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Hundreds of students in grades XNUMX-XNUMX will participate in the Robotics Olympiad at the Technion

This is the first time a national robotics competition for such young children is held in Israel

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Hundreds of students participating in YTEK's excellence course will participate today (Wednesday) in the finals of the National Robotics Olympiad, for grades XNUMX-XNUMX. This is the first time a national robotics competition for such young children is held in Israel. Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Regional Development, Sylvan Shalom, will be the guest of honor at the competition, and he will be received by the president of the Technion, Professor Peretz Lavi, the head of the strategy department at Bank Leumi, Meir Shor, and the CEO of YTEK, Arthur Zamshman.

The Olympiad is the high point of the excellence course which operates in collaboration with the National Center for Robotics at the Technion headed by Professor Moshe Shaham. The course deals with the development of excellence among elementary school students, in forty local authorities. The YTEK company has developed a unique pedagogical model that deals with the development of critical thinking and values ​​education through four content areas: robotics, computer science, development of mathematical thinking and development of scientific thinking. More than 3000 outstanding children selected by the school administrators participate in the project.

The finals of the Robotics Olympiad that will be held at the Technion will be attended by students who passed the quarter and a half final stages, and they will compete according to age groups. Their task in the Olympics is to move an object by programming mobile and stationary robots as well as answering an interactive thinking quiz. The criteria for winning are the execution time, teamwork and critical thinking.

The competition will take place on Wednesday, May 26, 2010, at 17.00, in the Churchill Auditorium in Kiryat Technion.

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