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Haunted country XNUMX: Sick crescent

Ben Sahar, Hapoel Tel Aviv striker intends to change the spelling of his last name to Sahar (pronounced the same), after consulting with rabbis and numerologists * The Israeli media took this nonsense seriously. Who is coming to Baba?

The crescent moon above Earth, as photographed from the space station by a member of the 24th crew, early 2010.
The crescent of the moon above the earth, as photographed from the space station by one of the members of the 24th crew, early 2010. No decision was made by the Hebrew Language Academy to change the name of the partial moon to the moon

Being famous does not mean being smart and rational, we learned this lesson yesterday from the star of Hapoel Tel Aviv and the Israel national team, Ben Sahar, who decided to change his name, or at least the spelling of his name (because in speech it will continue to sound the same) from Sahar to Shahar (s left).
The sports section of Yediot Ahronoth, which devotes a quarter of page 3 to this far-fetched news in the sports section, explains that Sahar made the decision after consulting with various parties, among them clerics, who suggested that he change his name so that it would also bring about a change in his luck. Sahar, who was brought in as a star from the Spanish Espanyol, scored only one goal in the league and two more in the European Cup qualifiers. It was also reported that he visited Netivot.

People in the know leaked to me that the matter of replacing the letters was intended to change the geometry of the name, another numerological nonsense, after all the numerical value of the Hebrew letters was given to them so that people in ancient times could do business, before the Arabic numerals that we use today were invented, for such a practical application they gave many The foolish years of the 'Kabbalah' (who, like everything new* prefer to call themselves the sages of the Kabbalah) have a kind of mystical meaning.
It should be noted that Gali Teshal also dedicated a rather long item, which I heard because of the huge traffic jam that was in the north of Tel Aviv during the afternoon hours due to the explosion of the pipe on Rokah Street, in which a numerologist with whom Sahar did not speak spoke, who said that it would not help him because the bad luck would accompany him until August 2011. The respectable sports program of Eli Israeli and Efi Trigger also contributed to the growing stupidity, giving an opening to the idiot who in the meantime also made an advertising fortune among the idiots among the listeners. Certainly, because the numerologists suck their data from the finger (and if not themselves then whoever wrote the numerological software for them), and therefore every answer is correct, therefore none of the answers are correct.
If this joke had remained in the gossip columns, I would not have been alarmed, but respectable media outlets take seriously the nonsense of popular rabbis from the Netivites, who are not known for their great intelligence, this shows the shallowness of the Israeli media outlets. The truth is, not only the sports broadcasters are like this, which shows that the proposal I made last year to the Knesset's Economic Committee to appoint a scientific editor for each broadcasting channel was correct. I assume that scientific editors in the respectable media or at least science loyalists among those working there, would dwarf these items to a mention of a line and a half.

If Sahar was a private person I wouldn't be required, but the problem with celebrities is that they serve as role models, and if they show stupidity, what will the children who follow them say? Will one scientist emerge from among these children? Maybe they would prefer to be in the Babas, because the Babas are well spaced from the stupid celebrities who come to them.
It goes without saying that the so-called luck is nonsense invented by the dealers in astrology, numerology, and the other types of stotologies so that they would have something to heal. You should suggest that they study basic courses in statistics, and explain to them the phenomenon of randomness. It is said that there are 30 games in a season and that a good player will score 30 goals, does that mean that he will score a goal in every game? It is enough that in a few games he will score a hat trick and the situation will balance out.

* Shaimd - in English NEWSPEAK is a nickname for the government that constantly changed the language in George Orwell's book 1984, in order to influence people's thoughts, for example truth is a lie, ignorance is power, etc.

