main contribution of his research is to theoretical mathematics, and it is possible that the research result can be used to develop products for smart backup of information or for the efficient transfer of information in networks.

• The research work of Yevgeni Kiner, a student at "Ort College" Givat Ram, which deals with gene therapy of cancer by targeted silencing of the H19 cancer gene, won the second prize. Cancer is the second most common cause of death in the world. Every year millions of people around the world die from the disease, and in Israel every year about 23,000 new cancer patients are diagnosed. 
At the same time as the competition, a workshop was held for teachers from all over the world, on the subject of learning through projects,
It was attended by two outstanding teachers from Israel: Moti Meir from Ort Givat Ram College and Masha Shafi from the Real Gymnasium in Rishon Lezion.

Intel invests hundreds of millions of dollars around the world in programs that promote technology and science education, and sponsors competitions for young scientists all over the world and especially in Israel. 

According to Yitzhak (Kiki) Ohion, CEO of Intel Jerusalem and a member of the judging team: "The outstanding achievement of the two young scientists in the prestigious competition is a sign and example and a great source of Israeli pride, as well as for strengthening the importance and priority that must be given and invested in the promotion and cultivation of originality and creativity in various fields of science and technology".
And he added and noted: "We at Intel believe that in order for the high-tech industry in Israel to continue to flourish, we must encourage the youth to choose science and technology professions. The "Young Scientists" competition is a valuable educational and scientific enterprise that contributes to the promotion and encouragement of excellence in science and technology and I am sure that the winners will go far."


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