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Scientists, including a researcher from the Technion, discovered a way to produce a black hole in the laboratory

This is a device that imitates the physics of high energies and quantum mechanics, and creates a quantum-sized black hole, for measuring Hawking radiation in the laboratory

Illustration of a black hole. From the NASA website
Illustration of a black hole. From the NASA website

Despite their popularity in science fiction books and movies, there's still a lot to learn about black holes, the mysterious regions of space that were once thought that light couldn't escape. In a paper published in the August 20 issue of the journal Physical Review Letters, researchers from Dartmouth University in New Hampshire and the Technion proposed a new way to create a replica of a black hole in the laboratory on a much smaller scale than the celestial black holes. Scientists do not fear a quantum-sized black hole could ever grow and threaten to engulf the Earth.

The new method for creating tiny, quantum-sized black holes has allowed researchers to better understand what the physicist Stephen Hawking proposed over 35 years ago: black holes are not completely immune to activity - they emit photons, a phenomenon known today as Hawking radiation.

"Hawking showed that a black hole emits energy in the thermal spectrum" says Paul Nation, one of the authors of the paper and a doctoral student at Dartmouth. "His calculations rely on the physics of high energies and quantum gravity. Since we cannot measure what is happening in a real black hole, we need a way to reproduce the phenomenon in the laboratory in order to measure and attack it."

They found that microwave transmission lines that transmit magnetic field pulses, and which contain an array of superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs), not only make it possible to produce a physical equivalent to the radiation coming out of a black hole, but do so in a system that has both The properties of high energy physics and those of quantum mechanics, and both of these aspects are very familiar in this system and can be controlled in the laboratory. In the article, the researchers write: "Therefore, in principle, this configuration makes it possible to investigate the value of quantum gravity effects."

"We can also double the strength of the magnetic field fed into the system so that the SQUID array can be used to detect black hole radiation beyond what Hawking studied," says Miles Blankow, research associate and professor of physics and astronomy at Dartmouth.

Like a real black guy, the new system also creates an event horizon in the form of electromagnetic waves that cross the device in response to magnetic pulses. Photons beyond this horizon are captured while photons in front of it continue to move normally. By discovering and studying the haptons behind the device, the researchers hope to better understand what happens to the particles near the edge of the black hole, both those ejected and those drawn in.
A change in the strength of the magnetic pulses that create the event horizon may create changing conditions, which would allow the system to simulate an oscillating space-time, Nation says. According to him, observing the behavior of photons in such a quantum system may answer some of the complex questions about the quantum nature of gravity. added

According to Nation, in order to build a machine that can simulate a black hole, it is necessary to connect about 4,000 squids in a chain, while the longest chain built so far includes 400 units. Another factor that is an obstacle is the design of the detector so that it is sufficient to capture single photons with a frequency lower than that of visible light. According to him, the team members are getting closer to the production of the detector, but technically it has not been built yet." said.

This is not the first proposal to mimic a black hole, says Nishon. Other suggestions were use in supersonic fluid flow (at the Technion), ultra-cold Bose-Einstein condensation, and nonlinear fiber optic cables. However, the Hawking radiation predicted by these methods is very weak or blocked by the more common radiation caused by the heating of the instruments, which makes Hawking radiation very difficult to detect.
"In addition to being able to study the effects of quantum gravity, the new facility may serve as a direct method for measuring Hawking radiation," says Blankov.
In addition to Nation and Blankov, Alexander Rimberg from Dartmouth and Eyal Box from the Technion are also partners in the research.

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For information on the Dartmouth University website

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  1. The article mentions the possibility of developing a device that will simulate a black hole, and not the option of taking out huge loans thinking you won't have to pay them back.

  2. There is some kind of logical contradiction here:
    On the one hand they are *sure* that this black hole will not swallow us, on the other hand, in the same sentence they admit that they have no complete idea about black holes.

    So it is true that it has been proven that small black holes are created and disappear all the time, but maybe because of certain conditions that exist they disappear, while an artificial black hole will not suddenly disappear as expected?
    There is no full logical justification for their claims.

    Arrogance of physicists. The kind of people who give me crazy tests and think that because I studied a course for 12 weeks then I should be minimum hawking.

  3. As far as I know, tiny black holes (like the ones mentioned here in the article) are apparently created with a very high frequency and disappear with the same frequency, their small size makes it difficult for them to swallow a single photon, let alone the Earth.

