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A new type of antibiotic has been discovered

Antimicrobial resistance has been a significant problem for hospitals and other healthcare facilities for over a decade. However, despite the need for new treatment options, only two new types of antibiotic agents have been developed during the last forty years.

Lab at McMaster University
Lab at McMaster University

Now, a promising discovery by McMaster University researchers has revealed an ideal starting point for developing new treatments against resistant infections.
Eric Brown, a professor in the Department of Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences, and a team of other researchers, have identified a novel chemical compound that acts on drug-resistant bacteria in a completely different way than existing antibiotic substances. The discovery could lead to new treatments that would overcome bacterial resistance in certain types of microorganisms. The findings were published in the scientific journal Nature Chemical Biology.

"Everyone is reading the alarming headlines about the issue of drug resistance, which is a serious problem," explains the lead researcher. "What we're really trying to do is figure out if there are indeed new ways to attack this problem."
The research team, which included biochemists and chemists from McMaster University, used high-speed scanning to discover the new family of chemicals. The approach allows scientists to look for small particles that destroy bacteria as well as to examine the mechanisms and molecular pathways in which they take part.

Existing antibiotic substances eliminate the bacteria by preventing the production of the cell walls, the DNA. or their proteins. The newly discovered compound (Simone - MAC13243) is aimed at blocking a certain stage in the development of the surface of the bacterial cell, a stage that until now has not been recognized as a target for antibiotic substances.

"We are excited to find evidence of a physiological part of the bacterium that was quite unknown until today," explains the researcher. "This is a new way of thinking about the problem. Who knows if this substance will become a medicine in the future? Everything is possible. Even if not, at least we advanced the field and created some tools that other scientists can now use in their attempt to better understand this pathway."

The news from the university

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  1. By the way, Rah:
    When my father described Ron's behavior in response 32 (and this description also fits the behavior of a troll) he also mentioned surfers who contacted him.
    I don't know who contacted him about it. I knew there was no need to contact him because he would notice Ron's trolling himself.
    In any case, I assume that the other surfers also contacted my father precisely because of the same trolling behavior.
    After all, different opinions have always been expressed here and that is not the point at all.

  2. Rah:
    Since I noticed a long time ago that Ron is a troll and he meets exactly the definition you quoted, I haven't read his words for a long time and therefore I don't even know what opinions he has expressed recently.
    I define him as a troll precisely because of his behavior.

  3. Michael, it seems to me that you have a small mistake in understanding the term troll. A troll is not "one who opposes the views of Rothschild Blizovsky and Rah" nor "one who thinks there is a conspiracy in every hole" or "one who does not believe that evolution works". No no all these are not trolls.

    From Wikipedia:

    "Troll (Internet)

    In Internet slang, a troll is a participant in an Internet forum (or chat), whose entire purpose is to harm by disrupting the course of the discussion.

    The troll causes damage by writing messages that harm other participants, violating the rules of conduct in the forum, flaming, impersonating others, and the like. Also, some trolls use hacker methods, such as identity theft, etc.

    Sometimes part of the trolls' occupation is "spamming", sending messages published by various websites. In some cases, trolling activity may endanger the very existence of the Internet community." End quote.

    I don't see that Sharon, when debating the usefulness of colloidal silver, meets any of the definitions for a troll, so there is no reason to silence him. At most you can just ignore him, don't worry he won't corrupt the soft souls of the sons of Tisharut.

  4. But, Rah:
    Ron fits exactly the definition of a troll.
    A troll is a type of commenter and not a type of response.
    It doesn't make sense to require the editor of the site to dig through all the garbage the troll sends to find here and there something that might be worth discussing.

  5. Avi Blizovsky, I agree that in cases of internet trolling a heavy hand should be used.
    But here the discussion is about the development of new antibiotics, therefore the silver colloid oleicin or government intervention in the development of antibiotics (if it exists at all, not in my opinion) are very relevant and even Ron should be allowed to express himself. Obviously, if he starts talking about Kennedy's murder or aliens, the deletion is justified.

  6. Rah, what Ron did was to simply take over the discussion by force, to ignore my simple demand - that the topic be the one raised in the article and he went from conspiracy to conspiracy and everything should be answered in the same discussion. It may not bother other sites, it bothers me and the surfers who contacted me.
    Besides, they have already tried to convince him and others who think like him that there is a logical reason for the demand, but he invents a new conspiracy on the spot, and you prove it.