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  1. To change the name officially, go to a branch of the Ministry of the Interior.
    That is,
    The bottom line,
    People attribute mystical powers to the computers of the Ministry of the Interior.
    Which, admit it, is really interesting.
    : )

  2. Avi Shalom, there is another phenomenon in my opinion that is even darker, which is starting to gain momentum recently among our not-so-smart footballers: recently both Yossi Benyon (my son Yossi is successful, our prominent ambassador...) and Itai Schechter from Po'el Tel Aviv went all the way to Romania ! To get "assistance" from whom? You won't believe it - from a witch!!! Yes, yes, your eyes see right, these two idiots got on a plane all the way to Romania to have a witch do an abraccadebra hocus pocus bilibilibocus on them and whoop, the injury will go away. Of course at the same time they continued to receive all the conventional and proven treatments and it will be clear to you that after they have cured them I am willing to bet you that they will attribute the success to the witch. Things like this discourage me and make me pessimistic about the future of the human race. It's not funny anymore, it's sad

  3. to Giovanni (John in Italian).
    I did not claim for a moment that the theory of relativity does not work as my purpose is not to have an argument.
    I will try to simplify what I intended to clarify:
    When a person plays snooker/billiards, marbles, etc., he uses logic where to hit the cue ball and at what angle to hit another ball at a certain point which according to common sense will lead the ball to the desired place. In everything related to particles under the atom, the same logic does not work, if you hit a certain particle at a certain angle, that particle will run to a different place from the angle of impact. This is my intention contrary to logic, I really did not pretend to deny or claim that the theory of relativity does not work or does not make sense. Who am I selfish to put myself in such a position in front of such people, such as Albert Einstein and his friends.

  4. Maybe his luck would have changed if he had changed the name to "Shaar" instead of "Shahar"...

  5. to Dan Parr
    First time and already saying that the theory of relativity doesn't make sense. I wonder how you came to this conclusion. There is no way to argue with you just as there is no way to argue with someone who claims that creationism is also a theory that must be taught. The problem with your argument that relativity works even if it is not the perfect theory (see atomic bombs, nuclear reactors and GPS).
    And what will happen if suddenly he does score goals (you know it won't help in his case)?

  6. I must point out that this is the first time I entered the science site. I came to the site following a book I'm reading about 21.12.2012 the end of the world or a new beginning? (Apropos numbers).
    I thought that the site really provides an adequate response to the desire for knowledge and also scientists from every field strive for information even if it is different from their worldview. Where is the openness to research? After all, all the laws of relativity that operate at a level below the atom are contrary to logic, so what?! Deprived them? Did they say it was nonsense?
    I did not see that you wrote anything about the explanation for the change, I did not come across any question that you raised for the investigation of the matter.
    I personally know where it comes from and think that the move of changing the letter in this case will not help, but after a thorough study of the subject I can tell you that there are many cases of changing letters or names that are absolutely helpful in any field that that person will deal with, even in sports.
    Thanks for listening.

  7. Father, your critical articles about religion and mysticism just kill me with laughter.
    "Admission fools" hahahaha huge.

  8. Hello my father,
    "This shows the shallowness of the Israeli media"
    Totally agree with every word. I am equally sure that if Yael Bar Zohar decides to put up her impressive breasts and increase them by another 100 ml of silicone, it will reach every existing Shiral news publication, with the exception of the ultra-Orthodox.
    Among us, I think that those who put the news on the air are actually pointing to the typeface of the kicker in an inflated skin balloon, but the news editors should have stupidly censored it just like they don't put up an article about some celeb starting to smoke.

    From the side of the sages in the occult (which is visible to all eyes..) there is an accepted contradiction here:
    Kabbalah claims that there is no luck at all! Everything that happens is an act of God.
    God rewards and punishes a person according to his actions in relation to others (flattering prayers to God for his greatness and mercy have no meaning). Changing a name does not change a situation, does not help others, does not make a person better for others, and certainly not better at playing football.
    Psychologically, it is as relevant as a placebo drug. Maybe if he believes that changing his name has made him more successful, he will try harder to justify it, and the publication.
    Father, I must point out that I entered the article after reading a summary that was more suitable for a local gossip section than for a serious site like the scientist, and I wondered why you were listed under the article and not the Weizmann Institute, for example :-), but I applaud you for being able to come down on the media's so demonstrable stupidity in such a good way. What filter do you need to be a news editor today??

  9. To the anonymous user - I have already said more than once that if I added one letter to the name of the site I would be rich - meaning the letter V after the D and before the E.

  10. Thanks for the correction, indeed in most places in the Tanach the number is simply said in words, but it is probably too complicated for business so someone came up with the idea of ​​giving numbers to the letters, in any case my intention was that this was done for a practical reason and in the generations that followed, someone came up with a mystical description for it.