    So there is probably no danger,

    And regarding the uses for technology :)

    By the way, I think they could be used to remove the piles of garbage we produce more effectively than we do, the problem is I'm afraid that if we want the garbage back, it will be harder than looking for something in a pile of hay.

  4. Carrie, there are dangers in the experiment and even if the chance of something happening is perhaps even smaller than that of an asteroid destroying the country in the next century... so is there actually a chance of an asteroid destroying us? Nooooo….
    But actually you don't have to worry...
    So what if we all die? It's actually as if we were never there, so there's no room to regret something that didn't happen...

    So there is no need to worry

  5. And I'm still a little afraid of a black hole that will be created in the lhc because last year there was a lot of talk about it and there were a lot of speculations and very scary videos
    So I am happy for the response I hope you will reassure me or is it really true that there are dangers in the lhc experiment
    I'm asking because they talked about black holes created in the lab. I hope we're not in danger from that either.

  6. Create yamba black holes at a certain point and bombard them with matter until they grow into something more stable...
    You can create a piece of flame from the business... a lot of cheap energy.

    Send the Arabs and their oil to Kibini... (although today's nuclear power can do that)

  7. The truth - this is the title given to the article in all the versions I have seen. The only difference - in the Hebrew I made sure to add the part of the Technion. In the others it is at best written in the last line.

  8. Is it just me or is the title of this article really, really problematic, it's a bit like writing that scientists succeeded in producing a tiger in the laboratory in the title and then in the body of the article it turns out that they produced a tiger's leg out of plastic in order to trace the imprint of the tiger's footprints in the sand, I understand the need to interest and attract readers But this is excessive in my opinion

  9. There is no cowardice here. This is a site that is visited by many thousands of surfers a day, the minimum I ask for is a link between the article and the response. Also really otherwise I didn't respond to just topics but to relevant topics. And if you have nine extra hours, feel free to invest in materials you don't need. I don't have any at the moment, I have to support my family. Would you like to give me a summary of 200 words in Hebrew, I would be happy to answer you, but again - instead. There are enough articles about extraterrestrials, leave the article about black holes for the discussion of black holes.

  10. No one censored you here either, the system contains rules regarding the number of links and it blocked your comment automatically. Something from WordPress.
    I made it clear to you that I don't have time right now to spend on watching movies and reading several tens of thousands of words about something that I know is of no use. I am ready for you to copy the response to a relevant article and confirm it in the morning, whoever wants to respond, I need to use the time I have for work (which is not related to the website, I have deadlines for work).

  11. One of the ways to find advanced life in space is to look for black holes
    I'm sure everyone has made the same mistakes.

  12. I understand that the response is pending approval
    Avi - no one has censored you on another real site.

    Let's see if you have double standards or not

  13. Spring. You eluded me with a claim equivalent to the ultra-Orthodox who put a capoita over their eyes and move to the sidewalk on the other side of the road.
    No problem - I came to you if you need it - deal with it
    It seems that you put more trust in visuals and scientific language than the truth, reality and data.

    And regarding the article specifically - they give you crumbs and you clap your hands.

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    Work began on the rear Hindus of aircraft with zero-gravity technology
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    A short interview with him backstage after the press conference

    visual evidence
    The only video that is not fake and that was stolen from there is the "outsider interview" given by a local employee under the pseudonym "Victor" in 1997
    This is a video that has never been debunked
    "Victor" gave a second and final summary appearance in 2008 to comment on what is being said about this video.

    Various additions to the ongoing psychological fraud -
    What are the true colors of the surface of Mars?

    NASA lies
    Optical evidence of the ruins of artificial glass structures on the surface of the moon

    Here is one of the original photos from Nasa - check it out for yourself
    Zoom into the black sky above the leftmost hill

    Artificial structures on Mars

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    Gordon Cooper
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  14. It is indeed necessary to be precise, but nevertheless it is a thought-provoking discovery that the development sounds very interesting.
    Fascinating article

  15. To be precise, this is not a black hole at all, but a physical system with effects similar to those near a black hole according to a certain theory...

  16. To be precise, this is not a black hole at all, but a physical system with effects similar to those in the vicinity of a black hole according to a certain theory...

  17. It may be worth noting that one of the laboratories at the Technion recently managed to create an acoustic black hole (behaves as a black hole for sound waves).

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