  7. Father Blizovsky, as I already said before and I will say again, I appreciate and admire your work and we have an agreement about the importance of real science and against the nonsense of the New Age or religions. However, I think the silencing policy is wrong. As long as the discussion is matter-of-fact without swearing, hate speech or "trolls" and is done in proper language, you cannot morally and ethically prevent people from expressing their opinion even if it sounds silly or disturbing to you.
    Scientific discussion must be open, only dark and dark regimes direct scientific discussion. What you are doing is against the spirit and essence of science. Beyond the fact that it brings anti against our opinions. The right way is to try to influence their opinion with persuasive discussions and not by shouting "liar, liar" as some of the participants here do and of course not to keep their mouths shut.

    Ron, be serious. patents?
    After all, the entire Teva company is built on generic products whose patent has expired. the patents
    90% of the antibiotics have already expired. Produced at home? Since when do people make something at home these days? After all, it is also possible to produce cheese, wine, whiskey, poor drops (Saline used as drops), antibiotics from mold and hundreds of other products at home. How many people do you know who make something at home? Again, if it was profitable to sell colloidal silver believe me the companies would have done it a long time ago. There is no silence here.

  8. Rah, you are wrong, I have no anger towards Ron - he is allowed to think what he wants.
    I, as a reader of a site that is literally flooded with a collection of not particularly reliable information (at least for me) understand this or that talkback, interested in knowing if I have any reason to change my mind (for his benefit!!!) of that talkback.

    That's why I'm asking a relevant and meaningful question for me (and perhaps others as well) about the nature of that talkback (note that the source of the articles that come here can be checked and most of the sources are academic institutions, if they're not reliable I really don't know what is).
    But, when I get an answer like "I'm not the one doing the research, so my expertise on the subject is irrelevant."
    Well, I didn't even offer the shovel and the hole was dug by myself.

    Therefore, Ron, you do not disappoint me, but meet exactly all the expectations of a person who tries with all his might, to mislead and distort everything related to him and his credibility, and yet expects each and every reader here to do what you are not ready to do.
    Even a short video (relative to what you're flooding us with) you wouldn't be able to watch until the end, so you expect us to eat every morsel you're trying to sell here?

  9. Ron,

    You use the internet as a substitute for reason and self-reflection.

    Stop being a gullible believer in anything, there is no need to overwhelm us to prove what everyone knows (except you): that the internet is full of nonsense, and you also need to exercise self-judgment.
    Please consider this a constructive review.

  10. First of all, this is your last comment left for this article, if you want to comment you will be content with one comment to the article, because otherwise the other comments of the serious people will drown.
    I don't like the connection between capital and power either, but no government official would make a decision that knowingly causes people to die. The Ministry of Health cares about public health, and not about the patents of one or another person, what's more, the issue of where the money is is not new. Hum were in regular use before the invention of antibiotics and even then did not like their side effects. Today there is simply no need for them.
    From now on - your second comment will be deleted, no matter how intelligent it is.

  11. Ecuador. Ritalin only bothers the members of the Scientology cult who use their opposition to it in order to penetrate the general public and supposedly gain legitimacy. This is a drug that has been given for over 30 years.

  12. Even though I showed a number of clinical studies proving the effectiveness of silver ions as antiperspirants - the site administrator decided to delete them (I don't know why)

    The answer for Rah:

    In one word - patents

    People can make their own money easily and cheaply at home

    Therefore the campaign of lies against the abilities of silver ions by the pharmaceutical companies and their patrons
    The FDA

  13. It's a bit unclear to me why every argument here immediately slides into personal lines and anger.
    For example the story of colloidal silver, if you look at the professional literature you see that the opinions are here and there and there are real differences of opinion between the researchers.
    See, for example, the following review from Medline (at least read the abstract):

    So why do you, both Ron and his opponents, who have not really read the relevant professional material and research, argue in such a frenzy?
    This is just another scientific discussion about a substance with antibiotic potential, not a conspiracy and not shoes. Ron, do you think that if the substance was very successful something would prevent the drug companies from selling it on a commercial scale? Do you think anyone has an interest in blocking such production?
    In the case of pharmaceuticals, the economic interest of the companies usually coincides with the interest of the public.

  14. My dear father.
    I ask you not to bring your private argument with Ron to the doorstep of a different truth project website.
    Ron does not represent the project, he is a private person with private opinions.

    I don't bother going to your site to "educate" you and the site readers,
    Even if I think your ignorance on certain subjects in relation to those who call themselves "the scientist" is amazing.

    So I request you to do the same.

  15. My father completely agrees with response 21, except for the issue of Ritalin which is probably due to ignorance on the subject, or a distorted view, talk to teachers in the education system, which I did, both here in England and in the US... and although they all admit that it silences the children... they say other disturbing things... in every A case of thinking that leads to the fact that sometimes 25% of the class takes psychiatric medication, horrifies any parent with a heart, these are children after all, but with the tremendous speed of development it is easy for most parents to "disappear" the expression with a drug and not by taking care of their child, love and time with the child a lot As much as possible is the most important thing for normal development, of course the essence of life should be logical and educational for the child, but above all understand and love a child as he is, a child, so father write everything but don't praise Ritalin, really, father in the extreme - cook for children, and it shows go well....????????????

