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In honor of Yom Kippur, Shay Golden hosts on his knife the one and only - the Holy One, blessed be He in His own glory

Shay Golden, voila! Tarbut

More than the sights - which drive a man's mind about him - of the jet plane
Segmenting the second twin building like it was a cold-cold tower, they managed to fool it
me the spontaneous, automatic calls of those holding the cameras
The fans, who pointed their home camera towards the arena
The happenings became unwittingly news photographers. ""!Oh my God it was
The text common to all photographers whose voices were recorded by the camera microphone
the home Oh my God screamed the amateur photographer on board the ferry on the way
to Staten Island. “,”!Oh my God agreed with him, miles away,
The photographer near Lincoln Center raised his camera to the sky. Oh my God
The professional photographer of the Fox network held after him when he realized what his lens had captured.
""! Oh my God cried the world in farts. And "Oh Mei" wasn't around to
to ask "Did someone call me?"

First of all, I must maintain professional ethics and admit that I
And God has some unresolved issues, so it's important to examine my words
Also in light of this fact. God exists. There is no dispute about that. He lives
And it kicks in the heart of everyone who uttered the phrase Oh my God, even if only once
In his life (possible also in the Hebrew version - "God Almighty!", or in her sister).
Arabic "Ya Allah"). The existence of Oh my God, on the other hand, is still charged
Proof, nothing to do. Whether God is a partial derivative of anyone
that there is a breath of life in his nose whether or not he is a complete abstract - a philosophical mutation
And a religion behind which historical, political-cynical interests, there is no escape
From the question: How after so many years did God not come out from behind the curtain
And said: "I will return to you soon"? Or at least hang a handmade sign in the corner
The sky that says: "There is no intelligence here"?


But God, who on the occasion of Yom Kippur is hosted in "Celebration on the Knife", prefers you
The mystery style Kaiser Souza, a terrified monster provider, a slippery hydrogen provider,
An emotionally detached doubter lacks any sense of moral obligation to all readers of “God
,”!Oh my who mean to trust him. "It's not me, it's Poptitz" he said
The message that emerges from his silence. "I am someone else's God. Sure not
Yours, and not yours, and not yours there in the red hat. And don't call me baby. also
No .my I don't work for anyone."

On the eve of Yom Kippur and with the passing of the second millennium, one must admit that his situation is
God's has never been better. The inaudible cry for meaning
It is no longer the domain of logotherapy followers only. the wave of fundamentalism,
Repentance and even the organized influx after Eastern spirituality
to the issue, proves that "God", as a concept, as a necessary existential value
In the equation of human meaning, stronger than ever. After the secular West
Kfar in it, "God" is allowed to write "excellent" in the end certificate
the millennium. The human race is in his hands again.

The situation of ","! Oh my God, on the other hand, is very bad. "Oh Mei", whose role
to listen to private prayers, to relate to chants of ecstasy, ecstasy
In bed, a burst of elation on the football field, or just, just, nothing at all
Reason, to be there for the little person; "O Mei", seems to be raised
in his position. It's very easy to throw numbers around - six million, twenty million,
Two hundred and thirty thousand - to testify to the brutal statistics, throughout
The history, in all corners of the globe, of the free victims. the numbers,
In a strange reversal, we actually empower God. But when you multiply them
In the billions of calls "Oh my God" that are returned to the sender with the stamp "Man
Unknown", the fact must be insisted upon: "Oh my God does not exist. it is possible
Keep shouting, praying, begging, kneeling, or driving
In the most instinctive human gesture: to call "Oh Mei" at the hour of
A real need. The dry numbers show that "Oh Mei" is simply not in the picture.

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