  11. Someone said: "We are in the midst of the decline of the Jewish people.." - The Jewish people are becoming another people living in their country where only a small percentage of people are particularly brilliant - like all other nations. Very sad. What is even more ridiculous is the matter of the "pride" that the Boers feel for being faithful to a tradition that is thousands of years old on the one hand and the appropriation of Jewish minds and their achievements in the world of science, on the other hand...

  12. Stupidity is increasing and penetrating every aspect of our lives when the "infiltrators" are the media,
    It's enough to hear "fools" and broadcasters speak dirty language and "descend (literally) to the people"
    To get a "rating". Any mention of a "celebrity" even if he is an idiot who became famous because of a "concrete head".
    and nimble feet", because of "cubes" in his stomach, or because of "pneumonia",
    Every such mention "brings ratings" and that's how the broadcasters make a living.
    Teachers who grew up on the "rating subculture" guarantee the continuation of the generation:
    Little ones who come to school saturated in the "rating culture" and "reality" are promising
    the existence and upgrading of the next generation of idiots.
    Once upon a time, in Jewish culture, scholars were promoted, today these have become "like" disciples/parasites,
    And promotion is the property of the "beautiful and licked" who become the symbols of a generation... idiots
    When his butt authorizes his owner to be a presenter in a program in the media,
    When a "role model" is a "singer" who does not know his native language,
    When the person who receives a "celebrity certificate" from the "nerds and morons" series will be ... a moron,
    When "respectable" media channels give an opening here to information, read cards, coffee,
    In numerological maps and charlatan rabbis... please are we coming?

  13. This is a much more thought out article than it seems, because it documents a small detail in the process of the state of Israel's debauchery and madness.
    Only the following should be corrected - "The numerical value of the Hebrew letters was given to them so that people in the Tanakh period could do business, before the Arabic numerals we use today were invented" -
    Using letters as numerals is much later than the Tanakh period.

  14. Between a goal sounds much better for a soccer player.

    Regarding the advertisements, not everyone sees the same advertisements.
    Google uses the tracking of the surfers, and plants the advertisements in a targeted way for that surfer.

  15. Your answer is completely acceptable, but I did not mean a criticism against the site or a personal criticism, but to show exactly what is behind the type of articles you criticize (and rightly so), and the motive is financial. Which brings more curious readers to read silly gossip (whatever the subject may be). And since there is apparently a demand for celebrity engagement, the press will publicize it.

  16. Advertising for Mystic is not under the control of the site of course, in the areas we allocate for direct advertisements there is no trace of this.
    It actually indicates the fact that Google is trying hard to put relevant advertisements even if they come from an opposing party.

  17. Totally agree about the nonsense the masses are spouting about numerology etc. But I agree with 2 that the press is not an educational tool but an economic body that operates based on profit considerations. This website also publishes in this article an advertisement for a mystic. It seems to me either ridiculous or inconsistency or (which is fine) simply an economic consideration.

  18. Ofer, there is nothing wrong with the word luck, trying to influence luck has enormous educational damage.
    For a religious Israeli who works and is not poor, I thought that the mainstream of the religion would disconnect from this nonsense, instead you prove that it embraces it. Obviously I am against drugs and I have said so many times, but what is the connection, will you be informed how many religious people use drugs?
    As for the scientific advice - science is no longer a field of occupation like economics, science has tools to clarify the nonsense and find the truth, which no other field has. And as for the profit for the owner, the state is allowed to intervene so that the profit does not come at the expense of the stupidity of the people. From her own considerations (controlling a stupid people is easier) she prefers not to do this.

  19. This is really nonsensical news, although you can see an amusing and ridiculous side to it.

    Is this the problem with celebrities being role models? Doesn't the legitimacy they provide for drug use, shaky family life, and cultural shallowness in general bother the respected writer? Tol Cora from your eyes!

    Appointing a scientific consultant to the media is unprecedented nonsense. The newspapers are a product whose purpose is to bring profit to the owners, not to indoctrinate the masses. Maybe also an educational and moral advisor? Or also a financial advisor? Who appointed you to decide what others will think?

  20. What is wrong with the word luck? If you won the lottery didn't you say you were lucky? If you missed a flight that crashed, wouldn't they say from a sandwich that you're lucky?

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