  16. Ron, I once again refer you and all the charlatans to whom you refer to act on a different truth site and leave the site that pursues scientific truth alone. There are no scientific studies that support silver water, otherwise the Ministry of Health would not have been so decisive. The problem with you is that every two days someone wakes up in the morning, thinks about what I can warn in order to make money, and looks for something on which there is a consensus, such as vaccines, Ritalin, and now also money water, and tries to undermine the consensus by repeatedly swaying, through media that do not trust reading scientific material. And we, who represent science, have to prove again and again that we don't have a sister.
    The FDA is not the embodiment of all evil in the world and the WHO is not the World Organization of Murder but the World Health Organization, enough with the paranoia.

    In my opinion, there are more important issues to address than answering the harassment of people who have nothing to do in life.
    And you will continue to be blocked until you realize that one idiotic comment per article is enough. It is impossible to constantly divert the discussion to conspiracies. Some people want to comment on real things that appear in the article.

  17. Ron, if you intend to forcefully promote charlatanism on the site, block it

    Here is the response of the Ministry of Health to the issue of money and the use of silver water

    1 to:
    Avi Blizovsky "Hidan"


    In response to your request,

    No health effects of "silver water" have been confirmed, however the "silver" substance in high concentrations may have significant side effects. The Ministry of Health does not approve of healing properties for products such as these, and certainly does not approve of attributing healing properties to products containing this substance.

    Best regards,

    Einav Shimron - Greenbaum
    Ministry of Health spokeswoman

  18. Bolund - without referring to Ron's arguments, the role of science is not to decide which article or study has the highest probability of being correct. Science does not deal with the statistics of studies, but that there is a central current that decides which studies to adopt and which not.

    Sometimes the decision as to which direction to adopt is tainted by a lot of politics and motives that are far removed from the pure scientific motive (see for example the arguments that global warming is man-made).

    It must be taken into account that thousands of scientific studies are published every day and a large part of them is simply swallowed and disappears, even though it may contain innovative information or a breakthrough. Sometimes this is revealed long after the original studies have been published. There are many factors that bring certain research to the fore.

    In my humble opinion, one way or another, those who think that scientists and academics are blue-collar scumbags who only engage in scientific research motivated by the benefit of humanity, unbiased research and the purity of freedom of information - simply does not know what he is talking about. The world of science, especially the mainstream in it (i.e. the "institutionalized" academy), is tainted by economic, political, personal motives, etc., etc. Not all information and research is always published and not all scientific research is accessible to all researchers and the public.

    Academic freedom may exist in the humanities. In exact sciences there is a great deal of information that is not accessible to all researchers, but only to those who have the need and permission to access it (see studies dealing with nuclear weapons, biological weapons, classified military developments, etc.).

    Hanan Sabat

  19. Ron, you ignore (again and again and again) every relevant question that is asked of you.
    Do you have any experience from any academic institution?
    Including the answer of: "There are always studies here and there - therefore the information and not only the science is relevant"
    It makes no sense - because the role of science is to decide which research has the highest probability of being correct.

  20. And back to the article
    I understand that actually the new antibiotics are not substances like the same substance that fights the hotel mold (the romantic story about the discovery of penicillin) was a substance that comes from bacteria, these are other substances that are not necessarily created by bacteria.

  21. Hey, Shay

    Studies for you:
    University of North Texas

    Brigham Young University

    About the relationship between Mai Zafi and the FDA

    Dear Bolognese
    This is exactly the point - you learn who to believe and who not.
    There are always studies here and there - therefore the information and not only the science is relevant
    It's a personal decision

  22. Bolognese, Shai the comment below, it will give you some background answers, etc. (the link in the comment is mainly)

  23. Money water - a very interesting subject I came across by chance because the authority in the treatment of this water in the country is named and there is a name in Beknik that is involved in the case of the Yemeni children - one of them, not really related but money water and the use sounds very interesting, I would love to read the article. Thanks in advance

  24. Say Ron with all your word hashing and copy paste do you have any knowledge from any academic institution concerning
    For chemistry/drugs you can claim with such confidence that your article is correct and no other?
    Have you ever researched these topics? Or is it enough for you to be presented with pages upon pages of data that are not sure to be correct?

  25. There is a huge difference between science and information.

    My personal impression is:

    "Hidan" deals with science.
    "Another truth" deals with information.

