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Proposal for a new subject in high school - innovation

Will the subject of 'innovation' be included in the high school curriculum? * Shlomo Gerdman, CEO of ISG, entrepreneur and co-chairman of the INNOVEX2016 conference. Israel's innovation conference addressed the Minister of Education, MK Naftali Bennett and the Minister of Science and Technology, MK Ofir Akunis with a proposal to add the teaching of "innovation and creativity" as a profession In the education system * Gerdman: "The State of Israel is a start-up state and we must maintain this title through education"

Shlomo Gerdman, Chairman of the High-Tech Companies Forum in Israel. Photo: Shmuel Oster
Shlomo Gerdman, Chairman of the High-Tech Companies Forum in Israel. Photo: Shmuel Oster

27 The man of innovation, Shlomo Gerdman, CEO of the IGS company and co-chairman of the iNNOVEX2016 conference, decided together with the organizers of the conference to encourage creativity in Israel and help the development of the knowledge-rich industry by adding the teaching of "innovation and creativity" as a subject in the education system.
Gerdman addressed the issue to the Minister of Science, Ofir Akunis, and the Minister of Education, Naftali Bennett.

"The State of Israel is a start-up country and we must maintain this title through the education of our children from a young age. Adding the subject of innovation to the curriculum will be an educational breakthrough in Israel that will lead to a further increase in innovation and technology produced in the country", according to Shlomo Gerdman.

"The State of Israel has stood the tests of destiny since its foundation. Tests that confront Israeli society with endless challenges and require creative solutions from us to deal with them successfully. Precisely because of this, Israel stands out in its ability to lead the world in the creativity of its people and in the innovative developments of its engineers.
Today, we stand at the forefront of global technological innovation and when it comes to finding creative solutions to technological challenges, the eyes of the entire world are on us. In addition to original developments by Israeli companies, Israel has become a habitat for global innovation, and about 300 giant companies from all over the world have already learned to recognize the development and innovation capabilities of the "Israeli brain" and have established their own development centers here."

"But in the constantly changing world, we may lose our relative advantage and our status as a country leading global innovation. This is a situation that we cannot afford, so we must secure our place in the fields of technology, science and knowledge-rich industry."

"The innovation conference that is taking place for the fourth year at the initiative of the main high-tech companies, the leading academic institutions in Israel and in collaboration with the chief scientist of the Ministry of Economy aims to encourage creativity and Managing innovation in companies In Israel, to help the development of the knowledge-rich industry and promote scientific research in the country."

"In addition, we believe that it is necessary to make sure that future generations will continue to innovate, create, invent and improve the world of high-tech - thereby ensuring the resilience of the State of Israel as a technological and innovative power over time. "

Therefore, we see the greatest importance in assimilating the culture of innovation and encouraging creativity in the education system from a young age and thereby strengthen the affinity to the field of innovation and original thinking among Israeli students - the future generation. Education and science are the engines of Israel's growth and in our opinion the inclusion of innovation in the basket of educational tools for students from elementary school age will ensure that we can continue to be creative in future generations and ensure the future of industry and the economy in Israel.

"I am addressing you on my own behalf and on behalf of my fellow high-tech company managers calling for the integration of the profession of innovation and creativity in the education system. We of course intend to deal with this at the innovation conference that will be held next month, February 3, 2016, but we believe that beyond the discussions, an operative plan is required to realize the idea. We would be happy to invite you to educational-scientific cooperation with you to ensure the future of our knowledge-rich industry as well as Israel's economic resilience."

The INNOVEX2016 conference for technological innovation in Israel will be held on Wednesday, February 3. Prominent figures in the field of innovation from around the world will participate in the conference, including the vice president of IBM, the innovation director of the TATA concern, the vice president and creative thinking expert at Microsoft, the director of the innovation center at the ford concern, a big data guru from Google and the minister of science, MK Ofir Akunis. Also at the event, an exhibition open to the general public, a startup complex and competition.

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  1. old vs new:
    Old is that in 2050 50% will be ultra-Orthodox and Arab.
    What is new is that a little later almost everyone will be illiterate.

  2. There are no hints about the curriculum in the article. Just full of superlatives about the importance of innovation in everyday life and so on. In practice, instead of learning something that will provide a basis for studying science or engineering later on, or just a slightly deeper understanding of the world around you, you engage in nonsense. I already prefer that they study literature (with or without Dorit Rabinian) or go on trips to Israel under the auspices of Shalach studies. The puzzles cannot be found on the Internet anyway.

  3. Lorem Ipsum

    You're just angry at the man's initiative, after all, you don't know what the curriculum of this major will look like.
    This profession is much better than Tanach, literature, send... which is really a shame.
    A little puzzle solving never hurt anyone.

  4. Another trend joins the studies of repentance and repentance in high school, in addition to the studies of cyber, sissy and "designing the atmosphere accompanied by music" (I did not make it up. In the life of God in the Torah book). In the course, the students will probably learn to solve puzzles of the type of connecting nine dots in four straight lines, whose ethos is to "think outside the box" and which are frequently distributed on social networks. Eventually they will be consummate experts in thinking outside the box, because they will have no box at all, with no proper skills to really engage with the technology of the coming decades (as opposed to writing PowerPoint presentations about it).

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