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Only a few thousand of the 2 million that were registered came to the "storming event" on Area 51, five were arrested

Many conspiracy theories hold that the vast base in the Nevada desert holds the remains of aliens and their technology that were captured by the military. Most of the registrants were afraid of the Lincoln County Sheriff's threats that the police would not allow contact between the tourists and the Air Force personnel who operate the site, where security is especially increased

Area 51 as it appears in a satellite image on the Google Earth website
Area 51 as it appears in a satellite image on the Google Earth website

On Friday 20/9, thousands of people marched on two towns adjacent to the closed military area known as Area 51 in the state of Nevada, north of Las Vegas. About 2 million people registered for the event on Facebook, but most were deterred by threats from the commanders of the US Air Force and the sheriff of Lincoln County, Nevada. Only a few thousand came, participating in festivals in the two nearby towns that included costume parades. Five people who nevertheless tried to approach the gates of the base were arrested.

Area 51, built on the land of a dry lake, where a 2.5 km long landing strip was active during World War II as a training base for military aircraft, was abandoned, in 55 it was re-manned and mainly spy planes were developed there. The most famous of them were the U-2 and SR-71 as well as the OXCART project for aerial photography that operated between 1954-1974. The planes were the highest flying altitudes for their time, and at an altitude of about 30 kilometers they were visible from the ground and even from passenger planes at an altitude of up to 10 kilometers, especially in the evening hours when darkness had already prevailed because at the altitude at which they were found the horizon was greater and therefore the sun had not yet set. The crashes that naturally occurred when it comes to the test planes added to the mystery, as well as the fact that the base was declared a closed special military area since its establishment, and that its guards were allowed to use force against invaders.

Around these arguments, conspiracy theories were created that linked the huge base, which claimed that the area is used for experiments with technologies learned from alien ships that allegedly crashed on Earth. This mystery will be enhanced by a series of mostly fictional books and films, the most prominent being the third day from 1996 when the US President is transported to Area 51 during the alien attack.

In 2003, President Bush extended the secrecy surrounding Area 51 to prevent workers harmed by hazardous materials from filing lawsuits. The administration also exempted the Air Force from meeting the environmental requirements for the maintenance of hazardous materials. in 2013 Most of the privacy has been removed, following the Freedom of Information claim, and the fact that the base and its facilities are clearly visible on Google Maps and Google Earth, and then it was finally clarified that this was the optical error mentioned above.

The most secret, not-so-secret base in Area 51 is still active, and employees arrive there every morning by flying unmarked planes, whose identification sign in the communication is JENT - Joint Air Network for Employee Transportation, taking off from McCarran International Airport in Las Vegas. There are a number of travel companies operating in Las Vegas that take tours to the area, as much as possible because the closed area is very large. Among other things, they make do with attractions left over from movies shot in the area.

In preparation for the event, Prof. Jason Wright, researcher of extraterrestrial life (SETI) the claims, saying that there is no evidence that the US government is hiding information about extraterrestrials or alien technologies. He described Project Mogul which launched microphones on balloons to see if they could detect nuclear tests in the Soviet Union. This is an excellent example of engineering genius in the field of physics. When one of these balloons with the disc-shaped microphone and radar reflectors landed on a farm in Roswell, New Mexico it helped fuel the entire alien craze that is still with us today. One of the conspiracy theories holds that the spacecraft and the alien from the Roswell incident were transferred to Area 51.

The late Zvi Yanai, when he was director of the Ministry of Knowledge under Benny Begin in 1997 Required for the subject in the Knesset question: "One of the characteristics of pseudoscience is that time does not increase the understanding of the phenomenon, and indeed after 50 years of so-called encounters with UFOs and aliens we do not know more about them today than we did 50 years ago." The twenty years that have passed since then have added nothing to the removal of the mystery.

There is a legitimate science called astrobiology - a multidisciplinary science that looks for signs of life (not necessarily intelligent) in planets outside the solar system that have been discovered by the thousands since the XNUMXs. A very small part of the resources is directed to the search for radio signals from intelligent aliens, a field that has failed so far, and recently Yuri Milner's ventures are trying to revive it - by listening, broadcasting, and even flying tiny spacecraft towards the neighboring triple solar system Alpha Centauri around one of whose stars planets have been discovered.

The search for life in the universe is a priority for NASA and the American research community. Many of the missions to Mars and the space telescopes were designed to discover biological signatures - signs of life such as microfossils or evidence of metabolism in the atmospheres of distant planets. However, despite the billions of dollars spent on these missions, I think many in the public will be surprised to learn that NASA and the National Science Foundation themselves spend almost nothing on the search for intelligent life in the universe, including technological life that may be easier to detect."

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