  26. Hi Ron
    I would appreciate it if you could refer me to serious research done in the field
    And not to a website that I have no idea what it is and who is behind it

    I also did an independent search on the net and every place that looked like a place you could trust
    Tells me that these are charlatans who sell snake oil
    I'd love it if you proved me wrong
    It's always nice to learn new things

  27. Blocking information is not the way of science.
    The truth is about to come out.
    There is no point in blocking even if the information is false.
    The lie has no legs.

  28. No one has blocked you on another real site - this is first of all.

    I spread facts - that you are frightened but know very well that there is truth in them.

    Dr. Graham gave his testimony in the Senate - and shocked the system
    On November 18, 2004, Dr. David Graham, a 20 year veteran Food and Drug Administration (FDA) scientist, rocked the pharmaceutical industry with Senate Committee testimony that shook six multinational corporations

    Is that a lie too?

  29. First of all, the very fact that you are blocked and continue to respond and spread lies that you clearly know are lies that are outraged on conspiracy websites and not in the only media in the country that covers science as science should be (and not as charlatans want it to be) is outrageous.
    I thought you would be forgiven and it would change, but you keep going and going and going and going while on a different truth site they silence me when I try to whisper the right truth there. Fed up. Let others comment too. I hope there are still some people who care about science and want it to solve the world's problems, we have tried the charlatans for the past thousands of years and got nowhere.

  30. To Ron:
    In the link you provided there is no mention of Tesla. Beyond that, a Google search
    tesla atomic iodine
    Will not raise any relevant results (except for 2-3 parallels of the other truth).

  31. Hey, Shay

    Regarding silver ions -
    There is a big breakthrough here with the Silver100 - read the science about it on the website I showed.

    Here is some organized material for you (maybe even my father will be objective for once and add to his article the fight) -

    The attempt to slander May Money was not done innocently

    Do you remember the story of Dr. David Graham who worked at the APDA for 20 years from 2004?

    In the interview he was asked -
    What specifically do you believe is broken in the FDA and what needs to be done to fix it? What must be done to improve the drug vetting system?

    Graham answers –
    FDA is inherently biased in favor of the pharmaceutical industry. It views industry as its client, whose interests it must represent and advance. It views its primary mission as approving as many drugs as it can, regardless of whether the drugs are safe or needed.
    Is the FDA corrupt? Yes
    Does non-conglomerate medicine threaten the profits of pharmaceutical companies? Yes.

    Regarding the diatom iodine, the link didn't go up so here it is again for reading material
    Tesla's connection is related to the separation of atoms

    Regarding allicin - it is true, it is unstable.
    But here they did manage to stabilize it (doctors use it in the UK).
    Visit their website

    Vabi - is this a propaganda site or a site that allows discussion and criticism?
    Why am I blocked from replying, and do I have to deal with detours in order to write?

  32. Ron, thanks for the reminder, I have an article waiting byRoey Tsezana about money. You will not be happy when you read it and the response of the Ministry of Health.

  33. Listen Ron

    As for who is money
    There is no serious research showing that it is good against viruses
    And of course you forgot the risk of getting argyria

    I don't know about Yodin, so I'm not talking
    What's more, Tesla was an electrical engineer, not a doctor
    So the suspicion arises that someone gave you a fake name in order to sell you a product that doesn't do much
    But again here I don't know so I don't commit

    Regarding allicin-based drugs
    Whoever finds a way to stabilize allicin [Allicin is a very unstable compound that separates relatively quickly]
    And whoever finds a way to help the body absorb such a large amount of allicin
    Will be a millionaire very quickly
    In the meantime, add garlic to your diet
    Because all allicin-based "medicines" are nothing more than a good way to make your urine more expensive

  34. If only the polypharmaceutical companies were not under such total control,
    Antibiotics are not the last word on the subject

    My money with modern technology - registered patent
    who succeeds in bringing the silver islands
    in an almost hundred percent effective manner until the virus itself and its elimination
    Maximum efficiency and effectiveness
    Extremely economical - 1 drop per 4.5 kg of body weight

    More information


    Atomic iodine for swallowing - (not the iodine you put in the dressing)
    A charged iodine molecule
    (Using Tesla technology) to break the connection
    its diatom
    and create an electromagnetic force in it
    The body recognizes this molecule and allows it to enter
    Straight to the blood circulation and it is non-toxic -
    Kills bacteria, viruses and fungi
    And in general 70% of the population suffers from iodine deficiency in the body
    Iodine - the fuel of the mitochondria

    More info:


    Alimed - technology based on allicin
    The active ingredient in garlic
    in medicinal strength (in the UK it is given with
    from a doctor's prescription, in the US not)
    Viruses cannot mutate to protect themselves from it
    360 milligrams of allicin is equal to 80 cloves of garlic
    (And this, of course, if your stomach can handle it
    disassemble all 80 garlic cloves properly)

    More info:

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