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The Nokia Hall will become an arena for dozens of robots that will compete with each other as part of the FIRST robotics competition

For 6 weeks, 51 youth groups throughout the country were harnessed to solve the competition task, by building sophisticated, large robots in a variety of shapes that would compete with each other in a challenging obstacle course. The final competition will take place on Monday-Wednesday 14-16/3

Robot battle arena
Robot battle arena

Hundreds of teenagers aged 14-19 will participate in March in the big robotics competition for teenagers - Robotics Competition First. The competition will also include teams from Bosnia and California who will come to Israel specifically to participate in the competition.

• The robotics competition of FIRST Challenges dozens of teams of teenagers to solve a common problem within 6 weeks according to the same rules, which enables the construction and design of a robot.

• The robot must perform 3 main tasks: an autonomous action determined as part of the game (without human contact) such as shooting baskets, a manual game (in which the robot is activated by the team members) and the ability to perform the bonus task (such as climbing ramps).

• The top of hi-tech and the Air Force are involved in supporting and encouraging the youth participating in the competition, including: Bank Hapoalim, Check Point, Johnson & Johnson, Mellanox and the Air Force Association. Their ambition is that these boys will be Israel's next generation of scientists.

Simulation link for the 2011 game - LOGOMOTION

FIRST Israel organization

• A non-profit organization, founded by Dean Kayman in the USA, with the aim of encouraging young people to be more involved and active in the fields of science and technology. The programs also combine creativity and cultivate life skills: self-confidence, leadership, values ​​for cooperation and involvement in the community.

• Works in collaboration with the Ministry of Education, the Technion, the Rashi Foundation and donors from abroad.
• Every year FIRST organizes three different competitions in the field of technology for middle school and high school students in five countries: USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil and Israel.

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